Chapter Six
The Plan

Ginny stood in front of the Hoffman Inn, in the middle of nowhere in the English country side being photographed at a Witch Weekly event. She had slowly spent the last few months getting pushed into the spotlight and although she had no idea what she was doing she was kind of into it. Designers sent her pretty things to wear and what girl doesn’t like feeling like the bell of the ball, she smiled and waved as she continued inside.

The Hoffman Inn was a social club that had closed down for the night to host this elaborate party for all the glitterati. Ginny checked her jacket and was on her way to the bar for a club soda when someone stood in her path.
“You really can’t expect me to believe you’re not following me,” Ginny asked the blonde man that seemed to be in her presences for the third time that month.

He smirked, “why would you think that?”
“Oh I don’t know because every place I’ve been you seem to show up” A floating tray passed by with Champagne and Ginny took a glass. She had a feeling she was going to need it.

“All unintentional, like I would crash a Witch Weekly release party hoping you would make an appearance.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Malfoy but I will never hope to see you,” Ginny was going to walk away but Draco grabbed her arm.

Ginny pulled away, “shit, you made me spill my champagne”
“You weren’t going to drink it…”

“Oh piss off!” She stormed away towards the ladies room.

“You cannot follow me in here,” she whirled on him before he followed her into the ladies room.

“Ginny I need to talk to you.”

“Look!” she stopped talking when a couple of witches came out of the bathroom. “I don’t care what you have to... wait,” she just realized something, “did you just call me Ginny?”

“Yes and I have a proposition for you… “

“I don’t want to hear whatever inappropriate blurb you’ve got up your sleeve.”

“How would you like to be first string and stay there?”
She crossed her arms, “and how are you going to do that?”

“Weasel, will you marry me?”
Ginny laughed, “That’s funny did you come up with that all by yourself?”

“I’m serious.”

“Okay I have to go,” she disappeared into the ladies room.

Ginny had finished cleaning the champagne from her shoes the best she could and she was on her way to the cloakroom to get her jacket and go. She had enough of putting on appearances for the night and trying to keep clothes that don’t belong to her clean. She knew she would have to buy the shoes and didn’t want to contemplate how much they cost. It would probably be an entire weeks pay plus a small loan from her parents, including a lecture about wearing shoes that cost more than a down payment on an efficiency flat.

She was waiting in line and sorting through her clutch for her coat check ticket. She looked around at all the beautiful people in the room in their sequin with their cigarettes and champagne. She wondered who on earth let her in, she still lived with her parents and their top floor was an old train car. She caught a glimpse of Draco talking to some man in a Turban, he glanced at her and she diverted her eyes.
She wondered if he really was serious and why would he want to marry her, he doesn’t even know her and to top it off he was always so mean to her… she was always so mean to him. She handed the woman her ticket and got her jacket.

“Thank you,” she smiled at the witch behind the counter and dropped a few sickles into her tip jar. She turned around and almost ran into someone. She looked up “excuse me.” She tried to walk around Draco

“Have you thought about what I asked you?”

“Yes and it confuses me and I wish to not think of it anymore,” Ginny said beginning to pull on her jacket but Draco took it and held it open for her. “Thank you” she said putting it on rather than causing a scene.

“Look I didn’t mean to freak you out but… perhaps if I could see you home, I could explain, my carriage is right outside,” Draco said.

Ginny thought about it, she thought it was a terrible idea but it was chilly and she knew there were warming charms in his carriage, “I can’t be photographed leaving with you.”

“I’ll have it brought around back.”

“Alright,” she stuck her nose in the air led the way back through the party. Draco shook his head and chuckled. He tucked his hands in his pockets and followed her across the room and out the patio doors to the terrace. They walked to the path on the side of the building.

They stood there in complete silence until the carriage appeared being pulled by two black winged horses. The man sitting on top in the driver’s seat hopped down and pulled open the door Ginny climbed in and Draco got in behind her.

“Alright explain,” she said settling into the plush seat.

“First where are we dropping you?”
“Ottery St. Catchpole”

“Got that Borden,” Draco turned to the driver that was still standing at the door.

“Yes sir,” he nodded and closed the door.

He turned his attention to Ginny as the carriage began to move, “I understand Quidditch is a business and players must generate wins as well as profits…”

“How will the completely insane idea of you and I being married help the Quidditch business or mine considering you’re a raging lunatic and Harry Potter’s arch enemy?”

