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I've been watching her from a distance. Everyday, I put on a smile and crack a joke- just for her. 

Before, it was just a thing, a common interest between my brother and I. Now, it's like a mandatory exposition for me to see that constant radiant smile on her face when she laughs. From the little giggle for the small pranks I pull, to the rare hearty laugh that she laughs when it's just the two of us together. I love them both and I long to hear them when the deathly silence is ringing in my ears. 

Everyone says she's a freak, and that she is the perfect, temporary match to her friend Neville Longbottom- but I know deep down that she agrees with me that we were meant for each other. 

I like to think that I'm her fun, loose and loud side; and that she's my conceded, intellectual, and quiet side. Together, however, we are both crazy and creative. a perfect match in my eyes. 

We both have secrets that we keep from the world. I have The Quibbler that I read daily under my pillow, and the box of quick-pick pranks she keeps at the bottom of her trunk- nobody knows about these things that keep us connected.  I'm sure that Fred had caught on to the fact there is something going on in my life that he is uninformed of but he knows where the boundaries lie, even between us twins. I will tell him one day. One day when I'm sure, sure that we will be more than just best friends. 

"Love is an air of possibilities," she'd say when we go to our secret place. 

"And some of those possibilities is like a firework ready to explode." I'd retort, receiving a slap in the back. 

That's just how I feel though. Love is an explosion, either for the better or for the worst. Personally I prefer the former but I know of no person who would prefer the latter. 

I hope that she feels the same way about love, preferring that it blossoms lively instead of withering away into dust with no hope of salvaging even the smallest of friendships. 

Constantly, I'd lay in my bed thinking. Thinking that society expects us to be with other people. Her with a person with a better understanding of the creatures that have an occupied space in her mind. Me, with a girl who is as clever and cunning in pranks as I, yet down to earth so keep the both of us in check. 

The world is full of opposites, and they say that opposites attract. Positive and negative forces attract to each other to create an electric bond. An angel is never seen with out the shadow of a devil. There will be a calm before a storm. Opposites make a balance. Without one, the other cannot be perfect.

She is what makes me perfect, what makes me whole, and what makes me feel worth more than I could ever imagine. Whether I make her feel the same way is a mystery, but not for long. 

I want to marry her.  

Yes, she is crazy, pointing out things that only she can see. Yes, she doesn't care what others think of her. Yes, she smiles a smile that assures me that it's worth it to get up in the morning and create pranks with my brother.  Yes, I believe she is the one. 

I smile like the happiest person on Earth. I plan in my head how I will ask her. Saying that even though she is not my girlfriend, I have loved her for so long and that I hope she feels the same way. Why do we need to have an official romantic relationship when we already are in an unofficial one?

I hope she will say yes. 

Inwardly sighing, I realize that I have to wait for the perfect timing. A moment I cannot wait to wait for.

"And do my mission to search for a perfect radish-eating-hare design on a ring and the perfect prank of how to present it to her, begins." I chuckle to myself as I get ready to do just that. 

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