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 “I have to go Hermione. I love you,” Draco murmurs, his eyes watery as he tries not to cry. They have had a long talk this morning about what has to be done and how they will have to act toward each other now. He expresses to her that he doesn’t want to do this, but he HAS to. He doesn’t want to leave her side but at this point this is the only way he knows she will be safe.

Hermione watches him leave and doesn’t say she loves him back because she doesn’t really know if those feelings are true anymore now that he has decided to leave her. It is mid-morning now and the rain pours again across the countryside as she watches out the front window and realizes she has never felt so alone. Ron cheated on her and broke her heart and her new (or ex?) boyfriend has to pretend to hate her again. What the hell is she supposed to do in her almost third trimester state? Cry? No, more like be angry, because she has cried enough already.

Ron walks down the stairs at almost that very moment and sees Hermione sitting on a couch alone and he then walks to her side. “He will be returning soon Hermione,” Ron attempts to comfort.

“No he won’t. We are broken up Ron,” Hermione sighs as she wipes her eyes. She then finishes, “That’s how it has to be now.” She then stands up and walks into the bedroom where she has been staying in at the Burrow and lays on the bed as she holds her tummy and looks at the ceiling, feeling her little girl kick away. She absolutely has to do what is best for the baby girl growing each day inside of her, Arabella, as it is not her own safety that concerns Hermione’s anymore. If she has to protect Arabella by not seeing her father when he ‘acts’ a Death Eater, then she won’t see Draco anymore until it is safe again.


Draco’s heart beats very fast as he apparates onto the front doorstep of his home, afraid of what he might meet on the other side of the door. This place has never felt like home to him, but it doesn’t now for sure. 

He thinks deeply of the conversation with Harry the previous night before he came back and got beaten by his father. Harry described in detail last night what Draco has to do to lure them back toward Azkaban to help him and the rest of the Auror Department out. He is still Harry’s spy, but not even Hermione can know. Still in thought, he opens the door, and sees that luckily it is just his mum who runs to greet him.

“Draco! Thank goodness you are okay!” Narcissa collects her son into her arms. He can feel her heart beating fast and she is sweating

 “Where Lucius?” She questions about her husband, her eyes widely scan the front property through the open door where her son just entered.

“Back in Azkaban,” Draco hesitates to say, he knows this will break her heart. Her hands drop from around his middle and her dark eyes pour into his as tears started to form.

“I love your father Draco, but I just don’t think that I want him here around those sorry excuses of wizards. I’d rather him be there in Azkaban to be honest as much as I hate to s-say it, he’s s-safer there,” Narcissa sobs.  

“Mum, I had to leave Hermione tonight,” Draco mumbles, a lump forming in his throat as this is the first time he has said it out loud.

She hugs him to her again disregarding her own feelings for a moment and thinking of just her son. “You aren’t actually leaving her Draco, you are protecting her. They want her and your baby Arabella killed without your knowing. They are trying to find the best way to find her so it’s best that you leave their side for now.”

“OVER MY DEAD BODY!” Draco screams out at her, stepping out of her grip with his eyes aflame.

“Shish Draco! I know, but they won’t find her, don’t worry, I also have a hand in it,” Narcissa whispers, glancing toward the back of the entryway to make sure no one is standing there.

“Why be quiet?” Draco asks, he thought it is just them there, his heart starts palpitating nervously again. 

“Dolohov is here in the backyard talking and so is Yaxley.  The rest has gone off on Potter search,” Narcissa answers as she rolls her eyes.

“Barbaric-” Mumbles Draco.

“Yes, it is all very upsetting,” Narcissa admits wiping her eyes. She then says something that shocks Draco. “I like your girlfriend Granger. I really do, I think I am finally healing from everything I have ever hated about different blood status because we are all witches and wizards in some way. Maybe it’s my granddaughter coming that has me all mushy.”

Draco chuckles at this as his heart warms at the mention of his baby girl. But it also makes him more desperate for this to be over with so he can be there when the baby makes her appearance. 

“Mum I have to pretend to hate Hermione again and pretend she’s with Weasley. I can’t stand the fact of that because I don’t want her hurt again mum,” Draco confesses, anger bubbling up inside of him at what his duty is. He hates this because he knows this will indeed hurt Hermione, he saw the look in her eyes and wonders if after all this is said and done, if she will still be there. Draco places his head in his hands and sits on the cold, black marble stairs. 

“Well Draco, you are protecting your child and your girlfriend and she must know this. She knows that you aren’t really one of us, a Death Eater,” Narcissa comforts.

