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Roxanne, Ravenclaws, and a Rather Ravishing Rebel by harrietm
Chapter 10 : Roxanne, Ravenclaws, and Reviewing Recent Romance
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 ~Anything you recognise belongs to J.K Rowling. Please read and review!~

We eventually broke apart, Albus still gently holding me, and faces bent together such that our noses were still brushing ever so slightly. I kept my eyes closed for a few seconds, listening to our breathing and my pounding heart. Slowly, I opened them to look into his green eyes. I let out a light chuckle and smiled.  He smiled in return and it was possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  And I didn’t care that I probably looked ridiculous with messy hair and a goofy grin; I didn’t care about anything except the boy in front of me. In that moment I was so happy I thought I could burst.

Then a light frown graced his features, and he seemed to struggle for a moment to find words. “Hattie, I –“

“Mr Potter! Miss Calvert! What an earth do you think you are doing may I ask?” I virtually leapt out of Albus’s arms, as a highly unattractive squeal escaped my lips and my face began to burn.
McGonagall’s eyes were slits, peering angrily over her spectacles. Her voice was scathing and angry. It was highly unlikely to be conducive to biscuit acquisition.

“Just asking each other if we would prefer one of your gingernewts or your custard creams, Minnie” quipped Albus, smirking, not one to look meek or embarrassed.  Huh, so I wasn’t the only one who constantly associated Minerva McGonagall with biscuits. But wait, I really don’t think that's helping our situation. I looked up from my feet briefly to shoot Albus a glare, but he was too busy staring off McGonagall to notice.

“Really Mr Potter! Your insolence does nothing to improve your situation!” What do you know.
“You will return to your dormitory immediately.” Albus shrugged nonchalantly and began to leave. “And 30 points from Slytherin!” McGonagall added shrilly, glowering at Albus’ back.

And with that, Albus just marched out of the room, without sparing me a backwards glance, and causing the door to slam noisily in his wake.

I released a breath I hadn’t realised I’d been holding, and awaited my punishment, nervously clenching the edge of my robes.

“Miss Calvert, I am disappointed in your behaviour. You are normally a model student. But due to your silence, you may either have 15 points taken from Ravenclaw, or remain and complete the detention.” McGonagall offered, voice now softer but still strict and firm.

“I’ll stay professor,” I mumbled. My house pride at least warranted some kind of positive reaction, in that McGonagall stopped frowning for one second and nodded once. Then I was left alone, staring in stunned silence at my flustered reflection in the shiny trophies around me.

 What the hell happened this evening?

He just... left.

But we had...kissed.


Sometimes life really throws you a curve Quaffle.  



Well shit, Albus thought as he walked down the stairs towards the dungeons, he hadn’t meant to lose quite so many house points.  That was 220 points he’d lost since September. Now he’d definitely have to find a way of appeasing his fellow Slytherins out of hexing him into oblivion. But really, when would teachers stop being shocked that the marvellous Harry Potter’s son could talk back? He’d chosen Slytherin to be different, yet they always expected him to act like the Chosen One. Looking the same meant nothing, and one of these fucking days they’d realise he was his own person. “And Minnie never saw it coming,” he chuckled to himself quietly. 

But shit, he didn’t really know what to do about Harriet either. He wasn’t supposed to like her, she was supposed to be just as annoying as the rest. Intrusive, attention-seeking, immature etc. etc.

She seemed to have appeared in his life and now she wouldn’t leave. But you don’t really want her to leave do you? , a quiet voice surfaced in his head. She’s the first good thing to happen to you in so long.  Albus grinned to himself, and stuffed his hands into his pockets.  He was nearly back at his dormitory now, where he could properly mull over the evening’s events. Relive, you mean., the quiet voice piped up again. Albus shook his head disbelievingly.


But then the grin on his face slipped slightly. How to stop her getting eaten alive by the Albus Admirers, let alone the press...that dilemma left him frustrated. “If I was a Smith not a Potter...wouldn’t even need a solution.” he muttered angrily, to the darkness.

He’d have to ask Rose. But Rose...well shit.



“ Roxy, why didn’t you tell me about Rose?”I whispered to Roxy as she finally arrived to Herbology the next morning.

“Hello to you too.” Roxy joked quietly, as she snuck into her seat next to me without Professor Longbottom even noticing. He was too busy rambling on about...Tibetan turnips? Yeah, don’t ask.  

“It’s family stuff. I guess I wasn’t sure if I was allowed, you know how it is. Besides, even I don’t fully understand it. To me it makes absolutely no sense to just cut Rose off, she’s the most stubborn person alive, it was always going to backfire.”

At that point, Professor Longbottom had obviously given the class instruction, as the room began to fill with the noise of footsteps, chatter, clanging trowels, and scraping terracotta pots. Roxy and I stood up with the rest of the class, and together looked around a bit blankly, trying to work out what we supposed to be doing.

“Repotting Venomous Tentacula it would seem. Joy.” I muttered sarcastically, my dislike of Herbology just a little bit obvious.

“Joy indeed.” Roxy replied, but she actually meant it, she loved this stuff. Which worked well for me, she did my Herbology work, and I did her Potions.

“So why didn’t you do something?”I asked when Roxy came back from collecting our vicious and cranky baby plant. I was leaning back against the wooden bench, twirling a trowel around absentmindedly to make it look like I was doing something.

