"Why don’t we have a game of spin the bottle?" Ginny asked, as Hermione and herself walked through the corridors to their next potions class.

"I’d rather not, look where it got me last time!" Hermione smiled at the memory.

"Exactly! Look Mione, you and Malfoy, you’re made to be together, trust me!" Ginny smirked.

"I doubt it, but fine, anything to make you stop!" Hermione nudged her friend and they entered the room, Hermione taking her place at the back.

"Right, today class you will be making the ageing potion. It is a potion that ages you by years, depending on how much you drink. I suppose the majority of you will remember when the Weasley twins took this potion years back and, if you saw the results, that is what most of you will look like at the end of the lesson, but do not worry, the effects are only temporary. Follow the instructions on the board, one between two, you have the rest of the lesson to complete It." and with a wave of Mr Jacobs hands, Draco entered the room, taking his place next to Hermione.

Draco felt Hermione tense as his knee brushed hers, she reached up and started following the instructions on the board,

"Were having a game of spin the bottle tonight, it won’t go on too late, would you care to join? I think Ginny is inviting Blaise too, so you won’t be by yourself." Hermione asked, not looking at him. Why am I asking this? Who knows what it could lead to?

"Um, alright then. It's clockwise by the way, not anti-clockwise." Draco started to add in the rest of the ingredients.

"Oh, yes," she started to stir the other way, "it starts just after dinner." She looked up at him, a small smile playing on her lips. She avoided looking straight into his eyes, as she didn’t know if she would be able to handle the hurt she was causing by acting like this.


Why am I acting like this? He left to protect me, he wanted to keep me safe and this is how you repay him?

Yes, but you could have gone with him, he knows you’re a fighter!

But then I might have been in more danger

Danger shamager, you helped defeat Voldemort for Merlin’s sake!

That’s true! I went against the most evil wizard for centuries; I could have held myself against Lucius!

Finally, I got some sense into you!

I just miss him, it’s been just over two weeks since his arrival, and we haven’t spoken, not properly.

So, what are you going to do about it?

I don’t know yet, but I think I'm going to show him the bow and arrow above his bed, see what he thinks?

Good plan, but don’t get back with him.

I can’t promise that, now little voice in my head, stop talking!

When the potion was finally complete, Hermione only took a small sip, only wanting to age herself a couple of years. She took it back to the heads dorm, and drank the few drops. She felt herself grow about an inch taller, she opened her eyes, and looked in the mirror: her hair was a couple of inches longer, her face was more slender, and striking and her bust was a size bigger. Wow, wow I look much prettier when im older.

She smiled to herself, and entered the common room, where she saw Draco. He was sitting on the sofa opposite the fire, his eyes closed. His features hadn’t changed much, but his hair was longer, and was more ruffled, (it had that wind swept look). His cheek bones were more prominent and he looked a good few inches taller, and stronger. His eyes flew open, to see Hermione staring at him. 

He looked at her, different adjectives popping into his mind, beautiful, sexy, striking were just a few of them. He stood up, and walked over to her, she flicked her eyes up, and he caught them with his, she could feel her heart beating faster as he made her way over to her.

Draco stood a few inches in front of Hermione, both breathing deep. They carried on looking at each other, until Hermione finally spoke.

"I know where it is." She stepped back.

"Where what is?" Draco said, trying to keep his frustrated emotions hidden behind a stone mask.

"The bow and arrow." She looked down, feeling uncomfortable, as she knew what it truly meant.

"Oh, where?"

Hermione started to walk towards Draco’s room, she stopped, looked back and gestured for him to follow, but Ginny walked in,

"Oh hey, Mione, we going to go to dinner now?" she said as the clock chimed seven.

"Yes, okay then." She quickly scurried past Draco, and linked her arm with Ginny.

"You look stunning by the way! Older Hermione is beautiful, not that the present one isnt, but you get what I mean!" Ginny winked at her friend.

"Yes, I get what you mean," she laughed, "and so do you Gin! Has Harry seen you yet?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, we-nothing." She felt her cheeks burning up. "Ginervra Molly Weasley! You didnt!?" she asked, laughing, and playfully slapping her on the arm.

"No comment." She stuck her tongue out, as they entered the great Hall.

After dinner, everyone gathered in the heads common room,

"So, spin the bottle! Anyone got a bottle?" Ginny said, and with a flick of her wand, the furniture had moved to the sides, and a bottle appeared in the middle.

Everyone sat in a circle around the bottle.