“I know. Mum, I wish I didn’t have to do this,” Draco clarifies, shaking his head.

Narcissa sits next to her son and places a pale hand on his left knee. “You are doing the right thing and I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you,” Draco replies honestly. 

“Little Malfoy! You join us again!” A deep voice chants from somewhere near them. Draco and Narcissa look up as Dolohov makes his way toward the both of them.

“So, did you leave the little bitch or what? Ha, she isn’t so little these days according to you!” Dolohov bickers, smirking.

Draco almost punches him, but contains his anger as he remembers what he has to do… “Y-yes, I left her. She went back to Weasley, for good.”

“Good, well welcome back! I was about ready to have you killed along with her! Like I told your father, I knew you would grow up and do what a real man should do.” Dolohov booms, his laughter echoing off the walls.

Draco stiffens even more if that is possible, fighting the urge to attack the man. Yaxley approaches and stands next to Dolohov. “Prove that you are not with her any longer and we will think of not killing you!”

Draco is lost for words, what the hell does he say? “Erm there is no way to prove Yaxley. Only my word,” Draco admits, looking back and forth between the two burley men.

Yaxley laughs out loud and looks at Dolohov for response, expecting him to pull out his wand on him, but the man didn’t. “I believe the boy,” Dolohov mumbles to Yaxley.

“You do?” He questions back, stunned.

“Yes. He is the son of Lucius, he doesn’t lie. Speaking of Lucius, where is he?” Dolohov questions, looking toward Draco once again.

“Potter got him…” Draco drawls with a smirk, pretending to be angry about it by pursing his lips as he says Harry’s name.

“Damn. No wonder you seem angered…” Dolohov whispers under his breath.

“Oh well, like he was of much use anyway,” Yaxley chuckles. Draco stiffens again, he hates his father but he doesn’t appreciate others talking down about him. 

The rest of the day passes by and Dolohov sits Draco down to explain the plot to ‘get Potter.’ Draco agrees (or pretends to) to do the job Dolohov assigns to him, which is to interrogate anyone associated with Potter in a threatening way. He is supposed to go to the Ministry the next morning and start this. 

Draco is all too happy to crawl in bed as he slides off his clothes down to his boxers and wraps himself around the cotton sheets to continue sleeping for a few hours before he needs to go to work. He misses Hermione so much already, now that he has the person he truly sees himself with, he does not want to lose her. Out of what seems like thousands of girls Draco has kissed, dated, or slept with, Hermione is the only one who ever stood out. 

The next few hours come fast as the alarm on Draco’s phone chirps away. He blinks at the sunlight coming through the blinds and glances around at the empty spot in his bed. He gets up and dresses and then sits in a chair beside his window to look out over the hills. He is not going to hurt anyone today like Dolohov wants him to, but just question, if the opportunity comes up. But he already knows everything that has to do with Potter so he will just be asking fake questions. 

After eating food made by their little house-elf, Draco sets off toward the Ministry.  When he arrives, he sees Hermione from a distance standing with Potter and Weasley talking before they separate into the entrance areas since it is men and women in different stalls. She must have decided to come into work despite getting bigger every day to get her mind off things. It makes his heart ache, seeing her and not being able to touch her or even acknowledge her. How is he going to do this? 

He walks into the bathroom where the gentlemen flush themselves into and did just that. He arrives on the floor where the Atrium is and starts to walk toward the elevators. 

Draco sees Hermione now again but this time by the big fountain. Ron and Lavender are making out in front of everyone with her beside them as she looks purposely away, disgusted. This makes Draco angry, he knows that would bother her, shouldn’t Ron? 

Harry is seen talking to another Auror not far from them. Hermione looks Draco’s direction and they meet eyes. She gives him a little grin and then turns around; at least he knows she still cares for him. But he hates that they can’t show affection toward each other right now. 

Then Draco remembers his job and starts to walk toward the elevator again and enters it. He knows that he has a job to do, but he is not looking forward to being a jerk again to people. Maybe he will just interrogate a person a day at work when he comes. He glances at his left forearm, his scar from the tattoo is starting to enlarge again, and he truly is right back where he doesn’t want to be.

He walks into his office and someone follows him in, he hopes it isn’t anyone from the ‘Death Eater’ family. 

“Hey Draco, how goes it mate?” Dean Thomas asks, settling himself in one of Draco’s chairs across from his desk.

“I have been much better,” Draco answers truthfully.

