Hermione turned on her side to look at Draco: she watched him as he slept. She knew it was early as the sun was not yet showering the room with light. She placed her right middle finger on his scar on his right eyebrow, and traced it down to his cheekbone. She took away her finger, and started drawing around the prominent muscles of his torso. After a while of making patterns, she snuggled closer to him, breathing in his smell. 

Oh how nice it is to be with him again.  She felt her heart flutter as he rubbed his hands down his face and then through his hair.

"Morning." He said, without opening his eyes.

"Hello." She smiled.

"What time is it?" He sat up in his bed.

"I think it’s about five."

"So early!" he turned around, and looked at Hermione and pulled the ruffled bed sheets over the top of him to make a tent.

"What are you doing?" she laughed as he positioned himself above her.

"Can't I admire you in the morning?" he smirked. She’s beautiful in the morning. Utterly beautiful.

"Nope!" she smirked back, surprising Draco, and pushed him so he was lying next to her again.

"You’re beautiful in the morning." He said, propping up on his elbows and admiring her.

"Since when did you get all cheesy romantic?" she snorted.

He squinted. "Since when did you get so hard?"

"Since I knew there was a dark lord I had to defeat, every now I then, it comes out again." She winked, as she summoned her clothes and started to get dressed.

Once she was dressed, she threw Draco his clothes. "Get dressed; we can get some revision in."

Draco groaned as quickly got dressed into his school robes. "Fine."

"Draco, I think" Hermione had a look of seriousness on her face, which worried Draco into thinking she regretted what happened, "oh, no, don’t worry." She saw the look on his face. "It’s not bad, all I was going to say, is that I think we shouldn’t tell anybody again. To stay safe, we only carry our relationship in here." She looked at him cautiously.

"Agreed, we tell no one. Not even Weaslet-Ginny." He raised an eyebrow.

Hermione opened her mouth to disagree, but thought it was best not to, "Alright then, but not Blaise either."


Hermione walked into the common room, then up into her room, getting a charms book and some other revision things for Draco.

"Hermione, how long have you been revising for?" Draco asked curiously as he reached for a book.

"Well, since Christmas, but when you left, I spent the majority of my time revising to distract myself. No-one else moved in here, so I had the place to myself. It was daunting at first, but then I got tired of it, so revision blocked it all out." She said, as she grabbed her charms book.

"Oh." He looked down, feeling guilt-ridden.

They both sat in silence for half an hour, the only noises were pages turning, scratching of quills, and the odd question here and there.

"You don’t’ have to feel guilty anymore, I do understand. I can see it in your face. Long gone are the days where you would hide your emotions." She smirked.

"I know, but I still feel bad, and I don’t need to hide my emotions around you anyway, you would be able to figure them out somehow." He placed his book on the table.

Hermione got up and sat next to Draco, hugging him reassuringly. He breathed in her familiar scent and pulled away. He looked down at her, and his breath was taken away.

"What?" Hermione looked concerned.

"Nothing." He smiled, and kissed her on the lips lightly.

This made Hermione’s heart beat faster, she straightened her back, and reached up to his face and kissed him, it was only gentle, but Draco could feel the amount of passion she put into it. He deepened the kiss. He quickly took off his school robes and took off Hermione’s.

"Hey!" she said out of surprise.

"Just making up for lost time." He smirked, and kissed her again. He stopped only for a short moment to take off his top when they heard the portrait go.

"Oh, that must be Ginny." Hermione quickly climbed off Draco, and ran to the other side of the room to pick up her robes and shirt. She flicked her wand, and they were both on her. Draco did the same, just in time to see Ginny walking into the room.

Ginny stopped as she entered the common room, and peered at them. "What’s going on? Why are you both red and taking deep breaths?" she looked at them suspiciously.

"We were just having a heated discussion." She made a face at Draco, hoping to fool Ginny.

"I'm right Granger." He looked at her one more time and made his way to the bathroom, leaning on the back of the door as he shut it.

"Eurgh! Come on Ginny, let’s go to breakfast." She started to walk, and Ginny followed her.

Once they were out of the portrait, Hermione looked down, and saw she had forgotten her books, "Oh Ginny, wait here, I forgot my books." And before Ginny could say anything, Hermione had ran back through the portrait hole.

Hermione ran back in and looked around for her books. She saw the bathroom door was ajar so she quickly popped her head in to find Draco undressing himself, she quickly ran up to him and kissed his cheek and left. He looked after her, watching her go, and smiled to himself.

"So, what was your argument about? Finally speaking to him?" Ginny asked.

"It was nothing, and no, I'm not speaking to him. I'm still angry." Hermione said with her best angry face.


"So, how’s Harry?" Hermione asked.

"Oh, he’s brilliant." She smiled.

"Ahh, that’s good." Hermione smiled.

"What would you say, if I was to say that Harry asked if I would like to move into Grimmuld place with me?" Ginny looked down sheepishly.

"I would say that it would be a terrible decision." Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"Really?" Ginny looked down at the ground.

"It would be a terrible decision if you didn’t do it!" Hermione beamed.

"You think I should do it? I haven’t given him an answer yet, but I’ll be nearly eighteen when I move in, as we are thinking about doing it a Christmas time" she smiled.

"I wonder what Molly will say?" Hermione snorted.

"Oh, Merlin, I haven’t thought about that yet!"

"Maybe she will understand, I mean, you’ve fancied Harry for years."

"I told him I loved him the other day as well. He said he loved me too." Ginny smiled as she reminisced the moment.


Hermione looked down,  I haven’t told Draco I love him yet, should I?

"Even more reason to do it Ginny! Look, you know me, and I’ve known you and Harry for years now, I think it will do you justice, and it would be a good thing for both of you. I mean, maybe wait till next summer, so you will be officially eighteen, but I still think it’s a good idea."

