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“Breath in, and out. Breath in, and out,” I use as calming a voice as I can while Rose hyperventilates into a brown paper bag.




I try and hide my frown, “I’m not sure. Maybe Posey has finally gained some compassion, and that’s why the entire school doesn’t know about your pregnancy.”


“HA. HA HA HA. HA HA HA HA HA!” Rose begins to sarcastically laugh in a maniacal manner, somehow managing to do so into the paper bag, “Have you ever met Posey? You DO realize that this is the girl that started to giggle evilly at the end of A Walk to Remember. Who DOES that? I mean, what could she possibly be planning by not going around and telling everyone I have a bun in the oven?”


“Okay, okay,” I exasperatedly run my hand through my hair, “I’ll go get Scorp and we’ll have a talk with her. Capiche?”


“Capiche,” Rose squeaks as she puts pink nail polish on her paper bag to make her breathing prettier.




“SCOOORPIUUUUSSS!” I bang on the door of the Slytherin boy’s sixth year dormitory after trudging all the way there from the Gryffindor common room.


Wonderboy opens the door, “Fucking Baby Buns! You have got to stop doing this.”


“Just don’t expect the same result as the last time I knocked on this door,” I wiggle a finger at him accusingly.


He winks, “I may not expect it, but I’ll never forget it.”


Why do I never get mixed up with guys that know how to keep their thoughts to themselves?


“Anyways,” I drag the word out, “Have you seen any tall blonds walking around cleaning stuff?”


Danny laughs, “Scorpius went back to his class real quick to grab something he forgot. Want to come in and wait?” he motions behind himself casually.


Actually, it’d probably be better if we stayed right here,” I narrow my eyes a little bit. I still don’t completely trust him.


And so we stood there in the doorway, drowning in awkward silence. Suddenly, something occurs to me.


“Who did you…?”




I shift awkwardly, not looking him in the eye, “You said that you… y’know. Lost your v-card or whatever the magazines call it these days. Who… Who was it?”


“Oh,” he also seems to lose the ability to keep eye contact, “Let’s not talk about that… I was in a really bad place at the time.”




More awkward silence.








I look up at him, “For what?”


“For having me talk to Professor Lupin.”


“Really? You mean it all worked out?” I can’t suppress a smile.


“Yeah, actually. I think it helped us both get, what’s the word? Closure. We’re going to talk again tomorrow after classes. It gave us a lot of perspective, y’know?” Wonderboy shrugs.


Before I can respond, I hear a voice coming up the stairs, “Danny! I swear to Merlin if you walked on my side of the dorm without taking off your shoes again I will tell everyone about the time you had a nightmare and came to cuddle with me in my bed—CHASE!” Scorpius doesn’t realize I’m standing right there until he reaches the top of the stairs, “I mean, erh, we never cuddle! We’re macho men!”


Danny has a major case of the blushies, and Scorpius’s eyes are the size of the bathtub in the prefect bathroom.


I take a moment to decide whether I’ll take advantage of this. Nah, not right now, now is the time for helping Rose.


“I will most definitely blackmail you guys with that later, but for now I need you,” I point dramatically at the Impregnator, “To help me find Posey.”


“Posey?” Scorpius leans his head back a bit and looks down at me like I’m crazy, “Why would we want to find her?”


“Rose wants us to figure out why word about the pregnancy isn’t all over the school.”


“Pregnancy?” A head with shoulder length brunette hair pops out of the seventh year boy’s dorm door, “Who’s pregnant?”


“Holy crap, Posey!” Wonderboy exclaims, “What the fuck are you doing in there?”


She shrugs and steps out, wearing only some guy’s oversized t-shirt and no pants, “I was… hanging out with a friend. Anyways, what on earth are you talking about? Why do you need to ask me about someone being pregnant?”


Posey always speaks so civilly when she’s not around her friends. She almost sounds relatable. I step forward and look her in the eye, “We know you overheard everything that night in the infirmary.”


“Huh?” She somehow still looks confused, “I was in the infirmary when I twisted my ankle, but I don’t remember hearing anything juicy. I sleep with my eyes open—“


“We know you know Rose is pregnant! Wait, what was that about sleeping with your eyes open?”


Posey’s jaw drops so far it makes me question the possibility that she’s a literal snake along with her obvious metaphorical title. However, I don’t have much time to examine the matter, because I’m busy tackling Scorpius Malfoy.


