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“RON!” “HARRY!” “What?” “I dunno, what?” “Ron, please, just go after her,” Harry pleaded. “No, explain what I did wrong.” “You kissed her,” Harry said, his voice flat as if pointing out a simple fact. “Yeah, I know I did,” Ron said. “Exactly!” Harry cried, flinging his arms exasperatedly. “I take it that was your first kiss…and hers too. People want their first kiss to be special. I know she’s imagined kissing you…but—“ Harry shook his head in disgust of his best friend. –- “That wasn’t special. It was horrible…I could tell. No sparks, fireworks or nausea…then it’s not a great kiss.” “She didn’t like the kiss?” “I think she overlooked the fact that the kiss was a disaster. It was the reason of the kiss,” Harry said, suddenly feeling like an agony uncle. “You did it because Ginny challenged you, not because your bodies were longing for another touch. She didn’t feel the time was right.” “Then how do I know when she wants to kiss me?” Ron asked, his eyes wide. “You’ll find out. But now, find her, and apologize.” Ron nodded, and ran out of the common room.
“Gin, I love him. But I didn’t like that kiss…” Hermione admitted. “And now I wanna tell you I’m sorry,” Ron said, arriving in the doorframe of the tower, panting slightly. “How did you find me?” Hermione asked, looking disgusted, yet happy and surprised that Ron had shown up. “It wasn’t easy, just leave it at that,” he said, giving her his most charming smiled. “Gin-Gin, if you’d just give us a moment alone?” “I’d love to,” Ginny smiled at her brother. She didn’t feel like disowning him anymore, he seemed to realize what he was doing. And she was sure Potter had something to do with it. She walked out, past her brother. “What do you want?” Hermione asked, her voice somewhat bitter. “I want to say I’m sorry,” Ron said. “I’m sorry for being a total idiot, moron, et cetera, et cetera.” Hermione scowled. “Look, I’m absolutely clueless at these kinds of things, and it embarrasses me to ask my little sister or my best friend,” he continued. “And I’m just asking for one chance? One more chance?” “Give me three—no four—good reasons why I should do that,” Hermione said. She knew all of this was just an official bit, she would give him a million chances any day. And she knew four was an impossible number for reasons, especially with Ron. “Because you love me,” he said, ticking the things off with his fingers. “Because I love you, because I want you to, and because you want to.” Hermione felt her mouth open and close a few times, gaping blankly like a fish out of water. Ron felt hints of a smile tug at the edges of his lips. “And also because I’m sorry, and I wont do anything you don’t want to do, ‘Mione. I realized my mistake. Please…I want to be with you,” he said. Hermione felt a single tear slide down her left cheek, following the trail of water other tears left behind. “Oh no, oh no, what did I do wrong now?” Ron mumbled to himself, fidgeting awkwardly. Hermione started shaking somewhat violently. He put her arms around her, and hugged her towards him. She shuddered against his chest, but accepted it. “You didn’t do anything wrong, Ronald Weasley, except loving a Mudblood.” Ron and Hermione both looked up, somehow both weren’t surprised to see Cassia Avery’s lanky-but curvy-shape. “Ignore her,” Hermione whispered. “Ron, ignore her.” Ron nodded just slightly, but he knew Hermione felt him. “I know Weasleys are low, but I didn’t know you would stoop low enough to love a Mudblood,” Cassia continued, slightly disturbed by the fact that she didn’t get any reaction from the two Gryffindor lovebirds. She was only doing this to get Draco’s attention, honestly. She didn’t feel like losing another twenty points off Slytherin, but maybe she could get Draco to tutor her on how to get on the famous trio’s nerves. While she was lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realize Ron walking over to her, until she saw him towering over her. Hermione suddenly realized Ron didn’t need magic to do what he was going to do to Cassia, and she hugged him, pinning his arms to his sides. “What the-“ Ron stated, surprised. “Ron, please don’t, you’re going to get into trouble,” Hermione pleaded silently. “What, Weasley, you’re Mudblood girlfriend wont let you get in a fight?” Cassia smirked. “She’s not worth it, Ron, she’s not worth it,” Hermione whispered again and again. She didn’t bother loosening her grip on him, she knew he was much stronger than she was, and he could shake her off any time he wanted. “Hermione, let go of me,” Ron said. “No.” “What’s wrong, Mudblood? I’m sure you know your good-for-nothing boyfriend is going to get in trouble…I’m sure his family doesn’t have enough Galleons to bail him out of Azkaban when the time comes.” Cassia was sneering at them. It all happened quickly. Hermione let go of Ron, and walked up to Cassia. Hermione aimed and hit Cassia with a slap with so much force it knocked the 6th year Slytherin to the floor. Her lip was bleeding, and her hand was blocking the blood. She licked the blood slowly off her hands, not taking her eyes off Ron and Hermione. Ron was staring at Hermione in admiration. “You’ll pay, Mudblood, I swear to Merlin that I will make you pay,” Cassia said, her voice drawling. She got up, dusted herself, turned on her heel, and left. “Oh no, five points off Gryffindor,” Hermione wailed. “I got into a fight, oh no, oh no, oh no…” She sank to the floor. “Cassia’s not going to tell,” Ron said quietly, sitting down beside her. “How do you know?” she asked, narrowing her eyes suspiciously, looking straight at him. “She has no friends except maybe Aurelia Chan, she’s nice to anybody,” Ron said. Hermione didn’t bother to ask him how he knew, but she was surprised there was so much to him she didn’t know. “Ron, look, I’m really sorry,” Hermione whispered. She didn’t like being the bigger man and apologizing. “I was just so surprised. Logic seemed to escape me.” “I know, ‘Mione…” he cooed softly, embracing her in his warm, strong arms, rocking her tenderly. “Logic is overrated.” “I love you, Ron. I mean it,” she said, looking into his pale gray eyes. “I know…but why?” he asked. His question was so silent Hermione wasn’t sure whether she heard it right or not. “Because,” she stumbled with her words. “because…you’re Ron.” “But I’m not special,” he replied. “I’m not a lady’s guy like Bill, not a Quidditch superstar like Charlie, not Head Boy like Percy, not pranksters like the twins, and I’m definitely not a girl like Ginny. I’m not special. Why me?” “You’re really special, Ron,” she said. “Don’t ever think you don’t measure up to your brothers. I happen to think you compute just fine.” Ron didn’t reply, he just continued rocking her slightly, and she allowed herself to lean on him. “Ron, if we stay here much longer, I swear I’m going to get intoxicated,” she grinned about fifteen minutes later. “You’re aftershave smells so good…” Ron stood up, and pulled her up with him. “Can I steal something from you first then?” “If you’re going to steal some—“ She was silenced by his lips brushing slightly on hers, catching her breath in her throat. It was poisoning, the sweetness of the kiss mixed with the scent of his aftershave. This kiss caught her off guard, but she didn’t feel like yelling at him again. When he finished, she giggled, feeling high. All the way to the common room she felt like she was walking several feet above the ground. His step was bouncy, and he felt like a rubber ball. Harry was right, but he didn’t want to admit it. He was aggressive the first time, if only he could’ve done it like the second time, he would save a lot of time. But then Hermione wouldn’t have slapped Cassia Avery…if anybody deserved that sudden outburst of violence from Hermione, it was Cassia Avery.

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