She landed with a thump and stumbled out of the fireplace, tumbling into the back of Draco’s wheelchair.

"Hey watch it mudblood." He sneered at her-turning around.

Hermione looked at him blankly, she had had practise not showing her emotions. Draco turned back around to see healers and patients staring at him.

"Mr Malfoy, we will not tolerate that use of language here. We do not expect to hear it again." An old looking healer said as she approached the blonde man sitting in front of her. Draco narrowed his eyes, peering at her.

"Go." He said to Hermione, who took a minute to realise Draco was speaking to her.

With a jump, she pushed him forward and wheeled him down the corridor. After about five minutes of loud sighs coming from Draco, Hermione stopped pushing and walked in front of him, facing him,

"What?" Draco said, trying to hide his amusement not very well.

"What is with all the sighing

 Well he’s back, the old cocky arrogant Draco.

"I'm not sighing!" Draco smirked.

Hermione crossed her arms and sighed herself, this is getting more tiring with every new moment.

"Its this stupid chair, I feel like an incompetent person or someone incapable of walking" He looked at her.

"Wheel yourself then."

Hermione turned around and started to walk down the corridor, only stopping when she reached the end of the corridor-turning around she saw Draco only a couple of feet in front of him, facing the wall. She laughed inwardly and back towards him. As she got closer he made a cry of frustration, slamming his fists against the wall.

"Need help Malfoy?’’ She asked, her heart breaking at the use of his last name.

He took his head away from where he rested it against the wall and sighed-for real this time. Admitting defeat her leaned back in his chair and nodded slightly at Hermione, signalling for her to push him.

Wheeling him down the winding corridors, he spoke, ‘’I wanted to be a healer?’’

Hermione couldn’t see his expression, only the bald patch on the back of his head, along with the rest of his hair. She didn’t know whether it was rhetorical or not, but decided to answer it anyways.

"Yes…you wanted to help children."

She closed her eyes, the fond memory coming back to her.

*"So Draco, when your mother waswell, you know, you said you were training to become a healer? I didnt know you wanted to be a healer?" she asked him as she sat down opposite him, sipping on her tea.

"Yesafter seeing many" Draco took a deep breath, "many injured people during the war, I want to help. I want to do something good for people for a change."

He looked up at her from his book, his grey soft eyes meeting the caring brown ones in front of him.

"Draco, that is a very brave thing to do, just by wanting to become a healer is doing something good." She smiled at him.

"Children, I want to be a specialist child healer…they’re most vulnerable."

Hermione felt her heart swell, knowing the man that sat before her wanted to change for the better, and was doing it in the best way he knew how

"Huh" he trailed off.

"You wanted to help the most vulnerable, after what you had seen, I always thought it would help you heal yourself."

Draco didnt reply, just staring off into space as Hermione reeled him into the elevator.

Stepping out of the elevator, he spoke once more, "What happened to the old coot? Dumbledore?"

Hermione felt her eyes sting, another soldier of war lost for a good cause, "Snape…Snape killed him, but only to protect you."


"Yes, after you got your…dark mark, your mission was to get the Death Eaters into school somehow, so you used the vanishing cabinet in the room of requirement. It was also your mission to kill Dumbledore, but you…you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t go through with it." Hermione sighed, "something in you stopped yourself."

Hermione stopped outside Narcissa’s door, "it was a horrible night, you said so yourself you never wanted to do it, you just wanted to protect your family."

Draco looked at the girl now standing in front of him then up at the door, he didnt know how to respond to all the new information. 

I knew I was going to be set a task, but killing Dumbledore? Sneaking Death Eaters into Hogwarts?

"Is this it?" He looked up at the door number.

Hermione nodded, she went behind Draco and pushed him as he opened the door.

Draco could feel his eyes prickling as he saw sight of his mother; one of the few people he had cared for, now here in a coma, almost…lifeless in his eyes.

"I’ll leave you alone with her."

Hermione looked at Narcissa one more time and shut the door behind her-hearing a sob coming from inside the room.

