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 A/N: Disclaimer- Unfortunately, I am not Taylor Swift and do not own "Trouble".              

 I opened my eyes slowly, squinting as my eyes adjusted to the small crack of light streaming through my bed’s hangings from my clock.As I yawned I opened the hangings just a bit to read the time. 6:53. I sighed. I always was an early riser.

Knowing that trying to go back to sleep was a hopeless cause, I quietly slipped out of bed, careful not to wake my roommates. I quickly hopped in the shower, letting the hot, pounding water wake me up. After brushing my hair and throwing on my uniform, I slipped out of the dorm and headed down to the Great Hall.

The castle was always eerily silent at this time of day and I loved it. I continued on my walk, caught up in my own thoughts, and I was right outside the Great Hall when I ran into something solid. I landed on the stone cold floor on my arse.

"And now I'm lying on the cold hard ground. BAAAGGHHH."

Why yes, I did just quote a muggle song. I discovered it over the summer, and I thought it was quite catchy, especially when some genius inserted goat noises into it. 

"Did you just make a goat noise?"

Ah shit. Did I actually just sing that out loud? Okay Rory, stay calm. Juist play it cool. 

I finally looked up and  found myself lost in the green eyes of none other than Riley Wood, the hottest guy in our entire year and Hogwarts’ Golden Boy. Riley was a Ravenclaw, captain of the quidditch team, a prefect, and absolutely gorgeous, from his light brown hair to his toned body.

"uhdugrns." Cool Rory, really smooth. You are an absolute boy magnet.

Now, instead of Riley gazing at me lovingly and sweeping me off my feet like in my dreams, he was staring at me with an expression that looked like he was torn between laughing and running away from the crazy girl on the floor making barnyard sounds. 

"Ok then. That's a muggle song right?" he asked awkwardly


I ended my internal rant only to see that he was still staring at me like I was just released from Mungo's psych ward.

“O-oh yeah. But I am so sorry for running into you!” Finally Rory, an actually decent sentence, albeit the stutter at the beginning. I congratulate you brain. 

“Oh don’t be, it was my fault. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” He responded, shooting me a small smile. "You’re Rory, right? Drew Davies little sister? I’m Riley Wood.”

Yes, he knows who I am! Score one point for Rory. And he thought I didn’t know who he was. The notion made me laugh.

“What is so funny?”

“It is just the thought that you believed I didn’t know who you were. You are kind of the most popular guy in our year.”

His faced tinged pink as he laughed, an infectious chuckle that lit up his eyes and brought a smile to my face. “Not really…but you never answered my original question!”

“Ah, yes. Well actually Drew and I are twins, and I am older by ten minutes, but I am Rory.”

“Well Rory, seeing as we are the only people up in the entire school at this hour, would you like to eat with me?”

My breath caught in my throat. HE WANTS TO EAT WITH ME! ME, AURORA ROSE DAVIES! SISTER OF DREW DAVIES, INFAMOUS BOYFRIEND KILLER! No, I am serious. He actually threatened to kill my first ever boyfriend, Tom Edwards, back in fourth year. His reasoning was that he had the same first name as Voldemort, which couldn’t be a good sign. Tom left for Christmas holidays and never came back.

I looked up to see him looking questionably at me as I had my internal struggle. Okay Rory, calm down and answer him.

“That sounds great.” I finally managed to choke out.

He shot me another one of his heart melting smiles as we walked into the Great Hall. I realized he was right, and we really were the only people up. We sat down at the Ravenclaw table and chatted easily for the next hour about anything and everything while we ate. Riley was great. He was smart, funny, and kind, and I slowly felt myself becoming more comfortable around him.

“You know I was actually going to try to find you to thank you today,” he said while I was halfway through chewing a particularly large bite of toast.

I swallowed quickly. “And why was that?” I asked, bewildered.

“That first year that you helped up after she fell last night was my little sister Caitlin. That was a really nice thing you did. I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t calmed her down. “

“Oh it really wasn’t that big of a deal. You would have done the same thing if you were in my situation.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” he responded.  “Anyways, thank you.”

