Arthur Weasley stood in the middle of his family’s campsite in the early hours of the morning practically shaking with excitement.  Today was the last day of the camping trip tomorrow they would take the bus home.  Arthur glanced at his watch he was going to get all his family out of bed to see the sunrise.  Arthur repressed a shudder when he realized that several of his children were not morning people.  Ignoring the ginger fueled wrath that would soon descend upon him Arthur put his whistle to his lips.  The shrill cry cut through the morning air, and Arthur heard the mutterings and profanity that he always associated with waking his children. 

                Molly was the first to leave the tent she hurried to his side looking concerned.  Arthur gestured for her to wait for the others.  Still whistling Arthur watched as his children slowly made their way out of bed.  Finally when all his loved ones were around him rubbing sleep from their eyes and shivering he let the whistle fall.  It dangled from a string around his neck, quite ingenious really, so he wouldn’t lose it.  “Morning Weasleys!  As I’m sure you remember today is our last day here; I want to make this day special.  So we are starting our day together by watching the sunrise.” 

                Arthur was practically bouncing with excitement; unfortunately his children didn’t seem to share his enthusiasm.  He saw Hermione seemed to be torn, finally she spoke, “Mr. Weasley according to my watch it’s now 3:17 am the sun won’t rise until close to 5:00 am.”  A groan rose up from his children at this news.  Mr. Weasley beamed at them in return, “well then we’ll have time for a spot of breakfast.  Besides I want us to have the full sunrise experience, so we’ll watch the sky lighten.” 

                At this point Molly saw that he needed some assistance and started shooing her children towards the camp fire.  In no time at all they were all sitting comfortably eating egg and bacon sandwiches.  Arthur never ceased to be amazed by Molly’s ability to get their children to do what she wanted.  As his children filled their bellies their mouths began to move.  Arthur sat with his sandwich and let the chattering of his children surround him.  He was used to people telling him that he and Molly were nuts for having all these kids, but he loved it.  This happy chaos was his bliss, if only Fred were here this would be the perfect morning. 




                Ron looked around at the other occupants of the tent and couldn’t help but smile.  Watching the sunrise hadn’t been possible because of the torrential downpour that arrived with the dawn.  Now his very boisterous family was all cooped up in the campsite.  The charms Hermione cast managed to keep the area under them dry, but it was nowhere near enough room for his family to run free.  It was only nine o’clock in the morning and already George had set Percy on fire, Ginny had cast a bat Bogey hex at Charlie for trying to eat her pygmy puff Arnold, and his mum and Bill had been arguing for almost an hour about Bill’s ponytail and earring.  Fleur had quite wisely decided to leave them to their fight and had wandered off to sit with Audrey.  If the look on Fleur’s face was any indication she wanted nothing more than to poke Audrey’s eyes out.  Ginny had been cornered by dad and was roped into playing with the collection of broken umbrellas he had brought along for just this reason.  If she hadn’t just hexed Charlie she probably would have wriggled from her father’s grasp, but with Charlie looking for revenge Ginny was better off staying with their dad.  Ron looked to his right and saw his two best friends playing with Teddy together.  It made Ron happy to see them both so happy, and Ron’s stomach flipped when he remembered that he was part of that happiness. 




                George was enjoying himself.  It had been so long since he had enjoyed anything, but now he found himself having to pretend to be okay less frequently.  Fred’s loss still left a gaping hole inside him.  George knew he would gladly give his other ear and as many limbs as he could spare to have his twin back, but that wasn’t possible. 

                George also knew that his siblings had really pulled together to help him get through the last two years.  He didn’t know that he would ever feel completely normal again, but he knew that the future looked bright.  If he was being completely honest with himself there was a someone who was making the future seem brighter.  George had been seeing Angelina Johnson for a couple of months now and it was time to let his family know.  He would have to bring her to the next Sunday Lunch.  Bringing his attention back to his increasingly bored family George made a decision.  A bored Weasley was a dangerous thing. 

                George grabbed Ron’s hand his younger brother instinctively grabbed Harry who grabbed Hermione, and pulled them all out into the rain.  Once he had ensured that they were all thoroughly soaked and were pretending to be ducks with Teddy, George returned to the campsite to grab more family.  In no time at all he had his family racing around in the rain.  Mud was thrown, mostly at Percy, and everyone was smiling.  George stood int he midst of the chaos grinning broadly it felt good to cause a little mischief again.   Eventually George knew his mum would insist every come back under cover and dry off, but for now they were just having fun, and wasn’t that the point of this whole trip?

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