I suppose we’ve made the hallway outside the Slytherin boy’s dormitories a bit chaotic. Scorpius is screaming bloody murder, Danny is freaking out trying to hold me back as I yell and kick to try and get at Scorp, and Posey is running in circles around the three of us shouting something like “the Weasel is preggo with my man”. People are rushing up the stairs and out of their dorms to watch. Apparently it takes a Gryffindor to make this place interesting, since this kind of thing happens in our common room at least once every couple months and the only people that really care are the creepy little first years.


Finally Professor Slughorn, the absolutely ancient and noticeably flabby Head of Slytherin, shows up and pries us all apart with his cane, “Alright, alright, break it up! This is more dangerous than dentistry! What’s the problem here?”


“ROSE WEASLEY IS PREGNANT!” Posey yells smugly. Suddenly, everything is silent, and everyone is looking at us. Scorpius is still on the floor, looking up at me helplessly. Danny still has his arms around me from trying to hold me off, and he seems to be frozen with shock. Posey is just standing there with her arms crossed, a smirk on her face.


My lip quivers a little bit in defeat, but I tell myself that now is definitely not the time to start crying. Slowly, I disrupt the stillness and take Danny’s arms off of me and offer my hand to Scorpius. He takes it and I help him up and the three of us, still quiet as bricks, shuffle past a gravely silent Slughorn, down the stairs and out of the common room.


We start walking out of the dungeons, though I don’t think any of us have a destination in mind. I look up at Scorpius; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so sad. In the most sisterly way I can, I reach out and grab his hand.


He’s caught by surprise, but then shakes my hand free, “Thanks, Chase, but we don’t need any more rumors started right now,” his voice is pained, and I know he blames himself for this muck.


Danny still hasn’t said a word.






“Do you want to go talk to Teddy right now?”


He looks at me gratefully and nods, running off down the hallway and leaving me with Scorpius.


“Hey,” I say softly to my unofficial big brother, “It’s not your fault that Posey’s a butt-nugget,” he doesn’t laugh, “There’s no way you could have known she sleeps with her eyes open. I mean, who DOES that?”


“It is my fault though,” he almost whispers, “I’m the stupid one that got Rose pregnant in the first place. I wish I didn’t have to put her through this.”


“Getting her pregnant isn’t your fault either. You used protection, it just turned out faulty. You couldn’t have prevented fate.”


Scorpius shakes his head, “It’s more than that, though. Ever since I found out about the baby, I feel like I can’t do anything right. No matter what it is, I know I’m probably disappointing Rose somehow.”


I can’t help but laugh. He looks at me like I’m mentally ill, so I explain, “Rose is so crazy about you, and you don’t even realize it. You can do no wrong by her.”


He doesn’t respond, but I see a small smile appear on his face. We walk some more, and Scorpius seems to be done thinking angrily at himself since he brings up another subject, “Danny told me about what you did for him and Professor Lupin. It’s awesome and crazy how they’re bonding over this.”


“Yeah, yeah it is…” I’m suddenly lost in thought.


I brought Wonderboy and Teddy together because Danny was having a tough time with Rose’s pregnancy… Scorpius is now having a tough time with said pregnancy… Scott should arrive here some time tonight…


“Chase? What’s on your mind?”


“I think there’s someone I want to introduce you to later…”


I reveal my plan to him until we reach the Gryffindor common room. We then walk solemnly up the steps to the girl’s sixth year dorm, preparing ourselves to tell Rose about the events that have just occurred.


We walk in and find her in a light doze on her bed, her freckles standing out in the soft afternoon light. I look up at The Impregnator; neither of us wants to wake Rose up, but we know we have to. Softly, I nudge her, and her eyelids flutter open.


“Chase? Scorpius? Did you guys talk to Posey?” she yawns, barely conscious.


I begin to tell Rose what happened, but Scorp stops me and stands up a bit straighter, “Chase, I’m sorry but this is my mess and I think it’d be best if I talk to her about this by myself.”


Rose is definitely awake now; my jaw drops and I blurt out, “Since when did you grow a pair? I’m sorry, I mean—seriously, when did you grow a pair?” We were both shocked. Obviously, Scorpius was a sweet, caring guy, but never has he so firmly told us what he wants in such a… manly tone.


He furrows his eyebrows that suddenly appear thicker with masculinity, “I’m serious. I’m taking responsibility and I need to talk to Rose alone, whether it’s what you guys want or not.”


Still completely shocked, I look over at Rose to see if she’s hearing this, only to realize that she’s practically drooling at the testosterone her boyfriend is exhibiting, “Yeah, Chase, maybe you should leave…”


I narrow my eyes at them but walk towards the door, “Fine, but you two better stay off my bed.”


