“Nola!” I shrieked, but my voice came out deep and muffled due to my rapidly growing front teeth. “Mah it stoff!”

Nola lifted her wand to perform the counter-charm but was laughing too hard to be of any real help. She was doubled over and clutching her sides, about two seconds from falling to the floor.

Have I ever mentioned what a great friend she is? Because I lied.

“I’m sorry, but what did you say?” she giggled. For a split second it looked liked she finally had herself under control but in a blink of an eye her laughter had renewed itself.

“I hey shoe!” My teeth were now so heavy that my head drooped forward. Through the top of my lashes I could see more and more pairs of feet coming over to view the spectacle, their high-pitched laughter flooding my ears.

“I hey shoe so mush!”

Just as the pain in my neck became almost unbearable, I heard the unmistakable sounds of an incantation and the pressure was lifted. Looking up, I made contact with the one and only James Potter as he lowered his wand.

“Come on, you need to go to the hospital wing if you want your teeth back to normal size.” His voice was filled with laughter, but I appreciated his ability to keep it under control unlike a certain best friend of mine.

Glaring at my so-called peers, I allowed myself to guided out of the entrance hall and up the stairs. My teeth were still stupidly long, but at least I could keep my head lifted.

“So what happened back there exactly?” Potter asked, a sly smile playing at his lips.

I didn’t trust myself to speak just yet so I settled on giving him a very strong, very pointed look.

James snorted. “Right, Swanson, obviously. But what did you do to get her so riled up?”

I stumbled forward, and had to grab hold around James’ waist to keep from falling. How did he not know about the kiss? It had been over twenty-four hours; surely the group of boys notorious for being closer than brothers had discussed such an event. Unless… did this mean Remus was too embarrassed over kissing me that he couldn’t even mention it to his best friends? Was I that horrid?

Tears sprung up in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall. I was better than that.

“Whoa hey! Don’t worry, we won’t let her hurt you again!” James said, noticing the look on my face. He brought me in for hug. “Consider me your official bodyguard!”

Even if I could have corrected him, I didn’t have the energy. In silence, I allowed James to take me into the Hospital Wing and explain my situation between chuckles. And despite what he had just told me, James didn’t stay behind, leaving me to spend the evening by myself in the cold room.

As I entered the common room that night, Nola was standing by my said within seconds. “Looking good, gorgeous!”

Cue melodramatic eye roll. I had just spent three hours wallowing in self-pity; I was not in the mood for jokes. Shoving past her, I began my ascent up the stairs to my bed.

I could hear Nola grumbling indigently under her breath as she followed behind me.

“What’s got your panties in a knot?” the annoyance in her voice was obvious, but when she managed not to snap at me I could feel the guilt rise up within me in the form of bile.

Maybe she was a better friend than I sometimes gave her credit for.

But everything was becoming too much to handle, and I didn’t even care if I was overreacting. I felt justified in my sadness and that’s all that mattered.

“I think I have to end things with Remus,” I mumbled, trying to form a cocoon with my blankets.

The foot of my bed sagged as Nola sat down. “Why is that” she asked, all humor gone from her voice. “Just yesterday you were the happiest witch alive because of him.”

I didn’t want to admit anything out loud, because I knew as soon as I did the whole situation would sound absurd and childish. So I settled on shaking my head vigorously, curls flying everywhere, in a very adult manner.

I’m very mature for my age.

Nola nudged me with her foot, and with that simple gesture my entire resolve broke.

I looked at my best friend with damp eyes. Before the words could even leave my lips, I could feel my chest tighten painfully.

“Remus is ashamed of me.”

She frowned. “That seems a bit… extreme. What makes you think that?”

“He, erm—“ There it was. The exact childish reason I didn’t want to talk about things. I felt like I was eleven again obsessing over Nathanial Hopkins’ dimples. “James had no idea why Swanson was attacking me.”

My voice was barely over a whisper, but the confusion on her face let me know that Nola heard loud and clear. “What does that have to do with your relationship with Remus?”

I sighed and buried myself even further into my sheets. “I means Remus never told him about the kiss. He didn’t tell anyone.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. You guys kissed in middle of a hallway with tons of people around. And from what you described, it wasn’t exactly subtle.”

My exasperation grew. “Those were strangers! Random people don’t care who I kiss because I’m nobody to them! But James, Sirius, and Peter? Those are his best friends! You tell your best friends everything, including who you kiss!”

“You don’t know that, boys are weird about that stuff.”

I appreciated her attempts at cheering me up, but it didn’t work. “Connor always tells us about his relationships. Sometimes too much information…”

Nola chuckled. “Connor is the exception to just about ever gender role there ever was. He doesn’t count.”

I ripped the blanket off my head when I realized I could no longer breathe. Was I really that upset that I couldn’t even maintain proper bodily functions?

“I’m serious, Nola!” I cried, to upset to care that the other girls in the room were now looking. “Not to mention all this abuse I’m receiving from the Hufflepuffs! They’re too damn loyal for the their own good.”

“But maybe if you talke—“

“No, Nola. I’m ending it tomorrow. I never should have agreed to this stupid arrangement.”

Nola’s frown returned. “If that’s what you think what will make you happy…”

There was a knot forming in my throat and it hurt to swallow, but I refused to shed any more tears over a stupid boy that never really liked me.

“It is.”

A/N: Sorry for taking so long guys. Life is chaotic, as I'm sure you know. I'm going to try and submit another chapter within the week, but I'm going out of the country for two months on the 21st and don't know if I'll have any time to write before I get back in August. Hope this holds you over!

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