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Rose Weasley was waiting for the familiar grey owl that belonged to Scorpius to arrive at her window any minute, the anticipation was killing her and her stomach lurched every half hour that the owl did not come. She was afraid that Scorpius had forgotten, or perhaps did not care for this special date. A date that would never be removed from her memory – even if the two ceased to know each other in a thousand years time, she could not – (or would not) – think of forgetting such an important date in her life. This was exactly how Rose reacted every year this date arose, she worried and worried until the letter she was expecting to arrive to then she would dance in glee for 15 minutes, forgetting the task she would have to perform and look perfect for Scorpius. This was a big date, it was a celebration of their fifth year anniversary together, they had gotten together a week before Christmas in their Seventh Year. Now it was that time again, a week before Christmas, and Rose Weasley was going through a ritual of worry and suspense. Scorpius liked planning the perfect, most extravagant celebration for them because frankly, Rose’s idea of celebrating was sitting down and eating popcorn.  Scorpius was more classy and formal in such areas and he seemed to enjoy planning these types of events.

Every year Scorpius kept Rose waiting, not budging on clues to what he was planning before the day and then on the day, he would wait a while before sending off his owl to tell her where she needed to meet him and how to get dressed. Sometimes Rose believed he told his owl to fly slowly, take detours and purposely get ‘lost’, it was something Rose could see Scorpius doing.

So while Rose waited, she sat in front of the fireplace with a book in hand, reading and waiting however it was hard to concentrate on the novel she was reading when she was all clogged with anticipation of Scorpius’s plans.

Finally, an hour afterwards when Rose had finally started getting into the novel she had been reading, she heard the plucking at her window. She instantly got up and was happy to see the grey owl of Scorpius; she quickly walked over to the window and let the owl in, affectionately stroking it before grabbing the fancy envelope that the animal was holding on. The owl cooed and then flew away with its magnificent wings. Rose opened the envelope neatly; she had a tradition of keeping the envelope and stationary that Scorpius sent over and pasting in it in a scrapbook, a reminder of how thoughtful he could be.


Dear Ro,

I hope you haven’t been too agitated for this owl to come, or worried that it would not come like you tend to always do. Dear, why must you doubt me? I am a man of my word. I have planned a fabulous evening, a evening that you will not be late for, because doors close exactly at 6:35pm, so meet me at 6:30pm sharp! Do not be late, for the love of god Rose, being ‘fashionably late’ tonight will ruin your evening! Wear something nice and fancy, and meet me at our bench by the fountain in Hogsmeade. Don’t do your dance, you are wasting time in making yourself even more beautiful than you are already, if that is even possible. Now hurry my love, I can’t wait to see you.

Love Scorp, xxxooo.


Rose giggled momentarily, and smiled at how Scorpius knew her all too well. Although, Rose ignored Scorpius’s comment about not doing her dance, she couldn’t help but do her happy dance which was Rose pretty much just jumping up and down doing random arm movements and whooping until she lost her breath and reminded herself that she needed to get fit. She quickly found a dress that she thought was suitable to Scorpius’s needs and got into the shower. After getting dressed into a red strapless tight-fitted dress that stopped just above her knees, she styled her hair so it wasn’t so messy, and applied some eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and a ruby red lipstick she was practically ready besides her black high heeled pumps. Rose didn’t always wear a lot of red, but she knew Scorpius liked the colour on her. He said that it complimented her fair skin and her hair – which it did. She just hoped too much of it wasn’t off-putting.

Glancing over to the clock, she was surprised to see that it was already 6:20pm, she didn’t think getting ready had taken her so long before. But she guessed perhaps it was because the owl had come at 4pm. If she had been late, she would have easily said to Scorpius it was his fault as he should have told her earlier, but he would retaliate as a shower shouldn’t take too long. Grabbing her red purse, Rose apparated to the bench near the fountain to where Scorpius was picking flowers. Red Roses, Rose couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the irony of it.

“Too cheap to buy me proper flowers, Malfoy?” Rose winked, in a teasing tone. Scorpius turned around and laughed. He was so attractive; Rose felt herself swooning from his expression which she could see the love and adoration in his eyes.

