Her family said it all started when she was very little, her housemates said it started when she could take Muggle Studies as one of her subjects. Lily didn't really know when it all started and she didn't care, she liked muggle things and that was that.

Her Grandpa Arthur was thrilled to find someone else who was as fascinated by muggles as he was. He finally had someone who he could talk to that would understand his thoughts and be able to come up with theories with him. If asked who had a bigger obsession, people would never be able to give an answer because Lily and Arthur were pretty much tied for the worlds biggest obsession with muggles.

Her friends couldn't understand why Lily was fascinated with people that could do so little compared to wizards. Being the true friends that they were, however, they didn't question it and let Lily be and go on with whatever she was doing. Just because they put up with the muggle obsession didn't mean that they were going to get sucked into any of Lily's plans, oh no, they left that spot for Rose. For some reason she always seemed to be the one getting sucked into all of Lily's crazy ideas.

No matter where Rose was or what she was doing, one way or another Lily would drag her into her plans and they'd more often than not, things would end up exploding and sending the two of them flying through the air. Sounds fun, right?

Harry Potter denied any request that his daughter made for anything muggle related. It was common knowledge that if you gave Lily anything that was bought from a muggle store she would never leave her room for the next five years or so because she was tinkering with whatever she had. She'd break apart the object and once it was broken, attempt to put it back together.

Lily was no technician or mechanic or anything like that, and she certainly didn't know how anything in the muggle world worked so more often than not, she just broke her stuff.

If anyone asked though, any pieces found in her room that belonged to something that was once a device or you were not there because of Lily.

That being said, Lily had somehow gotten her father to buy her a laptop. I would say no one knew how she convinced him but everyone knows that Lily was daddy's little girl and Harry would do anything for his daughter. When she'd gotten it, Lily had shut herself up in her room for three months and didn't leave because she was "surfing the web." She had quickly adopted the language of all muggle teenagers and their response to being asked what they were doing.

Everyone had eventually learned what had happened on Halloween in fifth year, and they all learned what had happened with the motorcycle during the summer after fifth year, no doubt Lily would go back to school with people making bad jokes about her driving skills. It would seem logical then that Lily would not be left unsupervised for the rest of the summer or around any vehicles whatsoever. Naturally, this meant that Lily was now sitting behind the wheel of a ministry car with her father next to her teaching her how to drive and Rose sitting in the back praying for her life.

And when Harry told Lily to light press on the gas pedal, Lily heard step on the gas and drive like a maniac. Harry was cursing himself for giving in to Lily's puppy dog eyes while Rose said the words to her prayer even faster.

Hey, I said it would be logical to keep Lily away from vehicles and supervised at all times, I never said that that actually happened. In the Potter household, there was no such thing as logic.

A/N: Welcome, welcome to the beginning of the Shenanigans of Lily Potter. I know that this chapter is short but I intended it that way and I hope that it was a little bit funny either way. If you're reading this then thank you very much. Also, I would suggest reading the one-shots that go with this Trick or . . . Give Me the Candy and the Motorcycle Incident.

Anyllamas, enjoy!

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