A small group of people stood huddled together. Even though there were no others within sight they cast furtive looks around themselves, jumping at the slightest sounds. "I say this one" one of them said pointing to the right.

"No. The other one makes more sense. Besides there are two of you and only one of me."

"But won't that make you feel uncomfortable?" he asked her.

"The three of us lived together for how long? We've seen each other practically naked. It's not that big a deal" she replied pushing her long hair out of her eyes.

"So when can I?" he asked.

"When can you what?" she asked looking at him with a puzzled expression which seemed to happen less often as they grew older, especially since last night. A smile crossed his face as it finally dawned on her what he was referring to. Out of thin air a large white pillow appeared and began smacking him in the head.

"Just kidding Hermione!!" he said attempting to block being repeatedly struck. It finally did when his best friend waved his wand banishing the unwanted item. He pulled her into an embrace there in the center of the hallway.

"Ronald! Not in front of Harry!!" she replied to his advances. Half heartedly she was trying to push him away but finally caved in and they began to kiss passionately in the deserted corridor.

To help distract himself their friend was waving his wand around them. A door was on either side of them and he was casting the spell 'Homenium Revelio' silently to not disturb them. 'I bet a dung bomb could go off right now and they wouldn't notice'. The spell did not indicate anyone nearby, but the creaks and groans made by the Castle settling (which were normal sounds) under the circumstances made him jump. Even his two best friends did so slightly, despite being busy.

The room on the left gave no indication of being occupied. The one on the right did, but it was not the tell tale sign of fuzzy red images. Instead they were blue, indicating those in there were no longer alive. He took three steps forward and placed his hand on the door wishing he had the strength to enter. On either side his friends now stood, sensing rather than seeing his change in mood.

"Is there anyone in there?" Ron whispered.

"Yes but they are beyond our help" Harry quietly answered.

"We don't know if they were on our side or theirs. The Aurors should handle this" Hermione told her best friend, taking his hand in hers. "Is the other one Ok?" Harry nodded yes, so she pulled him in that direction. Stepping forward she cast the spell a second time, and satisfied she made the door swing silently open. Cautiously they entered, looking under the stall doors to make sure they were unoccupied.

Ron, impatient as always, waved his wand and all the doors opened making her jump. "Ronald!" she said scolding him for scaring her.

"I'm sorry Hermione but you said you had to go and I know at the Burrow when Ginny says now she means NOW!" he emphatically replied.

"Have pity on your girlfriend Ron" Harry said with a grin.

"But Harry she's not ... " Ron turned beet red and walked up to her. "Hermione Jean Granger would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?"

Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck. "Ronald Bilius Weasley it is both an honor and a privilege to be your girlfriend. For as long as you want me to be" she answered as she kissed him as passionately as she could, not caring this time that Harry Potter was standing nearby.

After a couple of minutes Harry cleared his throat. "I forgot. Why did we come in here?"

Hermione stuck out her tongue at her best friend and reluctantly released her boyfriend. She walked to the opposite end silently casting the muffalato charm to give themselves privacy. She waved at Ron and saw he was passing his wand over the entrance, securing it for them. "Finally!! After all this time he wants me to be with him!! Now he and I must do the same for Harry. I'm sure Ginny still loves him. The way she screamed when we saw Hagrid carrying him tells me that she does. And we talked about her enough times while we were traveling. Ron finally gave in, promising me not to give either of them any trouble when we got back. Well here we are, and for both theirs sakes we have to get them back together. They were meant to be just like Ronald and I." While in there Hermione had cast an enlargement charm so the stall was now the size of a small room. A large mirror was conjured and she studied herself in it. She had never been this thin before. Her cheek bones were visible and her clothes hung on her. She rubbed her neck where the silver knife had run across it, barely missing her carotid artery which would have ended her life. The six inch long scar was red and it itched but she controlled the temptation to scratch it. "Harry keeps rubbing his chest. We all have this other scar but he was scratching at something lower. Could that be what it is? He let Voldemort kill him? It has to be that! But how did he survive this time? Before it was his Mother who sacrificed herself to save him. Her love caused a shield to form around him, preventing the killing curse from hitting him. I'm sure he was alone out there. What prevented it this time? Ginny, and her love for him? Ron and I? His Family? That doesn't make any sense! No we have to get him to see Poppy as soon as we can. All three of us actually."

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