“You know me so well, Weasley.” Scorpius laughed, handing the flowers over, to which Rose took them and smelled them, but he noticed she wasn’t too concerned about the flowers; she seemed to be staring right into his soul.

The two often called each other by their last names to make fun of how their parents had despised each other in their own childhood, and now the trio and Draco had gotten along, well, everyone but Ron.

Rose leaned in and kissed Scorpius on the cheek, and he grabbed onto Rose’s hand, and leaded her away from the fountain. He brought Rose to a building called À La Carte, which meant ‘according to the menu in French, it sounded prettier in French but Rose made no comment. However, the inside of the restaurant was gorgeous. The tables were nowhere to be seen, in fact in the middle of the restaurant was a blanket with a vase in the middle of it, to which she knew she had to put her flowers in there. The room was decorated in rose petals, in a vary of different types of flowers painted the beautiful, vintage room. Rose had gasped as she entered the room, two waiters escorted them to their blanket, and the two sat down.

“It’s absolutely beautiful.” Rose breathed, looking around the beautiful room again. This was the most thoughtful and beautiful thing Scorpius had ever done for their anniversary. “Where are the other customers?” Rose inquired, delicately; still amazed by the beauty of the place she was sitting in. She was astonished.

“I reserved the whole restaurant for us, and I got permission from the staff to decorate this evening the way I’d like, and I’m proud to say I did everything myself without the use of magic or the help from the staff.” Scorpius was pleased with himself, and that Rose seemed happy with the outcome of his planning. “You look marvellous, Rose. Absolutely astonishing.”

Rose giggled lightly at Scorpius’s compliment and thanked him. “You look stunning yourself, mister.” She looked up as the waiters came and handed them two different menus, one for drinks and the other a thousand recipes to go with.

“Could I get the White-Poached Salmon with Black Truffle, please?” Rose ordered, and the waiter nodded and wrote it down.

“I’ll get the Cognac Shrimp with Beurre Blanc Sauce, thanks.” Scorpius waited for the waiter to write it down, “also could we get a bottle of your finest champagne?

“Of course, sir.” The waiter promptly disappeared into the backroom.

The atmosphere of the room was quiet and peaceful; the room gave off a vibe of closeness and romance. A vibe that Rose was sure that Scorpius had intended as a fifth-year anniversary was typically very romantic.

“I love picnics!” Rose gushed, although a picnic inside was quite different to a typical picnic, she did not might one it. Scorpius had combined three things in one thing: picnics, French Restaurants and him. This was the perfect evening, and Rose couldn’t think of much else that could make the evening even more perfect.

The two sat chatting on the blanket, reminiscing about their past, their memories and talked about what they thought they’d be like in the future. At times, the two would stop talking and would just stare at each other in complete adoration. Speaking the words ‘I love you’ was not needed, because effort like this proved the love. She could feel the love in the atmosphere that Scorpius brought with him whenever they were together. Rose liked to think that she gave off the same vibe, and when she turned to Scorpius again, after sipping on the champagne, she noticed he was looking at her – exactly as he had once described her looking at him. And it then when Rose knew that the two were perfectly in sync with one another, she didn’t think anything could pull them apart, and she couldn’t think of much else that could bring them any closer than they were already. After five years of being together, Scorpius and Rose definitely had a connection that would be hard to beat if they either one of them had competition.

After the fabulous meal, Scorpius had made the night even more magical, by playing her favourite music and slow dancing. Rose was a horrible dancer, and Scorpius was a great dancer but didn’t like slow dancing. He even allowed Rose to step on his feet, because she would have done it anyway. They kept talking and reminiscing about everything until they were nearly on the floor laughing by all the ridiculous things they have done, such as the random food fights, water fights, pillow fights, book fights. They fought a lot, but it was mostly always play fighting, however it was competitive as both characters were very stubborn and both determined to win against one another: although it was hard to determine who won in their games, as usually both outcomes were the same.

After dessert, Scorpius had sat Rose down and poured another glass of champagne. “To us,” Scorpius toasted, to which Rose swiftly repeated the toast and took a sip from the glass.

“I do have a tiny question though, Rose, if you’d hear me out?”

“Of course love, what is it?”

"Will you marry me?"


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