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 Monday morning came around far too quickly for Hermione's liking. And yet, the winter air was filled with excitement; there was only one more week until the Christmas holidays. Hermione had decided to stay at Hogwarts. After all, her parents were going skiing again and she was definitely not welcome at the Burrow anymore after Ron's performance. She didn't know if Draco was going home or not, they hadn't talked about it. Though she silently wished he wasn't. Christmas together would be magical.  Sighing heavily, she heaved herself out of bed ungraciously and walked to the bathroom. After her shower, she felt much more awake so she got dressed, dried her hair and grabbed her bag ready to go down to breakfast. As she entered the Head's common room, Draco was sitting in the arm chair by the fire and he smiled broadly as she entered. Jumping to his feet to embrace her, he murmured in her ear, 

'Good morning, gorgeous.' Hermione's eyes fluttered and she blushed more than she was proud of. The fact the Draco Malfoy was actually her boyfriend still hadn't sunk in, even after the past few weeks. 

'Good morning,' she said warmly as she gently kissed him on the mouth. He rested his forehead upon hers and couldn't help but smile.

'The last week, I cannot wait for this term to be over!' 

'Me too,' Hermione agreed. 'Speaking of, were you planning on going home?'

Draco laughed. "Ha, not likely. I don't fancy going home to a cold, empty Manor.'

Hermione grimaced and Draco frowned. 'Are you?' he asked.

'No, I’m staying here. My parents are going skiing.' Draco looked puzzled.

'What's skiing?' he asked. Uncontrollably, Hermione burst out laughing as Draco glared at her.

'I’m sorry! I’m sorry!' she breathed. 'It's a Muggle activity; you attach skis, which are long sticks to your feet and you slide down a mountain in the snow.'

'That sounds ridiculous.' Draco said as he shook his head. 'Why would anyone want to do that?'

'Because it’s fun! I’ll take you one time.' Now it was Draco's turn to laugh. 

'I suppose anything for you, dear.' he said in a sarcastic adoring manner. Hermione giggled. 'Hey, that means we're spending Christmas together!' 

'It does...' Hermione smiled. 'I can't wait!'

'Me neither.' Draco smiled as he scooped her into his arms and kissed her.

'Mmmmm!' Hermione pulled away. 'Look at the time; we need to get down to breakfast. I'll go first so we're not seen walking in together.'

'Okay, goodbye darling.'

'I'll see you in Transfiguration.' Hermione said as she turned to leave. Walking out of the Heads dorm, Hermione had a bounce in her step. She couldn't help it, he made her happy. She just wished she could share this new found romance with her friends. But as she thought of Harry and Ginny, she knew they would never approve. 


Dear Mum,

I hope you are well. I am missing you dearly. School has been alright but very busy! NEWT work is pretty tiring so I’m thankful that there is only one more week until Christmas! It’s going to be so magical spending one more Christmas here, although I hope you and Dad have a great time in Switzerland. I am sending a parcel of sweets home from Hogsmeade, I hope you like them.

Has it snowed down there yet? We’re still waiting on it up here, but I wish it would hurry up! The grounds look beautiful in the snow. I’ll send some photos too when it falls.

I also wanted to tell you that I’ve met someone! He is charming and endearing and treats me well. His name is Draco. I’d like for you to meet him some time soon, I’m sure you would adore him.

Send Dad and Crookshanks my love. I miss them both!

All my love, Hermione.


She sealed her letter and sent it on its way with one of the school’s barn owls. As she approached the slippery stairway leading down from the Owlery, she heard her name spoken, barely audible over the biting wind.

‘You did what?!’ exclaimed Harry. Hermione jumped behind the pillar on the staircase as the two boys neared the top.

‘I just... thought it was time to speed things up a little! Is that so bad?’

‘Yes, Ron! Ahh....’

‘I thought at least you would see my side of it! It’s been months!’

‘No, it was months. You haven’t been together for ages. Is this why Hermione hasn’t been up to the Common Room in ages? Or why she isn’t coming back to The Burrow on Saturday? This is the real reason why she dumped you!’

‘Yes...’ said Ron, sheepishly.

‘Mate, you know you’re my best friend, but Hermione is too. I’m not standing up for what you did because it was wrong. You need to apologise to her.’

‘Yeah, yeah... Alright.’

‘Good. Now let’s find an owl and get that letter on its way to George.’

