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Okay, here's the second one, remember i don't own anything in the HP world here except the plot and some characters. Thanks for reading! review please, I would most certainly appreciate it.

disclaimer to Florence and The Machine for the song "Landscape"

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Chapter II:


Oh Merlin.

I was staring into a beautiful pair of perfect eyes. The boy in front of me was incredibly good looking. He had a chiseled jaw, a nice nose, great complexion, and messy, black hair. Then those eyes. Grey. Not bright, but not dull. More.... intriguing.

He was overall a hot piece of man.

I swallowed. I needed to recover. I was Zalia Blackwood after all. I did not care who this guy was, no one saw me lose my cool.

“Thanks.” I managed as I straightened up.

“No problem!” He beamed at me and I looked him up and down. Good body too. Really good body.

“What’s the holdup Padfoot?” I heard someone call from down the aisle.

A moment later another guy appeared at Sirius’ side. He was rather handsome as well. A nice face, glasses (looking quite well on him), messy black hair, cut shorter than my rescuer’s though, and this new boy was slightly taller, with a leaner build.

“Who is this?” The new boy looked me up and down and I stiffened a bit.

“I don’t know, I just saved her from being run down by the Hogwarts Express though.” The grey eyes twinkled.

I steadied myself. Sure these boys were hot but so was I. I stuck out my manicured hand and smiled slightly. “Zalia Blackwood.”

The boys looked at each other and each shook my hand.

“Year?” The rescuer asked.

“Excuse me?” I was taken aback. I just told them my name and they didn’t share theirs?

He looked puzzled, “Year. What year of school are you in?”

“I know what you meant, but I thought we were exchanging names first?” I raised an eyebrow at the boys.

“Uhhhh you know, Potter and Black…..” The taller boy answered looking a bit funny.

“Say what?” I asked. These two were a little weird.

“You know! The Marauders!” the taller boy continued.

I shook my head, confused. “No, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The boys exchanged a look before my rescuer answered. “You’re new aren’t you?”

I lifted my chin, “Yes, and?”

My rescuer smiled. “The name’s Sirius Black.”

I started. Black….. the name sounded familiar, but I didn’t dwell on it.

“Potter, James Potter,” said the other boy as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Sorry, just everyone here sort of knows us so we thought, you know…..” The one called Sirius Black shrugged at me.

I raised my eyebrows really high this time. These boys thought they were so popular that they didn’t even introduce themselves to anyone? Okay, maybe I was a bit harsh when I said I was full of myself. These guys take the cake.

“I see.” I answered a bit cold.

The guys looked at me and grinned, “So do you know anyone? Where are you coming from?” they questioned me.

“I was homeschooled, I traveled around, so I’m sort of coming from….. well nowhere I guess. But no, I don’t know anyone here.”

“Nice, you want to sit with us?” Potter asked me slowly.

I nodded back and followed them into their compartment a few steps away. Thank goodness I didn’t have to barge into a compartment without knowing anyone inside. This is was easier. Much easier. Plus these guys were supposedly popular. That was a plus. If I was seen hanging around with the good crowd on the first day things were bound to flow a bit nicer for me.

There were two other boys inside the compartment waiting for us. One was slightly pudgy, but cute in a little-boyish sort of way with light blonde hair. The other was rather handsome, with the sort of eyes that seemed a million years old, someone you could trust.

Hey, what can I say? I read people pretty well.

“Hey mates, this is Zalia, she’s new, she’s gonna hang with us for the ride.” Black told the two.

The wise-eyed one stood up and shook my hand with a shy smile, “I’m Remus Lupin, nice to meet you Zalia.”

I gave him a small smile, this was by far the most mature guy here, “Nice to meet you too Remus.” I answered.

The other boy didn’t get up but waved to me, “Hey, I’m Peter!”

I looked at him with a mixture of annoyance and pity, “Hey Peter, nice to meet you.”

The boys sat down, Potter by Remus Lupin and Black by Peter. I decided to sit by Potter; him and Remus were probably the safest bet.

“So why were you so late on the train?” Black asked me.

I sighed, “My luggage. It took me forever to get it on the train, finally I just shoved the whole trolley in there and left.” I answered plainly.

The boys looked at me startled, then they laughed, Black the loudest. “Nice one” He said.

I shrugged, “Seemed like the thing to do.”

Black and Potter seemed to be appraising me again, deciding what sort of person I was. I felt a bit uncomfortable so I looked at Remus who happened to be reading a muggle book I knew well.

“How are you liking Lizzy’s character so far?” I asked him.

He looked up and stared at me before answering, “I’m not too far into it yet, but she seems to be the smartest character by a long shot.”

