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I noticed the owl swoop down from the sky towards the cottage I called home. I glanced at it excitedly because it was not often that we received an owl mother and me. I jumped up from my favorite reading spot, a smooth rock above the sandy shore of the beach below it. As I did so, a breeze lifted the hem of my long dress off the ground slightly. I smoothed it down and ran towards the house.

The owl was perched on a ledge outside of the kitchen window and it hooted when it arrived.

“The bird won’t let me near it so I imagine the letter must be for you, sweetheart,” mother said to me her voice soft, and sweet. She smiled at me and nodded, encouraging me to take the letter.

I took a brave step towards the owl, I had read that they could be feisty creatures, and would bite you if you got to close when they didn’t want you to. I looked into its yellow eyes and stretched out my hand towards it. He hooted again and I untied the letter from its leg. I gave the owl a little treat, leftover from my lunch, since we didn’t have any owl treats on hand. He rubbed his head against my hand before flying away again.

I glanced down at the letter. It read

Miss Morgane Lillian Cardwell

Second room on the right, first floor corridor

Cottage by the sea

It was awfully strange way to address a letter I thought to myself. I ripped open the letter to find that it was my Hogwarts letter. My Hogwarts letter had finally arrived. It stated that the Hogwarts express would depart for the school on the 1st day in September. That was one week away.

“Mum! I’ve been accepted to Hogwarts,” I announced proudly. 

She smiled at me and nodded already returning to her cup of tea.

“Why don’t you tell me what you need to bring to school with you over tea?”

I poured my own little mug of English breakfast and sat at the little round oak table that served as our kitchen table.


Mother and I departed for Diagon Alley the day before the train was due to leave.  We would spend the night in a little Wizarding motel known as The Leaky Cauldron. This way, according to mum, we wouldn’t have to worry about missing the train because we had to get supplies. 

The first place I went to was a store called Flourish and Blotts, and I purchased my new school books and two more that I nosed around for, for a while. While I was looking for my books, Mum had gone to purchase Quills, parchment and a schoolbag.  Then together we went to purchase the remainder of my basic supplies, a caldron, scale, vials and telescope. I was fitted for robes, and then went off to receive my wand.

It took a couple of attempts to find the right one, but when I did, the man Olivander grinned.

“I should have known. Cypress 10 and ¾ inches unicorn core. This is reasonably supple.”

I gave him 10 Galleons for the wand I departed happily.

“Are you forgetting something dear?” Mum asked.

“No. I mean, I have my books, robes, wand, and basic supplies. That is pretty much everything, right?”

Mum smiled and shook her head as she headed into the Magical Menagerie.

“Oh,” I said behind her, “I guess I did forget.

“What type of pet would you want to have, Morgane?”

“Ummm, I don’t know?”

“Ah! An unsure student.” A voice calls from a counter. I glance up to see a grey haired old lady. She beckoned me forward.

“I’m going to ask you two simple questions and this will help determine a pet to best suit you, okay.”

I nodded.

“What do you perceive yourself to mostly be, intellectual and curious or loyal and adventurous?” I ponder the first question for a moment or two.

“I guess that I would say I’m more intellectual and curious.”

“Good. Now, say that you have a choice between taking a walk through the woods or participating in a snowball fight, which would you choose?”

“That’s easy! A walk in the woods,” I reply.

“Indeed, very good, I think my dearie, that the magnificent creatures known as a cat would be most suitable to you. Cats are curious and intellectual but also very affectionate towards their owners. You will find the cats in the section towards the back.”

I smiled and headed off to the back, easily believing that a cat would work best for me. I had always like cats. It didn’t take me long to choose. There was a small kitten sitting in its little cage and watching. It didn’t make any sound when I approached it, and when I reached my hand out it rubbed its face against my hand. The cat was black, but it had white paws and a small white star on its head.

“This one.”

“She is a very wise choice,” the helpful clerk replied. “What will you name her?”

“Critter, I think. How much does she cost?”

“15 Galleons.”


Mum pays for Critter as well as a small carrier for her.

We head back to the Leaky Cauldron.


We left the Leaky Cauldron for King’s Cross Station at 9 the morning of September 1st.  The train wasn’t leaving for a whole hour, but mum said that if you waited that it would be really difficult to find an empty compartment. I was early enough that it was easy to find a compartment and I settled. Critter mewed next to me in her little carrier and I stroked her silky, smooth fur as I reached for a book.  