“Hmm, that doesn’t sound too good, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I can talk about with you. Other than the fact Hermione and I are broken up and she’s having my daughter in just a short three months or less,” Draco gloats.

“Broken up? Why? Ron screw things up for you?”

“No! Nothing like that, that part I can’t speak with you about,” Draco tells him.

Dean looks annoyed, “Ok, whatever.” Then Draco realizes it is the perfect time to have an ‘interrogation’ with his friend. 

“Do you speak with Potter still?” Draco asks out of nowhere.

“Yes, why?” Dean wonders, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I was wondering what he has been up to.”

Dean looked at him with questioning eyes, “He has been trying to plot how to get the Death Eaters back into Azkaban. You know this!”

“I know, just wondering. Has he got any plot going yet?”

“Uhm, yeah mate, this is Potter we are talking about. The one that destroyed Voldemort!”

“Don’t say his name!” Draco sneers, chills going down his spine.

“What? You’ve been saying it! Besides he’s dead! What’s gotten into you?” Dean asks, glaring now suspiciously.

“I know but just don’t, and I don’t know what’s gotten into me!” Draco booms, feeling old angry feelings and not knowing why. It’s that damn tattooed Dark Mark probably, which is stinging on his arm.

“Well, I’ll catch you later, I have things to do in my office,” then Dean stands up to leave. Draco watches him go, upset with himself. At least he got his first “interrogation” done for Dolohov. The sooner he can get this over with the better. 


Hermione sits in the office of her department, feeling numb. Her baby girl’s father is at the Ministry today probably doing dirty work for the Death Eaters and she is newly in love with him still and she can’t help it. At least she knows that he isn’t a true Death Eater, that he is just protecting her. But it still hurts and she doesn’t know if she can stick around for too long if this continues. 

Hermione kindly decides to decline Perkins and Mr. Weasley’s offer so she is still currently working in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She plans to finish her Auror training after little Arabella is born. 

“Good morning! You and Malfoy look down today! I saw him earlier talking to some of his co-workers with a frown on his face,” Luna points out, dancing over to the desk and hugging Hermione as she avoids squishing her enlarged pregnant stomach. 

“We are kind of down, we are kind of taking a break for now,” States Hermione blankly.

“What? But why so close to the little one’s due date?” Luna’s eyes twinkle in concern. 

“There’s still a little bit of time left. Bad timing I assume, things are happening Luna. We may have to fight again.” 

Luna looks dumbfounded, “But Voldemort’s gone!” 

“Yes but others are trying to take his place,” Hermione explains sadly. 

“I knew that would happen, those dumb people!” Luna admits, sitting at her desk beside Hermione’s.

“Yes they are quite horrible, and they are forcing Draco to join again or we both die. That’s why we are taking a break, until Harry figures something out because it is too dangerous for us to be together. They hate me of course.” Hermione tells Luna, glad to talk to someone about this because it is all swirling around in her head.

Luna is an old member of the DA, Dumbledore’s Army, so Hermione can share things with Luna. And thank goodness because she isn’t about to sit down and have a normal conversation like this with Ron after seeing him snog the insides of Lavender’s mouth all morning.  

Susan Bones walks into the room with The Daily Prophet in hand. She places it on Hermione’s desk, and Hermione’s jaw drops as her day swirls in an even more horrible direction. A picture of Malfoy and her leaving the OB/GYN office at their first visit is right there in front of her. 


          We all know that our precious Golden Trio have broken up for the time being, and that Hermione Granger has been seen with Draco Malfoy more than once after the break up with the dear red-head Ronald Weasley. But sources say, SHE’S PREGNANT! And her baby bump proves it! Being with the youngest Malfoy in and out of Diagon Alley and around London, we think she might be dating him. But being with Ron Weasley not too long before the youngest Malfoy and Granger got together in Diagon Alley for the first time (Our latest article featuring them), it could be Weasley’s baby too? “I think its Weasley’s!” Ex-Girlfriend of Jr. Malfoy,  model Astoria Greengrass stated while she shopped in Diagon Alley a few days ago. Other sources say Malfoy’s. But of course we can’t be 100% sure! The couple left together from a muggle OB/GYN office in London holding pictures. But is Miss Granger keeping something from our youngest Malfoy? Maybe so! Stay tuned as more information will come! 

Hermione slams the paper down and looks up at the girls peering at her. “This is rubbish!”

“Tell me about it!” Luna agrees. Her usually soft face twisting in anger.  

“Just what I need! People questioning if I am a slut!” Hermione can’t take it, she stands up and grabs her things to leave. 