“No problem. If you want I could keep an eye on her and help her to adjust?” I offered

“Oh, that would be great. I was hoping she would get sorted into Ravenclaw so I could do that.”

“Nah, she is much too cool to be a Ravenclaw. Everyone knows that the best people in the world are Gryffindors!” I teased.

“Hey! I don’t know about that. Our quidditch team can kick your pathetic lion butts any day!”

“Wanna test that theory, Wood? First match of the season, it is on!”

“Oh so now we are resorting to last names? Two can play at that game, Davies. You guys are going down.”

Our banter continued until the Great Hall started to fill up and I heard a very familiar laugh from right outside the hall that filled me with dread. It was Drew and the rest of the Gryffie sixth years. He would kill Wood and then me for associating with a boy of any kind, let alone the captain of the bloody Ravenclaw quidditch team. 

“Look Riley is has been really great talking to you but I would prefer you to be alive the next time I see you and that won’t be true if my brother sees us talking.”

“What? Why would he be mad?”

Oh. He must not know about Drew’s obsessive overprotectiveness. Think Rory, think!

“Umm..he might think I am giving away Gryffindor quidditch secrets!” Good one, Rory. Now he won’t know that your brother is a psychotic wanker who doesn’t let you within five feet of any male.

“Oh okay then. I had a really good time talking to you Rory. I am a pretty early riser every day, maybe we could do this again sometime?”

Oh my Godric! He wants to eat with me again?! Cue internal squeal!

Finally I found my voice. “Sure, that sounds like fun Riley!”

Then my brother and the rest of the Gryffies entered the hall and I practically sprinted back to the Gryffindor table.

I tried to sit down in between Freddie and Liam, but found my path blocked by Drew.

“Oh no you don’t. You are not allowed to sit next to Liam.”

I glanced at Dom who was fast asleep and Fred and Liam who were both shoveling food into their mouths at an alarming rate. Sinead just looked amused and James was looking at something over my shoulder thoughtfully. Some really helpful friends I’ve got, huh. Not having the energy to get into this fight again and a little scared that Drew saw me talking to Riley, I simply sighed and took the only available spot left to Dom and ugh, Potter.

I sat down and even though I already ate, grabbed my eighth slice of toast. Hey, don’t look at me like that! I am a growing girl, I need my food!

Humming to myself, I spread jam on my toast and was just about to take a bite when I noticed Potter staring at me.

“What?!” I asked, thoroughly annoyed. Potter just continued to look at me calculatingly. Creeper.

Finally, he got a very smug look on his face and went back to eating his breakfast.

“Would you mind explaining to me why you just stared at me for ten minutes?”

“Oh, no reason.” Then he smirked. He fucking SMIRKED at me.

“Potter. WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU JUST STARING AT ME?” By now we had the attention of everyone, except for Dom of course because everyone was too scared to wake her up. If you haven’t already guessed, Dominique Weasley is not a morning person. Freddie and Liam were snickering, Sinead looked like she was scared for my mental health, and Drew was just curiously looking on.

Potter looked positively gleeful at this point. “I was just wondering what you were doing talking to Riley Wood.”

Shit. I snuck a glance at Drew. He already looked murderous.

“Umm…I was just…you know…looking for some syrup! Yes that’s what I was doing. I was sitting here, eating my pancakes and they needed some syrup. So I went to get some syrup.”

“So…You walked two tables away…to get syrup that is sitting on the table right in front of you…to put on the pancakes that are not being served today?” Potter asked skeptically, holding in a laugh.

I was going to kill the bastard.

“Well, all of the syrups were currently in use and I was really hungry and didn’t want to wait so I decided to get syrup elsewhere. But I was not really feeling great, you know time of the month, so I didn’t really feel like dealing with all of those happy and optimistic Puffs, and I obviously didn’t want to associate with a Slytherin, so I decided to go to the Ravenclaw table. And there were pancakes but I was just so hungry that I ate them all…because I am on my period…and not in a good mood…and I have cramps… and…stuff” I blurted out quickly, starting to fake cry, hoping that the mention of my (phony) time of the month might make Potter feel awkward enough to leave me alone.

