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Draco looks around at all the many people dressed in black wearing hard faces, and they are all busy being very focused on Dolohov. Since he is by his mum at the end of the table, maybe he can make a run for it without anyone knowing. He just has to get to Hermione. Now.

“Bathroom, again,” He whispers to his mum and she nods. But Narcissa knows by the look on his face where he is really going.

“Be careful Draco, come back after you warn them,” She whispsers quietly so no one, not even Lucius beside her on her right, can hear her.

He stands up and walks very slowly to the door. “Malfoy, where are you off to?” Yaxley, who is sitting across from him, asks with a smirk.

“Bathroom Yaxley, sick.” Yaxley nod but doesn’t removes his eyes from him and Draco breaks into a fake run to the bathroom. But he really closes himself up in a large closet and apparates. With it being near the drawing room, he doesn’t care if anyone hears him as long as he gets out of here.

His heart is beating fast and he holds back tears as he walks up to the Potter’s door.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

He knocks hard, and to his relief, Harry Potter opens it.

“Malfoy, what the-?”

“They’re b-back! All of them!” Draco says loudly, trembling. He is also breathing hard, sweat dripping, as his color runs out of his face.

“Draco come lay down!” Harry demands, worried that he is just going mad. Draco shakes his head in response and feels sick again, he turns around and vomits on the lawn.

“Malfoy, come on, come inside!” Harry begs, getting a little more desperate as to what has Malfoy in this condition.

Draco can’t stop thinking how there is no time. He has to get them out of here for they are going to start searching for Harry and everyone tonight.

Hermione sprints in the room, hearing Harry say Draco’s name.

“Draco where the hell have you- oh my God! What has happened to you!?” Hermione races to Draco’s side, bringing his body to the couch to lie down. He accepts, hesitantly. He needs to tell them everything that’s happening. Harry brought him a glass of ice water and Draco sits up to drink it as Hermione supports him.

“Long day… I have so much to tell y-you…” Draco hurries in a whisper, “But there’s no time! We need to go somewhere safe, NOW!”

Ginny, who was in bed races out into the sitting room. “Why do we have to leave? What’s going on, Harry?!”

Harry looks at Draco’s face. “Is it what I think it is?”

Draco nods. “All of them. Back. I will explain later as they are probably searching for all of us now, we have to go!” Draco urges them. Ginny runs to get James and Hermione just gapes at Draco in horror.

“They hurt you,” Hermione observes, tears coming to her eyes as examines her boyfriend. “They know about us.”

“No, no, father hurt me.” Draco dismisses, shaking his head. Hermione casts a spell to heal Draco’s bruises.

“We’re in danger again and the Death Eaters are back. They’re going to hurt us.” Hermione realizes, crying, holding her baby belly now.

 “I won’t let them,” Draco promises, grabbing her hand which is like his, shaking.

Harry is silent this whole time, he calls Ron and lets him know to meet them at the Burrow and calls Molly to have her start protecting charms around the whole Burrow like they did to hide in it seventh year.

After everything is done… Harry directs, “Let’s go.”

They can’t risk going in the Ford Anglia, the Death Eaters could probably track that in an instant. So they decided to apparate. Draco holds Hermione tight as he grabs Harry’s arm with his other, who is clutching onto his wife and son.

James is screaming when they land, he has never apparated before. Ginny comforts him with a soothing voice. The lot walks into the house where Ron, Arthur, George, Angelina, and Mrs. Weasley sit in the living room.

“Hi you all please do come in!” Molly sighs, not cheerfully but relieved they are there.

Arthur looks at Draco a little suspiciously. “I assume you have information?”

Draco swallows hard as he sits down next to Hermione on one of their three loveseats.

“Arthur, he looks terrible, let the poor boy breathe first!” Mrs. Weasley tells her husband.

Ron just glares at Malfoy, George and Angelina just watch silently.