"Thank you Mione. So, are you ever going to talk to Draco again?" 

"I don’t know. When the time comes, maybe…" I hate having to lie to Ginny. It’s for protection though.

"I think you should. I can tell you miss him." Ginny looked at her curly haired friend as they entered the Great Hall.

They went over to the middle of the table and joined the others.

"How are you feeling better? You look somewhat happier." Harry asked, piling food onto his plate.

"I'm fine actually, I'm better. I think I just have to ignore the fact that he ever went." She smiled, feeling guilty inside. 

"That’s good to hear."

"Ginny told me about your idea, I think it’s brilliant." Hermione smiled at Harry.

"You think so?" Harry beamed, and took hold of Ginny’s hand.

"I do!" Hermione smiled, and started putting breakfast on her plate.

"OOOOHH WRITING ON THE WALL, SOMEONES BEEN A NAUGHTY CHILD, WRITING ON THE WAAAAALLL." Peeves flew into the Great Hall, and circled the teachers, laughing his dead head off.

Everyone in the hall started to chatter, some even started to get up to go have a look. Ron, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and Luna looked at each other, and got up to find the writing on the wall.

Ginny took hold of Harrys hand,

"Harry" she whispered to him.

"It’s fine. You’re fine." He gave her a reassuring squeeze of the hand.

The group followed Peeves, to a dead end, and there, on the wall, read:

His legacy will carry on, but I will start with one, when that mudblood girl is gone, you all better start to run.

The group looked at each other, Hermione felt anger rush course through her, he hands curling up into a fist.
She looked around, and saw the rest of the school gathered behind them.

"Finally, someone’s doing something about the Mudblood’s around here." Pansy stepped forward, happy that the muggle borns were under threat.

"Parkinson, SHUT IT." Draco shouted at the pug-faced girl who was now smirking at Hermione.

"Ohh dear, not again. Miss Parkinson, you will serve detention cleaning up the trophy room for your actions, come see me later. Students, I want you to go back to your dorms while I sort this matter out. Classes dismissed until further notice. Potter, Granger, Weasley and Malfoy: stay." Professor McGonagall ushered them over, while the rest of the school left.

"I'm guessing Mister Malfoy informed all of you about Lucius, now, I want you to find out who it is. I can’t trust my staff at the moment, because I have no clue either. Miss Granger you are under threat, so someone will have to escort you to all your classes."

"Headmistress, I can handle myself."

"Oh, I know dear, I'm just taking extra precaution, don’t want anything happening to you."

Hermione sighed, "okay, who’s going to do so."

"I think Mr Potter will suffice, and Mr Malfoy can do so while in your dorm." She swished them away with her hands.

"Okay, we really need to find out who it is, I don’t want to be chaperoned around-no offence Harry."

"None taken."

"Right, so Harry, you told me his habits, when we go to our classes, we keep an eye out. If he is under the poly juice potion, his eye colour won’t change, so we have to get close enough to the teachers, to look into their eyes." Hermione said, trying to remember if she had done so already.

"What colour eyes does he have?" asked Ron.

"The same as mine, only darker." Draco replied, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Well, we all know what yours look like, so we just look for them. Wait, how do we know it’s not you Malfoy? It would be the perfect disguise!" Ron raised an eyebrow.

"Because, Weasel, I don’t have muggle-born prejudice anymore and if I wasn’t me, would my dark mark be so prominent? It fades over time." He flinched as he rolled up his left sleeve.

Harry peered at the mark, "he’s right, they fade over time, his is pretty prominent."

"Alright, let’s get back to our dorms, before anything else happens." Hermione turned to Harry, "tell Ginny as well, we all know what happened when there was writing on the wall last time. She looked pretty shaken."

"Alright." He nodded. He and Ron said their goodbyes and went in the direction of Gryffindor tower.

Arriving back at their common room, Hermione slumped down on the sofa, rubbing her temples.

"What is it?" Draco asked, as he got books from his room.

"I’ve seen the eyes before, I'm sure of it. I remember thinking they were like yours." Hermione frowned.

"When do you think you saw them?" he asked.

"Near the start of the year, do you remember that party?"

"Yes, vaguely…’’ He smirked.

"The one where we had kiss a random person, and I got the person I once hated the most." She smirked back.

"I distinctly remember you banging your head right after, nerves?"

"Disgust." Her smirk more prominent.

"I didn’t see the look of disgust on your face this morning, or last night, or every other time."

"I got use to the fact, anyways, yes, I think I saw them just after that."

"Can you remember the day?

"I think it was the Tuesday." Hermione said, as she summoned her timetable.

"What do we have on a Tuesday?"

"The same lessons, Potions, DADA, Charms, Herbology and Earth magic."

"That leaves us with Mr Jacobs, Professor Flitwick, Professor Sprout, and Professor Herman." She furrowed her eyebrows, trying to think back.

"So, it’s one of those five."

"Yes, I'm sure of it."

"Alright, carry on thinking about it, while we revise."

"Will do."

That day, they were allowed to go back to classes and Hermione was escorted by Harry. It soon passed quickly, yet Hermione could not remember whose eyes it was that she had compared to Draco's.

"I’ll be there in a sec." Hermione shouted to Draco as she changed into her pyjamas in her room.
She sat down on her bed and sighed. Who’s eyes where they?  She closed her eyes, going over the events of that day. I remember we had to do a patronus in DADA, and Draco questioned me on my new memory in Earth Magic.

Her eyes flew open. She knew. 

"Draco!" she shouted, as she quickly put on her slippers and ran down to the common room, "Draco I know who it is!" She collided with him in the middle of the common room.

He quickly helped her up, and sat down on the sofa. "Who? Who is it?"





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