 After leaving, I decide to head to Teddy’s classroom to see how Wonderboy is holding up. I casually walk into the classroom, and at first the two members of the M.B.F.I.t.G.o.M.D Club don’t notice me.


“I think that before you can even decide if you want to try you have to tell her who it was,” Teddy is saying.


Danny sighs, “But you know she’s going to freak out, she’s the queen of freaking out.”


“Who’s the queen of freaking out?” I ask, an eyebrow officially raised.


“Chase!” Wonderboy stands up and gives me a friendly smile, “Did you tell Rose yet?”


“Nah, I was about to but then Scorpius interrupted me and started acting all macho and now they’re back in our dorm probably doing a whole lot of—“ I immediately cut myself off when I realize that, behind Danny, Teddy is very dramatically motioning for me to stop. I remember that this probably isn’t the best thing to talk about with Wonderboy, so I finish my sentence a little differently than I’d planned, “…talking. Boy, can those kids talk! Heh…”


Danny looks at me like I’m a grocery store hobo on a yacht, but shrugs it off and turns to Teddy, “Do you mind if I leave with Chase, Professor Lupin?”


“No, not at all. And please, call me Teddy.”


Wonderboy giggles girlishly, “Okay, Teddy.”


Wow. Somebody has a bro-crush.


Danny grabs my hand casually and runs out of the room with me in tow. Once we’re out of the classroom, the whiplash from his dramatic exit has given us both a bad case of the giggles.


“Wonderboy,” I manage between laughter, “You are so weird.”


“I’M the weird one here?” he points at himself exaggeratedly, “This is coming from the girl that likes to draw faces on the back of bald people’s heads when they’re not looking.”


I’m just barely starting to recover from our giggle-fest, “Hey, is it so bad for me to put into action what everyone thinks about doing?”


“I’m pretty sure it’s not that common of a thought…” Danny bursts my bubble.


We hear footsteps, and I turn just in time to see Louis rounding the corner, walking with Macey Ackerly who’s talking a mile a minute. I feel jealousy poking at the inside of my brain, but I know that they’re just friends so I smile at Louis, “Hey!”


Louis just kind of gives me a look, that same one I can never understand, and then turns the next corner he can, the talking machine called Macey Ackerly keeping in step with him.


I stand there, not really sure what just happened, “That was… weird.”


Wonderboy stays silent, staring in the direction they walked off to.


“Danny?” I wave my hand in front of his face, “Do you know what that was all about?”


He shakes his head and comes out of his stupor, “Huh? What do you mean?”


“Louis ignored me. He never ignores me.”


“Oh. I didn’t notice. Sorry.”


“Let’s go catch up to them. I need to figure out what that was.”


I run forward and around the corner they’d turned, eventually catching up to the former couple.


“Louis!” I touch his shoulder and he turns around, “What happened back there?”


He shrugs, and I know that he’s mad at me because he knows that I HATE when I ask people a serious question and they only shrug in response.


“Can we talk?” I ask, and realize that we’re standing next to the Room of Requirement when a door appears right next to me.


“Fine. Sure,” he shrugs again, and I drag him through the door, leaving Danny and Macey Ackerly standing outside, both looking extremely uncomfortable.


Once I close the door, Louis looks at me like I’m crazy, “You wanted to talk… in my bedroom?”


It was true; I’d just imagined the most comfortable place I could think of.


“Why are you mad at me?” I get straight to the point.


He shrugs.




“When were you in my closet?” He looks horrified and a violent shade of deep red.


“When I slept in your bed, duh. Anyways, TALK TO ME.”


“You slept in my bed…?” He begins, but the look I give him must convince him to start talking, “Alright, so I’m mad at you. But you broke your promise.”


“What promise did I break?”


Louis sits down on his bed and looks up at me, “I saw you in the library flirting with Danny. I didn’t want to believe it, but then I saw the two of you alone in the corridor laughing like it’s nineteen-ninety-nine.”


“That’s what this is about? Louis, I didn’t lie to you. Nothing happened.”


“Don’t treat me like I’m stupid, Chase. I saw you biting your lip when you talked to him.”


“I bite my lip all the time.”


“Not like that you don’t,” he shifts in his seat and looks at the ground.


Wow, maybe that trick was a little too effective, “Louis, you have to trust me.”


“How can I? It’s not like this would be the first time you couldn’t keep your pants on around Danny!” He looks like he regrets the words after he says them, but I still felt just as much of the hurt.


My face goes dead serious, a sure sign that I’m trying to hide my emotions, “First of all, you know I never had sex with Danny or anyone for that matter, if that’s what you’re implying,” I stray away from my usual euphemisms just to make Louis cringe, “And secondly, I did this all because as soon as it was over I was going to give you a romantic surprise kiss and finally agree to be your girlfriend. But good luck expecting that to happen now!”