“No, Mrs. Weasley, I am fine now,” Draco says frowning up at her. “I will tell you all I know.”  He then breathes for a few minutes, trying to figure out how to word what he is going to say.

“I went back home tonight because I was leaving Hermione,” Draco starts. He feels Hermione move away from him with a glare.

“Why?” She wonders.

Draco doesn’t answer but just keeps speaking, knowing his explaining would answer. “I was leaving her because Dean Thomas came in on my lunch break telling me he saw Hermione and Ron kissing one night when he visited Ginny and Harry’s and that they were referring the baby as to their baby, when I was under the impression that the baby is mine and Hermione’s-”

 “She is ours!” Hermione cries out, staring at Ron for a moment with a deathly glare before Draco continues.

“And I believed him, he is a good mate of mine at work and I didn’t think he’d lie to me. Well as he went back into his office, I saw a brown-headed man quickly leaving the Department. I later found out it was Dolohov and he was trying to get me to leave Hermione by making Dean do this under the Imperius Curse-” Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, and Hermione gasp.

“Anyway, I go home because I was leaving Hermione as I was under the impression she was cheating on me with Ron. That this baby being mine was all a big lie because she was hacked off at Ron for cheating on her. When I got there, a guard warned me to not go in. He said, “They’re back.” I knew what he meant by that, but being curious I went in anyway and my Father met me and slapped me for seeing Hermione, then the meeting started-” Draco takes a deep breath, “and they appointed a new leader for the Death Eater’s in Voldemort’s place. They chose Dolohov. Dolohov starts the meeting, and the meeting is about… Harry…”

Everyone turns to Harry in horror.

“Not again!” Ginny gasps, tears coming to her eyes now.

“Yes, Ginny unfortunately we knew this would happen...” Harry tells her, hugging her to him as she hugs their crying baby.

Draco, feeling queasy still continues. “So they are on a mission starting tonight to come and find Potter, and kill him to revenge the Dark Lord. It will be like the past all over again, except with a weaker ruler, Dolohov.”

Harry does not look fearful; he just looks kind of hacked off. “How did they escape?” 

 Draco shakes his head, frowning, “Dolohov killed Seamus while he was on the job by strangling him and stealing his wand, I guess he was near enough to the cell that he could do that…”

“Seamus Finnigan?” Hermione asks in shock, her hand clapping onto her mouth in shock.

“Yes, Seamus Finnigan,” Draco repeats.

“Damnit!” Harry yells, standing up and throwing the empty plastic cup in his hand in anger. “He was a good guy! He only just started being an Auror last week! He just got through with training and he is one of our classmates!”

The group grieves for Seamus for a few moments before speaking again Ginny and Hermione start to cry.

“You know Harry that they don’t care what he is or where he works, they just kill, they wanted to get out and they did; at least you know how they did it now!” Arthur says as Harry sits down next to Ginny again.  Harry shakes his head in grief. Hermione looks tearfully at Draco, wanting to know more.

“There’s more-” Draco looks at them all and holds out his left arm, the Dark Mark is starting to grow again, it isn’t just a scar anymore, and it is almost to its original size.

“NO!” Hermione cries out, scooting away in horror with her hands over her mouth again.

“I will be your spy. I have to pretend that I am apart of them to see what’s going on, but only for a little bit, until around the time the baby’s due. Hopefully we can have them rounded up by then; there are only twenty or so of them!” Draco says as Harry nods.

“Thanks Draco,” Harry thanks him.

“I knew you were still a Death Eater!” Ron yells, disgusted by seeing his Dark Mark again.

“No Ron, he isn’t he is doing us a favor!” Mrs. Weasley assures her son.  

“Are you sure we can trust you?” Arthur asks him with a serious face, eyeing him.

Draco looks at Hermione and her baby bump, putting a hand on it. “I have a family to protect; I am on your side. I will even do the Unbreakable Vow.” The girls gasp, Ron is even impressed. “Blimey,” Ron said his eyes wide.

“No, not needed Malfoy, we trust you,” Harry says to him.