“Lunatic or not the Malfoy’s are still prominent and being a Malfoy will not only radiate press because like you said I’m Harry Potter’s arch enemy but it will also give you status outside of celebrity.”

“I don’t want status or celebrity. I want to play Quidditch.”

“You’ll get that too…”

“What’s in it for you?”

“You’ll look good on my arm,” he shrugged.

She raised an eyebrow. She knew she looked amazing in her knee length silk ivory backless dress. Her now ruined eleven centimeter pink satin strappy sandals and her red brocade jacket that fell a bit pass her dress but that most certainly couldn’t be what he was referring to. “Excuse me?”

“People think you’re innocent. You may come from a humble family but admirable to some. Not to mention your Potter’s true love…”

Ginny turned her attention to the window and watched England moving pass below. All it was were lots of tiny lights. It all seemed so far away. She decided to ignore Draco’s last comment she didn’t know if she was Harry’s true love, she sort of hoped she wasn’t because of what she did to him. She didn’t like to think about it much. She was still hurt too.

Draco caught on that he struck a nerve with Harry he really didn’t know what he was talking about, he only assumed. He thought perhaps they grew out of each other with no real urgency at the present and had gone their separate ways. Since he wanted her to agree to this he didn’t push it, “look I’m none of the kind words that could possibly be used to describe you but just the idea of someone like you, that’s thought of so highly would consider someone like me is the kind of PR I need.”

Ginny turned back to him, “why do you need PR?”

“Well I don’t know if I should share that with you considering I barely know you.”

“You just asked me to marry you and if you want me to consider this you might want to start sharing all pertinent information.”

“Oh you’ll consider because I know how badly you want to play. Because why on earth would someone like you show up to this event tonight or those other silly events you’ve been to. And you with Oliver Wood and York Grant, I don’t even know you and I know that was a load of bull. But then again I heard you got off the bench during a few games so mission accomplished. Marry me because I will radiate more gossip then you could possibly handle.”

“I know but I don’t like you, I don’t know you, and I’m about 98% sure you’ll try to kill me in my sleep.”

Draco rolled his eyes, “I don’t like you either, I’m okay with not knowing you and I think we should keep it that way, and I’m not going to kill you. It will be great we’ll have an open marriage and all.”
“Yeah, I’m sure that girl you’ve been hanging around with would love that.”

“She wouldn’t care we broke up.”

“Oh and you decided to propose to me on the rebound. And you might want to inform Borden that he won’t be able to land on the property.”

Draco climbed to the opposite side of the carriage and slid open the little door, “we’re going to have to land somewhere near the location you can’t land on her property,” he closed the door and turned around, staying seated on the opposite side.

“Would I really have to marry you?”

“Well I think we should pretend to date first.”

“Fine we’ll give it a try, I’ll be in Sweden at the end of the month for the broom races meet me there,” she said as the carriage descended and came to a halt.

Borden came around and opened the door, “a try?”

“If I don’t get a desired reaction than I’m calling it off.” Ginny climbed out of the carriage, “oh and as your dutiful girlfriend my first order business is going to be to send you the bill for my shoes,” she closed the door.

“Gin their ruined,” Jeff said looking over the shoes, “you’re going to have to pay for them. You can barely afford us.”

“I know,” Ginny’s manager and stylist were over having a meeting in her office, which oddly looked just like her parents living room. They were going over her schedule and prepping for upcoming events around a tray of Mrs. Weasley’s homemade pastries and tea. “Don’t tell me how much they are just have the bill sent to Draco Malfoy, he’ll take care of it.”

Jeff and Palmer looked at her, “I’m just curious Gin but why would Draco Malfoy pay for these,” asked Jeff.

“Well it’s only proper seeing as he spilled the champagne on them to begin with.”

“I thought you didn’t drink,” Palmer was confused.

“I don’t, I looked good holding it. That was until it was on my shoes. Besides we’ve started seeing each other,” she informed.

“Why would you do that?”  Jeff couldn’t understand why anyone would willingly associate themselves with Draco Malfoy. He had a reputation of being rude and obnoxious and then there was that minor death eater detail.
“Who care’s this is great,” Palmer put down his teacup. “Do you know how much press this could radiate? When’s your next date, I’ll drop a hint.”

Of course she knew how much press she could get, that’s why she was doing this to begin with. “I’m not telling you that,” she tried to act as if it was private she wasn’t about to say they don’t have a date, they’re going to ronde vous in Sweden when the press are already a foot.
“Oh come on you know you want to.”