Hermione put her back on the door, breathing heavily. Never in all of Merlins years did she think she would ever spend her last year at Hogwarts like how it had been so far. She opened her eyes and sat on the seats on the opposite wall. She looked down at the small table to her left and saw some magazines and old newspapers. Scanning through, she found an issue of the Quibbler. On the front read:


Pigfarts? What the name of Merlins beard are Pigfarts?
Hermione scanned through until she reached the desired page, apparently pigfarts was a new wizard school on mars, Hermione snorted, only in The Quibbler would she read such nonsense. 

Hermione read the rest of the article and put the magazine back down, resting her head against the wall behind her, going over the events of the past year at Hogwarts, she didnt want to think of what happened before the summer.

· Ron breaking up with me
· Found out it was for Lavender
· Got close with Draco
· Got together with Draco 
· Lost my umwell...with Draco
· Found out Lucius was looking for me
· Draco left
· He came back
· Tracked him and and he tried to kidnap me
· Realised I was in love
· Confronted Lucius
· Draco got hit with a spell
· He admitted his love for me
· I told him I love him
· Now Ive lost him

Could I never have a normal year at Hogwarts? I loved solving mysteries with Harry and Ronald, saving the wizarding world with Harry and Ron, that was tough. The Second of May was tough; incredibly horrible. I just wanted this year to be simple: finish my studies and leave Hogwarts, never to return. Too many memories. It was difficult coming back but I knew I had to finish my studies, yes I received job offers, but I didnt earn them; I didnt deserve them, I only got them for helping Harry but everyone helped Harry in one way or another. Never did I ever think I would be sitting in a empty cold corridor outside my exs mothers room with a whole load of history he has forgotten.

Hermione heard her last name being called from inside the room in front of her, she slowly got up, wiping the tear streaks from her face and walked towards the door, knocking three times before entering.
She opened the door and Draco looked up at her, his eyes slightly red, has he been crying?

"Are you okay?" she daren’t suggest he had been crying.

"I'm fine." He cut her short, "can we go?" He slumped back in his chair, closing his eyes.

She walked over to the back of his chair and wheeled him out of the room, glancing at his mother one more time-hoping she would get better for him.

The journey back to the fireplace was awkward, especially for Hermione who wanted to speak a thousand unspoken words. Many, many things she wanted to say, but the (what felt like much longer) ten minute journey was just travelled with a deafening silence between the two.

They soon arrived back the fireplace and she handed a pale looking Draco some green powder and followed him suit after he flooed back.

She quickly stepped into her common room, ready for bed when she noticed Draco trying to reach a note that had been left on the table. She walked over to it, picked it up and read aloud;

Dear Miss Granger and Mr Malfoy, 

I am sorry to inform you that Mr Malfoy’s room was unable to be repaired at this moment in time as the damage was too much as it was fiendfyre that he set off uncontrollably with his magic. You will have to share a bed or one sleep on the sofa for now, I do apologise and I hope you sleep well, as you know what tomorrow is. Classes will not be on and you are both allowed a lie in. Sleep well,

Your headmistress

"Wait, I have to share a bed with you? Eurgh." Draco scoffed.

"No, I’ll crash on the sofa and you can have my bed." She smiled sadly at him, "you have too many injuries to sleep on the sofa."

Hermione flicked her wand and two pillows and a duvet appeared on the sofa. She looked over at Draco who opened his mouth, in what Hermione presumed was for protesting, but he then shut it.

Draco flicked his wand and he was in his pj’s, "Um…Granger you’re going to need to help me up the stairs" his eyes were dark.

"Oh, uh…yes." She went over to him and he wearily put his hand around her shoulders for balance. Hermione was used to being in a close proximity with Draco, her Draco. This man leaning on her wasn’t hers anymore. She put her hand behind his back, careful not to touch his wounds and helped him hobble up her stairs and into her room, taking him over to her bed, she took her pyjamas and left him bidding him a goodnight.

Hermione woke with a jump, she turned over to her side and looked at the grandfather clock, it read six am. Two hours sleep she had gotten, with waking up in between. Merlin was it uncomfortable. She sat up and rolled her neck, got up from her home made bed and padded over to the bookshelf when she froze.

It was the second of May.

The second of May.

Hermione crumpled on the floor. Tears flowing as she cried silently remembering those who had passed. Curling up in a foetal position, she let the nightmares of that dreadful day overwhelm her into a horrid sleep filled with the bone curling events that haunted her soul.