Arthur, Mrs. Weasley, George, and the rest of them nod in silent agreement.

Malfoy feels good, he has people that trust him to do something good. Not bad like for example, killing the best Headmaster Hogwarts ever had like he had to do back when he was a part of them for real in his sixth year when he just started.

Eventually everyone starts to go to bed; Harry and Ron have A LOT to do the next day. Everyone goes to bed except Hermione; she wants to talk after everyone else goes to bed. Ron hangs around awhile but when he realizes they won’t talk in front of him, he finally goes to bed. Draco looks Hermione in the eyes, and the first thing he does is kiss her. He kisses her passionately, like the first time in the motel room.

“I love you,” She whispers. “I love you too, more than anything,” Draco promises, kissing her forehead and putting a hand on her stomach.  He could feel a slight movement of kicking. “And I love Arabella,” Draco says, smiling proudly of the thought of his daughter.

“Are we going to be okay?” Hermione asks, worried.

“Yes…” Draco whispers.

“Are you?” Hermione asks, frowning.

“I don’t know Hermione,” he admits.

Hermione put her head on Draco’s shoulder. “I think you will be, just don’t let them catch you. Don’t tell them this is your baby, please.” Hermione pleads, “It would only put her in danger, and you, and me.”

“I know it would. I already lied and said it was Ron’s, although I didn’t want to,” Draco confesses to her, not even wanting to think about having to tell anyone it is Ron’s baby again.

“Well, that was good of you to protect all of us and agree to spy on us even though you will be going against your own family,” Hermione says, sad for him.

“My mum is on my side, she knew I was coming to warn you,” Draco reassures her.

“Good,” Hermione whispers. 

“Hermione, you need to go to bed. And I have to go back before I get killed,” Draco says, giving her one last kiss on the forehead and helping her stand up off of the couch.

She obliges and sleepily walks up the stairs with Draco. Draco brings her into Ginny’s old room and helps her get into her pajamas before tucking her in bed and kissing her.

“I will visit, I promise. It isn’t too long I will be away. Keep Weasleby’s hands off of you, please,” Draco asks of her.

“Don’t worry, I will. I would never cheat on you Draco, don’t think that for a second,” Hermione promises.

“Good. Same here, bye Hermione. See you when I see you.”

Then Draco leaves her side and goes downstairs to apparate back to Malfoy Manor.



He apparates into the bathroom he is supposed to be in and walks out of it. The drawing room is empty now. Only the house elves remain to clean up after the meeting.

It is nearing dawn; Draco can see a tint of light blue in the east from a huge window in the entrance hall.

“Draco, you had me worried, are you okay?” Narcissa asks, she comes down the stairs in her night robe.

“Yes mum, fine,” Draco reassures her.

“I’m so sorry this is all happened again…” Narcissa says, and she truly is sorry, Draco can see it in her eyes.

“I knew it would eventually,” Draco sighs “I am going to be a spy for Father’s lot, but I WILL NOT kill anyone.”

“Son, I am sorry for beating on you tonight, but you being with that filthy mudblood, you deserved it!” Lucius’ voice drawls now from the stairs.

Draco doesn’t answer him, “Mum I am tired, I am going to bed. Goodnight.” Then Draco walks upstairs to his fifth floor bedroom, he has missed his big bed. But he misses Hermione even more.

He wakes up later in the day, at around two. He can hear voices downstairs and scowls, he knows that they were back for yet another report. Of course his father opens the home for the wonderful guests once again as their headquarters. Draco wishes his father was back in Azkaban.

After texting Hermione a hello message then deleting it, he gets up to get dressed in his old black Death Eater robes. He grins when he sees she texts him back almost right away, but got a little sad when he realizes this is how it would be for a while with his new found love with a muggle-born, they would only be able to communicate by text, and even that was risky.

Yaxley and his father were deep in conversation when Draco nears the stairs, he holds back to listen.