Hermione let out a breath and peered around the pillar. She couldn’t see Harry or Ron so she quietly tip-toed down the stone steps and out of the Owlery. Picking up a run when she hit the bottom she tore through the empty corridors in the moonlight. What an idiot! I can’t believe he has only just told Harry! What did he think would happen? That I’d forget it and we’d get back together?! Hardly likely! AH he makes me so mad. I’m glad to be away from him... She was so engrossed in her thoughts about Ron, she hadn’t realised she had made it back to the Common Room safely. Draco was slouched on the floor with his books propped open in front of the fireplace. The flames danced and reflected off of his milky skin and highlighted his hair. He looked like a god. Hermione smiled to herself, walked over to him and plonked herself down in front of me. She kissed him lightly and he looked up at her.

‘Where have you been?’

‘Oh, just to the Owlery to send my mum a letter. What are you studying?’ Hermione said nonchalantly, even though she could see the title of the Potions book. Draco raised an eye-brow.

‘Potions. Are you okay?’

‘Yes, I’m fine. Just encountered Ron at the Owlery.’ Lines appeared in Draco’s brow.


‘Nothing, I overheard a conversation between him and Harry. Apparently he hadn’t told Harry the true reason I broke up with him...’

‘Which was?’

‘Well...’ Hermione said awkwardly. ‘He tried to touch me, inappropriately and without my permission.’ Fury appeared in Draco’s eyes.

‘I’m going to kill him.’ He threatened as he tried to get up. Hermione grabbed his arm and pulled him down.

‘No! You’re not. It’s over with now. I don’t want to talk about him anymore.’

Draco sighed. ‘Fine then.’ He kissed her, smiling. ‘So what did you say to your Mum?’

‘Oh just that I hope she has fun skiing, that I wish it would snow here and I told her about you.’ She replied, grinning. Draco looked horrified.

‘About me? But... won’t she not like me? I mean, I haven’t been the nicest person in the past! She won’t accept me as being a pureblood.’ He stuttered and Hermione giggled.

‘She doesn’t know about your past. And she doesn’t care about blood status, that doesn’t matter to Muggles. ‘

‘Oh... okay then.’ Draco said and let out a sigh of relief. They stayed up chatting for ages, drinking mug after mug of hot chocolate in front of the cosy fireplace. Hermione couldn’t help but be mesmerised by this beautiful man who just happened to be hers. It was slowly sinking in and she honestly felt like the luckiest girl in the world. She didn’t care what anyone said; she had seen it herself. Draco Malfoy had changed. He was no longer cold-hearted and immature, but kind, gentle and a complete gentlemen. She almost felt guilty for hitting him in third year. Almost. It was easy to get along with Draco. He was her perfect match; emotionally, and in intelligence. She had conversations with him she could never have with the other three. As she looked into his lovely eyes, she definitely knew that this was something that would last. She could see herself falling in love with him.


‘Hermione! Did you hear me?’ Draco laughed as she snapped back to reality.

‘What? Sorry!’

‘It’s snowing, I said! Look!’ As she did, she saw flecks of white falling outside the grand window, contrasting with the deep blue of the night. She couldn’t help but smile. She loved the snow and always had done. Even before she found out she was a witch, she felt something magical about it.

‘Do you want to go play in it?’ Draco asked, smirking. Hermione looked at him.

‘Of course I do!’

‘Well come on then!’

‘What now?’

‘Yes now! Go get some warmer clothes on and I’ll come get you in five!’ Bewildered, Hermione jumped up and flew up the stairs to her room. She threw on as many layers as she could and grabbed her thick wool cloak. As she was putting her ear muffs and beanie on she heard a tap at the window. Looking up, she saw a Draco Malfoy hovering outside. In disbelief she ran over to him.

‘What are you doing?!’ she hissed. He smiled broadly.

‘Get on then!’

‘Are you insane? I’m going to die!’

‘Come on Hermione, you need to have a little more faith in me than that! I’m a world-class Quidditch player!’ he teased with a wink. Hermione looked over the broom warily.

‘Where do I get on?’

‘Just behind me.’ He said, tapping the broom. ‘And hold on tight.’ Hermione, much uncoordinated, climbed on to the back of the broom and they took off into the night sky. She was glad that he was the one flying because she couldn’t see a thing in the howling snow. The crisp wind in her hair was exhilarating and as she looked up it was the most magical sight upon her. She didn’t want flying to end. Draco made her feel safe up there, however tight she was holding on to him. Much to her dislike, he set them down on a piece of grass outside the forest. The snow had formed a soft pillow on the grass and Draco laid his cloak down for them to sit on. He put his arm around her as she sat down and they looked up to the starry sky, scattered with flecks of white. Shivering, she pulled out her wand and cast a warming charm, which formed a large bubble around them. It instantly created the illusion of warmth exerting from a fireplace that had been burning for hours whilst they looked at the snow lying on the grounds.

