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“Hermione! Wait up!” Ginny called. Hermione showed no means of slowing down, so Ginny followed her, surprised that Hermione chose to lead her to the Astronomy Tower. “Out!” Hermione was crying when Ginny reached the door, puffing. Two people stumbled out of the tower, a girl and a boy. The girl Ginny recognized as Cassia Avery, was muttering some bad words under her breath. The guy Ginny wasn’t familiar with, but he had some lipstick marks over his face and neck, identical to the color Cassia Avery was wearing at the moment. The guy looked ruffled but pleased, but Cassia simply looked bored. Ginny entered the room. “Hermione?” she said timidly. “Out,” Hermione said in a monotone. “Hermione, I’m sorry,” Ginny said. “I’m going to disown the moron I have as a brother, I swear—“ “No swearing or I’ll have to take points of Gryffindor,” Hermione warned, her voice still emotionless, but Ginny knew there were fresh tear streaks down her cheeks, tears still flowing, without even looking at her. “Hermione, please,” Ginny begged. She was looking at the back of Hogwart’s smartest witch, Head Girl, and the moron(her disowned brother)’s ex. “What do you want, Ginny?” she said. Her voice was exasperated. “You want to apologize on behalf of that idiot?” “No, why should I say sorry for that idiot—the idiot you love? I want to say sorry for provoking him. I didn’t know he would do that,” she said. “Yeah, but I don’t understand,” Hermione said. “Why is he such an idiot?” “He has absolutely no idea about this kind of things,” Ginny said, her voice very matter-of-factly. “You’ve got to teach him, Hermione.” “No.” Ginny let a smile linger on her lips. “You two are more alike than you realize, you know?” A/N; sorry about it being so short, i promise there'll be more Ron in the next chapter, and the next, and the next, until...well, you'll have to find out for yourself, wont you??

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