When you're gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you

when you're gone, the face i came to know is missing too

when you're gone, the words i need to hear to always get me through

the day make it okay

                       -When you're gone, Avril Lavigne

"Thank God." She took his body and wrapped her arms around him, holding him, letting her tears fall.


It was another few minutes before Harry and the others burst into the room.

"Hermione! What happened?" Harry looked at the two knocked out men at one end of the room, then to Hermione holding Draco in her arms.


"I’ll tell you later, but we need to take Draco to Madame Pomfrey, he’s bleeding at the back of his head!"


Hermione lay Draco back down gently, and stood up, levitating Draco. "Harry, Ron, take care of these. That one on the left is Kleydor. You all know about Kleydor right?" Hermione didn’t wait for their answer and walked out the door, a floating Draco following her, along with Ginny, Luna and Neville- they all walked in silence.

They soon arrived at the hospital wing, when Madame Pomfrey rushed over, seeing Draco’s bloodied and bashed body.

"My, what happened?" she said as she took over the spell and lay him down on a bed.

"It doesn’t matter now! All I know is that he is bleeding from the back of his head! I didn’t want to attempt to heal it!" Hermione said, burying her face in her hands, sitting in the seat that was placed next to Draco’s bed.

"My, we are going to have to get a Healer flooed here." Madam Pomfery said. "As for now, I will have to put a cut locker on him, so he doesn’t get worse." She waved her wand, muttering under her breath, then walked out of the room to get a Healer.

Hermione looked at Draco. "Everything is going to be alright. I promise you." She looked at his calm face.

 I feel like an idiot talking to myself, it’s not like he can hear me.

‘Her-Hermio’- Hermione heard and jumped, she looked round at Draco, he was exactly the same as he was two seconds previously.

Wait! The spell, maybe he can hear me inside his head!

‘Draco? Draco can you hear me?’

‘Herm mi o nee?'

‘Draco? It’s me, Hermione, you are going to be fine, and were going to sort you out!’ She looked at him, waiting for a response, but nothing happened.

She looked at the clock that was on the wall opposite her, the big and little hand where now pointing to the twelve.


midnight the spells worn off now. Now I can’t contact him in anyway.

Hermione’s thoughts were interrupted by some Healers walking in, along with Madame Pomfrey and the Headmistress.

"Miss Granger, you’re going to have to sit on another bed while the Healers work on Draco. Now in usual circumstances we would have to take him to St Mungo’s, but he is in no state to be taken there and you wouldn’t be allowed in the same room, but in light of recent events, Mr Potter informed me, you are allowed to sit on the bed next to him, holding his hand while the Healers help him and find out what is wrong.

Hermione nodded, got off her seat and sat on the bed next to Draco’s, still clinging on to his hand. Her eyes burnt as a new batch of tears made their way down her face. A spell was performed on her so she sanitized. She watched in awe as the Healers surrounded Draco, making all different instruments appear. She watched as something was wrapped round his arm and got tighter-eventually making a beeping noise. One blonde haired healer took note of the number that appeared in the air next to this machine, frowning as she did. They then turned him over and took off his shirt, revealing many deep cuts, making Hermione cringe. The healers gasped, some muttering to others (‘’ this is worse than I expected!’’) and quickly putting on bandages that quickly soaked in blood as soon as they were put on. All of a sudden a machine that was hooked up to Draco beeped loudly, a straight line was forming on the machine, Hermione knew what this meant…NO! NOT AGAIN!

A healer rushed over, snapping her wand into two, and placing it on Draco’s chest, it made a loud buzzing sound, and Draco’s chest jumped upwards, Hermione looked away, she couldn’t see him die again.

It was another agonising minute before she heard the beeps of his heart.

She looked back up at another healer walking over to her. "Hermione, my name is Laura, I'm a healer. I'm going to have to check over you to make sure you are alright." Hermione opened her mouth to protest. "Don’t worry, I'm going to do it on this bed, you won’t have to move."

The healer smiled at Hermione, who was now laid down on her bed, still holding onto Draco’s horribly cold hand.

Hermione was prodded with many different tools, her temperature was checked and she was also checked for internal damage. Her cut on her arm had to be sewn up, but that was the most harm done to her.

