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“Some things just never change,” Harry said, laughing, as Ron eyed Hermione and her stacks of homework. “Hermione!” Ginny cried. She approached Hermione and started whispering animatedly into her ear. Hermione blushed, then she giggled, and then she flushed again. Hermione put her books back in her bag much to the bewilderment of Ron and Harry. “You did it, Gin, you did it,” Harry said, shaking his head slowly in awe. Ginny shrugged modestly. “Now if you don’t mind, this Common Room’s occupied. I heard the Astronomy Tower’s empty, though.” Ron and Hermione blushed, and Harry laughed. “Ginny! I’m warning you, if you put one toe out of line—I know it’s with Harry, but still—I’m telling Mum!” Ron warned her, shaking a wary finger at his baby sister. Ginny stuck out her bottom lip at Ron, and pulled Harry to the couch. Harry followed obediently, and they sat down. She ruffled his fringe out of his emerald green eyes, took one last look, and closed her own eyes. “Hermione!” Ron cried. “Oh God…Ginny, Harry, stop it! You’re just teasing us!” Harry and Ginny had pulled apart. “So what if I am?” Ginny asked, eyebrows raised. Harry and Hermione were doubled over in silent laughter. “You know perfectly well we can do better,” Ron said. Hermione, Harry, and even Ginny turned to him, mouths hanging open wide. His ears were crimson but he didn’t take back his words. “Show me,” Ginny said once they had regained their posture. “Ron, don’t,” Harry warned, but he was to late. Ron pulled Hermione over to him, and pressed his lips to hers carelessly. Hermione pushed him away. “You idiot.” She stormed out of the Common Room whilst Ron was staring at her back, petrified. “You redhead moron I regret having as a brother,” Ginny spat, going after Hermione. “What did I do?” Ron asked Harry. Harry looked at Ron pitifully. “You idiot,” he echoed. “What?” Ron asked. “I’ll answer that tonight. But now, you have to go after her,” Harry said, pushing him towards the portrait hole. “No,” he said, folding his arms and staying where he was. “You realize this is the most fatal mistake that you could ever do?” Harry said. “No, because I still don’t know what I did. You have to explain what I did before I’m moving an inch.”

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