She rolled her eyes, “I really don’t. What I want to know is what the hell I’m supposed to discuss on Tilden Toot, the great effects of riding a bench?”

“Your outlook on the future of your Quidditch career,” explained Palmer.

“While wearing this,” Jeff held up a day dress.
“Why, it’s on the wireless?”

“Prying eyes are everywhere, you know the drill behind the screen,” Jeff hurried her along.
Palmer and Jeff were proving to be worth the money. She’s never been so busy in her life. Invites to this and that and appearances on the wireless. She liked it, she also liked that they were cool. It made this feel less like business and more like fun. She had yet to meet any of Jeff’s supposed assistants; he always worked with her personally.

“Will you boys stay for dinner,” Mrs. Weasley asked coming into the sitting room.

“Yes Mrs. Weasley,” they answered in unison. It was fun, they were always around, and it was like getting new friends. It didn’t surprise her people always gravitated towards her. After all it was Ron who said she was too popular for her own good.
“I actually kind of like this dress,” Ginny said coming from behind the screen.

“And you’d look lovely in it if you stopped slouching,” Mrs. Weasley went over and pulled her shoulders back.

“Ow, mum”
“You’re such a lovely girl. You should start acting like it.”

“Shouldn’t you be getting dinner started,” Ginny shrugged her mother off.

“If you wanted me to leave then you should have just asked,” Mrs. Weasley stuck her nose in the air and headed back to the kitchen.

“Now back to the task at hand, Tilden.”

“Your future with the team and know your favorite types of plants.” Tilden Toot was a herbologist with a wireless show. He always had two guests within his hour. One from his field of expertise and one for entertainment, Palmer managed to snag her a guest spot. “It’ll be great besides they’re willing to pay your standard appearance fee.”

“I don’t have a standard appearance fee,” she said as Jeff pulled at her dress.

“You do now, 500 galleons. I made it up.”


An hour with Tilden Toot
Today’s special guest
Ginevra Weasley of the Holyhead Harpies and Author Gregor Olympus
“I’m here with reserve seeker for the Holyhead Harpies Ginevra Weasley. So Ms. Weasley as your first year with the team comes to an end how do you feel?”

“Shocked and excited, I still think this is all a dream getting the opportunity to be part of this team yet I’m excited to have the first year end and move to new and exciting things next season.”

“Do you know something about next season yet?”

“Yes I know that I’ll be sitting on the other end of the bench during games,” she laughed.

Tilden laughed as well, “You’ve had several opportunities to leave the bench during the season and showed some truly amazing progress?”

“Thank you, I have to attribute it to Harpies training. They’re quite good about making sure all their players are up for playing at a moment’s notice.”

“You were certainly ready, including when you caught that snitch at a Puddlemere match back in November.”
“Yeah, I was helping my fellow league members end their testosterone based display. It was an excellent match and I must admit the brawl added to the fun.”

“It was quite exciting. Are you hoping to have a few pitch fights of your own?”

“No,” she smiled, “but I’m quite confident if it happens I can hold my own. I grew up with six brothers.”

“You had to protect yourself.”

“Exactly, I suppose they thought their little sister was going to be an easy target but I turned out not to be.”

“So how did you get interested in Quidditch?”

“Through those same brothers. It’s something that has always been a steady in my house almost all of my brothers played in school some better than others. Naturally I wanted to play as well, but they would never let me. So when the sun went down and the moon was bright enough, I use to grab one of their brooms and take flight among the apple trees.”

“Apple trees!” Tilden got excited.
“Yup, my family has an apple orchard. It’s really beautiful in the springtime.”

“This is a perfect segue into the talk of plants.”

“Let me warn you now I my thumb isn’t particularly green.”

“Really, with an orchard and all”

“Yeah I’m pathetic, we’ve got a large garden and chickens and everything. But I must say if de-gnomings the game than I’m your girl.”
“That’s really important in home gardening. They like to burrow and hinder the progress of roots.”

“I totally believe you but you’re completely loosing me.”

Tilden laughed, “It’s been a dream talking to you.”

“Thank you”

“So let’s close with your favorite plant.”

“Cacti, cactuses whatever the plural for cactus”
“Thanks so much, we just chatted with Ginevra Weasley of the Holyhead Harpies and when we return we’ll have Gregor Olympus, writer of the new book. Growing in the Dark, How to Keep Your Plants Healthy at Night.” Tilden said before they rolled into commercial.

“Thanks for meeting me,” Ginny said coming out of the studio where she just recorded her interview with Tilden Toot.

