(Remus's POV)

I sat on my bed, my friends getting ready for the party and goofing off as usual. Sirius was shirtless – again, as usual – and James was doing something inappropriate, I could tell. As they continued to do stupid shit – as usual – I pulled a book of my bedside drawer and flipped to a random page. This particular book was about all sorts of potions and charms that we wouldn't be learning until next year, or maybe not even at all, but James had tried to get me to learn some of the more dangerous ones to help with the prank he planned on pulling tonight on the Slytherins. Of course, I said no, considering that this was supposed to be a party and I wanted to have some actual fun tonight, as well as the fact that last time I did something like that, McGonagall put me in detention for three months. Filch had me clean the trophies so many times I actually had a nightmare where I kept cleaning them but they kept getting dirtier. A year afterwards. Not the kind of dream a normal sixteen year old boy would have, according to Sirius, although, considering its Sirius, I don't think you could necessarily consider him a normal teenage boy. Well, me neither if you factor in the lycanthropy. I try not to though. And anyways, except for that time of the month – and no it's not my period as Sirius liked to refer to it as until about third year – I am completely normal. As I flipped through the pages of the book, I saw a picture that caught my eye. A woman was looking away from the center of the book, a large spider shaped thing on her head. As I looked at the name of the potion, I smiled. Polyjuice potion. Just as I was about to read through the ingredients, Sirius started talking.

"And you Moony," he said and I snapped my head up," are you ready? You know, you might actually win your bet this year with this party."

I rolled my eyes and my friends started laughing. I swear, I'm probably the worst person at making friends with actual intelligent people. Well, I guess Sirius and James are really intelligent, they're just super (super!) immature.

"Merlin, Peter! Just put your trainers on! It's not that hard!" Sirius said. "Oh, shut up Prongs. Just keep putting on your perfume."

"It's cologne! And I didn't even say anything in the first place…" James whined.

Peter snorted. "It's perfume," he said, giving Sirius a high five.

I rolled my eyes at my friends again, turning back to my book.

"Okay, Jordan's on music duty, we've already got the alcohol," James said, pointing at each of the four of us, "Lily Flower's got the lights –"

"Shove it, Potter," Lily 'Flower' snarled.

Merlin, when would that prat stop calling her by anything but her name? Did he honestly believe she would start fancying him if he never called her by the name she wanted?

"Sorry, sorry. Alice got the house elves to make awesome party food, and Kendra's getting the word out. Did I miss anything?" James asked, looking around at us.

"Nope!" Sirius said as he threw his arms around James and Lily's shoulders. "Everything is ready my friends! The Gryffindor party is ready for takeoff!"

Sirius grinned and pushed James and Lily together before walking away. I saw both of their cheeks colour dramatically, Lily's cheeks matching her vivid hair colour. James began to stutter and Lily pretended to look at her nails, her eyes shifting nervously as James slowly began to move away.

"So Evans," James said and I mentally slapped myself in the face. "Mind saving me a dance for tonight?"

His quavering voice made my eyebrow go up in confusion. James was never nervous when he flirted with Lily. And strangely enough, Lily seemed nervous too. That is, until her stance stiffened and she turned on him.

"I would love to, Potter," she said in a sweet voice.

"Lily, don't!" Sirius cried, and my stomach dropped.

"In fact, why don't I save you a dance –" Lily continued, but Sirius interrupted.

"Please, he's so excited!"

"– after I swim in synchronisation with the giant squid –"

"Now she's started."

"– and join the bloody Slytherins in killing muggleborns!"

"And she's finished. Really Lily? Did you have to do it so scathingly?" Sirius asked, patting James on the back.

Lily shrugged and grabbed Alice, dragging her out of the common room. James leaned into Sirius and started muttering things about Lily, Sirius smirking the entire time. Finally, Sirius walked away, heading towards Mary MacDonald, one of the other sixth year girls. They exchanged pleasantries and I turned to Peter and James.

"You two have something planned for the Slytherins even if I'm not helping, right?" James grinned and I took that as a yes. "Do you need any of my help?"

James smirked and came closer to me, putting his arm around my shoulders. "Does little bitty Moony want to help pull a big prank on the nasty Slytherins?"

I chuckled. "Shut up you tosser. No, I'm just wondering if you need help. I'm bored and I want to do something fun tonight."