I was startled suddenly when the carriage opened abruptly and a girl stood in the threshold.

“Umm Hullo. Would you mind terribly, this is the compartment furthest from my annoying older brother and his friends.”  She mutters, out of breath I notice.

“No, please, by all means, you are welcome here. I’m Morgane, Morgane Cardwell.”

“ Elvira Mitchell. Pleasure to meet you,” she replied as she plopped herself down on the seat across from mine. “I recognize your name, is your mother Nora Cardwell the author of Murderous saint?”  I glanced up curiously. Here sat a young witch who knew my name because she read one of my mother’s books, and not because of my father.

“Yes, she is. You probably know who my father is to.” I said, attempting to save myself the embarrassment of Elvira mentioning it later.

“Well, I think I heard my mum and dad talking about it. They had mentioned that the author of my favorite books was supposed love of one infamous wizard Sirius Black. But my parents are known to exaggerate facts.” She says and blushes slightly, probably taken aback from my forwardness. There I went, already scaring off people with my mistrustfulness. Mum had told me it could cause me trouble, she was right as always.

“Indeed, Black is my father, but he was most assuredly no love of my mum’s. I guess maybe when she was still in school, but she told me that he was never father material and that after she graduated, that she lost any of her schoolgirl feelings for him. Then he did… what well you know what he did,” I explain.

“Indeed,” she replied to me, but didn’t say anything else on the subject. “I’m so psyched that I’m going to be friends with Nara Cardwell’s daughter!” She smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back at her. It was in that moment that I knew she, at least, didn’t judge me for who my father is. It was then that I realized I had in fact made a friend. We continued talking through the whole train ride.

Finally the train lurched to a stop. Curiously Elvira and I hopped off the Hogwarts Express and glanced around. Older students were rushing off towards.

“First Years, this way, First years!” A giant man with a long black beard yelled over the noise of the students.  Elvira and both peered at each other with the same fearful awe in our eyes, before following the burly man.

He leads us to boats, and Elvira and I shared a boat with two other students as we crossed the Black Lake and landed on the shore to the magnificent school before us.

The man left us at in the lobby of the school with the instructions to walk up the staircase where we would be given further Instructions.

“Good evening students! I am professor McGonagall the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. In a few moments I will lead you to the Great Hall where you will be sorted.  The Houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.” The tall, lanky woman with many wrinkles on her face, and brown, graying hair in a tight bun, beckoned us forward.

The doors to the Great Hall open and I notice there is no ceiling but instead the night sky. There are also candles floating around the castle.

There is a dusty hat siting on a small stool in front of what I assumed to be the faculty table. It sings a brief song about the houses and then Professor McGonagall  begins calling out names. When she calls mine, I squeeze Elvira hand and then drop it and walk to the stool.

The hat is placed on my head.

“Well this is interesting, indeed it is you the very child born on these grounds 11 years ago. You possess many great skills, intelligence not the short end of the stick. You are loyal, and adventurous too. I am going to have to say Gryffindor!”

I make my way the table that burst out into applause and sink low in my seat. A boy smiles at me and makes a long face at the sorting ceremony. I hold back a life but I can’t retain a smile. He grins at me.

“I’m Oliver.”


Elvira is also sorted into Gryffindor and she climbs into the chair next to me.

A man with a long white beard approaches the podium at the front of the hall.

“Good evening students, welcome back to Hogwarts for another year. I do have a couple things to address before we eat.” He mentioned rules, the forbidden forest was off limits as was the fifth floor and curfew was at 9:00. Then he waved his hands and a grand feast appeared on the tables.

Elvira and Oliver and I instantly broke out into conversation as we ate. There was a boy across the table that was droning on and on about how important it was to follow the rules.

“Oh would you shut the bloody hole in your face already, we don’t care!” I blurted out and then kicked myself because I had not meant to say it aloud.

The boy glares at me, shocked that I would insult him.

“Oh Percy! She told you!” Oliver says in between laughter.

I stayed silent for the rest of the meal. Percy continued glaring at me, but didn’t mention anything more about the rules.

We are led by a prefect to the Gryffindor tower common room that will serve as our home away from home for the next 7 years. The walls are crimson with gold swirls and there are two fireplaces in the walls and a scattered amount of chairs and couches. Elvira and I make our way up to our dorm. I let Critter out of her carrier and she pounces onto my lap on the bed. I’m so tired that I drift off to sleep, still in my Hogwarts robes.


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