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Alexa's Point of View

“I don’t want to go!” I moaned out as Sirius proceeded to tickle my feet while we lay on my bed the morning of September 1st, our last first day ever at Hogwarts. “If you don’t make me go,” I promised while he let up on tickling me and placed his hands in his lap, “I’ll let you keep me locked in your room and you can have your way with me.”

“You let me do that anyway,” Sirius uttered out while pulling me closer to him on the bed. As my head dragged across the mattress, creating static electricity that would have my hair spinning around my head like a muggle’s Halloween witch, I tried to think of something else. “You have to go to school, Alexa. Otherwise you’ll force me to hang out with a prefect and the head boy all year. Do you know what torture that would be?”

“Well, I have to hang out with a pregnant woman and Blair. I think I would do better here or at your apartment.” I told him while sitting up and smoothing my hair down.

Sirius tucked a strand of my straightened hair behind my ear. “It’s best that we stay together as much as possible this year.” He stated with a grin and I nodded my head as seriously as I could.

“You’re right. Best not to separate in the midst of all the madness.” As we leaned closer to make ourselves a little later, the door to my room burst open, a maniacal James standing in the doorframe.

“What are you all doing? We’re going to be late for the train and if I lose my head badge on the first day my mum is going to slap me upside the head with her ring hand.” Bounding off the bed, I made my way over to James, leaving Sirius to flick his wand and make the bed back up.

Ruffling my hand through James’ uncontrollable hair, I patted him on the shoulder before scooping up Little Sirius, who was to be the newest residence in the dorms with us this year. “I’m ready, James. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” With that I tramped down the stairs, making a large amount of noise to alert my parents to my presence. Lately, for some unknown reason (cough midlife crisis cough) they had been extremely affectionate, and if I had to run into them making googly eyes or kissing again I was going to loose it.

“Toss me that chocolate chip muffin, Blair.” I said while walking over to the kitchen table to pour myself a glass of juice. With direct precision, Blair tossed me the muffin and then went back to staring into her coffee. “Something wrong?” I asked while I sat down and began to unwrap my breakfast.

“It’s just getting a little tiring listening to James talk about being head boy and having all these responsibilities lately.” She told me in a whisper, looking around and trying to make sure that no one was eavesdropping. We were meeting Remus and Lyla at the train, James and Sirius were in charge of placing the bags in the car so my parents could go with us to the train, and I had no clue where said parents were.

“He’s just taking it really seriously because he hasn’t been entrusted to do this sort of thing for Dumbledore. Maybe he hopes it’ll make a good impression on the Order if he does well in this position?” I chewed my muffin slowly, trying to think of more things to say to help her with her patience.

Blair shrugged and drinks her coffee quickly before getting up and placing her mug in the sink. “Maybe. I don’t know.” With a sigh, she placed her hands through her hair quickly and sits back down.

“Hey, don’t be too worried about it. He’ll still have time to hang and stuff. He has help too.” I bit down on my tongue just a second to late but I’ve already said the deadly words.

“Yeah, Lily Evans, just the girl that he used to have the biggest crush on in the face of the whole universe.” Blair frowned and then rubbed a hand over her eyes. “Okay, I know that’s stupid of me, but come on. What would you do if Sirius had a huge crush on a girl and then all of sudden is about to be spending tons of time with her.” Chewing on the inside of my lip, I tried to think of something to help her with, but I know that if something like that happened I would be the first one to freak out.

“Just trust him, Blair. That’s all I can tell you. Take it from me; when he thinks you don’t trust him it goes downhill really quickly.” I sighed and finished my muffin, getting up just as James and Sirius came traipsing through the kitchen. “Want something to eat before we leave boys?”

Sirius took a seat at the table and grinned evilly. “You.” He said with a laugh and I kept my face blank while looking at him.

“You are a complete freak.” I said while rolling my eyes before placing a wild berry muffin on his plate, being the fantastic girlfriend that I am and still giving him his favorite. “James, why don’t you sit down before you give yourself a hernia?” I suggested while James continued to pace.

“I can’t. I have this weird feeling about today.” He rubbed a spot on his chest and shook his hands out. “There’s a feeling I can’t shake.” Blair looked at him cautiously and then stood up to give him a hug.

