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A month passes since Hermione last talks to Ron that night and after her night at the hotel with Draco. Hermione is sitting quietly on Harry and Ginny’s front porch and rocks James as he cries, fighting his sleep as Hermione tries to get him to take a nap.

Ginny is in the kitchen making a simple hamburger helper and Harry is in his home office again, doing Auror work as usual as he brings his work home from the Ministry a lot of the time, so he is usually cooped up in his office with a quill and pile of paperwork.

Hermione starts to ponder whether she should ask Ginny or Harry about what Ron has been up to in the past month since they last talked. But why should she care? He hasn’t bothered to contact her. She wishes things could be easier and that their friendship would just clash back into place even though there’s so much pain between them.

But she knows well that her life lately isn’t ever that easy or predictable. If it was predictable, would she be where she is now? Dating an ex-Death Eater who happens to be her past enemy and being separated from someone she swore she would spend the rest of her life with. 

Since their night together a month ago, Hermione had seen Draco about five times, a few times in the Ministry, where she works in The Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and where he works in the Department of the Improper Use of Magic Office. They try to have lunch together at work most days but sometimes it’s impossible as one of them are usually having a busy day.

They have not had sex since the night in the hotel, and Hermione wants to keep it that way for now. She doesn’t feel quite right making love to Malfoy a second time yet as it has only been a couple months since they decided to be together. In fact, she wouldn’t have shagged him that night if she wasn’t drunk.

Hermione even went to visit Narcissa for the first time who is obviously grieving the death of her sister, Bellatrix, and depressed about her husband being in Azkaban. The woman wasn’t her usual judgy self like she had been a couple years ago, and Hermione realizes that it wasn’t so bad meeting Draco’s mum even if she obviously would rather her son be with a pureblood witch instead of her.  

Hermione also discovers in the visit that Narcissa has recently reconnected with her last living sibling, Andromeda Tonks, the wife of the late Ted Tonks and mother of Nymphadora Tonks. Andromeda adopted Teddy Lupin after his parents’ death. Bellatrix and Narcissa disowned Andromeda when she married a muggle-born man, but now that the war is over Narcissa realizes she judged her sister wrongly.

When Hermione was present that day in Malfoy Manor, even though Narcissa acted somewhat nice to Hermione, she caught her glaring at Draco every now and then when he was close to her. But Hermione expects this behavior from Narcissa, she is just relieved Bellatrix is gone or it would have been a much more complicated visit.

She can only imagine what Bellatrix would act like, seeing her nephew cling to a mudblood. Especially after seeing how she treated her own sister, Andromeda, as though she was a mudblood herself.

The night is warm and it starts to sprinkle as James finally falls asleep in Hermione’s arms. Hermione sighs as hears cattle mooing in the distance. She thinks of how much she enjoys the countryside. It is very relaxing at Ginny and Harry’s compared to Ron’s and her old apartment in downtown London where there is always music playing, sirens going off, and too much excitement for a quiet bookworm like Hermione. The city is just not the right place for Hermione and when she does eventually move out of Harry and Ginny’s place, she plans on investing in a country home like their’s.

Ginny’s dinner smells amazing to Hermione as she wafts the smell into her nose while passing the kitchen to sneak baby James to his bedroom to lay him in his cradle.

As soon as she lays the small child in his bed, Hermione gets an odd sensation of random nausea in her stomach as the meat makes its way into her nose again from his open doorway. She cups her mouth as she runs to the nearest toilet-room and empties the contents of her stomach into the toilet bowl. She vomits until there is nothing left in her stomach and sits on her knees to wipe her face with a piece of toilet paper.

 “Hermione, are you okay?” Ginny asks as she shows up behind her in the bathroom as she heard her vomiting.

Hermione realizes she feels completely relieved as if the vomiting never happened and looks at Ginny with confused eyes. “That was odd.”

Ginny hands her a hand towel and just watches her to make sure she is okay before returning to the kitchen to cook.

“I don’t what that was about; it came out of no where!” Hermione exclaims, wiping her mouth off and then setting the dirty towel on fire with her wand once she’s in the kitchen again.

“What made you sick?” wonders Ginny.

“The smell of meat, it just came into my nose and all of a sudden I had to vomit! That was terrible! I love hamburger helper. How very odd-” says Hermione, sitting on the loveseat in the living room.

Ginny sits next to her and looks at her friend with concerned eyes because this reminds her all too well of herself in a certain situation. “Hermione, when was your menstrual period?”

“Why? I’m not sure, over a month ago- OH GINNY!” Hermione throws her hands to her face in panic as all color drains from her face.

Ginny looks to her with a confused expression and demands an explanation. “What? Tell me!”   

“Draco and I d-didn’t use pr-protection when we did the deed, we were drunk but I don’t remember either of us putting on the contraception charm although we were snockered so I may not have remembered anyways. Oh Ginny, what was I thinking? So s-stupid to even sleep with him on the first date! We need to go to a muggle store, now.” Hermione starts crying and shaking as she mentally beats herself up for her mistake. 

“Oh no-” Ginny breathes. “Let me get Harry’s plate made and we will run to the store after we eat, I hope it’s not what we think it might be!”

