When Hermione wakened the next morning, she felt complete and utterly relaxed. As though she was whole again. Slowly she turned on her side to find a face staring back at her, with nothing but love in his eyes.

“Morning” She said sleepily.

“Morning love.” He drawled back.

“love” that word sent thrills down her spine as she kissed him. Gently he rolled her over so that he was above her resting on his elbows when the door opened.

“Mummy? Daddy?” A little voice asked.

Quickly Draco jumped off the bed and swung his little girl in his arms while Hermione watched them with a smile.

“Morning pumpkin!” He grinned at her, “What do you want to do today?”

“Ooooh oooh ooh! Can we all go to the park together?” She asked her father.

“The park? Sure, that is if Mummy doesn’t mind?” He turned to look at her, still holding their daughter.

“Sounds good to me! Now you two go make us some breakfast while I get ready?” She asked.

“Okay mummy! Daddy put me down!” Bella giggled. Draco did as she asked and she ran out of the room.

Draco watched his daughter leave the room before turning back to the love of his life; “Mione, last night… last night was amazing. I know you’re only here for just over a week more but please will you give us another chance? He gazed at her, before dropping his eyes to hide his vulnerability.

“Draco...” She sighed. “Dray, look at me.” He lifted his chin. “Draco I meant what I said yesterday, I love you. I love you and always will. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next week or after that but for the time being I do know that I want you. I want us to be together again.” She held his hand in hers.

“You mean it?!” Draco couldn’t believe his ears!

“Yes!” She laughed at his expression.

“Oh Mione you won’t regret this I swear.” He promised her, kissed her deeply then ran out the room leaving her breathless with shock, but most importantly, with love.


For the next few days life at the Manor was a dream for Hermione and Bella. Draco attended to their every need and showered them with affection and gifts. At first Hermione objected, especially after Bella had just ripped open the wrappers off her brand new bike;

“Oh Draco, this is too much, we can’t accept this.” She said, gazing at the bike, whilst holding the diamond bracelet he had gifted her with earlier.

“No it is not Hermione.” He told her. “I want to make up for the time that I have missed out on, I should have been there when she took her first steps, said her first words. I want to teach her how to ride a bike, I want to be there when she cries and says she can’t ride, I want to be there to tell her that I know she can do it, and that I will be there with her all the way.”

All Hermione could do was nod, too choked up to speak.


With just under a week left to go before the ball, Hermione and Ginny decided that they had better start looking for their dresses to wear. Ginny was determined that Hermione should have the best dress, after all she needed to make an entrance, the only people who knew that she was back were of course Draco, her parents, Harry, Ginny and Ronald. She needed to reintroduce herself to the wizarding world, and of course she needed the perfect outfit for the occasion.

As they wondered through Diagon Alley, they chattered about inconsequential things, like how the rest of the Weasley’s were doing, how work was and the children.

“Mione, come to the Burrow for dinner tonight please? Mums having a family dinner- even Charlie’s coming with his wife from Romania!”

“I don’t know Gin. Your mother and I didn’t exactly part on the best of terms you know. And if the whole family will be there then won’t Ronald? And since when was Charlie married?!” She asked.

“First of all don’t give me that Hermione Granger, mum loves you, she was just upset over the fact that you and Ronald were no longer together and she would no longer be getting you as an official daughter in-law. And Ronald is currently busy with his latest floozy, for someone who claims to be so in love with you he has no problem with going after a different girl every week, he owled mum to say he couldn’t make it tonight. And to answer you final question- yes Charlie’s married, we were all shocked as well when he told us he was engaged. But Laura’s really nice and a perfect match for him actually.” She smiled.

Having listened to her friend, Hermione concluded that it would be nice to visit the Burrow again, after all, growing up through Hogwarts, the Weasley’s had become like her second family.

“Okay. I’ll come.” She sighed in defeat but smiled at the same time so her friend would know that she was looking forward to it.

“Great, so you, Bella and Draco can come for seven o’clock!” She smiled.

“Draco and Bella too? Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yes, you are together again aren’t you?” She questioned her friend.

“Yes we are.” Hermione blushed.

“Yay!” Ginny squealed. “So that settles things then! Let’s shop!” And she promptly dragged Hermione into the nearest dress shop.


They were currently in the third dress shop, Ginny had found her dress in the second along with all the matching accessories and so was now determined to find Hermione a dress.

“Its no use Ginny!” Hermione sighed, throwing her arms up in despair. “I’ll never find a dress that I like.”

“Oh hush Mione, we’ll find you one.” She told her friend.

“Oh just because your dress is perfect for you.” She snapped back.

Ginny’s dress was indeed perfect for her, it was floor-length pure gold, a colour that she wouldn’t normally dream of wearing but it accentuated her skin tone perfectly and her hair shone and intensified whenever she moved. Harry was going to love it.