“No problem, I love dashing all the way to London from Ireland on my lunch break,” said Dean sarcastically.

“You’re management it’s always your lunch break.”

“I resent that.”

“You should.”

“So how did it go?” Dean asked as they walked through Diagon Alley.

“Better than expected.”
“I suppose that’s better than terrible.”

“Yes it is. Can you get an extra ticket for the broomstick races,” inquired Ginny.

“Yes I can. I was going to get one anyway, which is what I wanted to talk to you about.”


“Would you mind not sharing a room with me?”

“Do you have a girl coming over or something?” She smirked

“Actually yes, I’m bringing the woman I’ve been seeing.”

Ginny stopped walking abruptly and narrowed her eyes at him. “Who is she and how long has this been going on?” She pretended to be offended for not being told sooner.

“It’s Padma”
“Patil, where on earth did you find her?”

Dean laughed, “At the ministry. You act like it’s been ten years since school.”
“She works at the Ministry?”

“No she was paying a fine for something she refused to tell me about,” he laughed.

“That cheeky minx,” she joked. Padma was a quiet nerdy girl who wasn’t aware of how good she actually looked.

“I’m excited about this. It’s new and blossoming…”

“Apparently blossoming enough to take her out of the country”

“What can I say, I’m just that charming,” he smirked.

“You really are,” she agreed.

“I can’t remember the last time I had a steady girlfriend. This could be good.”

Ginny laughed, “You’re just trying to get her into bed.”

He went quiet, he couldn’t believe it but that wasn’t the first thing on his mind. It was the second but he was willing to ignore it for now. “No I’m not.”
Aw Dean”

“Oh stop that,” he began walking again.

“I’m happy for you,” she followed.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah now let’s get food I’m starved. Let’s hit the café.”

“Of course… So this weekend I was thinking flat hunting.”
“You’re going to make the jump?”

“Uh huh and I need your expertise to make sure I’m not living in a slum.”

______________ Gällivare, Sweden_____________
Hotel Restaurant

“So what are you studying for,” Ginny asked Padma as she had dinner with her and Dean. They were in their hotel restaurant. It was a dim space, with a man playing piano in the corner, it was nice and cozy.

“Journalism,” she answered.
“You’re going to be the next Skeeter?”

Padma laughed, “No, Skeeter doesn’t have a degree in anything other than how to be a bitch 101. I want to be hard-hitting journalist. I want to discuss Ministers, world trade, and civil uprisings. Where you had lunch isn’t really my forte.”

“Well we always eat at Martins Café” joked Ginny, “you know, just in case Minister Shacklebolt’s new policies don’t increase your circulation count.”

“It’s a shame the news has come to that,” said Dean. “The muggle markets are declining and it’s affecting the wizarding world do to the lack of pure race because so many people merge their finances.”

“They’ll start talking about it as soon as Gringotts folds.”

Ginny listened to Padma and Dean go back and forth about politics and the looming financial crisis. She had an opinion on the situation but she was going to keep it to herself. She was more worried about the fact that Draco Malfoy was supposed to show up tomorrow and pretend to be dating her.
This had disaster written all over it. She hadn’t spoken to him since the Witch Weekly party so there was a chance he was just joking and wouldn’t show up. God she hoped he wouldn’t show up.

“So Ginny”

“Huh,” she said shaking herself from her thoughts.
“I’m sorry did I startle you,” Padma watched Ginny settle the look of surprise on her face.

“No,” she lied as she reached for her glass of water. “What were you saying?”

“I was going to ask you where you got your lovely blouse.”

“I have no idea,” Jeff had planned out everything she was to wear that weekend and threatened her if she defied him and wore something else. She was going to be a good Ginny and do as she was told, plus Jeff met her at the portkey and inspected her suitcase to make sure she hadn’t snuck in any unapproved clothing. “Someone picked it out for me.”

“It’s lovely.”

“Which is how you know Ginny didn’t pick it,” laughed Dean.
“Thank you Dean,” she narrowed her eyes at him.  She turned her attention back to Padma, “Jeffery Ramble takes care of my wardrobe he’s wonderful. He doesn’t tell me too much about it because he knows I don’t really care.”

Padma laughed as the waiter came over to clear the table. “Would anyone care for dessert?”

“Want to split something,” Padma asked Dean.

“Yeah sounds good. Gin do you want something?”

