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Severus Snape was looking around the corridor and found Lily. She had her usual stubborn look as if to say, you're-my-friend-but-I'm-still-mad-but-can't-hold-out-much-longer. She gave him that look more and more often but Severus cared less and less. He had many problems that he couldn't tell the muggle-born girl; she wouldn't understand: didn't. She wasn't anything more than a genetic mutation while he had linage in the wizarding world dating back hundreds of years. There was a sense of black and white, good and bad for outsiders but the farther in you got the less clear everything became; the black and white meshing into grey obscurity. He was determined to change his sixth year in one way or another.


In his spare time he was working on inventing spells that could become useful: something to make him famous. Something brilliant enough Lily would be proud of him and want to be his. The harder he seemed to work and become distracted; the more upset Lily became. Snape had to question everything about his future while his Slytherin friends became more demanding of his time. Snape wanted to fit into a world away from his father but he also wanted his Lily. She however made it clear she didn’t want him. Sev was just her friend and no matter how badly he wanted that to change he knew Lily wouldn’t.


He raised an eyebrow as she walked over, “What do you want Lily? You’re angry at me remember?” he said coolly.


“I know- and I’d say I’m sorry but what you did to Claire with your Slytherin friends was just cruel.”


“I am well aware.” Severus said curtly. He looked at her with dread in his dark eyes not showing the guilt in the pit of his stomach.


“Why are you spending so much time with those people Sev? You aren’t mean like they are.” Lily said as if it were that simple.


“Oh but I am Lily.”


“No you aren’t.” Lily said with a pleading tone as if wanting to reason with him.


“You said I was.” He pointed out.


“That’s because you are.” James said as he walked up with an arrogant smile.


“Shut up Potter.”


“Why Snifflrus?” He asked with an annoying smirk, he was purposely egging Severus on.


“Because I didn’t ask you- you know what. Lily: just take your friend and go.” He said looking annoyed with James, he always had to follow Severus’ best-friend around wanting to ask her out at every moment he had.


“He is not my friend.” Lily said scrunching her nose as if James was a dirty sock.


“Well I am not your friend either Evans.” Snape said quietly.


“W-What?” She said confusion hitting her green eyes.



“You have made that quite clear recently Lily.” Severus said coolly.


“Sev.” She started before he cut her off with a glare.


“You know Lily I have tried just about everything to impress you but nothing seems to work. You always act as if you are better than me and I won’t be pushed around anymore. Not by a filthy Mudblood.” He said before walking off around the corner. He noticed a clearly amused and pleased Bellatrix. The whole show was put on just for her. She wanted to know if he was loyal enough to recommend to Lord Voldemort. This was his proper display knowing it would have pleased his proud pureblood ancestors.



“Alright. You are officially in.” Bellatrix said with a smile, Sev knew well that her beauty was just a mask for her evil intentions.



He didn’t seem happy but nodded, “So long as they promise to leave Lily alone- I have no connection to her as you have witnessed.” He mused with a lie as smooth as glass.




Severus Snape gave Harry a small glace before opening his leather case of Legilimency instruments. He could not believe someone could be such a good mix of two different people. Harry looked so much like his father; he was also just as daft. It was clear that he had more than just his mother’s eyes: he also had her heart. Harry was the spawn of his worst enemy and only love; Severus' best friend and his tormentor. Part of Snape wanted to make it as painful as possible for Harry just for James. He knew he couldn't however. Not only did he have to think about what Lily would say but also the fact James saved his life once; never mind that it was Sirius' fault he was put into danger. However the comment of mind-reading did not slip Snape’s ears: this was on the forefront of his mind.


“The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing.” The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing.”


Severus turned around after he finished the mental preparation; only Severus knew how honest his statement was.


The quote at the end is from Snape; Order of the Pheonix, Chapter 24, Page 530. Thanks HeyMrsPotter for giving me the numbers haha:)

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