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A/N: Ah! I don't even know where I have been! I had no idea it had been so long since I last updated here. I have completed this story, so I will try to add the rest of the chapters! I am going to revise it sooner or later, considering it is kind of old.

Chapter Six: Thinking

Hermione POV

I stared down into a cup of hot chocolate, stiring it with a spoon. It was past midnight and I couldn't seem to sleep. I tugged my robe around me I gently took a sip. Had I honestly thought I could just come back? The kids seemed to love it here, but I am overly stressed. I feared that the kids might be getting too attached to Draco and that wasn't good. He didn't want them and I didn't want to hurt them. Maybe the best thing for us to do was to go back home.

"'Mione?" I heard someone ask behind me. I turned around to see Ron walking up to me. "What are you doing out here so late?" He questioned, taking a seat opposite me.

"Just thinking, I guess," I shrugged running a hand through my hair.

"Want to talk about it?" He asked. I didn't reply for a bit. Did I want to talk about it? I had thought about it until my head hurt.

"I just… I don't know. The kids are getting attached to Draco and I really don't think that is the best thing for them to do." I explained.

"Shouldn't they spend time with their father?"

"Yeah, they should, but Draco doesn't believe he is their father and I don't want them hurt."

"Yeah, I see your point." Ron nodded. "But they like being around him. Or at least North seems to. I think keeping them from him would hurt them more than letting them be with him. They don't know that he is their father, do they?"

"No, I told them they didn't have one." I explained to Ron.

"Well see, they could think that he is a friend like Harry and I and still spend time with him."

"What if he doesn't like spending time with them, though. I mean, Draco isn't the one to like kids." I sighed.

"True, but he isn't the one to tell a kid to piss off either. Just give it time, 'Mione. Everything will work out in the end. Trust me." Ron walked around the table embracing me in a hug.

"Thanks, Ron, but…"

"No, no but, Hermione, you need to start enjoying your time here." Ron told me. "Now go see your dad tomorrow and then come back and stop worrying about every little thing and just have fun."

I knew he was right. All I could do was sigh and nod. He hugged me again and then headed back into the house. I stayed out there for another ten minutes before returning to the house.

"David Granger?" I asked as I reached the apartment building. They told me I would find him on the third floor. I took a deep breath as I climbed up the stairs.

"Who is it?" I hear a loud voice yell after I knocked on the door.

"Hermione," I replied, a little nervous. A heavy set man in a beer and pit stained shirt came to the door. I whinched at the site. Could this be my father? "Are you David Granger?"

"Yeah, that's me," the man slurred. Was he drunk. "Who are you?" He asked.

"Um… I am selling issues to the Harold…" with that he shut the door in my face. I couldn't tell him who I really was. Tears started to well up in my eyes. My dad was a drunk. That was just great. Now I see why mom never wanted to go around him. I see why she left him. I just went back to the burrow.

"Where are Ariel and North?" I asked as I walk into the living room. Draco seemed to be the only one there.

"Everyone went to the park," he explained, putting down the paper and looking at me. I hadn't really talked to him since our spat.

"Oh," I said, wiping my the tears that were still on my face. I then turned to go upstairs.

"Hermione," I heard his voice say. "Why are you crying?"

"I'm not," I sniffed and didn't turn around.

"I am not stupid," he said, getting up and turning me toward him. "I know when you are crying. Now why are you?"

"My dad…" I sighed, having no idea why I am going to tell him this. "He is a drunk and didn't even recognize me." Admitting this only made me cry harder. Draco took me in his arms, surprising me.

"Shhh…" he cooed. "He is an idiot. You shouldn't cry over him."

"But…" I couldn't even talk I was crying so hard.

"Hermione, don't let him get to you. He is an asshole if he didn't recognize you. Don't think about him. You have others who love and care about you." His hand was now running up and down my back. I didn't say anything, just curled into him. I looked up at him. He wiped a tear drop off my face.

"Thank you, Draco," I was calming down a little. I had caught his eye and for some reason I couldn't let go. My head seemed to get a mind of its own, because it was moving forward. He moved down and captured my lips for his own. I responded right away.

"I have missed you, Hermione," he breathed breathlessly when he pulled apart. He then went back to kissing me, this time more passionately and full of hunger. He ran his tongue along my lip and I let it in without a second thought about it. He picked me up, only breaking the kiss to take a breath, and I wrapped my legs around him.

He walked up the stairs to his room, kicking the door shut behind us. He walked over to the bed, dropping me on it. He took a minute to discard of his shirt and the white under shirt he had on with it. He then raised my shirt over my head before he went back to kissing me.

I flung my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He pulled back and began to kiss down my jaw and to my neck. His kisses went to my shoulder and on down to the rim of my bra. I closed my eyes taking in the sensation of having his lips back on me.

He lifted me up a little to unhook my bra. It was then I began to wonder if we should be doing this. I mean this is how I got pregnant the first time and he doesn't even believe they are his kids. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop about the same time he captured one of her breast in his mouth. So all I got out was a very loud moan. I moved my hands down to his jeans, not believing what I was doing. I unbuttoned and zipped them, letting him kick them off himself.

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