“I’m good thanks,” answered Ginny. “I’m actually quite tired, time change and all. So you two should stay and enjoy your dessert.” She was getting out of there so they could be alone. There was only an hour time difference, “you two have a goodnight.”


Ginny got up and crossed the restaurant. Before she exited the room she looked back at the table. She watched Dean smiling at Padma, she was happy for him. She hoped it worked out. One of them should get to have a happy healthy relationship why not him because now she was getting ready to pretend to be on a date with Draco Malfoy.

“God,” she huffed.
“Are you alright,” the host asked at her sudden outburst.

“I’m really not,” she answered then stocked off.

Dean, Padma, and Ginny were riding the lift down to the lobby to head out to the races. “Gin I meant to ask you, who’s the extra ticket for,” Dean said handing her two tickets.

“Um it’s sort of for…” the lift opened on the lobby and Draco turned around as the doors opened. Oh god he showed up.

“What’s Malfoy doing here,” Dean asked as they got off the lift.
Malfoy walked up to them, “good morning,” he smirked from behind his sunglasses.

“The extra ticket is sort of for him”

“WHAT!” Dean shouted people in the lobby began to look in their direction.

“Shh!” Ginny hissed and pulled Dean to the side, “sorry I didn’t tell you but I thought you’d freak out.”

“Oh you mean like I’m doing right now,” Dean looked as if steam was going to come out of his ears, “it’s Malfoy!”

“I know but we’re trying something,” she shrugged.

“Are you trying to tell me in code you’re dating him?”

“No we’re just hanging out.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” Padma said coming over, “but we’re going to miss the start.”

“You’re absolutely right let’s go,” Ginny said walking away. “Come Draco.”

“Did you tell him,” Draco whispered to her as they left the hotel.

“Of course not, that would mess up the whole plan… thank you,” she said the doorman who held the door open for them. “What happened to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s with the poor rich boy look?” She said looked him up and down.

Draco’s hair was disheveled it looked like he hadn’t shaved in days. He was hiding behind sunglasses, was wearing a plain white tee, and a beat up leather jacket.

“You don’t like my clothes?”

“I’m not use to seeing you unpolished

He shrugged, “these sunglasses set me back 150 quid,” he pushed them to the top of his head.

“This is us,” Dean said coming up behind them as a carriage pulled up. He held open the door for Ginny and Padma. He stopped Draco before he climbed in, “I’m watching you,” he warned.

“Don’t bother you’re not my type,” Draco smirked then climbed into the back of the carriage.

It was a bright beautiful, sunny, chilly day in Sweden and the streets were filled with people making their way to the start line for the broomstick races. People from all over the world were congregating for this event like they do every year. The four of them rode in the back of the carriage completely silent, Dean glaring at Draco, Ginny nervous, Padma uncomfortable, and Draco unfazed. They were going straight to the starting line passing the crowds.

They climbed out at the starting line where the official’s box was. Draco was immediately photographed and questioned about his red haired friend. He ignored them as they made their way through the crowd. They flashed their tickets to climb the stairs to join the dignitaries in the box complete with warming charms and Mimosas.

“If you’ll excuse me I need to go thank Hussan Mostafa for the tickets,” Dean said excusing himself

“So how exactly did you two meet,” questioned Padma?

“In school, I believe you were there,” answered Draco.

Padma rolled her eyes, “I meant again because I don’t recall you two ever really talking and now you’re dating?”

“We’re not dating,” they said in unison, Padma wondered why they were so defensive.

“We’re just hanging out,” Ginny explained. When a floating try of mimosas’ came by Ginny grabbed two and quickly downed the first one. “I’m going to hit the buffet table.”

Draco and Padma stood there just staring at each other not really knowing what to say…

“So how does it feel to be off for the Voldemort thing?” Asked Padma breaking the silence

“I’m going to go find Weasley,” he said turning and walking away.

“This isn’t going to work,” Ginny whispered to Draco when he joined her by the fruit platter.

“It’s going to be fine, just stop acting weird.”

“How do you expect me to do that, I’m supposed to be enjoying your company,” she used a tooth pick to pick up a piece of cantaloupe.

“First wipe that worried look off your face and second… let’s go stand by the front and just act like we’re waiting for the race to start.” He didn’t have any good ideas.

“That’s all you’ve got”

“Just come on”

She smiled and followed him over to the edge. They stood close to the wall. Draco leaned on the railing and stared out at all the people lined up along the street. The competitors had begun to assemble at the starting line, some doing leg stretches, other practicing starting on their brooms, some just gripping their brooms at their side for dear life looking pale in the face.

