I woke up really early before the rest of the girls and went to shower. I started to get ready. When I was done, I got my backpack and went to the common room. After a while, Lily came downstairs and sat next to me. She was studying me closely. I knew what she was going to talk me about: Apollo.

"So you're a demigod?" she asked.

"Yeah, my dad is Poseidon." I answered simply.

"Why didn't you tell me or anyone?" she asked.

"There's quite a few people that knew. Remus and Severus have known since first year." I said.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yeah. That's why me and my brothers left quite a few times throughout the years here." I said.

"Oh I see. Makes a lot of sense now. So Apollo is your cousin?" she asked.

"Yeah, he is. One of my many cousins." I said, laughed.

"Nice, lets go to the Great Hall." Lily said.

"I can't just yet. I have to wait for Remus, Eric and John." I said.

"Oh ok. Ill wait with you." she said.

I smiled and nodded my thank you. A few minutes later, all three of them came downstairs. We all walked to the Great Hall. I saw Severus waiting for me at the entrance. I smiled as I walked up to him. He smiled and took my hand. Thankfully, he was helping me with this. He is a good friend. We all felt the tension between Lily and Severus. I cleared my throat before singing. Everyone smiled and looked at me as I sang. We walked to the Gryffindor table. Severus gave me a peck on the lips before going to the Slytherin table.

"Still weird seeing you and Severus doing that." Lily said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I just didn't expect it." she said.

"Well you better believe it." I said.

"So are we going to do some practicing after classes?" Eric asked.

"Yeah. First I'm going to help you with your homework. Then we'll do some practicing." I said.

"Ok. That works for me." Eric said.

"Practice for what?" Lily asked.

"Me, Alex and Eric are going on a quest." Remus answered.

"And Alex is going to teach us how defend ourselves." Eric said.

"Which one of you is a demigod?" Lily asked.

"My mom is Athena." Remus answered.

"I'm still undecided." Eric said.

"My dad is Apollo." John said.

I looked at John. He explained to me how it happened. He told me that they only talked for a bit because he had to talked to someone else. So Apollo claimed John before he came and talked to me. So thats another reason on why he was there. Really, Apollo? You couldn't tell me about that. After all, Im talking care of him. John told me that he was happy that he got Apollo as his dad. He had a feeling that he was his dad. I smiled at him. He did look happier.

"Well Im glad. You really are Apollo's son." I said, laughing.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well he came to talked to me and 4 of the girls in the room fainted and swooned over him. Just like every male god, he is a ladies man but he is more like a young chisled version of the rest." I said.

Just to prove my point, a few girls from each house, including Slytherins, came and started swooning over John. I laughed as he looked at me, disbelievingly. I gave him a wink with a Slytherin worthy smirk. A few girls even swooned over Eric. I smiled at him too. They both were amazed at it. I looked at Remus. He is different from the rest of Athena's kids. He has sandy brown hair and brown eyes while the Athena kids have blonde hair and gray eyes. Though he did get some more attention now that he got claimed. I smiled as he looked unconfortable.

"Most kids of greek gods are good looking kids." I said.

"Makes sense." John said.

"Lily, now you know why there have always been guys after me. You seen my dad." I said.

"Yeah I see." she said.

"Remus, my son. You have grown up into a fine young man." Athena said.

"Hello to you too, Athena." I said, playfully.

"Hello, sweetie." she said with a smile.

"Why, you here?" Remus asked politely.

"Because I came to give you your godly gift." she said.

Athena took out the godly gift. It was a regular cap that allow the person know the background information about the object, idea or living thing. I smiled. He tested it on me. He gasped as he found all of my information. Athena put her hands on my shoulders with a sad smile. I returned that smile back at her. Athena explained to Remus that this cap is special and to be careful on who he lets use it. I laughed as Remus smiled. I took Athena to Gayle. She was
almost the splitting image of Remus. She had his hair and eyes. Some of her features were like Remus'. Remus came along.