"So, spin the bottle, truth or dare, I wonder who’s going to go first?" Ginny winked, flicked her wand, and made the bottle spin round in a clockwise direction.

The bottle started slowing down, going past Ron, Ginny, Blaise and then stopping at Harry.

"Harry, truth or dare?" Ginny asked him.

Harry frowned, thinking. "Dare." As soon as the words escaped his mouth, Harry regretted it immediately, knowing what Ginny was like.

"Hmm, Harry, I dare you, to never ever leave me!" Ginny said with all seriousness.

Harry started to laugh, "is that it? Alright then!"

"Well..i didnt want to be harsh on you." Ginny looked down.

"Alright!" he leaned over to Ginny, and kissed her on the cheek, "guess it’s my turn to spin the bottle." 

He waved his wand and the bottle started to spin, it soon stopped, and landed on Draco.

"Truth or dare?"

"Truth." Draco breathed in.

"What is your biggest regret?" Harry asked, wondering if it was too much.

Many thoughts raced through his mind, "I have many regrets, mainly two. My first one, was that I didn’t stand up to certain people in my life, if I did, then I might have had something a lot earlier than I got it." He got a quick glance of Hermione and continued, "my other was leaving the one thing I cared for the most, I have many regrets." Before anyone could ask a question, he flicked his wand, and spun the bottle; it slowed down, and landed on Hermione.

Hermione closed her eyes, "truth."

Draco knew he would be regretting this. "Your password, what does it mean?"

Hermione took in a deep breath, "it’s from Romeo and Juliet, written by Shakespeare. It’s a story about two people from two families that hate each other. Romeo goes to a ball the other family are holding, and sees this Juliet. They instantly fall in love but they cannot be together, due to family prejudice. Thus, Juliet saying the line my only love sprung from my only hate. It means that Juliet was bought up to hate the other family, but it ended up giving her the only person she would ever love. It’s one of my favourite lines." she looked down, wondering if Draco would get the hidden meaning.

Draco pursed his lips, trying to figure it out.

"Alright, lets spin again." She waved her wand, and it eventually landed on Ginny.

"Truth or dare?"

"Dare! What else?" Ginny smirked.

"I dare you to find Mr Filch ad serenade him, in front of us; me and Harry. We'll be underneath the invisibility cloak." she smirked, Ginny thought the smirk resembled Draco’s.

"Fine." She got up, Harry summoned his cloak and they all walked out of the common room.

"Right, according to the map, Filch should be just...around the corner." Harry looked up from the map as they turned the corner, to find Filch.

"Student out of bed!" Filch yelled.

"Err…Sir, I have something to say to you." and before he could say anything, Ginny started to sing a muggle song called I will always love you by Whitney Houston- Hermione had played it to Ginny prior to the game. Hermione and Harry struggled to control their fit of laughter while Ginny finished her song, obliviated Filch, and stormed off back to the common room, Harry and Hermione following suit.

The game carried on, and in the end it resulted in Blaise in a dress, Luna eating some puking pastilles, and Neville revealing all to them, about his parents- something he didn’t have to do, but felt like he could tell them all, as he trusted them. Hermione also had to do a dare, in which she had to go bald for an hour, using a spell Ginny had found previously.

"Right guys, we better get going! Curfew is soon!" Neville said, standing up.

"I agree, otherwise the Nargles will come out and follow us until we go back." Luna took hold of Neville’s hand, and they both said their goodbyes.

"Alright then guys, it’s been fun, we should do it again." Hermione said, hugging Ginny and Harry.

"I agree, see you Hermione." Harry waved.

"Bye Mione." Ron said, and left.

Ginny hugged her friend once more, "Talk to him, he seemed on a downer tonight, he barely spoke!"

"I don’t know if I can." Hermione whispered into Ginny’s ear.

"You’re Hermione Granger, you can do anything, so you can do this. Ginny pulled away, and left the common room with Blaise (who put his hand up in goodbye), Harry and Ron.

Hermione turned around and went up into her bedroom to get changed into her pyjamas. They were loose white bottoms that reached her feet and the top was a loose patterned t-shirt, she tied her hair up in a ponytail and made her way back down to the common room, to find Draco already changed into his pj’s, (well, no top, and some green pj trousers).

Hermione took an sharp intake of breath when she saw Draco was shirtless, she quickly scuttled down the stairs and sat by the fire, reading Romeo and Juliet.