“Oh, I agree, the other sisters, except maybe Jane, are complete idiots. The mother too. I read ‘Pride and Prejudice’ last year, I remember it pretty well. I liked it a lot.”

Remus smiled at me, “So do you read a lot of Muggle books?”

I nodded, “I guess, it’s not that I mean too, there’s just a lot of muggle books and authors I happen to like.”

Remus stood up to come sit on the other side of me seeing as our conversation was a bit awkward with James Potter sitting in the middle, watching us with a strange sort of look.

“I like them too. The old ones especially, like this. I liked ‘Sense and Sensibility’ too.” Remus said, sitting down beside me.

I smiled a little, “Me too, I love Jane Austin a lot, but I think Charles Dickens will always be my favorite.”

Remus’ grinned wider, “He’s great, I didn’t like ‘Great Expectations’ but ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Cricket on the Hearth’ were pretty good.”

I chuckled, I liked Remus. He wasn’t stupid or silly like most guys. I could tell he was genuine. No false flirting or anything, we could just talk.

Black interrupted us by releasing a chocolate frog that was really wild. I yelped as it jumped onto my head and then onto James’. Black rolled around with laughter with Peter as Remus and I chuckled. Potter was trying to swat the thing off his head when he stiffened, his gaze on the corridor outside the compartment.

I followed his eyes and saw a group of girls in the compartment across from us. One girl was leaving it. She was tall, but not overly so, with pale skin and long fiery red hair. Potter stared at her while she left  and Black snapped his fingers in front of his mate’s face.

“Oi! Wake up!”

Potter jumped a little, “Yeah, yeah…..”

“Come on mate, we’ve been telling you to move on for years.”

“I know, I know I just….I can’t help it Sirius.”

I looked back and forth between the boys. Before venturing a guess, “So does Potter have a secret crush?”

They all laughed accept James. “Err not exactly a secret crush.” Remus answered.

Ah, Potter had probably asked this girl out for a while and she wouldn’t have him. Poor boy. I bet it did his ego some good though.

“Is she just not interested…?” I asked, not wanting to pry, but still curious.

“Well she….” Sirius looked at James carefully.

“She sort of hates my guts.” James finished for him.

“Oh,” I answered, “Well that’ll do it. Sorry.”

They all glanced at me for a moment before we lapsed into a soft silence, as though we were all mourning Potter’s hopeless love.

We sat and talked through the train ride the rest of the time, and I came to find that I rather liked the marauders. Or at least, some of them. I really only talked to Remus, and James some. Sirius Black was a downright arrogant scoundrel, and Peter, was…..a little kid really, he was sweet, but immature.

Halfway through the ride it was time to change into our robes. The boys were actually kind enough to leave for the bathroom and let me have the compartment to change. Which I did, making sure all the windows were covered. After that we all chatted, not too much about me though (thank goodness) I did not like answering questions. The only one who did ask was Black.

“So Blackwood, what’s your story?” They all looked at me expectantly.

I looked at Black coldly, “My story?”


“Well, if you must know, I was born in a hospital, then raised by my parents.” I answered without a twitch of a smile, though the boys still chuckled at my sarcasm.

Black cocked his head to the side, “What about the in between bits?”



I glared at him. I didn’t even know why I didn’t want to talk about my life so much. I just didn’t at all, especially with him. It was so obvious I wasn’t interested in a personal conversation. So obvious that Black knew I was pissed, and he kept pushing. Rude.

“Come on Blackwood, why didn’t you go to school?”

“Is this twenty questions----?”

“Do you have brothers and sisters?”

“----or is this an interrogation?”

“What about cousins? I hate my own personally.”

“Are you finished yet?” I snapped.

By this time the other three boys besides Black were watching us like a tennis match.

“Maybe I want to know.” Sirius said.

“Maybe I’m not interested so piss off.” I replied coldly, our eyes locked.

He was silent.

Match, point.

“Sooooo……” Remus said, trying to clear the awkward tension after my last sentence.

“I’m going to get some air.” I sighed, standing up and giving Black a glare.

He winked at me. Winked.

Who the hell did he think he was?




“All out! Come on! Let’s go!”

I threw my leather jacket on as the Hogwarts student body was hustled off the train and onto the platform by Hogwarts. It was beautiful. Despite the crowd rushing around me, I stopped to admire the torch lit castle from this distance. The stone walls were sort of alluring.

Once we reached the castle I felt the familiar turning in my stomach. It was the sorting. My mom told me about this. It was for first years. I would be sorted alone out of the seventh years since I was the only transfer student. A tall, serious looking woman with a tight brown bun of hair, by the name of Professor McGonagall, directed me to stand behind the first years as they were called. I would be last. I glanced around the great hall from the back of the crowd. No one seemed to notice me yet, I tried to hide myself closer to the shadows. I shifted from foot to foot as I waited for the first years to hurry up and finish. I knew the four houses and what they stood for, but the only one I didn’t really want was Slytherin (though some people I was –ahem- close too might disapprove of that statement.)