Ginny chose to ignore her friends snap, knowing that if she responded they would get into an argument and that would just be pointless.

She continued to look through the dresses, turning a corner she stopped dead.

“Mione, come here, quick!” She called.

“What? What is it?” Hermione ran round the corner before skidding to a halt.

“Its perfect.” She breathed.

And indeed it was. It was pure silk, the softest silk that could possibly be used, it was flawless. It flowed down the statue and Hermione could tell that when she walked in it, it would ripple gently like waves of the sea. It was the colour of midnight. Darkest blue with flecks of sliver that glinted like the stars in the night sky. It was strapless and it was exactly what Hermione wanted.

Stepping into it felt like pure heaven to her, eagerly she told the sales assistant that she would take it.

“Yay! Now we are both sorted!” Ginny squealed happily. After buying a pair of black stilettos, and a silver clasp for her hair, Hermione was sorted.

“Time for a quick butterbeer before we have to go home?” Hermione asked.

“Of course.” The girls walked down the way to a quieter end of Diagon Alley to a small pub, it did a fairly steady business, nothing like the Leaky Cauldron, but it was quiet and that was exactly what the girls wanted.

“I’ve missed this.” Hermione sighed happily as she sat back and sipped her drink.

“You’ve missed sitting in a pub drinking butterbeer?” Ginny teased.

“Oh shush! You know what I mean!” Hermione laughed, “I’ve missed hanging out with just the two of us.” She smiled sadly.

“I know. I missed you too. I’ve been stuck with the boys for the past four years!” She told her.

Hermione laughed.

“But surely you made friends in America.” Ginny asked her. She was curious, for Mione never had really spoken much about her time there.

“Yeah I made friends Gin, friends from work of course, and there’s this delightful woman who lives in the apartment next door and absolutely dotes on Bella. And people from the few clubs/societies that I have joined. But they’re just friends Gin, they could never replace you, or Harry, or Blaise and Draco. You guys are my BEST friends.” She assured her friend who look slightly mollified.

“Okay if you insist.” She laughed.

“Oh look there’s Blaise and Draco.” Hermione said.

Blaise and Draco had just entered the bar, and as Hermione glanced at Draco her stomach gave a little flip and she could feel butterflies. She hadn’t felt like this since she was seventeen! Suddenly Blaise spotted them and they both came over.

“Mione! Ginny!” He smiled hugging them both.

“Hey gorgeous.” Draco grinned, kissing her on the lips gently. He pulled away after a moment, “Hi Ginny.” He hugged her.

“Hey Draco, Blaise.” She smiled back.

Contrary to popular belief, Draco, Blaise and Harry and Ginny actually got on extremely well, sure back in the day when everyone found out about Hermione and Draco they weren’t thrilled but when they saw how happy they were together, Harry was won over. And when Mione disappeared and he saw how distraught Draco was, he actually began to think of him as a friend.

“What have you ladies been up to then?” Draco asked.

“Shopping!” Both girls replied. Blaise groaned.

“Shopping! Is that all you girls do? Astoria dragged me round all of Diagon Alley and half the muggle stores this morning. I don’t want to hear anything else about clothes!” He ranted.

The other three burst into laughter at their friends moaning.

“Okay to change the subject, Draco you Mione and Bella are coming to the Burrow for dinner tonight at seven. Blaise, you and Astoria are welcome too if you wish.” Ginny said.

“Excuse me?” Draco asked.

“You heard.”

Draco turned to stare at his girlfriend, “Is she serious?” He asked.

“Yes. She is, but don’t worry, Ronald will not be there.” She told him.

“Oh,” He visibly relaxed, “well that’s alright then.” He settled back into his chair.

Ginny shook her head at him.

“Thanks for the invite Gin, but Astoria and I are having dinner with her parents tonight, its her dads birthday.” Blaise told her.

“No problem.”

“Right well Draco and I had better go, Bella’s at my parents and we’ll have to get ready for tonight. See you later Gin. Bye Blaise.” Hermione and Draco left.


After collecting Bella, Hermione and Draco arrived back at the manor to get ready. Quickly dressing Bella in a sequined pink dress and sparkly silver sandals she left her daughter in the manors media room and got ready with Draco.

“What do you thinks going to happen tonight Dray?” She asked, as she slipped into her shoes. She couldn’t help but worry, this would be the first time in five years that she had seen the majority of the Weasley family.

“Mione I’m sure it will be fine, you heard Ginny, Ron won’t be there and Mrs Weasley won’t want to upset her or Harry by being horrible to you. Plus how can she still be upset with you it’s been five years!” He reassured her. “They’ll love you.”

“Yes I suppose you’re right.” She conceded.

“Well shall we go then?” Draco asked, he called Bella through to join them.

“Yes, lets go.”

And with that, the three left for the Burrow, unaware that their lives were changing as they spoke.

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