"Well, I'm sorry Remus, but I only planned for one person on this expedition. And you know I plan everything meticulously. Any one thing could set my whole plan off."

I rolled my eyes. James and his stupid plans. He had a nervous breakdown every single time something messed up. I swear he was going to kill himself one day if one of his 'meticulous plans' didn't go directly according to plan.

"Fine," I sighed as Peter accidentally exploded a candle while he waved his wand around aimlessly.

I looked up and saw Mary give Sirius a kiss and I raised my eyebrow at James. He wiggled his at me and then we both looked over at Sirius, doing the eyebrow wiggle together.

"Oh shut it you tossers!" Sirius hissed at us.

James ignored him and winked. "Ooh, getting something tonight, Padfoot?"

I rolled my eyes. "You two toss pots are such perverts. Can't you go to a party without getting wasted, shagging someone," I said, looking straight at Sirius, "or taking off your clothes?" With that, I looked straight at James.

Merlin, my friends are idiots.

"When I drink a little too much alcohol," James said, shrugging, "the clothes just restrict the real me. Plus, this way Lily gets to see my awesome bod and realize what she's missing out on."

"I've seen your 'awesome bod' Prongs and she isn't missing much," Sirius said, rolling his eyes.

James pouted. "Really?"

"Nah you tosser," Sirius grinned. "She is totally missing out on all that raw manliness."

James grinned, perking up as he saw Lily. He ran after her and I rolled my eyes as I heard a shout of 'Lily Pad!' followed by an angry smack. I'll say it again: Merlin, my friends are idiots.

The party was going full swing, music blaring and lights flaring. I had my eyes trained on Sirius, who was dragging some poor, unsuspecting girl into an empty corridor. He looked up and I shot him a dirty look. He seemed half-sorry for it, but he didn't stop.

Merlin, my friends are idiots.

I was on one of the Gryffindor couches, watching the party-goers dance. Parties never had been my thing. Reading was my thing. Being alone was my thing. Parties? Not my thing. As I looked around, I saw a stunning girl in a blue dress stumble across the dance floor. I got up. Person in charge of the drunk people? Also my thing. I saw her stumble once more and hurried up. She took one more step and tripped, falling over onto her face. Well, almost. I quickly pulled out my wand and muttered a spell, stopping her before she could hit the ground full force. I let the spell go, letting her fall on her face, and rushed over to help pick her up.

"I saw you fall," I said, helping her stand upright. "I stopped you from the biggest impact, but I'm sorry I couldn't right you."

She smiled as best she could through a drunken haze. "No, no. That's fine. Thanks."

I smiled back at her and led her over to the couch I had been sitting on, where a couple had quickly jumped on my seat and begun to take things to an inappropriate level. I quickly shooed them away and sat the girl down, pulling a sobering tonic from my pocket. Unscrewing the lid, I passed it to her, though she eyed me curiously.

"It's a tonic," I told her. "Helps dilute the alcohol in your blood."

"I've been told not to accept drinks from people I don't know."

"So you don't know me now?" I asked coyly, giving her another smile.

"No, I know you," she said. "You, sir, are Remus Lupin. Gryffindor and 25 percent of the group informally known as the marauders."

"So why not drink it?" I asked as she gave the vial another wary look.

"Because I don't know your intentions."

I ran a hand through my hair and sighed, taking the vial from her hand. Winking, I brought it to my lips.

"Bottoms up!"

I threw back the vial and emptied the contents into my mouth, letting the liquid burn down my throat. Reaching into my pocket again and pulling out my other one, – the two tonics were supposed to be for Sirius and James, but I doubt they would ever take them – I handed it to the girl and she opened it. Wincing at the putrid smell, she gave me one last look before downing the bottle, pinching her nose with one hand. She gagged at the taste and began to choke, so I began to rub her back until she managed to breathe properly again.

"Is it supposed to burn?" She asked, her voice raspy.

"Yeah," I said, coughing.

I knew she was familiar; I just couldn't place my finger on her name. Carrie? No…

"Is my head supposed to be spinning?"

"Yeah, that'll go away in a few minutes," I chuckled. "The music doesn't help, does it?"

She laughed too. "Not in the slightest!"

Carisa? No… Callie? No… Charlotte? No… Car – Wait! Charlotte! That's it!