“Why don’t we just leave for the Express so you can feel better?” She suggested and we all agreed that it’s probably a good idea before we go in search for my parents. Once we were in the car, Sirius began his assault on James’ psyche.

“Mister Potter, Alexa pulled my hair. Can you give her a detention?” He asked while trying to keep a straight face. James, for his part, ignored him studiously until we got to the train station. It was quieter than the usual screaming din of people and I began to feel weird as well, looking quickly around for Lyla and Remus and hoping that they made it to the station soon.

“I’m going to go put our stuff on the train,” Sirius said as we passed through the pillar that led us onto platform 9 ¾ where we hoped to find Lyla and Remus. As everyone milled around and James talked to his parents and my own parents as they stood to the side, Blair and I searched the crowd that had yet to board the train for my sister and her husband. It had only been a few days since we had last seen them, as they had had to go see Dumbledore about their school arrangements and I’d been busy packing my life away as best I could into the trunk, but I felt like I hadn’t seen my sister in forever.

“There she is!” Blair called out while pointing towards a short brown bob and Remus’ sandy head of hair. “Lyla! Remus! Over here!”

They turned towards us, waving, before Remus pulled their trunks towards us and Lyla hustled up to us. “Hey. Gods it feels like I haven’t seen you all in forever.” Lyla said while pulling us into a hug. As her maternal hormones had started to flourish, Lyla became a little more touchy feely than she had been before. It was funny and I enjoyed seeing her be so happy about life.

“Yeah, I mean, three days is such a long time. How did we ever go without?” Remus jested as he met up with us. Lyla stuck her tongue out at her husband, who wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her head. Sirius and James quickly joined us as our parents all milled about and talked to some of the other parents.

“Does anyone else feel anxious and jittery?” Sirius asked in a rare show of nervousness. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows when I noticed that he couldn’t seem to stand still.

“I mean it’s probably just because it’s our last year, Pads.” James said, but I noticed that he too seemed more unstable than he usually was.

Blair shoved James slightly and then put her arm around his waist as he placed his arm over her shoulder, using her as an armrest as she rolled her eyes at him. “You guys need to calm it down. You’re acting like damn fools.” She relented as some clouds darkened overhead, the sun no longer shining through.

As the temperature cooled off, I started to feel the same way that Sirius had mentioned before. A feeling of dread came over me and I looked around, trying to see if anyone else was having the same reaction as I was. Blair’s face was pale and she gripped onto James a little tighter. Sirius grasped my hand as Lyla put a hand over her stomach. “Okay, now I don’t know what you all are trying to pull but stop it.” I said in a shaky voice, as it got quieter around the platform. Everyone was staring around them, no one knowing what to do.

Sirius, James, and Remus shrugged, looking just as confused as everyone else. Then, as if answering the question in everyone’s mind, someone from down the platform called out ‘Dementors’ and the platform went crazy. Out of the shadows, dark black masses swooped into the platform, and we ducked quickly as Sirius pulled us down. Lyla, James, and Sirius pulled their wands out; ready to do whatever they could when Blair called out for our parents.

It occurred to me then that I had left my wand in the trunk I had given Sirius to put on the train earlier. Breaking free from Sirius’ grasp, I pulled Blair with me when I saw her standing up and directly in the line of fire as wands were pulled out and lights started flashing every where. “We have to find the parents. My mom is clueless and I don’t have my wand.”

Blair nodded, and then grabbed Lyla as a beam of red jetted by her. “What the hell are you doing?” Lyla yelled out when Blair started to drag her with us.

“Sirius! I don’t have my wand.” I yelled to him as he stood with James and Remus, dodging spells from the men in masks that had arrived shortly after the hooded dementors. His eyes widened for a moment before he looked towards the train and gestured with his eyes. I shook my head and his jaw clenched before he ducked over to where we were standing.

“You all need to take care of Lyla and get her out of here. Go back through the pillar if you have to and wait for me in the girl’s bathroom, okay? It looks like this is only contained to the platform now.” Remus hustled over and took Lyla by the hand.