“Can I ask you something,” Ginny broke the silence.

“Depends on the question,” he said not bothering to look away from what was happening below.

“Did you crash that Witch Weekly party?”

He snorted, “Yes, I would never be invited to a thing like that. I thought you might be there and well who would turn me away.”

International Broomstick Races
Who cares who won, what we care about is this gorgeous photo of Draco Malfoy looking all grown up and a bit scruffy arriving for the start of the race. The scruff works, we think it’s sexy but the question that’s on our minds is the petit red head that he was with. Their interaction seemed innocent and they were accompanied by friends but it was Ginevra Weasley reserve seeker for the Holyhead Harpies and Harry Potter’s ex-flame. Aren’t he and Draco Arch enemies?
The Skeeter Report

Ginny opened up the large envelope addressed to her and dumped its contents onto her bed. There was a copy of the Skeeter Report with a note sticking out. She flipped to the page, there was a picture of her and Draco arriving at the broomstick races, she smiled. The note read…

Did we achieve the desired effect? Want to go to an opening?

“You know asking me to come to this thing with you was much better than your proposal of marriage,” said Ginny as she and Draco strolled through the new show by experimental artist Dale Collins. The Gallery was a dimly lit square room. There was a stone garden courtyard in the center of the room. There were quite a few people there. The art world was out in full force witches and wizards dressed more outrageous than the last. They were discussing the art with so much passion over free champagne and cheese. It was being covered exclusively by the art section of the Daily Prophet. No one even seemed fazed by the two photographers that weaved seamlessly through the crowd snapping candid’s.

“Perhaps because this is less scary”

“I suppose art is a less challenging subject except when you’re trying to understand it,” she said as they stopped in front of a sculpture entitled Stool, which was simply a large cauldron turned upside down.

“I think it’s kind of interesting,” he shrugged

Really because I’ve got an old one of these in my kitchen you could have for free.”

“The fact that it’s a cauldron isn’t interesting. What makes it intriguing is the thought behind it and the way it sparks so many questions,” Draco explained

Ginny looked around, people did seem to gravitate towards the piece and they were all engrossed in excited conversation. She supposed there was something beautiful about the musty old pot, it brought people together. She wasn’t going to call it art but she would call it a conversation piece. “I suppose that is kind of interesting… are you going to purchase anything?”
“I already did,” he took a sip of his champagne.

“Which one”

“It’s over here,” he said leading Ginny back towards the door. There was this painting that was just a big splotch of paint. It was currently blue when they appeared in front of it, it then turned red.

“Ah Draco,” a mature woman with cherry red curly hair approached them and kissed Draco on each cheek. “It’s so wonderful to see you.”
“You as well,” he smiled. He can smile, Ginny noted. “This is my friend Ginny Weasley, Ginny this is Dale the artist.”

Ginny shook her hand, “it’s nice to meet you. Everything is so lovely.”

“Thank you, Weasley you wouldn’t by any chance be related to Arthur would you,” she asked curiously.

“My father’s name is Arthur,” responded Ginny.
“Married Molly…”

Dale smiled, “I dated your father before Molly, you sort of look like her. It was pure ecstasy or that could have been the fact that we were high the whole time,” she went on as if this wasn’t grossing Ginny out. “You two should try having a shag when you’re completely shit faced it’s amazing but then you probably don’t need to since you turned the painting red.”

Ginny knew the only way she would ever have sex with Malfoy was if she was under the influence of something but she was positive that was never going to happen.

“We’re not together like that,” Draco explained feeling uncomfortable and little as if he was going to throw up at the thought of shagging Weasel.

“Could have fooled me, you’re so passionate.”
“Mutual disdain, so it’s a mood painting,” Ginny said not wanting to talk to a complete stranger about her sex life.

“It’s more than that darling,” she began sensually, “it detects those feelings you want no one to know, your deepest darkest desires... oh and look it’s purchased,” she noticed the red dot next to the description.
“I bought it,” Draco said.

“You’ve become quite the collector of my work. And you’re so young. People your age never know who I am.”

“I think it’s brilliant…”

“Now all you need is a place to hang it,” she said.
“That’s true my father would flip if I hung this in his house,” chuckled Draco

Ginny stood there watching as he and Dale traded pleasantries and thought this wasn’t going to be as bad as she thought. Of course she hated his guts and there was still that looming question of whether she was going to marry him or not but as long as they were around other people he wasn’t all that bad.
“The Plan”

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