"So, Charlotte, I've seen you around Hogwarts. You don't seem like the party type."

"It's Charlie," she growled, scowling. "And I'm not. My friend Alexandra wanted to come after an intense break up with Diggory. And I was dragged along for company, wearing this ridiculous thing Kendra calls a dress."

"Well, sorry Charlie. And to be honest, maybe it's a good thing Diggory ended things. He isn't much of a good person, is he? And I quite like the dress."

And I did. Her blue eyes were magnified in colour by the iciness of the dress, and it didn't hurt that it was form fitting. Remind me to thank Kendra for her slag clothes, later. Charlie looked at the ground and blushed and I felt heat rising to my own cheeks as she put her hand on the back of her neck.

"Um, thanks," she said, giving me a smile.

We were on my bed, the curtains drawn. I was on top of her, her hands in my hair and on my face. Mine were on her waist and our lips were attacking each other. She felt so good to have in my arms. He hands slowly ran down my chest and I suppressed a shiver as I pulled my hands up her stomach. Lightly touching the edge of her bra, I heard Charlie sigh and suddenly, her leg was locked around my waist, pulling me closer. I hesitated for a second before kissing her even deeper.

I woke up to see that my bed was empty. No one was beside me. Sitting straight up, I looked around to see if there was anything that may tell me it wasn't a dream. That she wasn't a dream, but there was nothing. And for some reason, I was about 80% it was a dream. I let my head drop down to my pillow again and sighed. As I breathed in, I could still smell the faint scent of her perfume. Hugging the pillow, I let her scent envelop me as I fell back to sleep.

(Peter's POV)

I was looking through my pairs of trainers, trying to decide which ones to put on. That pair seemed too fancy. Those seemed too beat up. Those weren't mine. Seriously, James and Sirius needed to stop getting me to do their laundry. Well, they needed to stop getting me to bring their dirty clothes to the house elves. But I knew they wouldn't. And I wouldn't stop doing it if they didn't stop asking. It was a miracle, to say the least, that both of them had become my friends. Remus too, I guess. Before Hogwarts, my cousins and such would beat the crap out of me for being the pudgy little boy I was. Since James, Sirius and Remus became my friends, my relatives seemed to think I wasn't the type of social reject I actually was. But since they became my friends, I couldn't say no to them. If they needed me to go down to the kitchens in the middle of the night, I'd do it. If they needed me to pull a prank on the Slytherins while they had a good time at a party, I'd do it. I heard James and Sirius laugh so I put my head up and began to chuckle too, putting my head back down to look at my trainers.

"Merlin, Peter!" I heard Sirius say and I snapped my head up to look at him. "Just put your trainers on! It's not that hard! Oh, shut up Prongs. Just keep putting on your perfume."

James frowned and whined, "It's cologne! And I didn't even say anything in the first place…"

"It's perfume," I snorted.

Sirius laughed and gave me a high five. A happy sensation pulsed through my stomach at his appreciation.

"Okay, Jordan's on music duty, we've already got the alcohol, Lily Flower's got the lights –"

"Shove it, Potter," Lily interrupted, sending James a death glare.

"Sorry, sorry. Alice got the house elves to make awesome party food, and Kendra's getting the word out," James continued. "Did I miss anything?"

Sirius grinned and threw his arms around James and Lily. "Nope! Everything is ready my friends! The Gryffindor party is ready for takeoff!"

He grinned and walked away, pushing James and Lily together in the process. I rolled my eyes as they both began to blush. James's stupid fascination with Lily always got on my nerves. I don't think anyone knew, but the reason James went after Lily was because in first year, I said she was very pretty, and that I thought she might actually say yes if I asked her out. James had said that a girl like her would never be my girlfriend and decided to get her himself.

"So Evans," James said. "Mind saving me a dance for tonight?"

