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Hitting Rock Bottom by SydneyBlack
Chapter 9 : The Photo Album
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Ginny, Luna and Hermione walked into the dress shop. They were looking for bride's maids dresses. Hermione wanted the colours for her wedding to be purple and orange, and Ginny and Luna agreed that it would look great.  They walked around, when Hermione spotted a dress that she liked. She took it off the rack and showed it to her friends.

It was a nice shade of orange, with a thick purple band around the middle. It fell just above ones knees.

Hermione held it out for Luna to try on, deciding that with Ginny's ginger hair that she should were a purple dress. One of the shop workers asked if she could help with anything.

"Well," Hermione smiled, "I'm getting married in two weeks, and I really want orange and purple dresses," she paused, "We've found an orange one, but we can't find a purple one, and I'd like them to be identical , except opposite colours."

The shop worker laughed, "Oh that's easy!" she turned around and gestured to Hermione and Ginny, who followed her behind the counter. She took a white dress off the rack and looked at Ginny, "This seems to be your size. Go try it on, and come back out, please" she smiled, and pushed Ginny into a fitting room.

She emerged minutes later, wearing the white dress, she frowned down at it, "I don't understand.." she trailed off when the woman tapped her wand three times on Ginny's back. The dress turned the same shade of purple as Luna's sash, and morphed into the same shape, and cut. A belt appeared out of nowhere, and tied itself around her waist.

Luna stood next to Hermione, she clapped her hands excitedly, "Now we match!"

Ginny grinned, and smoothed down the skirt of the dress.

"Wow! Looking good, Mrs Potter!" someone called from the front door. 

The three spun around and saw George, Neville, and a grinning Harry. George smiled at Hermione, he held her face in his hands and kissed her, ignoring the whoops from their friends.  Hermione smiled and blushed when they separated.

"Just had to do that" George breathed, slinging an arm around her shoulder.

Hermione nodded faintly, laughing at Harry who was pretending to vomit.

George watched Neville whisper something in Luna's ear. She nodded, and he pressed a chaste kiss to her lips. George grinned, and pulled Hermione closer to him.

Neville and Luna had been married for three years, and they were the happiest couple George had ever seen, besides his dad and mum. He hoped he and Hermione would be like that after their wedding.

"Neville and I have a bit of news," Luna said now in her dreamy sounding voice, her large eyes sparkling, "We're expecting!"

Hermione and Ginny rushed forward, pressing their hands to Luna's flat belly. "We'll have to have a baby shower!" Hermione said excitedly.

Luna laughed loudly, "We should pay for the dresses and go to lunch to talk about baby things."

Hermione and Ginny nodded, and Luna and Ginny went into separate stalls to change back into their own clothes.

Harry and George took turns shaking Neville's hand, "So, how does it feel Neville?"

"How does what feel?" Neville asked, watching the girls pay for the dresses.

George rolled his eyes, "How does it feel to almost be a father?"

Neville smiled, "Brilliant. Wicked.." he trailed off, taking Luna's hand in his.

The six friends trooped out of the dress shop, and into the bustling Diagon Alley. They walked down the street towards the Leaky Cauldron.

Hermione went up to the bar and ordered six butterbeers. She sat down at one of the stools, and waited.

Someone seated themselves in the stool next to hers, she bit the inside of her cheek, resting her hands on the table in front of her, she still clutched her wand in her right hand.

"Hey, Hermione, is that you?"

She jumped and turned to the person next to her.

Cormac McLaggen winked at her, "How are you?" He purred edging.

"Oh, hello Cormac. I'm Fine, and yourself?" Hermione said, leaning back slightly.

"I'm great. Are you here alone? Would you like to join me?" He flashed his teeth, leaning ever closer.

Hermione shook her head, "No, actually I'm here with my friends and my-"

"Fiancé, she's here with her fiancé."

Cormac visibly paled, "Oh, hello, ah-Fred?"

Hermione winced, but didn't say anything.

George paused a second, resting a hand on Hermione's shoulder, "George, actually. My twin died in the war," he said sharply.

Cormac stood up abruptly, "So sorry, er-I've got to go, bye!"

Hermione and George watched Cormac weave his way through the tables, they only turned away when he disappeared through the pub's door.