“Hermione, you have to work sometimes as you haven’t worked in over a month! Don’t let this bother you!” Luna calls after her. But Hermione doesn’t care, she is angry. 

Draco sees Hermione storm out of the office as he happens to be looking over the balcony on his lunch break and runs down a flight of stairs to meet her.

“Hermione what’s wrong?” He asks, grabbing her arm to stop her storming away. 

She turns around. “Everything Draco! Me not being able to see or talk to you! And now this!” She shoves the paper in his face and he reads it, his eyes blazing with anger.

“Oh just bloody wonderful,” Draco mutters under his breath. 

“Yeah, now I’m a slut to the public! Great!” Hermione starts to walk away but Draco holds her there, and hugs her. She cries into his shoulder as the rest of the department looks on around them, peering out their office windows.

“I love you,” Draco whispers.

“You too, now you need to go. You hate me again, remember?” Hermione demands, stepping away from him and wiping her tears. 

Draco rubs Hermione’s belly for a moment, kisses her once more and then walks away even though he doesn’t want to. 

“Stay away from me Draco!” Hermione yells after him. 

Draco spins back around to see her storming off. Did she mean that? Or is she just saying that for the public? He stands there as he watches her board the elevator. 


Hermione doesn’t know whether or not she meant that either, she was torn between her happiness and the safety of her daughter. Those words kind of just escaped her mouth.  

The last person she wants to see stands near the fountain and walks quickly towards her as Hermione leaves the elevator. 

“Hermione! What is this rubbish?!” Lavender Brown screams at her. Her dirty blonde hair all tangled as though she was running to find her with the Daily Prophet in hand. 

Draco starts into a run toward the elevators as he knows he needs to get down there to stop Lavender. 

“Lavender, the baby is not Ron’s, Rita Skeeter is talking rubbish!” Hermione says in a fierce whisper, walking right past her. 

Lavender does not accept this, she grabs Hermione’s arm and spins her around to slap her. Hermione’s face goes totally horrified.

“STOP AT ONCE!” Screams a voice, Ron is seen running over and beat Draco to the girls.

“Lavender! Quit now!” Ron protests, but Lavender is too mad, she is about to punch Hermione in the face but Draco gets ahold of her just in time.


“Don’t call her that!” Screams Malfoy and Ron in unison and then look at each other with a glare. 

Everyone is gathering to watch. Harry now hears of the fight and is running toward scene as well.

“Go Malfoy! I’ve got her!” Harry says to Draco, who is now trying to hug Hermione who rejects him. 

Draco doesn’t want to leave Hermione’s side; he wants to make sure the baby and her are okay. But he knows people were watching and word would travel to the Death Eaters fast. He turns to leave, defeated with the choice of leaving her side again or die. 

Harry leads Hermione to the fire place and holds her hand as they floo out to the Burrow.

Draco leaves as well, not wanting anyone to question him, and people are trying, that’s for sure. 

Lavender sits at the fountain, pathetically crying as Ron comforts her, assuring her it really is Malfoy’s baby, not his. Everyone is glaring and making snide comments at her for trying to harm a pregnant woman. 


When Harry and Hermione arrive back at the Weasley’s place. Hermione just sighs loudly, “I am so sick of this.”

“Of what?” Harry wonders.

Ginny sits in the living room, playing with the baby. “What happened?” She wonders.

Hermione is still mad and didn’t say a word so she just hands Ginny the Daily Prophet. Harry, not seeing what the fight was even about leans over Ginny to read it as well.

“That foul little cockroach!” Ginny says, obviously angered by this.

“Yep, Rita’s making me a slut now! I’m pregnant with Ron’s baby but lie to Draco that it’s his, that’s barbaric! Lavender slapped me and made a scene in front of everyone at the Ministry! What a great day!” Hermione yells.  “And I can’t even see my boyfriend because he’s off with the Death Eaters pretending to be one so we don’t get killed. Oh my, what have I gotten myself into?”

Hermione sighs loudly again and lays on Ginny and Harry’s living room couch. Baby Arabella is kicking violently as she seems to sense her mum is upset. Hermione, feeling calmer when feeling this, rubs her belly and smiles.

“Just think about that baby girl who is coming very soon,” Ginny beckons, smiling when she sees Hermione’s grin, wanting to get Hermione to calm down.

“She’s my everything already!” Hermione exclaims, imagining her in her arms. She just has to be strong, she is nearly a mother now.

She throws the Daily Prophet in the fire burning across the room and attempts to forget about it. 

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