I rolled my eyes again and tuned out. I looked around the common room until I saw Allison, a pretty fifth year girl, looking at me. I smiled and she smiled back. Allison had taken to watching me from across the common room and sitting near us at the Gryffindor table, but I never had the courage to talk to her. I gave her one last glance and looked back at my friends. I saw Remus and James, so I turned to scan the common room, looking for Sirius. He was talking to Mary MacDonald, which made me roll my eyes again. That bitch had turned me down in fourth year when I asked her to go to a Gryffindor party. Of course, as I saw now, she had no qualms about giving Sirius a nice kiss. They weren't even dating and she was ready to give him freaking mouth to mouth. I took out my wand and began twirling it in my fingers, enjoying the slight hum of power in my hand. As Sirius gave Mary a last goodbye, my wand slipped and I tried to catch it, accidentally pointing it violently at a candle. It exploded and Sirius walked back towards us. I rolled my eyes. Sometimes, my friends annoyed the shit out of me.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!

"Come on, James. Where are you?" I muttered as I raced through the common room. "Have you seen James? James Potter? Git with the messy hair?" I asked one girl, but she shook her head no.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh SHIT!

"Have you seen James Potter?" I asked someone else. They said no. "Have you seen James Potter? James Potter. Has anyone seen him?"

But no one had. I began to panic, stumbling through the common room. Finally, I saw Sirius sitting on one of the couches, his head back. I ran over and began shaking him, my panic closing up my throat. He looked up and grinned when he first saw me.

"Wormtail, mate. What's shaking my little mousy friend?"

"The prank," I said, breathing in deeply as Sirius jumped out, "well, it didn't go so well."


"Well," I said, trying to regulate my breathing, "I tried to enchant a bucket of slime to hit some of the Slytherins when they tried to get into their Common Room, and then a whole bunch of feathers would hit them, and then I would cast a fast drying charm on them, effectively making them into chickens, right? Well, thing is, I got some of the girls and their boyfriends are livid and they might be coming up to the Gryffindor Common Room as we speak."

"How do they know where the Gryffindor Common Room?"

"Oh, they don't. But they sort of followed me up until the fifth floor. They're canvassing the area as we speak, trying to find it."

Sirius swore and grabbed me, pulling me out of the common room. I stumbled behind him before he finally let me go, turning to face me.

"So where are they right now?" He asked.

I fumbled with the map in my pocket before pulling it out and unraveling it. I looked through quickly, finally finding the footprints of the Slytherins. Sirius swore and ran off. I quickly shoved the map back into my pocket and followed, although I wasn't quite as fast as him. I tried to follow him as he raced down some stairs, but when he suddenly stopped on the last one, I slipped and fell into him, knocking us both to the ground and making a large noise. Sirius tried to grab his wand, but as soon as he touched it, it was ripped from his grasp. I looked up and saw a smattering of Slytherins in front of us, a few that I recognized. Avery, one of the Slytherins who made it his priority to trip me whenever I passed him in the corridors, had his wand pointed at Sirius, a sneer on his face.

"Well look what we have here. A blood traitor and a squeaky little dough ball of a Gryffindor," Avery said harshly. "Seems like our lucky day boys."

I tried to get out my wand from my pocket, but Sirius stopped me carefully. I looked at him under his arm but he gave a small shake of his head. Avery began to inch closer, two of his cronies behind him. I think their names were Lobster and Gargoyle? I never had much tolerance for the Slytherins. One of them grabbed me and yanked me up while the other got a hold of Sirius. Sirius shrugged the bigger boy's hands off him though, and looked at the boy I knew to be his brother.

"Don't touch me, you incompetent dickhead," Sirius said coldly. "I don't want my shirt to get fucked up. Silk, you know."

I knew for a fact that was a lie. I had just gotten that shirt laundered not two days ago and it was definitely cotton. Suddenly, Avery lunged forward so his face was directly in front of Sirius's.

"Scared, Black?" He asked haughtily.

"Not really," Sirius replied, "but your breath smells like a hippogriff's arse."

I started laughing but the big brute holding me punched me in the stomach. Sirius turned to us and tsked.

"Use your words Goyle. Not your fists," he said, waggling his finger.

So that's what the brute's name was! The other one, the one holding Sirius, cranked his arms even further behind his back and I saw him wince a little.

Avery backed away. "Crabbe, Goyle, where should we put these Gryffindor scumbags?" The idiots looked at each other and then back at Avery who rolled his eyes. "Incompetents., Snape, Nott, Black –"

"Yes?" Sirius interrupted, batting his eyelashes 'seductively.'

