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The Night it Went Too Far Sirius looked up at the clear sky, anticipation surging through every vein. Tonight was a full moon, and that could only mean one thing, fun. Sirius looked over at Remus, he always looked a bit off-color right before a full moon. Poor Remus. To himself and James it was all just fun and games, Remus actually felt the pain of every transformation. At least now was their time to be rid of Peter. Peter still hadn't figured out how to transform, thank heavens. It was lunch time and the fifth year Gryffindors still had double Transfiguration before the end of the day. The bell sounded and the four of them got up to go to class. "So what are we gonna do tonight?" asked Sirius. James looked up, thinking hard "Why not go to Hogsmead? Lets go scare some villagers." "Sounds good" said Sirius, looking at Peter who was moping beside him. But he had no sympathy for him, it wasn't their fault he was so dumb. Class began with the usual dull lecture from Professor McGonagall. Around an hour later a rapping on the door could be heard and everyone turned to see Madam Pomfrey standing in the doorway. Remus took his queue to leave with her. "See ya later" he whispered to his friends as he got up. Sirius and James both grinned. The bell rang and everyone got up. Sirius and James both leapt up and ran to their common room to drop off their bags and pick up James' invisibility cloak. "Where the heck did I put it?" he said to himself as he rummaged through his trunk. "Ah ha" he said as he pulled the long silky cloak from his trunk. "Let's go Sirius." They quickly left the dormitory and strode quietly out of the common room, going as quickly as they could under the invisibility cloak towards the whomping willow. Sirius picked up a long stick and extended to reach the knot on the tree that froze it. "The moon isn't out yet" said James looking up at the night sky. "He'll still be normal." "Good" said Sirius, "I hate transforming in this cramped tunnel." "Maybe we'll get lucky and Peter'll transform into an elephant or something and won't be able to come with us." James said laughing along with Sirius. "But with our luck he'll probly turn into a rodent or something." "Yeah" said Sirius, "Or some kind of scavenger, cause thats what he is." They continued down the long dark tunnel. "Remind me why we keep him around Sirius" said James thoughtfully. "Cause it's nice to have a little fat kid to pick on around all the time" replied Sirius. They both laughed at this. Finaly they made it to the end of the tunnel to find their friend sitting on an old moth eaten couch with his hands behind his head, sleeping. James went and sat down beside him and Remus opened his eyes. "Morning sunshine" said Sirius who was leaning on the wall. Remus rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, smiling. "How can you sleep at a time like this?" said James. "You would too if you were me." replied Remus, running his hand through his neat brown hair. They sat talking about Quidditch and what to do that night for a while, when the moon suddenly appeared from behind a cloud, bathing them all in a dim light. Remus bent over double. Sirius put his hand on Remus' shoulder as he fell to his knee's. "Get....back" he struggled to say, grabbing hold of the table beside him. Sirius and James were both obedient. They knew better than to stay close to Remus when he was transforming, at least in human form. Remus tried to keep the room in focus, tried to keep everything from becoming a blur, he had to, his friend's lives depended on it. He felt something brush up against him, and looked up to see a big black dog sitting beside him, and a stag standing on the other side of the room. "Aaaarrgghh" Remus felt his spine elongate and his face morph, it hurt so much, he hated it. He concentrated on the faces of his best friends, trying desperately to distract himself from the excruciating pain that filled his entire body. It was almost too much for James to bear, and he could see that Sirius felt the same way. They watched as Remus let out something between a scream and a yelp. Fur sprouted all over his body and his robes lay in a tattered heap on the floor. They could see the pain in his eyes. "Keep it together!" Remus thought to himself as he saw his hands shrink into paws. He looked up and the room before him dissolved and he remembered no more.

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