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    -- Aleksandar’s Point Of View --
    [Bucharest, Romania. Fortnight before school starts at Hogwarts]

    I made my way downstairs, hard-core rap was blasting, turned up loud enough to hurt my ears. I walked into the basement to find my twin Kistopher shooting some pool. One glace at him, and my suspicions from earlier today were confirmed.

    “So, we have been assigned.” It was more of a statement that an actual question. Kristopher shut off the stereo, and glanced at me rewardingly, giving me a slight smirk. I grabbed the music remote and switched it to some calm piano music, Beethoven. I don’t mind rap, or anything, but I do have a liking for more peaceful music. Kristopher didn’t seem to mind the change in music preference.

    “Yeah the usual- standard guarding stuff, maybe even some rest and relaxation if we are lucky.” He set up another shot, I let out a sigh, I had way too much energy.

    “What’s our location?” I asked while picking up a cue stick, setting up my shot, my brother and I play pool using the mathematics of the game, it’s harder than just playing for fun, hence why we like it.

    “Hogwart’s, we are looking after a certain young man, and the people he is closet to. They are being threatened by a wizard-who-has-repressed-childhood-issues-along-with-some-real-serious-comping-problems.” He said in all seriousness, I let out al little laugh at his analysis of the guy. Yes, I knew who he was talking about all too well. I took my shot and missed-growling slightly, Kristopher started setting up his next one.

    “Hm, so the famous Lord Voldie-dork, is that you psychoanalysis diagnosis of why his is what he is, he’s depraved on account he is deprived?” Kristopher glanced right up at me, his eyes narrowing slightly.

    “Bro, that guys issues have fucking issues.” He was right about that. “Oh, and the twins Zackaury and Naythaniel are backing us on this one.” He added, that was no shocker, I stopped playing for a second.

    “This young man we are watching, its Harry Potter isn’t it?” I asked, Kristopher said nothing – his silence answered my question. We both knew James Potter when he attended Hogwart’s. Now I guess I should explain how we knew James, yet we don’t look a day past 25.

    Kristopher and I, along with Zackaury and Naythaniel, are two sets of fraternal twins, that make up the ‘Sadidas’ . We are, to put it bluntly, highly trained vampire warriors, that (due to selective breeding) have frightening vast mental and physical stamina, plus, a remarkable healing rate. Examples, I could pick up a semi-truck if I had to. I can run fast, I have hit one hundred and seventy miles per hour. That is enough to blurr any human vision, so I guess it looks like we disappear and reappear. Vampires can dematerialize, but it takes work, and concentration. Mental abilities are levitation, and just simply moving objects without touching them. Mind control and hypnotizing are standard. But we can also mess with people’s memories, and can eavesdrop on a person’s thoughts.

    But despite all that, people still have the most particular beliefs and misconceptions about us. Vampires are a complexly separates species from humans. No, we don’t bite people, or take blood. I won’t burn in the sun. I love the outdoors. But I’ll tell you one thing, I am ‘old’, Kristopher and I are 270 years old. Naythaniel and Zackaury are 192 years only I believe, so I have been around for a while.

    Kristopher turned back on the rap music, and blast’s it, I get what he is feelings, along with his mood. We played the rest of the game in comfortable silence.

    -- Hermione’s Point Of View --
    [Hogwarts, England. Two Weeks Later]

    I was having the worst time trying to find information on vampires. Harry, Rom and I were shocked to find out that Dumbledore had set up, having four vampires guarding the school. And more directly, guarding, Ron, Harry and I.

    I have known vampires exist, but never had I met one before now. They were different from what I expected them to be like.

    I had met them all, all four of them I mean. They were compelling and beautiful, but also absolutely terrifying. There was something ancient and primal, something very powerful –powerful beyond what I could comprehend...

    “You have been going though books at least an hour now Hermione, what on earth are you looking so diligently for?” The voice shocked me out of my mental train of thought, startled I looked around, I saw the vampire...uh, Aleksandar I think, standing on the level above me, leaning against the railing, looking down at me. I felt myself turn red at the idea he had been watching me for the past hour.

    “Don’t you have better things to do than watch me?” I snapped, out of embarrassment, not anger.

    “Actually...no.” He said, then got this infuriating and utterly disarming smile on his face.

    I swear, I only blinked once, now he was standing in front of me, smiling still, I looked at him dumbfounded, then I noticed that he was holding something, a old leather bound book titled ‘Vampires’. How did he? When? How? Huh?

    “You know if you have any questions, you can ask me, I am somewhat of an expert on vampires, being one and all.” Now I was beyond mortification, I looked up into his eyes, and felt myself become calm. He gave me a slow, intense, head-to-foot once over.

    “Hermione?” He said, in a low, deep, just purely male voice.

    “Yes?” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

    “You have no reason to fear me or any of the others, we are here to protect you, and it would be wise to remember that.” I couldn’t say anything to that, be he broke the eyes contact, yet the calm and relaxed feeling stayed. How did he do that? It wasn’t that I was scared of him, so to speak, but I respected him, respected what he is.

    “Come on... let me walk you back to your…” He started to say when another vampire was standing right before us. The one named Zackaury.

    -- Aleksandar’s Point Of View --

    I was just about to escort Hermione back to the Gryffindor common room when Zackaury showed up.

    I have known him for a long time, he has been in the Sadidas with me from the start, I care and love him as a brother can without reservation. If it came down it, I would die to protect him. But despite that, him and I have always had a... philosophical difference of opinion. And I find him at times to be prideful, moody, and hot tempered. His twin, Naythaniel on the other hand, is calm and reserved, it’s hard to believe they come from the same mother.

    “Afternoon brother.” He greeted me, and then looked at Hermione. “Afternoon Hermione,” He added with a nod of his head. Aw yeah, did I mention his formality makes me want to kick his ass into the next turn of the century?

    "Just wanted to ask if you wanted to patrol the surrounding grounds with me later?” He asked, my hostility dropped at the care in his voice. I smirked. “Sure thing.” I said, he nodded and was on his way. Hermione looked down at my wrist, and looked at Zackaury’s before he left. We had the same snake tattoo around our wrists – the snake was eating its own tail, a never ending circle.

    “Does that mean anything?” Hermione asked, touching my hand, sending some interesting feeling through my system. When her skin made contact with mine, I felt, sweetness almost, running though me.

    “Oh, it’s our symbol.” I responded, referring to the tattoo. She smiled, satisfied, we continued on our walk, and my mind was still musing over why I had gotten such an odd feelings when she touched me.

    Authors Note; Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoy the vampires guys, they are going to make this year in Hogwarts very interesting.

    What do you think of them?

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