Hermione sat back up and looked back up at the clock, it was now boarding on one, nearly an hour

The healers set up the drip that fed into Draco’s right arm, and ushered Madame Pomfrey into the corner, whispering something that Hermione could not hear, no matter how hard she strained. Madame Pomfery frowned then looked over to Draco and Hermione. She then muttered something back, shook the healers hand, and led her out of the room.

When she was gone, Hermione heard footsteps behind her, she turned to find Harry, Ginny, Ron, Neville and Luna enter the room, Harry and Ron had cuts on their faces, Ginny and Luna were both supporting Neville, along with their own injuries that seemed to be on their arms.

Hermione stood up as they walked over to her, flopping on the bed,

"What happened to you guys?"

"Well," said Harry, "after you rushed out of the dorm, Kleydor started to wake up, as soon as he saw us, he got up and started shooting spells at us, he then took Lucius out of his body bind hex and they both attacked. Neville tripped down the stairs, breaking his leg as he aimed the Incendio spell at Kleydor. He hit him, but it wasnt enough to stop him. Luna and Ginny received acid burns on their hands after Lucius said an unknown spell at them, which hit them in the arms while they were trying to defend themselves from Kleydor. Ron and I ended up disarming Lucius and Kleydor, we knocked them down to the ground-"

Ron interrupted him, "and we beat the crap out of them both." Ron grinned.

"Do you know anything about Draco's condition yet?" Ginny said, looking at the drip.

"No, not yet. I think theyre going to come back soon."

"They should hurry up."

"I don’t think it’s good, I saw a lot of deep cuts on his back, and he died again…" Hermione felt the warmth of new tears roll down her face

"Im so sorry."

"What happened with Kleydor and Lucius then?" Hermione looked back at Draco.

"Well, Luna and Ginny managed to run off to tell McGonagall, and she informed the Aurors, they arrested them and they are in a holding cell at the ministry."

"I would love to see that man killed." Hermione said through gritted teeth.

Luna and the others gasped, "Hermione, you would never say a thing like that!" Luna said.

"You didn’t hear the things he was saying and after what he has done he deserves it.

"Hermione, the ministry are going to need yours and Draco’s memories to prove what Lucius and Kleydor did." Harry said, sitting next to her.

"Anything to get him back into Azkaban." Hermione sighed.

They all heard footsteps from behind, and turned to look.

Madame Pomfrey rushed over to the bedside where Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Ron, Neville and Luna stood by Draco.

"What’s the damage?" Hermione asked.

"I'm afraid dear, that he has swelling on the brain so we've had to put him in an induced coma until the swelling has subsided. We don’t know how long it’s going to take. It could take days, weeks, or even months. I'm sorry dear."

"What?" Hermione closed her eyes, not wanting her tears to escape.

"There is more..."

Hermione’s eyes flew open. "What?"

"He has a severe cut on his back that will need a lot of medical attention when he wakens, you will need to keep care of him then. I'm sure neither of you will mind, but until then, we just have to wait until the swelling goes down. I know of a brilliant Healer, the best in the business, he specialises in head and brain trauma, so I might be able to get him, but if not, I'm sorry. Miss Granger, you are allowed to sleep here tonight, but from tomorrow you must go back to your dorm. We will move Mister Malfoy into his own bed. Now, I must ask all of you to leave after I’ve healed your wounds."

One by one they were taken away by Madame Pomfery, their wounds being cleaned and fixed. The only person that had to stay was Neville; he lay in the bed on the opposite side of the wing.

"Hermione, he does love you, you know." Neville said, looking at Draco, then back.

"He told me Neville, right before he died, he told me." Hermione felt a tear escape.

"What actually happened?"

"Well, Lucius hit him with the stupefy spell, Draco flew back and…and hit his head on the window." Hermione took a deep breath, "I stupefied Lucius and put him in a body bind hex to stop him. I rushed over to Draco, he was barely breathing, he told me then, I told him back then he" Hermione stopped talking, her emotions taking over her was too much to handle.

"I'm sorry Hermione, for asking."

"No, it’s fine." She wiped away her tears. "How’s things with Luna?"

"Oh, they’re great actually! But don’t worry about us, go to sleep Hermione, it’s been a long day." He gave her one last reassuring smile, turned over and fell asleep.

