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 The Head Boy and Girl sat at the head of the table as the Prefects gathered around. Draco waited for the eight people to be seated before he started.

‘Thanks for coming down today, I know it’s the last day of term but we really need to get some details organised for the Celebration Ball.’

‘But it’s not until May, Draco!

‘Shut up Pansy.’ Draco replied coldly and Hermione stifled a laugh as she glanced over to her boyfriend. He squeezed her hand under the table. ‘When we come back in January, we’re going to be pre-occupied preparing for NEWTs. We need to get some things sorted now.’

Pansy sulked back into her chair but the others nodded in agreement.

‘So Draco and I had put a bit of thought into this over the past week.’ started Hermione. ‘We have a few ideas to share, but we’d like to hear your input so that the organisation of this is a collaborative effort.’

Ginny piped up, ‘It should definitely be a formal event. So dress robes and gowns. I think that it should be about unity and victory. Maybe we could get people to bring partners from other houses?’

‘What?!’ exclaimed Ron and Hermione clamped her jaw.

‘Problem Weasley?’ asked Draco. Ron looked at him with loathe.

‘Just with you, Malfoy.’ Before he could reply, Hermione butted in.

‘Boys; civil please. Hannah, Luna? Any opinions?’

‘We could get the Weird Sisters back again?’ suggested Luna.

‘Yeah, that’s a good idea. We should also have smaller tables that are allocated like the Yule Ball and a big dance floor in the middle?’ added Hannah. Hermione scribbled on the parchment.

Ernie said; ‘what about the colours? How about gold for victory and all the house colours to show unity?’

‘Sounds good Ernie, thanks mate.’ Replied Draco. ‘Terry? Anything from you?’

‘Oh um... we could do what they did at the Yule Ball with the menu’s you talk to?’

‘Excellent. Okay, so I have written all these ideas down and we’ll work to develop them after the break. Thanks again for coming today!’ said Hermione, cheerfully. As they watched the Prefects mutter goodbye and leave, Draco turned to Hermione.

‘Well, at least we have a few more ideas now! No thanks to Weasel-Bee.’

Hermione eyed him. ‘I know, but try not to jump at him, you know he can’t control his anger.’

‘True, he has issues.’ Draco said and Hermione grimaced.

‘Yes... well I should probably get to Defence. I’ll see you after dinner tonight?’

‘Of course you will, love. I’ll be saying goodbye to Blaise for a bit, but I’ll be back shortly.’ Hermione smiled and quickly checked if there was any onlookers before she planted a soft kiss on Draco’s mouth.

‘Bye, Draco.’ Hermione said lovingly as she waltzed out the library.



The Great Hall was buzzing with excitement and the enthralling prospect of going home tomorrow. For some. Hermione sat with Harry and Ginny at the Gryffindor table, chatting happily. Ron had turned his back rather pointedly to Harry as Hermione had joined them, but it didn’t bother her. The less she saw of Ron’s freckled face, the better. Although she tried to remain engaged in the conversation about Christmas at the Burrow, her eyes kept wandering to the Slytherin table where Draco sat with Blaise. She longed for the two week break, nothing but him and her, together. And yet, there was one problem: Hermione had no idea what to get him for Christmas. Were they exchanging gifts? She had assumed so, but she wasn’t going to be the one that woke up on Christmas morning empty handed while Draco showered her with presents.  The Hall suddenly quietened and Hermione snapped back to reality. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a certain blonde-haired god smirking at her day-dreaming. She forced herself to keep a straight face as Professor McGonagall began to speak.

‘And we come to the end of another term! I want to congratulate each and every one of you on your outstanding efforts in returning to school and putting in what you have. All of your teachers are very proud of you.’ She smiled. ‘Before I keep you from dessert too much longer, I know that most of you are going home tomorrow. I wish you a safe trip and a Merry Christmas to you and your families. Enjoy your holidays, and more pressingly, enjoy your dessert!’

True to her word, the tables were soon drowning in chocolate puddings, apple pies, custard tarts, tiramisu’s, ice-cream and wafer biscuits. They students indulged in the glorious Hogwarts food, and maybe a little too much, for as they were sent to bed, many held their stomachs and walked slowly. Seeing as Draco was going to see Blaise, Hermione scanned the crowd until she spotted the mass of striking red hair darting out of the Hall.

‘Ginny? Ginny!’ She saw her looking around wildly. ‘Ginny, I need your help.’


‘So you’re telling me...’ Ginny started as they sat in the now empty Gryffindor Common Room, ‘you have a secret relationship. That no one can know about. Not even me. And you want me to help you find a Christmas present for him?’

‘Well... when you say it like that it sounds bad, but essentially, yes.’