Louis is now just sitting there silently, not even looking at me, processing all the information I’ve just told him. I, however, don’t care, as I show when I walk out of the room and purposely leave the door very wide open when I wrap my arms around Wonderboy and kiss him with all of my angry passion. Danny doesn’t seem to mind.


Once I’m done with the impromptu mini-make-out-session, I turn around, look at Louis and his unreadable expression, and walk away with Danny’s hand in mine. And yes, if I’ve not made it obvious, I am the epitome of anger at the moment.


I burst through the doorway of my dorm just as Scorpius is buttoning his shirt back up.


“Out! Both of you!” I shout. Appearing scared out of their minds, Rose and The Impregnator hurry out of the room, leaving me with a frightened yet content Wonderboy. I shut the door behind them and put a locking charm on it.


I turn around and look at Danny, “What are you waiting for?” I ask, “Take your clothes off!”


What?” He doesn’t look unpleased, just confused.


“You heard me. We are doing it. Right here, right now. Any objections?”


“Chase, trust me, I know from experience that this isn’t the right thing to do when you’re angry—“


“I don’t fucking care what the right thing to do is!” I yell at him as I struggle to take my top off, “We are going to fuck. FUCK! Holy shit, it feels good to talk freely again.”


I realize that I’m coming off as pretty psycho. And, at the moment, I probably actually am. But I’m already taking my pants off so it’s too late for me to start caring now.


Now, standing there in my bra and underwear, I look up at Danny, “Are you going to take your own clothes off or will I have to do it for you?”


He slowly and unsurely starts to take his shirt off, more for the cause of me not strangling him than anything, but then starts talking again, “Chase, you know this won’t be my first time. Don’t you even care who it was?”


“Not anymore,” I shake my head and decide to go help him, “But you more than anyone should understand what I’m doing here.”


“By ‘what I’m doing here’, do you mean unsuccessfully trying to undo my belt buckle?”


“Seriously, why the fuck won’t this unbuckle? And no, I mean doing this out of anger, spite. Now that I think about it, I think you may have gotten it right. We should have done this the first time you tried.”


“No,” he puts his hands over mine to get me to stop violently trying to unbuckle his belt, “It’s good that we didn’t. And I’m not sure if we should now.”


“Well I am sure. This is how it’s happening,” With that, I stand on my toes and kiss him just so he’ll stop thinking.


We get pretty into the kiss, and I push him back onto my bed, going on top of him to continue the kissing.


“Chase,” my name rolls off his lips so that I feel it on mine.


“Louis,” I hear it the word escape from my lips before I even know it’s going through my head, and both Danny and I instantly stop kissing.


Slowly pulling my face away from his, I get off of him and sit down on the ground at the foot of my bed, my knees pulled up to my chest, “I think you were right, Wonderboy. Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”


He crawls off the bed and sits on the floor next to me, just hugging me, and in his calm, sweet voice he tells me, “It’s okay. I didn’t want it to happen like this, anyways.”


I lean my head onto his shoulder, and within seconds I discover that there are tears streaming down my face. And, somehow… I start chuckling.


“What?” he looks down at me, “What’s so funny?”


“It’s not so much funny as it is ironic. I’ve cried very few times at this school, but this term I’ve cried twice. The first time I cried into Louis’s shoulder because of you, and now I’m crying into your shoulder because of Louis.”


“Maybe you should reconsider your taste in guys,” he jokes, and we’re both laughing.


After our light chuckles die out, he’s silent for a second like he’s thinking about something before he speaks again, “I wasn’t going to do it, you know. I wasn’t going to let you go all the way with me today.”


“You weren’t?”


“First of all, we didn’t have protection. And it would just be way too confusing if you got pregnant and Louis joined Teddy’s and my ‘club’. Also, I couldn’t stand the thought of being with you when you obviously still love someone else. In fact, being with you in spite of him.”


I take a moment to consider this. I knew Danny was right, of course, but there was something he’d said that had caught my notice. He’d said that I love Louis. I’ve used the word before, but with much lighter connotations. Do I love Louis? Okay, I think we all know the answer to that one.

“Thanks,” I hug Wonderboy, the superhero of the day, and he doesn’t even need to ask why.  


A/N: I know, I know, I’m bad! Poor Louis? Poor Danny? Poor Chase? Who do you think got the worst of all this? PLEASE, favorite lines/quotes/characters, predictions, constructive criticism, these things all encourage me to keep writing so keep reading and reviewing! x

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