"Hey Gayle. Guess who I have here?" I asked.

"Mom!" she yelled, hugging Athena.

"Hello, Gayle." Athena said, patting Gayle's back.

"I'm glad to see you." she said.

"Thanks. Now Gayle, I came to give you something before I leave." she said.

Gayle pulled away. She had a smile on her face but her eyes showed sadness. Athena gave her an owl necklace that can create a shield around her. I have one just like it. Athena explained the necklace to her. Once she was finished, Athena left. Gayle hugged Remus and cried silently. I explained to her why Athena was like that. She just nodded softly. I rubbed her back. When she settled down, me and Remus went to our seats. We ate before going to class. Severus walked with us. I took his hand as we walked. Sirius saw and was angry. I rolled my eyes. After classes ended, I helped Eric with his homework before we had to go practice.

I trained Remus and Eric hard. The rest of the first years came and watched. Dom and Blake trained them but not as hard as I did. I showed them different techniqes that they could use. They took each of them slowly. Once they got the hang of it, they took it faster. I was impressed. I see James and Sirius underneath the cloak. I rolled my eyes. I called it a night. I stayed behind with Remus. After everyone left, James and Sirius appeared. I raised an eyebrow at them, waiting for them to explain.

"Well, you kept telling those first years that practice will be tonight so we wanted to see what you were talking about." James said.

"I was showing them how to defend themselves." I said.

"From what? They could use their wands." Sirius said.

"Not everything can be solved by magic." I said.

"You've gone mental." Sirius said.

"She's right." Remus said.

"Why are you so protective of those first years?" James asked.

"Im their guardian, along with Dom and Blake." I said.

"Guardians from what?" Sirius asked.

"Me, Remus, my brothers and those first years are demigods." I said.

"There is no such thing as that or greek gods." James said.

"Thats why its called Greek Mythology." Sirius said.

They started laughing and making all of these stupid jokes about the gods and greek mythology. I started to get so angry that I started to cause the earth to shake and lightning to keep appearing. James and Sirius stopped and looked around. They looked scared. Remus came over to me and started to calm down. I gave him a small smile. He did the same. James and Sirius looked upset.

"What was that about?" James asked.

"You got me mad along with the Olympians and Hades." I said.

"You couldn't of done that." Sirius said.

"I did and I could do it again." I said.

I took Remus' hand and pulled him towards the castle, leaving the other two boys behind. A week has passed and it was the day of the quest was here. I trained Remus and Eric as well as I could in a week's time. They learned quick but I was still nervous about them. I mean quests are always unpredictable. Thats why I didnt want to bring them. I dont know why I chose to take the quest. I was stupid. To late to turn back now since the day of it was now.

Me, Remus, and Eric were standing at the main entrence of Hogwarts along with the whole school, which I dont understand. I stood in some of my armor, hammers in hand and backpack over my shoulders. Sirius and Remus were still not believing me about the whole Gods thing so I made them a pair of googles that could see through the mist. They put it on and gasped. Everyone looked at them, wierd.
My brothers came and bid us goodbye. Before we left, Albus came over to us and hugged us. People had the funniest faces which made me laugh. He gave us some words of advice. We smiled and nodded. We walked foward. Then, out of nowhere, my chariot from camp appeared. I yelled happily and got on. Remus and Eric followed me unsure. I smiled at them.

"It'll be fine." I said.

"Have you ever drove one of these?" Eric asked.

"Oh yeah, multiple of times. In fact this is my chariot from camp." I said.

They looked at me, surprised. I just laughed. I told them to take one last look at the school. So we all did. The back doors of the chariot closed and I see Remus and Eric sigh in relief when they did. I just chuckled and smiled. I looked foward again and took the reigns. Silverlight and Silverstream were ready to take off. They were just waiting for my command. I gave them a high pitched whistled and they took off.

Here starts our quest.

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