Sheila advanced on me, stalking towards me like a predator hunting their pitifully weak prey.

Scorpius must have sensed a difference in her radiant (gag) demeanour and stood up, intercepting the witch.

I stood up too, not wanting to be cursed while I was sitting down.

I looked at them, Scorpius and Sheila. Sheila and Scorpius.

He had his arms clamped around her, albeit tiny, waist and she was still glaring daggers at me. She was about a foot taller than me, and came up to Scorpius' nose, when I barely came up to his shoulder.



Looking at them now, they looked like a proper couple.

That depressed me too.

I sat down with a huff.

Albus glanced at my face then looked at me properly.

"You okay, Z?"

Oh he didn't.

I dropped my head into my hands with a *thunk*.

He said it. He told practically our entire year the name my family call me by.


Yeah, as in RoZ.

Well, my dad and my mum call me Rosie, but pretty much everybody else calls me Z.

The nickname was spawned mostly of my love of sleep, but also because of the fact that when we were kids and Hugo used to whine at me, he always said my name with emphasis on the last syllable. As in, RoSIE.

I could hear Scorpius sniggering.

I looked up.

Yep! He was laughing at me.


I stood up and stormed off towards the tent.

Yeah, I know. Mature, right?

But I was too mad at him already. Mad at his STUPID girlfriend, his STUPID temper, his STUPID silvery eyes and his BLOODY STUPID HAIR!! IT ALWAYS STUCK UP IN ODD DIRECTIONS! I MEAN, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!

Phew! Well, better out than in, right?

And who was I kidding, anyway? His hair was hot!!

Caaaaalm, Rosie, caaaaalm WAY down.

I flopped onto my sleeping bag, exhausted.

I had helped Scorpius so much today, and he laughed at me!

LAUGHED at me!

Ugh. What a prat. Like father, like son, right? His dad was a right ponce too, according to Dad.

I sighed and closed my eyes.



Light steamed in through the open tent flap.

I sat up.

Ow! Oh, great. Now I had a headache. Ugh.

I groaned, clutching my head and squinting round the tent.


I shrieked, jumping back about a foot in my sleeping bag.

Scorpius sat, watching me.

"Whoa, calm down Rose, it's okay. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He said, holding his hands out in a placating gesture.

I sighed, starting to get up and heading for the entrance of the tent.

"Hey, where are you going?" Scorpius asked, shoving me back down to a sitting position.

I felt exhausted.

"What?" I asked wearily, "what could you POSSIBLY have to say, Scorpius?"

He cringed apologetically.

"I'm sorry Rose. I shouldn't have laughed at you, especially after all you did for me yesterday. Forgive me?"

I looked up into his beautiful, pleading eyes.

"Alright, fine." I sighed, "but now I definitely need breakfast!"

"Thanks!" Scorpius exclaimed excitedly.

He reached out and pulled me toward him.

And hugged me.


I stiffened, not knowing how to react.

He smelled like lemon cake (yum) and something I hadn't smelled before, something mysterious and uniquely his own.

Like I said, yum.

I relaxed, enjoying the feel of his strong arms around me and his hard chest pressed against my cheek...



This could not be happening.

I pushed him away and shot out of the tent, running straight into...


"You're in my way," she crooned, stepping around me, "having fun with my boyfriend? You little toad."

I could feel tears burning at the backs of my eyes. Why was this happening? I never cried.

Yep, it was official, I could take no more of Scorpius' problems.


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