‘Ooooh, this is so exciting! Can I guess?’

‘No! I just need your help; you can’t know who he is.’ Hermione exclaimed and Ginny laughed.

‘But, Hermione if I don’t know who he is, how can I help pick out a present?’ Hermione sighed.

‘Fine, I will tell you things about him...’

‘Excellent! That way I can narrow it down!’


‘Sorry. So what’s he like? Shy, outgoing? Sporty? Smart? ‘

‘Well... it depends, he can be shy but with me he is pretty outgoing. He is very sporty, he plays Quidditch. Er.. Yes, he is smart. He likes to read.’

‘Okay, is he into fashion?’

‘Um... well he dresses well, but it’s not a passion.’ Hermione laughed.

‘What about jewellery?’

‘I haven’t seen him wear any... but that’s not to say he wouldn’t’

‘Okay so jewellery is an option. Have you guys..?’ Ginny started with a wink. Hermione blushed furiously.

‘No Ginny! No way!’ she stated as the red haired girl sighed.

‘Well... tell me when you do!’

‘If we do!’ replied Hermione. It wasn’t something that she and Draco had actually discussed. They had been intimate, but did he want more?

‘Sure, sure.’

‘Okay, well anyway, I better get back. Promise not a word of this to anyone?’

‘I promise.’

‘Thanks Ginny.’ Hermione said, genuinely as she turned to leave. Ginny smiled knowingly.

‘You’re welcome. Goodnight!’




Entering the Heads Common Room, Draco noticed it was empty. Where was Hermione? Dinner ended hours ago and he had been in the dungeons saying goodbye to Blaise. He surely thought she’d be back by now. Sighing, and assuming she was with Weaselette and Potter, Draco made his way up to his room and stripped off. After this past week, he needed a bath. He lit the brackets in the handsome bathroom and started turning on the taps. His favourite ones were the puffs of purple clouds and the green hoops. Once the bath was filled with hot water, soap and foam he climbed in and shut his eyes. Bliss. The past week had been stressful, to say the least. Even though school was winding down for the break, the teachers were pounding on the work and even if he didn’t like to admit it, Draco was feeling it. On top of that, his relationship with Hermione was increasing steadily and he couldn’t feel any happier. So what was the problem? He didn’t want to just keep it to themselves anymore. Draco wanted to world to know that she was his girl, the woman he was falling in love with. He couldn’t hide away from it any more, he was falling hard. Everything she did made him shine with happiness and gratitude because she chose to be his girlfriend. It wasn’t a feeling Draco had ever experienced before, with Pansy it was pure lust and boredom. But this was real, what he had with Hermione. It made his stomach turn more than he cared to admit.

Draco felt himself start to doze off when the bathroom door opened and in walked a thin, tanned woman in silk purple pyjamas. He sighed as he admired her beauty.

‘Good evening, love.’ He said quietly. Hermione jumped at the sound of his voice. She clearly hadn’t realised he was in here.

‘Oh Draco, I’m so sorry, I thought you were still with Blaise!’ She licked her lips nervously as her eyes scanned the foamy water and his lean body covered in hot water. Draco winked at her and she blushed.

‘It’s okay, how are the Weaselette and Potter?’
‘Oh I was with Ginny. Please call her by her first name. And It’s Harry!’

‘I know, I know, I’m sorry.’ Draco laughed. ‘Old habits die hard.’

‘Well, they better die, wouldn’t want you to start acting like a ferret again,’ giggled Hermione.

‘Ha Ha Ha, think you’re so funny!’

‘Oh I know I am.’ Hermione smiled, cheekily.

‘Well how about you come here and I’ll show you some new habits.’ Draco said slyly. Apprehensively, Hermione approached her steamy and wet man in the bath. She knelt down beside him as he curled his hand around her neck and brought her into a deep kiss. It wasn’t long until their tongues were dancing and they were breathing heavily. The heat was rising between them and the bathroom was becoming, if possible, even steamier. Hermione ran her soft hands down Draco’s wet chest and he lifted himself closer to her, pressing his bare chest against her. She sighed quietly as she pulled away.

‘Draco, you’re getting me wet!’ she giggled. Draco raised an eyebrow.

‘Oh, really?’  he said cheekily as he winked. Hermione blushed a deep shade of red.

‘Draco!’ she exclaimed as she pushed him back in the water. ‘How could you- Just.. well- I..’ she spluttered as Draco laughed.

‘Come here you!’ he said as he grabbed her waist and pulled her in to the bath, pyjamas and all. Hermione shrieked and giggled as she hit the water.

‘Draco! You did not just do that!’ she exclaimed, dripping wet with bubbles in her hair. Draco roared with laughter.

