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Neither Hermione or Ron felt very hungry that night, so they clambered in the portrait hole straightaway after their discussion. They decided they couldn’t live like that anymore. Hermione realized she needed Ron more than ever, and Ron was really, really, madly, head-over-heals, in love with her anyways. “I don’t believe you once got a D for Potions! It probably means Dunderhead or something,” Hermione laughed. Her chest felt much lighter since spilling her life’s worth to Ron, who gobbled it all up like a hungry hippogriff. The new couple discovered it was hard to climb through the portrait hole when your fingers were entwined and you were laughing so hard your sides hurt. The two stopped dead when they saw who was in the common room. Harry and Ginny were both snogging there. “If Harry doesn’t stop soon, Ginny’s going to suffocate,” Hermione giggled silently in Ron’s ear. Harry and Ginny were doing it with such a passion that both Hermione and Ron were blushing. Ron cleared his throat. “Hem, hem.” Harry and Ginny pulled away, and blushed furiously when they saw who it was. “Hey,” Harry said. “Snogging my sister senseless…” Ron was starting to redden around the ears. “It was rather snog Harry than any of the other guys in Gryffindor,” Hermione said. “Shut up,” he said, not thinking. “Don’t you dare tell me to shut up, Ronald Weasley!” she exclaimed. “I’m sorry,” he said, looking down at the floor, truly sorry. There were a few comical ‘Aww’s from Harry and Ginny but they were shut up when both Hermione and Ron shot them daggers. “Why aren’t you at supper?” Harry asked. “Why aren’t you at supper?” Ron retorted. Ginny rolled her eyes. “You saw why we were not at supper, Ron. What’s your reason?” “He threw me against a wall and had some explaining to do,” Hermione smiled. “He what?” Ginny yelled. “Ronald Weasley! Don’t you dare do that to Hermione ever again, or I’m telling Mum! You mistreated a girl—“ “Gin, shut up,” Ron said with an air of calm. “Hermione cried on me,” Ron said, pointing to a soaking wet part of his robes where she had clung on to and cried. Hermione blushed. “It was you who made me cry.” “So are you guys a couple yet?” Ginny asked bluntly, eyeing Ron and Hermione’s entwined fingers. “Ginny!” Hermione, Ron (who let go of each other immediately) and Harry said in unison. “What? It was clear that one of you were going to crack one of these days,” she said. “Speaking of which, I need to get my Potions essay started,” Hermione said. “What does your Potions essay have to do with one of us going to crack?” Ron asked, looking at her, puzzled. “Absolutely nothing. But I needed to find a way for it to fit into the conversation,” she said with a hint of a smile as she started taking out the books from her bag.

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