I saw Crabbe pull Sirius's arms back further, his wince pronounced. The others crowded around Avery as they began to mutter and I saw Sirius pull some sort of seduction shit on Crabbe – not that it worked. Finally, Avery and his cronies turned back to us. Avery opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly, clacking footsteps could be heard in the corridor. We all turned in the direction of the noise.

"McGonagall," Avery and Black whispered in sync.

Goyle released me and Crabbe released Sirius, all of us sprinting down the corridor. I saw Sirius hesitate as he got to a stairway that would lead us to the Gryffindor Common Room, but then veer off in the other direction as he glanced at the Slytherins. Sirius began to race ahead, but as he turned around a corner, I saw Avery leap at him. I heard a thunk and by the time I skidded around the corner, I saw both of them on the ground, Avery's hands on Sirius's ankles. I stopped and then felt big hands wrap around me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Goyle, his expression grim – unless that was his normal expression, which isn't all that hard to doubt. I saw Sirius try and brush his hair out of his eyes – a natural habit of his – but his hands stayed together. They must have been charmed together, I thought. Then I saw Avery, who was looking at Sirius's brother, a curious look on his face.

"What is it Regulus?"

"I don't know. It sounds like someone's having a good fuck, but I can't be sure."

Sirius's brother was stiff, his voice cordial. At the use of the word fuck, Sirius had snorted and his brother had given him a disgusted look. Avery just walked over to the door and opened it sharply, revealing a girl and a boy in the broom cupboard. Avery smirked.

"Ooh, a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw in a broom cupboard. If that's not a scandal I don't know what is."

As the girl hid her face, the boy grabbed her hands and I recognized Amos Diggory, a popular Hufflepuff in our year. I knew James and Sirius didn't like him because of quidditch, but he always seemed nice enough to me.

"Excuse me boys," Diggory said, smiling, "but could you please let us out? I don't think we'll be continuing if you keep staring at us."

The girl started giggling and I saw Sirius smile a little as the Slytherins got out of the way. As the couple passed us, the girl looked at Sirius and a drunken smile appeared.

"Mystery man!" She shrieked. "I thought you were Gryffindor but now you're hanging out with Slytherins. You m'friend, are a liar."

I saw Diggory shoot Sirius a harsh glare, but as Goyle let me go, I tried to pull my hands apart, but they were charmed as well. I cursed silently but saw Sirius looking at me. I kept my gaze away in case the Slytherins looked over.

"Wormtail," he hissed, and against my better judgment, I looked over. "Wormtail, get over here."

I moved slowly, trying not to draw the Slytherins' attention. As I got closer, I felt his hand slide into my pocket and pull out my wand, severing the charm on my hands and then letting me do so for him. As soon as we were free, we began inching our way to the corner. I raced around it but Sirius stopped me quickly, taking my wand in the process.

"Accio Sirius Black's awesome wand," he muttered.

The wand came whizzing over to us and he gave me back mine, sending a flurry of stunners at the Slytherins. I sent some too, and once they were all on the ground, we raced away, only stopping at the portrait hole. Our giggling subsided as I looked at him.

"Mystery man?" I asked.

"I almost hooked up with her," he said, rolling his eyes. "But she ran off before I got the chance to snog her."

"Sirius Black was rejected?!"

"Shh! Don't say anything. James will have a field day. If anyone asks, I found a better shag and you were the one who got caught and found them."

"I don't get why you care. One girl rejected you. There will be more."

"Hopefully not," Sirius said, grinding his teeth.

We started up the staircase to our dormitory, but just as we were about to enter our dorm, the door opened and Lily burst out.

"Whoa there Evans!" Sirius said, stopping her. "Where's the fire? What did he do now?"

Of course. James did something wrong again, that bastard.

"Um, James and Kendra," Lily stammered distractedly. "I guess. Feelings. Like him? But he did that."

With that she ran away. I looked at Sirius and he shrugged. Women. I walked into my dorm behind Sirius and walked over to my four-poster. I quickly changed into my pajamas and got into my bed, pulling the covers up to my chin. Closing my eyes, I listened to the breathing of my dorm mates until I fell asleep.

Author's Note: Hope you liked it! Short chapter, I know, but these parts of the story don't really appeal to me. Anyways, I have one more chapter completely ready and I'm working on another. And by the way, fifteenth chapter has something big coming. Get ready! *Wink wink*

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