Hermione grabbed her wand, flicked it, and she was in her pyjamas. She got underneath the covers and faced Draco. She watched as his chest rose and fell. She took hold of his hand again, and squeezed it, hoping for something back, but nothing came. She closed her eyes, not ready for the nightmares to come.



It was a week later, and Draco had already been been transferred into his room. Hermione and the others were told they had to go to classes. When Harry and Hermione walked into the Transfiguration, the whole class turned around, looking at Hermione, as they had done since.

Hermione walked to her seat, head down, and tried to focus on the task in hand. She could hear whispers from her surrounding class mates; classes were going to be awful.

The day couldn’t have dragged any more. After the last class, Hermione walked through the corridors and back to her common room, where she would take over from the healer.

She entered the room,

"Hello Laura." Laura was the healer looking after Draco when Hermione wasn’t there.

"Hello Hermione, how are you?" she frowned as she saw Hermione’s glum expression.

"I’ve been better" she took a seat and took out a book from her bag.

"He hasn’t changed. Talk to him, it will help his recovery. Let me know if you need anything." Laura walked out with a smile.

Hermione slumped back in her chair. She stared at the window that had cracks running through. She opened her book, and put it in her lap.

"This feels so stupid: talking to you. I bet you can’t even hear me. Although many doctors and recovered patients say they can hear and feel everything, you hit your head pretty hard. You even managed to crack the window. Clever." Hermione smiled, "I can imagine your face if you saw your hair right now; it’s all over the place, you even have a bald patch at the back where they had to sew you up. I don’t think I'm going to tell you when you wake up, I’ll leave it as a surprise. I'm struggling, much more than I did when you left. I think it’s because this time, you've not actually left, you’re still here, in body, but not in mind. Today I got called the word again by Parkinson, it didn’t bother me at the time- I'm used to it. Don’t worry, I threw insults back, but as the day has passed, I realise, that all of this is my fault. If I wasn’t what I am then you would be awake, without a massive wound on your back, and swelling on your brain, you wouldn’t off died twice. I know what you would say if you were awake, no it wasn’t your fault, it never is. It’s mine. I should have protected you. But the thing is, Lucius is gone now, I don’t need protecting. So if you’re doing this to protect me, if you somehow managed to put yourself in this situation, then you can stop, and come back. Please. I miss you, and I never got a chance to tell you how much I love you. I told you, but I don’t think you heard. Look at me, telling someone who is in a coma to come back," Hermione snorted, there’s no way you can do that by yourself. I got a letter from that specialist brain healer, he says hes going to try and get you back, reduce the swelling on the brain, and take you out of this coma. It’s wonderful news, I'm just waiting on the date. I hope it’s soon, we have ours NEWTs coming up, and you need to revise. Please come ba-" Hermione was interrupted by a barn owl swopping in, carrying two letters.

The owl dropped them in her lap, and swooped back out into the common room, resting on the arm chair.

Hermione looked at the two letters, and opened the thicker one first, gently slipping her finger underneath the ministry seal. She took out the letter, and un-folded it out on her lap, reading the first page:


The Ministry of Magic


The Ministry Of Magic would like to formally invite Miss Hermione Granger and Mister Draco Malfoy to the hearing of Lucius Malfoy, charged with attempted murder, assault and breaking his previous rules that he had to abide by in Azkaban. Also to the trial of Kleydor Gyre, with assault and the murder of Blaise Zabini, along with attempted murder of Draco Malfoy on the 29th of April at 3pm.

We ask of you to join us at his court hearing to give evidence of what occurred on that night and the aftermath. If you agree, we would like to use a one of your memories as evidence, along with Mister Malfoy’s.

We are aware of Draco Malfoy’s current condition and we understand he may not be able to make the court hearing, but we still want you, Hermione Granger to attend.

Please fill out the following forms before returning immediately,

Thank you,

The Minister of Magic,

Kingsley Shackelbolt.


Hermione looked back up from the letter.

‘’I have to give evidence at his trial, it’s in a week, oh I do hope this next letter is from Fober.’’

She put the Ministry’s letter on Draco’s bedside table, and unfolded the next one.


Hermione, I have found a way to reduce the swelling on the brain, I will be at Hogwarts on the 30th to help Draco. We can finally awaken him on that day.

Expect another letter from me later in the week for more details.

I hope you and Draco are okay for now,



Hermione smiled,

"Draco, were going to wake you up." Hermione beamed.




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