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Everything's gonna be OK Spread my wings and fly away Hermione was thinking about those words she once heard from a muggle song. If only she had wings. She take her and Harry and well... fly away Ron has been a bitch and ignoring them. They were his friends first. And now he goes with another girl "Hey Harry" Hermione said. She was letting Harry copy her homework and it was late at night. She was sitting on the chair next to Harry near the fire, leaning back in it "Yeah" he said "How do you think Ron is doing with out my help and without hisa fame of being the boy-who-lived's side kick" Harry laughed "Yeah, he'll be back" Just then the common room door opened and in came Ron and Lavender "What" Ron said when they saw they were still up "Nothing, nothing" Hermione said, rolling her eyes and opening a book "Don't you roll your eyes at-" Lavender started "Their not worth it, remember that Lavender" Ron said "Good night" and he gave Lavender a kiss and went up the boys dormitory Lavender went up the girls "What are you reading Hermione" Harry asked She blushed "Mental illnesses and how to treat them. They say go to the hospital" "NO" Harry said Hermione sighed "I know, I know" "I'm going to bed. Good night" Harry said going up the boys dormitorys Harry took out a knife he found at dinner and cut cuts until he fell asleep... *-* "Harry, give it to me" Harry was still asleep and he knew it was time to get up "Give you wha-" "What you've been cutting with" Hermione said when she came into clear view "How'd-" Harry started "There's blood on your sleeve" She finished "And I'm doing this for you own good" Harry sighed. He coulden't argue with that "I guess" Now Hermione sighed "Am I honestly that bossy" "No" "I'm helping" "I know" "Let's go *Read and Review

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