After a while, Draco looked up, distracted from his thoughts. He had been thinking about ways to get Hermione to talk to him again, to talk to him properly. 

I can’t just kiss her again, boundaries. What if I tell her that I-no. I'm not doing that. It might just put her in more danger if someone finds out, and who says I do? Do I? I don’t know. It’s been nearly two months now.

"Draco?" Hermione peered over her book.

Draco was startled at the use of his name by Hermione, "Yes?"

"Are you okay? You look like you’re going to be sick" she furrowed her eyebrows.

"I'm fine. I'm just tired, that’s all." Draco could feel his eyelids getting heavier.

"Go to bed." She nodded her head towards his door.

They both got up, and before Draco could leave, Hermione quickly turned around, ran up to him, went on her tiptoes, and quickly kissed him on the cheek. It was a small peck, and then she ran back to her room, leaving behind her book.

Draco placed his fingers to the tingling spot she had just kissed him, he smiled to himself and walked to his room, shutting the door behind him.

What am I doing? Why am I not talking to him? I'm being so stupid and petty, he did it to protect me. He wasn’t trying to hurt me. I should talk to him.
Hermione sat on her bed she could feel the rush of emotions that she experienced when kissing Draco on the cheek.
She got up, and quickly walked out of room, through the common room, and up to Draco’s door, she gently knocked on it three times, before Draco opened it.

"Hermione, are you all right?" he asked, concerned.

"I miss you." she said, just above a whisper. She looked down, embarrassed at the fact she was acting so girly.
If Draco didn’t see her lips move, he would never have guessed she said anything. 

"Pardon?" He went over and sat on his bed, she followed.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, I miss you." Her courage was kicking in now, "I miss how arrogant you can be sometimes, and the smirk you do when you know you’ve managed to wind me up somehow, and how you’re so cocky, but I also miss your smile, and the way you would always manage to cheer me up somehow, the way you don’t have your old prejudices anymore, and that I could trust you. I hate the fact that there’s danger still out there. I'm sorry that I’ve been angry, and I'm sorry that I have been rude and not spoken to you, it’s not your fault, I was just angry at the fact, I suppose, that I couldn’t come with you. It made me feel weak."

"You are not weak! You are the complete opposite of weak. Look at the amount of times I tormented you, called you horrendous names, you didn’t scream or cry out for help when under the crutious curse. Hermione Jean Granger, you are nothing but weak.’’

"Then why didn’t you take me with you?"

"Because I was stupid. I thought that you being here, would have kept you safe. Turns out, I was just handing you over to him, he was here all along. I found a clo-"

Hermione cut him off, "I know, I heard when you told Harry."

"Oh. Who knew Hermione Granger could act so girly." He smirked.

"Oh shove off." She went to get up of his bed and leave, frustrated that she just told him these things, but then stopped in the middle of the room, and turned around slowly. "did you do that on purpose?"

"Maybe." He smirked again.

He got up and took a step closer to her, she walked forward. 

"I missed you too, you know." He said, and he pulled her to him, pressing her body against his.

She looked up at him, and smiled, he looked down at her, lost in her eyes. He moved his head forward, and crashed his lips into hers.

Emotions. It’s all they could feel, Anger, frustration, loss, happiness, need, love.

After a while, Hermione pulled away, she smiled, "I never showed you the bow and arrow."

She moved away from him, and lay down on the left side of his bed, confused, Draco did the same.
They were both on their back, Hermione pointing to the celling. 

"Look, can you see it? It’s not directly a bow and arrow, it’s an arrow reaching from one baby to the other, when I found it, both the arrows had not reached the other; they were broken. But now, they seemed to have reached their destination." She pointed at both the arrow’s, one had reached to the cupid baby on the right, and the other, on the left.

Draco turned on his side-facing Hermione, she did so aswell.

"I'm sorry I ever left." He looked at her, guilt spreading through him.

"I'm sorry I stopped talking to you." Hermione looked at him.

They both sat up on the bed, Hermione sat on Draco’s lap, placing her legs around him.

"I'm sorry for not doing this earlier." Draco placed his hand on the back of Hermione’s head, and pushed it forward; he placed his lips on hers and kissed her gently.

Hermione responded back, but with more passion. He pulled back, and looked at her in the moonlight.

"You’re beautiful Hermione. I'm never going to lose you again- I’ll make sure of it." He smiled, and held her, swearing on Merlin’s law, that he would find, and kill, Lucius Malfoy, even if it was the last thing he would do.



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