Suddenly, faster than I realized, my name was being called. I straightened from where I was leaning against the door frame of the great hall. It was eerily silent as I heard the unbearable clacking of my boots against the polished floor. I breathed deeply and forced a calm, confident expression onto my face, holding my head high. I quickly sat down upon the chair and the hat slipped over my head. I could hear its slippery voice, it sounded like an echo, or shadow. The voice of something not quite alive, but still very much there. I clenched the edges of the chair as I waited for the hat’s decision, knowing full well that everyone in the room was staring at me. I could imagine the sneer on Sirius Black’s face. Come to think of it, I didn’t really know why he annoyed me so much…..


Cheers erupted to my left and I sighed, a thousand pounds lifted off of my shoulders. I was in Gryffindor. Brave, Loyal Gryffindor. Sweet.

I stood up and carefully made my way over to the Gryffindor table where my fellow classmates were cheering and whooping. I grinned a small bit in spite of myself and searched some of the faces in the crowd. The table was crowded but there was one seat close to me open…..

Oh what the hell, you’ve got to be joking.

Sirius black was patting the seat next to him, grinning at me from ear to ear. I stared at him and rolled my eyes. I would have found another place to sit had Lupin not waved me over. He was kind. I had to sit with them after that.

“I knew it was gonna be Gryffindor! Didn’t I say so Prongs?” Sirius asked his best friend as I sat down, giving Black a look of annoyance.

“Congratulations, are you planning on becoming a Seer?”

I honestly don’t know what had gotten into me. The very presence of Sirius Black just pissed me off to no end. I had no idea why, but I felt the need to constantly argue with him.

“What if I am?”

I snorted and turned away from him. I could tell that, as we sat and ate, it was definite news that the new girl was sitting with the marauders. Apparently I had received an unusually warm welcome from them. Heads were turning our way, wanting to know all the juicy news about me. I could tell the gossipers were all worked up seeing as school had just started. I was sort of dreading going to the dormitories. Obviously I wasn’t going to be bunking with the marauders, but they were the only friends I had made, if you could even call them that. I ate a lot at dinner, not caring what the boys thought. I was starving after not having a proper meal all day. Dinner and desert passed quickly and soon I was being ushered up towards Gryffindor tower along with the rest of my house. Remus explained a few things on the way up, like the staircases, Filch the caretaker, and Dumbledore. I was grateful for that. I needed info on all the works around the school pronto.

I reluctantly waved bye to the boys and headed up stairs to my assigned room when we reached the common room. I was nervous, not really knowing what to expect. Girls could be vicious if they wanted to. But I was willing to put up a hell of a fight if I had to deal with any queen bees or bitches.

I slowly pushed open the door of my room and looked around. No one but me was there yet. There were four four-poster beds, each in a corner of the room and a door facing opposite me, which I assumed was the bathroom. My bags were stacked next to a bed in the far corner with a window over it. I smiled, I liked windows. There were drawers for my clothes under part of the raised bed so I started putting things away. I stacked my books in a pile on the wooden chest at the end of the bed and placed my non-essentials and knick knacks inside it. I was just about to head to the bathroom to sort out my beauty supplies when a girl came into the room. I stopped for a moment and looked at her. It was the red head that James Potter was in love with. She was very pretty, not the normal pretty girl though, she was exotic looking with bright green eyes, flaming red hair, pink lips and rosy cheeks.

She noticed me and turned her head slightly before sticking out a hand.

“I’m Lily,” She said brightly, “Lily Evans, nice to meet you. You’re new aren’t you. Oh this is great! I’m sure you’ve got tons of questions.”

I composed myself and shook her hand before setting down the stuff for the bathroom. “I’m Zalia Blackwood, nice to meet you Lily, yeah I’m new.”

I didn’t really address the questions part.

“I’ve been here since first year, so I’ve pretty much got the works under wrap. Plus I’m head girl!”

Oh joy. I was sharing my room with the head girl. It was all I could do to keep from grimacing. It was going to be hard to break any rules with her there.

“That’s great, I don’t really have a lot of questions yet, but I only just got here. I don’t really know anyone. This is all completely new territory for me.”

Perfect. I was great at disguising my thoughts. I sounded just as eager as Lily did in this conversation. Well, maybe a little less excited.

“I saw you talking to Potter.”

The change in her voice was drastic. I looked her over. Yep. She hated that boy all right, or at least she thought she did. I could tell from her face right then.