George dropped into the stool that Cormac had just vacated, and rested his head on the bar. He pulled at his hair angrily, "Why'd he leave, Hermione?"

She knew that George wasn't talking about McLaggen, "I-I don't know, George. We'll see him again, I know we will," she whispered, gently pulling George's hands from his hair.

George sat up then and clung to Hermione's jumper, and sobbed into the soft fabric covering her shoulder.

"Shh.. Let's get you home," Hermione stood up, and put an arm around George's waist she helped him to the door, "I'll see you guys later, I've got to get him home," she called to her friends, who nodded and waved.   

She diapparated outside the pub and directly into their bedroom.  George dropped onto the bed, and pulled Hermione with him, she toed off her sneakers and he did the same before they snuggled up under the covers.

Hermione held George as he sobbed, and soon they both fell asleep.

Hermione woke up two hours later, she glanced at the clock, it read 2:34. She stared at the red lights for a few minutes, before dragging herself from the comfortable bed. She walked into the living room, and sat down next to her Fiancé on the couch.

George was shuffling through a picture album. She peeked over his shoulder and looked at the moving pictures.

"Most of them are from Hogwarts, but the ones in the back are more recent," George said quietly, tracing a picture of Fred sticking out his tongue at the camera. Hermione giggled as picture Fred blew a raspberry at her.

George laughed, and turned the page, "These ones are from the Yule ball. See there's Katie and I, and Fred and Angelina..and you and Viktor."

Hermione giggled and watched Viktor twirl her fourteen year old self in neat circles.

"You looked so beautiful that night.." Georg murmured, "I remember watching you and Viktor dance.. and wishing that I was him."

Hermione smiled, "You looked pretty handsome yourself. Always very charming, you were," she teased.

George scoffed, "I was the most charming boy in the entire world, still am."

Hermione slapped him over the head, before turning her attention towards the picture of Fred doing some sort of tribal dance with Angelina laughing at him, "I haven't seen Angelina in awhile. We should invite her to the wedding."

George stiffened, "Angelina can't come to the wedding."

Hermione crossed her arms, "Why not?"

"She's in St Mungo's."

"I want to see her" Hermione said immediately.

"I don't know Hermione.."


Ten minutes later, Hermione found herself back in the Janus Thickey Ward on the fourth floor of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. She remembered talking to Gilderoy Lockhart, and how he'd written out some autographs for she and her friends.

George took her elbow and guided her down the aisle and to the very back, were a girl was sitting in bed drawing a picture.

Hermione nearly choked when she saw that the girl was Angelina Johnson, and she was currently colouring in a head of red hair.

"Hello, Angie!" George said cheerfully.

Angelina's head snapped up, "Fred!"

George frowned, "No, it's George, Fred couldn't come, so I brought Hermione!"

Angelina smiled at Hermione, and patted the space next to her, so Hermione sat down, "How are you Hermione?"

Hermione swallowed, "I'm doing great Angelina, how are you?"

Angelina's smile faltered, "Oh, I'm doing great! I miss Fred though, have you seen him?" she craned her neck, looking out into the hallway.

Hermione shook her head, "No I haven't, sorry."
Angelina sighed, "That's okay, he'll come visit later."

Hermione nodded, "George and I are getting married."

Angelina's smile brightened, "Oh, how wonderful!" again she faltered, "I'm afraid I can't come though..I have to be here when Fred comes to visit!"

George cleared his throat, "Well, Angie, we should get going."

Angelina pouted, "Okay, it was nice seeing you," she hugged Hermione close, and kissed George on the cheek.

"Bye, Angelina" Hermione said softly, and she and George turned to go back down to the main floor.

"Wait!" Angelina flew out of bed, "George! You have to tell Fred to come visit! I haven't seen him for ages! Tell him I love him!" she shook the front of George's jacket, "Make sure he comes to see me! Promise!" she was sobbing now.

Hermione held a hand to her mouth, horrified as she watched two Healers make their way from the hallway, one stood behind her and whispered "Stupefy."

Angelina's face crumpled, and she fell into the arms of the other Healer.

Hermione was crying now, as she watched Angelina being laid onto her bed.

George held her to him, and she buried her face into his chest.



Hi guys :) I hope you liked this chapter, I think it might be my favourite so far..

So, I'll see you soon!

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Hitting Rock Bottom: The Photo Album


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