‘Brilliant,’ murmured Draco in her ear, ‘you truly are the brightest witch of our age.’ Hermione blushed. So many people had said that to her, but it sounded so much better coming from him. Noticing the colour in her cheeks, Draco brushed the back of his hand over them.

‘You’re adorable, you know that?’ he said to her.

‘Stop it, you’re making me blush!’ Hermione giggled. Draco joined in the laughter and they soon fell back upon the cloak and watched the skies. Draco’s arm around her, Hermione’s head on his chest. It was perfect.



The smell of strawberry filled his nostrils and Draco jolted awake. He was temporarily unaware of his surroundings as he lay back on the thick cloak whilst the snow fell. And then he remembered as he glanced down at the beautiful women asleep on his chest. He had to smile, how could he not? This girl had chosen him. Out of the millions of wizards, she had chosen him, despite his past.  That was magic, he decided. The ability to love someone for all they are worth and despite everything. He slowly brought his hand up to her hair and began stroking it. She stirred awake.

‘Hello, love.’ He smiled.

‘Hello, Draco,' she replied sweetly. ‘How long have we been out here?’ he checked his wizards watch.

‘A few hours. It’s almost one. We should probably head back shouldn’t we?’

‘It might not be a bad idea; we wouldn’t want to get caught here in the morning!’

‘You’re right there.’ he laughed, getting to his feet. Draco picked up his cloak and the broom and went to turn around when WHACK. A snowball hit him directly in the back of his head and the snow slid down his back, eliminating all effects of the warming charm. How dare she?! He slower turned around to face the perpetrator.

‘You did not just do that...’ He said menacingly as she giggled innocently. Bending down in one swift movement and grabbing some snow, he hurled it at her and it splattered all over her front. The effect was instant. Snow was soon flying across the grounds and hitting the two, making them icy. They soon turned to bewitching snow balls to fly. Hermione’s shrill laugh echoed throughout the night as she ran after Draco, snow ball in hand. She couldn’t see him due to the darkness and the snow and soon stopped running, fearing she was lost. Suddenly, he came out of nowhere behind her tackled her into the snow. She laughed uncontrollably and he landed beside her, breathing heavily and giggling. They both sighed as they looked at each other, grinning from ear to ear.

‘Hermione, I...’ Draco started and Hermione held her breath. Was he going to say it? ‘I think we should go back now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t feel my fingers.’ She breathed out.

‘M-me too! Come on then, let’s go.’ She stuttered, pulling herself out of the snow. Draco followed and they were soon flying off in to the night once more. Hermione pressed herself against Draco’s warm body as they soared over the lake.

‘Thanks for taking me to play in the snow.’ She murmured in his ear and watched him smile.

‘You’re welcome, love.’ The silence was comfortable as Draco steered them back to the Head’s tower and into Hermione’s ajar window. They landed softly on the wood floor and Hermione lit the brackets.

‘You know, Draco. I never thought I’d get on the back of a broom once. And I surely didn’t think I’d ever get on the back of one with you... But it was... awesome.’

 He smiled warmly as he pulled her into a hug. Over her head, he surveyed her room.

‘I think I like your room better than mine. It’s... warmer.’ Hermione giggled.

‘Why thank you! I quite like it myself.’ She said as she tip-toed to kiss him. He cupped her rosy cheeks as he responded, deepening the kiss. Their lips soon moved in harmony and he lifted her up easily and carried her to the large bed. Hermione had never felt a deeper desire for him, for all of him. His body against hers.  He broke away from her mouth and kissed her jaw-line, down her neck as Hermione clawed his back in desperation. He made her feel so vulnerable but in the sexiest way. As they continued kissing, she ran her hands over his body, wanting more. But, much to her dislike, he pulled away sighing and Hermione pouted.

‘Don’t give me that face!’ he laughed. ‘I should probably go. Sleep well my love, we have classes tomorrow.’

‘Uhh... don’t remind me....’

‘Sorry.’ He smiled. ‘Goodnight, Hermione.’

‘Goodnight, Draco.’ And with that, he walked out of her room, broom in hand, smiling more than he ever could have imagined.

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