‘I believe I did.’ He eyed her, amused. Hermione took a handful of bubbles and threw it in his face. He emerged from them looking quite a bit like Dumbledore.

‘Very funny. You shouldn’t have done that, love.’ There was soon bubbles and water everywhere. They had completely flooded the Head’s bathroom with dozens of different types of bubbles. After being worn out, they lay back in the bath sighing as the candles burnt and emitted a soft warm glow across their wet skin. After a while, Hermione spoke;

‘We should probably get out, it’s getting pretty late.’ She sighed.

‘Yeah you’re right.’ Draco replied, disappointedly. He took his arm out from underneath Hermione and climbed out the bath, exposing to her his bare bottom.

‘Draco! You’re naked!’ she flustered. He turned his head around to see her blushing, once again.

‘Well yes, not many people take baths with clothes on, dear, you just happened to join me with yours.’ He laughed as Hermione opened and shut her mouth, not knowing what to say. ‘Like what you see, Granger?’ he winked. Hermione smiled cheekily as he wrapped a towel around his waist and dried off his hair.

‘Maybe, Malfoy.’ She teased as she climbed out the bath. Her wet, flimsy pyjamas clung to her defined body, accentuating her curves and allowing only a little to the imagination.  Draco let out a low whistle. She was hot. He saw her giggle to herself, but he couldn’t stop admiring that perfect body, and he quite openly looked her up and down. After all, she was his girlfriend.


The winter sun shone brightly over the snowy grounds on Saturday morning. Most of the students were leaving after lunch on the train back to London. However, Ginny had promised Hermione that she would accompany her to Hogsmeade for a few hours to find a Christmas present for Hermione’s ‘secret’ boyfriend. She honestly had no idea what to get Draco so she had enlisted the red head’s help. The only trouble would be not telling her who he really was. Hermione tapped her fingers impatiently as Ginny finished up eating her breakfast. She grabbed Ginny and pulled her up and both girls scurried out the Great Hall.

Hermione pulled her coat tighter around her as they walked down the High Street and Ginny interrogated her further.

‘Am I still not allowed to know who this is for?’ she complained loudly.

‘Nope,’ replied Hermione, simply. Ginny pouted her mouth in disappointment.

‘Well, we need to start somewhere; you said jewellery was an option?’ She inquired and Hermione murmured her agreement. ‘Well how about you get something that incorporates a few of his likes?’

‘Hmmm,’ pondered Hermione, ‘what about Quidditch themed cufflinks?’

‘Good idea! They would look so cool!’

The jewellers at Hogsmeade had a range of very unique and unusual pieces, varying from rings that have been known to turn your fingers orange, earrings that enlarge your ears and necklaces that strangle you. After passing over many ghastly options including cuff links that gave you a nasty rash, Hermione settled for a pair of silver cufflinks with a tiny snitch and broomstick. Manly, and yet addressing his passion. Looking at it though, she felt it was not enough and so purchased a masculine, platinum band to wear around his wrist. Satisfied, and with Ginny eyeing her carefully, they left the jewellers.

‘Okay, next idea,’ stated Hermione.

‘Hermione! You just spent a fortune!’

‘Trust me, he’s worth a fortune.’ She replied but only she knew how true this was. Draco was worth the Malfoy fortune.

‘What about some lingerie?’ she asked with a wink.

‘Ginny! How could you even suggest something so scandalous? It’s me!’

‘I know, but it’s something you need to think about! He probably has.’  Hermione grimaced. This was true, and with the increasing sexual tension between them, they needed to talk about it soon.

‘Not today,’ she sighed and Ginny scowled, looking rather disappointed.

‘I think I might just get him some sweets from Honeydukes. Can’t go wrong with that?’

‘No, you’re right.’ Hermione and Ginny had a lot of fun choosing different sweets and chocolate from the famous Honeydukes. So much, they didn’t want to leave. It was warm in there and it smelt delicious. But soon, they had to get back to school for lunch as Ginny was leaving with Harry and Ron afterwards. With her purse significantly lighter and purchases in hand, Hermione trudged up the snow trodden high street and back to the castle with Ginny.

Hermione felt strange not leaving with the other three to spend Christmas at the burrow. It was the first time in a while, but she knew she couldn’t. Not after Ron. She was also rather excited about spending Christmas with Draco for the first time. They practically had the castle to themselves for two weeks. Saying goodbye wasn’t easy, even if it was only for a short amount of time. As she hugged the two goodbye, wished them a Merry Christmas and ignored Ron, she felt a sense that something was breaking. After all this time, they were no longer the Golden Trio. Harry was with Ginny, Ron was alone and Hermione was with Draco. This made it definite.

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