“If your son is frisking around with that worthless piece of dirt, he should be killed. He is a blood traitor if what I have been hearing is true. I will not accept a blood traitor in the same room as myself. I value myself as much. I don’t care if he is your son; find out what he is involved in. Maybe we can use him to get to Potter,” Yaxley sneers coldly, looking up at Lucius with wide eyes.

Like Hell, thinks Draco, he is not their puppet anymore.

“I can assure you my son is in no such group of friends, he would never touch Granger or associate with Potter, you know what my son is capable of!” Lucius says.

“That’s not what I heard, Malfoy! And your son is just a coward, if you remember three years ago how Severus had to kill Dumbledore when it was Draco’s job from the Dark Lord himself!” Spits Dolohov, walking to meet the two men.

“In fact your son announced to us just the opposite of that when we came to interrogate him about the bushy haired girl! I say let him stay, and watch him closely! His every move!” Dolohov says, eyeing Lucius.

“My son is no coward, Snape simply took over his task, and he felt the need for attention. Watch him if you must but you won’t find a thing,” Lucius tries to convince the two Death Eaters.

Draco feels this is the time to intervene. “Good day, Yaxley, Dolohov, and Father.” Draco then walks down the five flights of stairs as the men stare at him.

“Draco, get in the drawing room at once,” Lucius demands of him, pushing him with force toward the entrance.

Draco obeys thinking of how well he can hide his relationship with Hermione, his child, and wondering how he can pull this spy thing off. He has to be as convincing as possible. He has to act involved with the Death Eaters, dress like them again, do tasks they ask him to, do the worst all while leading them as far from Hermione and the rest of the Potter clan as possible. Draco hates this, but he has to do this to protect whom he cares about now. And he doesn’t care about his father. That was one thing that is certain.

The drawing room is filled with everyone who was here the day before.

“Hello Draco,” Rodolphus greets his nephew, taking a seat near Narcissa.

Draco nods back and stares at the table in front of him which contains lunch. Not being quite sure what the Carrows brought for them to eat this time as it looks disgusting, he eats. They always bring the food for the gatherings, most of the time the food is not very good.

Soon Lucius, Yaxley and Dolohov take their places as well. Dolohov sis at the end of the table and clears his throat. Everyone turns to face him. “Harry Potter was nowhere to be found last night. We looked at his old headquarters Number 12 Grimmauld Place; we looked in the forests around here. So we simply just need to keep looking. He is reported as a trainee not far under the Head of Auror Department but with the heavy security at the Ministry as I saw the other day…” he glares at Draco, “I don’t think we can approach him there, but we can try waiting for him to leave work. We need to try everything.”

Draco rolls his eyes. He knows they have no way of finding them with all the protection they have in place right now.

“Something to say Draco?” Yaxley drawled from across him.

“N-no, nothing at all,” Draco says, looking at him with cold eyes.

“Obviously there is something or you wouldn’t have rolled your eyes. Do you know something?” Yaxley asks, as the other Death Eaters start staring.

“No. I know nothing, last thing I heard Potter and his friends were out of the country, not sure where or what they are doing,” Draco lies.

 “Lies…” Dolohov breathes, suddenly standing behind him.

 “No Dolohov, I am telling the truth,” Draco sneers childishly, looking up at Dolohov.

 “If you say so young Malfoy, do not forget the time we met you in here in that evening and what you announced to us… Now, what is everyone’s next strategy on the Potter boy?” Dolohov asks, now circling the table.

“We track him!” Yaxley says suddenly, “We try everything we did when the Dark Lord was present!” There are many nods.

“Great Yaxley, you are one of the most loyal people I shall answer to,” Dolohov praises, smiling at him.

“DO NOT speak like he did Dolohov!” Yells Amycus Carrow, “You can’t simply copy him, he was perfect, and you can never amount to how he was!”

“I know this Carrow, thank you!” Dolohov sneers. “But I can do my best.”

Draco hates being here. He has now entered hell once again.

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