“I just figured it would sort itself out...these things usually do, when there’s this many Wotters involved, someone finds a way to fix it.” Roxy heaved the plant onto the bench next to another pot.

“But that is hardly important.” She said, pulling on her dragonhide gloves and grimacing determinedly at the young Venomous Tentacula we were supposed to be repotting. I say ‘we’.

“What can you possibly mean?” I replied, slightly exasperated at Roxy’s indifference and lack of participation in her family’s drama. “Rose is your cousin, surely it’s important that we collectively get her away from that lying jerk.”

“Pssh. I barely saw you this morning, and that kind of skilful avoidance is not worthy of my cousin’s love life problems. I can tell your hiding something.”

Oh. There she had me. It would seem a Gryffindor had beaten a Ravenclaw at her own game.

I looked around nervously to see if anyone was listening. They were all too busy battling their own plants to pay us any attention in the back corner of the classroom. I still didn’t want to say it. I knew my face had turned bright red and I felt my insides squirmed with embarrassment. Roxy just looked at me, her large brown eyes blinking at me expectedly. I couldn’t not tell her. It was a best friend obligation.

The words came out eventually, when I forced them.

“Hmmm errreepum Albus-and-I-sort-of-kissed.”

“Sorry?” Roxy asked cheekily, grinning broadly.

“Oh don’t make me say it again, you know exactly what I said!” I hissed, crossing my arms huffily but then letting out a reluctant giggle.

“Yeah I do.” She replied, laughing loudly. “Well it’s about time you two got your act together! I knew something had to give.”She chose that moment to yank the young Venomous Tentacula up out of its cracking pot, and stiff out briskly into the larger new one, avoiding its lashing tentacles as Professor Longbottom had described (after the Tibetan turnip tangent). She stepped back, breathing heavily and wiping sweat from her brow.

And after all that she still managed to give me a knowing smirk.

I sighed at her, pressing my hands to my face in an effort to cool my still-flushed cheeks.

 “No but Roxy it isn’t that simple, there’s so many things! There’s all the people who wanted to kill me even when they thought I was just tutoring him, there’s the press, there’s Rose, there’s Al, who just left-“

You’ll work it out.” She said simply, waving her gloved hand through the air in a blasé fashion.

“How can you be so calm?”

Well firstly, I’m not the one about to embark on a relationship with my grouchy specky git of a cousin.”

I opened my mouth to protest. He may be a git, but it was rude to attack his glasses.

“Hattie I was joking! I know Al can be nice when he wants to be. Secondly, I don’t think half as much as you before I do things. I just go for it.” To emphasise this point she then dove into the body of the plant and hastily filled the pot with fresh soil, before its tentacles could wrap themselves around her. She pulled back grinning, dusting the soil off her gloves proudly.

“Thirdly, nothing’s ever simple. Lysander tried to ask me out four times before he finally got the words out in the right order.” She chuckled fondly at the memory as she let her long dark red hair out of its ponytail and began to comb it with her fingers. We were just sitting around now, having finished much sooner than our classmates.

I started to fiddle with my hair too, thinking, daydreaming, as I do. Could things work between Albus and me? No matter how strange and unexpected it all was? All I knew was I wanted it to work. So badly it almost hurt. Hell, it did hurt a little.

 “I suppose you are right.” I finally admitted after a long pause.

“I know I’m right.” She smirked at me again. She had been enjoying this conversation way too much for my liking. “I’m as right as I was that time everyone thought James transfigured Lily’s broom into a log, but it was actually Al.” I remembered hearing that story. Albus had pretty much pranked both of his siblings in one go, by first getting Lily and then playing it so that James got the blame. Roxy didn’t rat him out though. Apparently James and Lily deserved it. The week before the broom incident they’d together got hold of Albus’s glasses, charming them so that they appeared normal to Albus, but enormously pink and fluffy to everyone else. The whole family was round at the time. Yeah. Maybe Al didn’t really win that round.

“Which I suppose reminds me to give you this...” She added offhandedly, pulling a piece of parchment from her pocket and giving it to me. On the outside it said “Harriet” ... in Albus’s neat slanted writing.

“Roxy! You had this the whole time?!” I cried, ripping the letter open anxiously.

She giggled with childish glee, as she so often did.  I rolled my eyes mid-letter-scanning.

“I’m sorry, I can never resist stringing people along when I get the chance. It’s why I was late.  Anyway, what does it say? I’m not such a bad friend that I opened it for you, at least.”

“That is something. I’m to meet him this evening on the Seventh floor, next to the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. I wonder why...”

“Oh.” Roxy said simply, in a tone that made me think she knew more than she was letting on. The bell signalling the end of class rang loudly, disrupting the moment before I could interrogate her for some proper answers.

Roxy jumped to her feet. “Well I’ve got to go, I have a Christmas prank to go organise!”

And with that she was gone, lost in the throng of students leaving the classroom before I could even say “Mischief.”

A/N: Whoa that was a difficult chapter to write. The reaction to the kiss...hmm. And Albus's POV, that was a bit different! Please let me know what you think in a review! :)

The next update will probably be a while away as I have heaps of assignments coming up. But I'll try my best :) 



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