Draco awoke, a strange feeling nagging him inside. He felt like he was still missing something…something important but he couldn’t figure out what it was. He swung his legs over the edge of Hermione’s bed, steadying himself he slowly rose on his feet. He didn’t want the wheelchair anymore. He slowly padded himself to Hermione’s drawers and swallowed the left out tablets for him, taking a sip of his water also.

He took in a deep breath and started walking over to the closed door, grasping the cold brass handle with his left hand, he rested himself against the wall with his right. He opened the door and saw Hermione’s make-shift bed empty.

"Granger?" he called out. 

He scanned the room until he saw the petit figure lying on the floor. He furrowed his brow and slowly made his way down the steps. He made his way over to her, not really knowing what to do.

As he got closer, he could see her starting to stir, peered over her when her eyes flew open, letting out a small yelp in surprise, causing Draco to be startled- stumbling backwards.

Hermione looked up at the blonde figure and realised who it was, she looked around, wondering why she was on the floor. Remembering the reason, she felt a new batch of tears ready to escape. She stood up and looked at Draco, rubbing her eyes, she spoke,

"We have to change the dressing on your back." She said to him bluntly.

"Oh…dont touch anything else Granger." He sneered.

Hermione simply rolled his eyes as Draco managed to take off his shirt and lie himself on his front on the sofa.

Hermione went over to the bookshelf and opened it, revealing the medical stuff and a whole load of other knick knacks including the pensive. She got out the required items and with a flick of her wand it flew to the table. She quickly walked back to him. 

"This might hurt a bit." She told him as she took off the bandages; she heard a hiss escape his mouth. 

"Sorry." she whispered, not knowing if he heard or not.

She examined his cuts. There was one main cut going across his back from his left shoulder blade, diagonally down to his right kidney area. Along the rest of his back were little cuts where shards of glass had once been. Cringing, she put on the gloves and squirted some of the ointment onto her hand and started rubbing it onto the deep cuts. Draco let out another hiss. The clear gel started to get into the cuts and redness started to reduce. Hermione then took of her gloves and started to unravel the bandage.

"You’re going to have to have this bandage as it will help heal the cuts better. Would you stand up please?" Hermione asked him nervously.

She saw him give a slight nod as he started to get up. Hermione grabbed his arm to help support him up. He then took grasp of the chair arm and waited for Hermione to start.

She swallowed, took the medical tape and taped the start of the bandage just above his belly button. 

The last time I touched him was before...

Hermione blocked the thoughts; it was just too much. She walked around him in a circle, making sure the bandages were on tightly enough- stopping when she had reached the top of his torso by his chest. Taping the last bit of the bandage, she looked up at him, her breathing speeding up fast, she tried to slow it down.

Draco looked down at the small girl who was now looking up at him, he shifted uncomfortably, getting the message, Hermione moved away quickly and began packing up her stuff. 

"The bandages are water proof so you can have a shower." Her voice was shaky. 

She put the medical stuff back and wiped her face .Draco just stood watching her not knowing what to do or say. 

"Uh, Granger" he trailed off as Hermione started to climb the steps towards her bedroom, "Thank you." He said as he sat down, squirming uncomfortably.

Hermione froze underneath the door frame. She slowly turned around to face him, putting on a fake smile.

"You will need to be ready by twelve for the ceremony." Her heart, heavy.


Hermione’s eyes widened, "today," she sighed, "is the one year anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts; one year today that Voldemort fell."

And with that, she went into her room, and closed the door behind her, sobbing into her night robs, leaving as shocked Draco on the other side of the door.

The green was quiet. Not a sound was heard as McGonagall rose to the stand. Hundreds and hundreds of pointy hats filled covered the field as the students sat. The green was covered with hundreds of red roses and poppies. Each witch and wizard had a pinned rose or poppy to their robe. The sun bright and not a cloud in the sky.

