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credit to Lady Asphodel@TDA for this super awesome chapter title ! 

I tied back my black hair as I stared at Professor McGonagall go on and on about some new lesson we were learning in Transfiguration. You’d think as a Ravenclaw I would be taking some ultra long notes but alas I am too preoccupied worrying about the plenty of ways our fellow quidditch teams were going to try to kill me and my awesome team.






It’s a hard life that I lead.






“Ms. Patil are you even paying attention?”






I snapped out of my little inner conversation to stare into my Professor (and headmistresses’) eyes. She had her hands on her hips in a very threatening way with a wand in her spare hand. She was a scary woman.






I blushed and shrugged sheepishly, “Sorry Professor, I’ll pay better attention.”






“I’m sure you will,” She muttered before looking over me with a small, lingering smile. “Don’t want anyone stealing your shoes.”






There was a collection of laughter following the classroom and I let out a deep breath, smiling softly as I waited for her to return. Thank goodness McGonagall liked me or I would be toast. I was lucky that my Transfiguration class was mostly older students and Ravenclaws because I did not want to deal with angry quidditch people.






“Speaking of stolen shoes, mind if we get ours back?”






I jumped at the voice of Freddy Weasley being so close to me. There were deep chuckles and I turned around to face Fred and James. Bugger, this is what I get for taking a seventh year class!






“Um, yes….I mean no…I mean ye-wait, I’m confused.” I admitted with a blush still lingering on my cheeks, staring up at the two males in front of me. Yum, they were attractive. Still have no clue how they’re related to the She-Devil.






James let out another round of deep laughter, clutching his side slightly. “You’re a lot funnier than Dom gives you credit for.” He commented with what seemed to be a kind smile. Whoa, shocker there.






“I’m sure she gives me absolutely no credit at all because she’s the devil.” I blurted out. My nosey Transfig partner, an annoying Gryffindor, turned to stare at me with an open mouth for insulting the queen. Whoops, I guess I wasn’t supposed to say that.






Both of the boys exchanged looks before laughing. I didn’t really know what to do so instead I just laughed awkwardly alongside them, hoping it was the right thing to do. I probably looked insane, standing in the middle of my Advance Transfiguration class fake laughing while being stared down by Fred Weasley and James Potter.






Yep, really insane.






“I like you.” Fred announced, grinning proudly at me with his pretty pearly whites that stood out against his caramel complexion.






What? Don’t go judging me for noticing things about him. He was a bloke after all and I liked blokes. Only pretty blokes, though. Freddy Weasley, was in fact, very much a pretty bloke though so no worries.






“Erm, thanks!” I said rather loudly, managing to knock down my scroll of notes when I tried to lean against my desk all cool and shit. I’m seriously the spokes person for awkwardness. James and Fred seemed to be really digging my awkwardness though cause they laughed and even bent down to help pick up (!!) my stuff for me.






“My bad, my bad.” I said quickly, scooping up my scroll that had spilled ink on it from James’s hands, cradling it close to my chest and most likely staining my white button up. “Um, you guys aren’t going to like corner me or something in the dungeons and try to beat me up to give you back your shoes are you?”






“Are you insane?” Fred asked, laughing for probably the billionth time since they started talking to me. “I just told you I liked you and now you are going off accusing James and I of planning to beat you up over a pair of shoes. What makes you think we would do that?”






“Marcus Parkinson threatened Malcolm earlier during breakfast and I just assumed…”






“Malcolm?” James asked, leaning against the opposite desk and managing to not spill anything over. “You mean Wood?”






I nodded. Smooth, Bri, real smooth.






“Anyways, sweet cheeks, you assumed wrong!” Fred declared loudly, earning a few glares from hard-working students.






I stared at him. James stared at him.






“Did you just call her sweet cheeks?” James asked looking down at his best friend slash cousin in embarrassment. Hell, I would be pretty embarrassed too if one of my friends talked like that.






“Too much?” He asked and both James and I nodded.






If Fred Weasley continued to talk like that then I’d have to let Leslie down and tell her he’s secretly a flaming homosexual. Not that I don’t love the gays because trust me, I do. I always wanted a gay best friend because they have the best style of fashion.






“Please don’t call me that,” I added with a small laugh, earning a glare from my partner as she muttered something about me not doing any work. I gave her a half-hearted apology while I was tempted to just flip her the bird for even commenting on my work ethic.






I was one of the four sixth years in this stupid class so she should freaking watch herself.






“And what should we call you then, our little thief?” James asked and I could have sworn he gave me one of his swoon-worthy smirks. Ugh, seriously, merlin bless this family for making such beautiful children.






“Definitely not that,” I said quickly, scrunching up my nose in a very ugly way that probably made me resemble my Aunt Padama’s pug dog. “My names Brielle so I guess you can call me that.”






“Well Brielle,” James began loudly, looping his arm through my left arm while Fred did something similar to my right. I stared wide-eyed at them, trying to calculate my chances of escaping and making a run for it if they tried anything. “Since I’m under the impression we won’t be getting our shoes back anytime soon we’re going to have to compromise.”






“Compromise?” I squeaked out. I may be a bad bitch and all (LOL AREN’T I FUNNY) but James Potter and Fred Weasley are scary arse quidditch blokes. They think pushing someone into the lake so they get attacked by the squid is funny. Not to mention the time they told first years that the whomping willow was a peaceful place to study.






I’m sorry but I’m really not looking forward to being fed to squids for stealing a couple of shoes.






“Since you’re holding our shoes hostage we’ve decided that we’re going to take you hostage.” Fred said as if it was the most sane thing in the world. He scooped up my bag with his free hand as they began to walk me towards the door considering  the bell rang.






“Um and if I refuse?”






“We’re going too…wow, Fred, we never really thought that far into the plan.” James said with a blank expression, kicking the door open as I let them drag me.






“We never think out our plans, James.”






Well isn’t this lovely, I’m now being held hostage by two seventeen year old Gryffindor blokes that don’t even think their kidnapping plans out thoroughly.






Eh, I’m sure Leslie and Amelia will break me out by the end of the day. 


A/N: Hello girlies and gents! I am so freaking excited about the response I have been getting with this story. It seriously makes me smile when I see reviews on my chapters after only a few days of posting them. 

If you haven't noticed I have been slowly adding chapter images to my chapters so if you are ever interested on what people look like you can take a quick look at my lovely chapter images i've been getting from the talented people at TDA.

I'd like to say that if anyone was offended by the 'too gay' comment to please not be upset with me. I actually am a big supporter and have a gay uncle and wish that someday everyone will have the rights they deserve. Same love baby. Anyways, no more religious/relationship talk. 

Please leave a review! Though I have a question that I hope some of you guys will respond too. I decided that once this gets to five chapters i'm going to start up another story. I've been in the middle of writing a Louis/OC & a Freddy/OC story but I want to know which one you guys would like to see more.

I love you guys lots and appreciate all your feedback!

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