I looked around to see Dommie still asleep, Sinead looking skeptical, Liam still shoveling food in his mouth, Freddie trying to see how many sausages he can stick up his nose (Why am I friends with him again), Drew with his eyes closed and fingers in his ears at my period comment singing loudly, and Potter slowly inching away from me.

Success! Oh how I love exploiting being a girl to get out of shit!

Dom then snored very loudly. So, being the good best friend I am, trying to save her from further embarrassment shoved her off the bench and on to the floor to wake her up. Let’s just say that she wasn’t very happy with me. I was called names that weren’t even in my admittedly extensive vocabulary.

It was then that McGonagall chose to clear her throat. The look on Sinead’s face was enough to tell me that she had been standing behind me for long enough to witness everything that just occurred. Oops.

She handed time tables to everyone, while shooting a stern glance at Dom and me.  

I turned bright red and mumbled thank you before making myself look busy reading my time table. What?  That woman is fucking scary. Anyways, I am taking Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, and Ancient Runes.

We all switched time tables and found that we pretty much had all of our classes together, except I am the only one taking Ancient Runes (What? It’s interesting!), and all of the boys were taking Care of Magical Creatures to hang out with Hagrid.

After a quick glance at my watch I realized we only had fifteen minutes to get our books from Gryffindor Tower and get to class. I alerted everyone else and we left together, laughing and joking without a care in the world. I fell into step with Drew, feeling a little guilty about lying about Riley, but he cured my guilt with one question.

“Wanna go out tonight?” He was referring to a run around the grounds, in our animagus forms. Yes, we are both animagi. We figured out how to do it in our 5th year. We had always been very talented in Transfiguration, and it is just our little secret. It is nice to have an escape from the hectic life of the castle in my Siberian Husky form.

“Of course!” I replied. I had been itching to get out and run since I got here. It seems to melt away all of my stress, whether from school or my Quidditch-crazy dad.

Drew smiled and I knew he had been thinking exactly the same thing.

Classes passed by in an uneventful blur and dinner seemed to take ages. Finally, it was dark enough to transform and we slipped outside unnoticed by our friends.

Once on the edge of the forest, I crouched on all fours and slowly felt my body change. I sprouted a tail and felt my teeth turn into razor sharp canines. I looked over and saw Drew in his dog form- a yellow Labrador Retriever. I ran to him, playfully nipping his ear and we were off. After we had romped around for a while, I flopped onto the ground and curled up to Drew. Then, as if reading each other’s minds, we both transformed back and headed up to the castle.

We made the long journey up to Gryffindor Tower in a comfortable silence, and after bidding each other good night, headed up to our respective dorms.

I was just about to collapse onto my bed when I noticed two people had beaten me to it- Dom and Sinead.

“Guys, what are you doing? I am so tired, I want to go to bed!”

It was then that I realized that they were both staring at me with cold, angry looks.

“We have a few questions to ask you missy.”

Shit. Did they find out about me being an animagus? Fuck, Drew is going to kill me!

“What about?” I said, trying to sound nonchalant.

”About a certain hottie you had breakfast with!” Dom squealed excitedly

I gave a sigh of relief. “Oh that, it was no big deal. We literally ran into each other and we were the only ones up, so we decided to eat together.”

“NO BIG DEAL?! You had breakfast with the most gorgeous guy in our year and you didn’t think it was important to tell us?” shrieked Sinead

“Honestly guys, I kind of forgot. But…he did ask me if I wanted to do it again!”


“Ugh, I am so jealous. What I would do to get a piece of that.” said Dom

“Hey!” I said “I saw him first!”

“Alright then, tell us about him!” whispered Sinead

I knew I was in for a long night.


A/N: *cowers behind desk* so basically i haven't updated in over a year, and i am so sorry! I have been crazy busy with school, and any writing other than essays and papers has taken a backseat. But....I'm back! I have so many good ideas for this story, and i can't wait to see where this takes me. What do you guys think of Riley? I imagine him looking like Lucas Till. While I am at it, I mine as well give you my visions for the other main people. Rory is Blake Lively, James is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Drew is Alex Pettyfer, Dom is Sara Paxton, Freddie is Luke Pasqualino, Liam is Alexander Ludwig, and I am undecided about Sinead. " Please read and review! 

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