"Thank you for all joining me on this solemn day in remembrance of the fallen and those we have lost on the dreadful day one year ago and those who fell helping the dark succumb to the light." McGonagall took a deep breath, "I will not take too long as I know others have things they want to say. Thank you to everyone who fought on the dreadful day, without you all, we wouldn’t be sitting here today. Many sacrifices were made and death was bought amongst us. Mothers, Fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, godparents and friends." Hermione squeezed Harry and Ron’s hand, "but I would also like to thank those who are not here with us today:

Thank you Cedric Diggory for showing us that Hufflepuff is a house to be proud of.
Thank you Sirius Black for helping those children in need and bringing love to a child that needed it most.
Thank you Albus Dumbledore for standing up to the darkest of them all, and going in your own way.
Thank you Alastor Moody for making us keep constant vigilance and help defeat those behind us.
Thank you Dobby for showing us that the kind hearted will always be free.
Thank you Fred Weasley for always being there to brighten the day.
Thank you Remus Lupin for your hard efforts against the dark arts and your bravery.
Thank you Nymphadora Tonks for giving us something to laugh about.
Thank you Colin Creevy for always being there to create a memory.
Thank you Severus Snape for helping us in the darkest of times.
These are just some of the fallen soldiers of the war and I would like to commemorate them with a two minute silence."

Hermione wiped her face and turned to look at the two boys either side of her, she took grasp of both their hands, sending them a silent message. She turned to look at Draco who was pale, she felt a pang of sympathy for him, he looked confused and wary. His head down.

After the two minutes of silence, McGonagall bought Harry to the podium.

"Uh, hello everyone." Harry took in a deep breath, "I dont want to say much, there’s not much to say, last year…last year was one I never want to forget, yet, I never want to remember. People always thank me for defeating Voldemort, but you know what, it wasn't me who did it; it was everyone, everyone who fought against the dark. Every brave person who sits here in front of me, you all defeated him, not just me. We all did together. I want to forget the previous year as it was a dark time, loss was great and it was tough, but yet, I never want to forget it, it makes us remember what we did, it makes us remember the lost, yes, it hurts but they died doing great things. Last year reminds us, in the words of a man close to me, we all have good and bad inside us but it is us who chooses the path, and in words of another great man, light can always be found in the darkest of places if one remembers to turn on the light. Thank you." and with a nod Harry stepped down and took his place.

With a few different speeches from different people, everyone rose in their seats and pointed their wands in the air, they all shot sparks into the air, filling the daytime air with different colours that rained down on them and with that the ceremony finished. The trio stayed behind and held each other, speaking unspoken words.

"Hermione, come back to the common room later, you can’t be alone." Harry told her.

The breeze was sweeping Hermione’s hair back as more tears rolled down her cheeks, "o-okay Harry."

The two boys offered to walk her back but she declined, it was a walk she wanted to do alone.

Hermione entered the castle and took a left, after walking for about five minutes she started to get a nagging feeling someone was following her; she turned around but saw no one. Turning back around, she bumped into a figure, she looked up and saw Cormac McClaggen standing in front of her smirking.

"Miss innocent Hermione Granger, where is your little possy, abandon them did you to wonder the walls yourself? Tut tut miss Granger, someone as pretty as you should be wondering alone, you never know who could be out there." 

Fear washed over Hermione as she quickly realised he had backed her up against the wall, boxing her in with his arms.

"Cormac..." she trailed off.

"Tut tut Miss Granger, what shall we do with you? You know something, you leaving me at that party many years ago, that hurt me, I really liked you, and you left me." He was a mere inch away from her face.

"I'm…I'm sorry." Hermione whimpered, could her day get any worse.

"I think we’re going to have to make you feel the pain." And with that, he pressed his lips onto Hermione’s.

Hermione squirmed, trying to get away from his grasp but it made him angrier, he held her arms above her head against the wall. Hermione tried to think, but Cormac was getting rougher, he pulled back and and looked at her, smirking,

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Hermione spat in his face.

Cormac simply ignored her, wiping the residue off his face, he locked Hermione’s arms in place and put his hands on her hips, fingers digging in tightly, "tut tut miss Granger." His eyes went dark.

Hermione closed her eyes, waiting for it all to stop, but when she didnt feel anything, she heard a yelp and opened her eyes, Draco had Cormac pinned on the ground, swinging at his face with each fist.
"No. One. Does. That. To. A. Person." Each word bringing a new blow to Cormac’s face.

Hermione’s eyes widened in shock. Did he remember? Thoughts like these ran through her head as she watched Draco take his final swing. She looked at the battered Cormac in front of her, then at a now standing Draco.

Hermione looked at him, "do you…do you remember?" her eyes were wide in anticipation.




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