“Yeah, that group seemed….. nice enough.” I chose my words carefully.

“Really?” She snorted, “I’m warning you now, those four are trouble makers.” She thought for a moment, “Maybe not so much Remus Lupin, but the rest are just awful. Especially Potter.” She spat.

I was beginning to like Lily more now, she had a strong personality. I could respect that. She also thought Remus was nice, which I liked since I felt a strange sense of loyalty to him.

“Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I was really talking to Lupin the most. That Sirius Black is way too full of himself.”

Lily smirked, “I know, he so is. Potter too. Those guys are just so…. So…. So damn arrogant!”

I laughed, she said the word ‘arrogant’ like it was some sort of horrible disease.

“What about Peter?” I asked her.

Lily stopped for a moment, “He’s….. I don’t really know about him to be honest. He’s just sort of there.”

“Oh my gosh I totally know what you mean!” I said.

This was fun. I liked Lily a lot more than I thought I would. She was nice, and confident, and didn’t like Sirius Black. She would definitely make a good friend.

I hadn’t really thought about my ‘social status’ I guess you could say, until I got there. But now I knew what exactly I wanted. After watching tons of movies with cliques and all that I knew ( or liked to think I knew) everything I needed. I wanted a solid group of friends. A great Clique. One that would be admired. The classy girls. The ones who didn’t come cheap. I smiled to myself. Lily was already in, I knew that, but I had to get some others as well. Good looking girls, smart, and of course, willing to take me as a sort-of leader. This would be a good year if I could get on top. Not that I cared about being some sort of social dictator, no don’t get me wrong here. I only wanted to be respected. Nobody pushed you around if you were in the upper levels of the social hierarchy.

Lily and I shared a few more comments before two other girls burst into the room.

Lily beamed at them and hugged the taller of the two.

“Mary!” She yelled before going to the other one, “Rose! I missed you guys, good holiday?”

They both nodded before Lily introduced me as I suspected she would.

“Guys this is Zalia, she’s our new roommate!”

They grinned at me and we all said hi.

My other two roommates, Mary Macdonald and Rose Faraway, were nice. I didn’t like them quite as much as Lily yet though. Mary was tall, taller than Lily even, about 5’8 or 5’9 or something. She had short brown hair that framed her sweet face well. She had a swimmer’s build, very athletic. She wasn’t a great beauty or anything but she was fine, average. And I noticed she wasn’t wearing any makeup. That was a plus; all natural was my style, and with a few tips she could look even better. The other girl was tiny in comparison with Mary. Rose was shorter than me by at least two or three inches and I was 5’5. She had long straight, willowy brown hair that fell around her heart-shaped pixie face like a waterfall. She was really pretty, her lips were perfectly curved, a nice small nose, and green eyes. Not like Lily, whose eyes were almost nearly neon green with their bright sparkle, but a dark forest green, softer, more suitable for someone like Rose who seemed quiet and sweet.

We all chatted a bit, I tried to step back and let the girls catch up. I did not want to annoy them on our first day.

I was coming out of the bathroom when I heard the first piece of relevant information that they had said yet.

“……and Potter doesn’t want to do it. Sirius is all convinced this has to be the best one ever.”

“The best what?” I asked, sliding onto a cushion on the floor next to Rose.

“She’s met the lot of them.” Lily told the two girls as I waited for an answer.

“The Marauders always throw this huge homecoming party and this year they’re trying to outdo themselves. I’m not quite sure what or how, but I know Potter is trying to talk Sirius out of something.”

Lily grimaced, “If Potter doesn’t want to do it it’s probably really, really bad. Like REALLY bad.”

I laughed and the girls looked at me, “What could they possibly do that could be that horrible? It’s the marauders I get it but come on.”

The three of them stared at me. Mary answered, “You have no idea about those guys. I’m serious. They are a bit crazy I think. They don’t care about consequences or anything, they just care about a good time.”

“Sounds like my kind of people.” I teased before getting up.

“So what’s your story anyways Zalia?”

I paused. The question didn’t annoy me nearly half as much as when Black had asked it.

“Well, my parents let me travel around and do homeschooling then suddenly this year,” I snapped my fingers, “They said ‘nope, you’re going to school’ and here I am.”

            Rose smiled at me, “So….. how do you feel about it?”

            I frowned. How did I feel about it? I answered her honestly. “I don’t know yet, but you guys seem nice enough and I think I like to be able to go to an actual school.”

            The girls seemed to like my answer. If I was going to make this my band of friends, they would need to like me somewhat. Should be easy enough, they were all desperately calling for a makeover of sorts. And I was happy to oblidge. They would feel connected to me and have some sort of Loyalty after I adopted them under my wing. That’s what Gryffindor was all about anyways right? Loyalty.

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