“Let’s go, ladies.” He said in an authoritative voice and we were swept away before I knew what was happening. I searched the crowds as we made our way back to the land of the muggles and frowned when I couldn’t see James or Sirius anymore. The next thing I know, I was being pushed through the entrance back into King’s Cross. No one was any the wiser as we strolled out into the open. It was calm and collected, as much as the 11 o’clock rush allowed, on this side and my heart raced.

“We have to go back.” I stated as quickly as I could while Blair looked around, tears in her eyes.

“I agree with Alexa. We can’t just let all those people deal with this on their own.” Lyla argued while Remus stood his ground, shaking his head.

“No. Lyla you are pregnant and those are dementors. They’ll get you before you can do anything to stop them. Alexa, you don’t even have a wand.” He sighed and hustled us towards the bathrooms where Sirius told us to go. “Like I said before, no. Our parents are competent and wizards. They’re not going to let anything happen to each other. James and Sirius are both in the Order. They’re smart and can take care of themselves.”

“And what about everyone else; the first years and the younger kids?” Blair asked, her hands shaking as she leaned against the sinks and took a deep breath.

“Help will be here soon. I’m sure of it.” Remus lamented and we sat in silence while the world continued on around us.

Less than an hour later, although it seemed like an eternity, I spotted a head of dark hair as I sat outside on a bench near the bathroom. Jumping up, I felt my heart leap into my throat as I sprinted forward and jumped into Sirius, who wrapped his arms around me tightly, lifting me to him as we hugged fiercely. “I am so happy you are okay.” I mumbled into his neck, realizing that I had started crying without noticing.

“Everything is alright now.” He told me as he squeezed me tighter and then lowered me back down. “James is helping the younger kids onto the train with Lily. Most of them have left when everything started but a few of them are still there. Your parents are in their helping with Mr. and Mrs. Potter.” I nodded and let out a sigh of relief as he took my hand and we waited for Lyla, Remus, and Blair to walk over.

He told everyone about what was going on and then we walked back to the platform, entering into what looked like a wasteland. When they were all up to date on what had happened, we walked back to the platform, bracing ourselves as we entered into what looked like a wasteland of the nearly empty platform and scattered debris. I looked at one of the trunks lying on the ground, clothes scattered around it, as a book lay torn and trampled by its side. The war we’d all wished away was here now; it was time to stop living in the dark. Sirius placed a hand on my shoulder, alerting me to the fact that he was still there, and I took a deep breath before turning around to face him.

His hair was curling around his collar, grown out from the many times he’d forgotten to cut it in the haze of summer, and he looked older suddenly. I wondered if that was how it would be from now on. If we’d just keep getting older and older, until one day we’d forget about all the things that made life fun, and would just be those people who had been weathered by tragedy and destruction. Taking my eyes away from him, I glanced around the platform once more. The feeling of being pressed down upon, something akin to being smothered, began to smother me.

“This can’t be how it’s going to go,” I said, while trying to stop my voice from shaking. “It’s not fair. It’s not how things are supposed to happen. This is our last year; we’re supposed to grow up and have fun and be young. Lyla is supposed to have her baby, they’re supposed to be happy and safe.”

“I know, Alexa.” Sirius said, bringing his hand away from my shoulder to grasp my own.

“This isn’t safe. This isn’t happy. This is destruction and war and terribleness. It’s everything that life isn’t supposed to be. How can one person be that cruel?” I couldn’t stop my voice from trembling, and I pulled out of Sirius’ grasp, walking away down the platform. I picked up the first trunk that I found, piling the contents back into the space provided. Tears stung my eyes but they didn’t fall, and I refused to let them.

It wasn’t the time to be weak I had to remind myself. As I continued to repack the scattered trunks, occasionally running upon families who were doing the same, I tried to compile a list of all the information I had heard about this man who had sent the Dementors today. I knew he hated muggles and things non-magical. I thought about my mom who had never been magically inclined in her life. I thought about Gran, who knew almost nothing of this world. I knew that he didn’t take kindly to those that were not of the most pure blood. I thought of Lyla and her child, both being half-bloods. I thought of Remus, his blood riddled with the lycan curse.

By the time I stood up, my head was spinning with the realization that we were all in danger. There were none of us that were safe. Even James and Sirius, both pure-blooded wizards, would be put in danger for refusing to side with Voldemort.

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