Chapter 1 Family Ties

Hermione was in the living room reading, waiting for her husband and kids to return from their trip to the zoo. She hears the door open

"Honey, I'm home!" A blonde haired, grey eyed, smartly dressed man came into the room, it was Draco Malfoy, he and Hermione are married. A tawny brown owl flies into the room and drops a letter on the table- It was just like both Hermione and Draco's acceptance letters. Hermione read it out loud-

To DA (Dumbledore’s Army),

I am holding a little get together for you on the 2nd of May to commemorate the anniversary of the end of the war and many of you haven’t seen each other in years. I would like to invite you and your family to attend, the little ones may come too .It will be held at the castle, dress code-formal. I hope to see you soon.

Yours Sincerely

Headmistress Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall

Hermione looked at Draco "I think it's time to tell them"

"I think it is time too, how will Weasel and Potter react though their best friend married to their enemy" says Draco taking hold of her hand

"I think we should put the kids to bed, Want an early night?" Draco says kissing Hermione passionately running his hands through her brown locks

"You know I love our 'early' nights" Hermione responds as she deepens the kiss

Scorpius and Celesta come into the room and see their mother and father kissing

"Ughh, Mum and Dad are kissing!" Scorpius gags

"Come here you terror!" Hermione sees her son gagging and stops kissing Draco and comes over to Scorpius kissing him on the cheek and tickling him

"Don't think I'd forget you" Hermione says playfully

"I think it's adorable mum and dad are showing their affection for each-other Scorp" Celesta says hugging her mum and thumping Scorpius on the arm

"Celesta Narcissa Alice Malfoy don't hit your brother!" Hermione says sternly

"Where is your sister?" Hermione asks Celesta

"I don't know Scorpius was looking after her!" Hermione looks at Scorpius

"Where is Violetta?" Hermione asks Scorpius sternly

"Shi... I mean Cra...I mean Sausages I left Violetta in the car!" says Draco

"You what!" Hermione says as Draco rushes out the door and comes back with a little girl who is crying, Hermione takes her from her husband’s arms

"Violetta darling...Draco how could you leave a two year old in the car!" She thumps Draco on the arm

"Hermione Jean Malfoy don't hit your husband!" Celesta says

"That’s my girl" Draco laughs and high fives his daughter, Hermione laughs too

"Like father like daughter" she says

"How was your day at the zoo?" Hermione says sitting down on the sofa and putting her little girl in Draco's lap

"Well, We saw lions, tigers, hippo's and penguins, then we had lunch and daddy took us to the gift shop" Celesta says

"That reminds me..." Celesta    walks out the room and comes back with a toy lion, Scorpius' toy snake and Violetta's penguin

"A lion! Good choice sweetie, See Draco. Celesta is a Gryffindor in the making" Hermione smiles as Draco kisses her softly on the lips

"And what have you got Scorpius, a snake...What a surprise" She says sarcastically

"Every Malfoy boy has been in Slytherin" Draco chuckles

"So that's a Malfoy in Slytherin and for the first time a Malfoy in Gryffindor!" Draco says

"Pembim" Violetta babbles reaching out to her penguin toy that her sister has carelessly thrown on the floor, Draco reaches down and grasps the toy giving it to his daughter

"Look who I found Princess" Draco says as he sees his content family sitting in their living room: his loving wife and three kids.

"What did I do to deserve you Mrs Malfoy?" Draco asks Hermione

"I don't know Mr Malfoy, you tell me" She says nestling her head into his shoulder she strokes Violetta's hair as Draco kisses Hermione's forehead.

"Can us how you fell in love with Mum again Dad?" Celesta asks

"Not again!" Scorpius states his distress.

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