Hermione nods, so terrified that she loses her appetite and walks outside into the night again to sit alone on the porch swing as Ginny and Harry eat dinner. Mostly, she is afraid she already knows what the test will say but hopes with all of her heart that she’s wrong.  

At dinner, Harry notices Ginny acting fishy and notices Hermione is not at the table.

“What’s going on?” asks Harry of his wife curiously.

“Nothing,” says Ginny, as Hermione joins them again after about five minutes of alone time outside.

“You act like I don’t know you and Hermione. What happened?” Harry demands again looking hardly at the two women.

“Harry, we may tell you later. Now is not the time,” answers Ginny, glancing at Hermione whose face is as pale as the tablecloth in front of them.

“Blimey Hermione, can you not trust me anymore? Am I not your best friend since now you have Ginny all the time and I stay somewhat busy?” He snaps.

“Harry, this is something I need to be sure of before I go off and telling everyone in the world. Including you! This is a woman’s business Harry,” snaps Hermione back.

Harry looks taken aback. He has no idea though what is happening or what is going on with her but is done asking. He decides to keep his mouth shut for the rest of dinner but watches Hermione with wondering eyes, trying to read her. But that has always been next to impossible.  

“Can you make sure James doesn’t cry in his bed when Hermione and I run to the store?” Ginny hesitates out.

“Sure, but why are you going to the store this late?” questions Harry.

“We just have to get a few groceries,” fibs Ginny, grabbing Hermione’s hand and the two of them depart out the front door leaving a mess on the table which is not like them.

Harry cleans up the dining room and thinks that it can’t be what he thinks is possibly going on, Hermione wouldn’t be so irresponsible, especially with Draco Malfoy of all people…

The girls rush into the gas station store not far down the road and Hermione grabs the best pregnancy test that they have on the market. She walks shamefully to the counter and pays for it with her Muggle money and the girls then leave as fast as they came.

Hermione wants to be home to take the test, so they make the trip back home. The trip seems to take forever to the girls and Hermione just watches the sky race by as Ginny speeds toward home.

They did not fly the car this time, they came from a small Muggle town where the gas station sat at the edge, so they didn’t want to attract unwanted attention, and a flying car would certainly cause that. That’s the last thing Hermione wants at this moment is extra attention.

As they are almost home, Hermione is not looking forward to having to pee on the stick.

Ginny keeps asking questions about it, as she has never even heard of a ‘pregnancy test’ before and wants to see how it works. She seems so curious that she reminds Hermione of Ginny’s father, Arthur.

Usually a witch will go to St. Mungo’s and get a potion test done by a Healer or make a potion themselves. But Hermione was raised as a Muggle and she remembers her mother being pregnant with the little sister of Hermione’s that she lost when Hermione was only six. She had gone to the store with her mother to buy a pregnancy test and feels that using the Muggle way will be much faster than making a potion by hand.

(Draco’s POV)

Draco hasn’t heard from Hermione since about six and he starts to grow concerned, as she has been texting him almost non-stop. Hermione bought Draco a mobile phone a few days ago so they can communicate faster and spent the whole afternoon teaching him how to use it even though he was a bit against getting a mobile phone at first because it was going too far out of his norm.  

He feels a sense that something is going on with his girlfriend but doesn’t want to raise alarm, so he patiently lays in bed as he waits for her to text him again and thinks about her and their night in the hotel once again.

That was the best night he has ever had with a girl even though he was drunk, he did not regret what he did. Astoria has nothing against Hermione with her looks, not one single thing. Astoria’s beauty looked dull compared to Hermione’s to Draco… Hermione has the natural beauty that radiates off of her. 
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione walks into her bedroom’s toilet-room and she pulls out the test to read the directions, which basically said unwrap and urinate on it. It was digital so it can’t be mistaken. But, then again, she realizes, it isn’t magic either.  

She sits on the toilet and urinates on the small stick, her hands unsteady and shaky… she finishes and then stands up and sits the test straight on the counter face down as she doesn’t want to look at it just yet. She is quite glad she could do this in the comfort of her own bathroom.

She paces in the bathroom back and forth for five minutes before looking at the test. Her heart skips a beat, “pregnant” it reads.

She falls to the ground and starts to sob into her knees with the test in her hand. Her fall makes a clunking sound that alerts Ginny outside the door.

Ginny starts to knock hard on the bathroom door in panic, thinking she feinted or something to that capacity. She hears the crying when she knocks again, “Hermione let me in, now!”

Hermione unlocks the door with her wand and Ginny sees her tear stricken face, knowing what it means. She grabs the test out of her best friend’s hands and whispers, “oh fuck.”

She then sits next to her friend on the floor and guides Hermione’s head on her shoulder as she cries. Ginny still curiously looks at the test as she comforts Hermione, thinking about the hole her friend has just dug for herself. “It will be alright. It will all be alright, Hermione.”

Hermione then gets angry, mostly at herself. “No, it won’t be, Gin. He will probably leave me! We have been talking for a little over a month! We had sex and we forgot to use a contraception charm because we were drunk and dimwitted at the moment. Yes we have started out our relationship well but this is still something I would have never imagined Ginny, how could I have done this? Ron and I will never be friends again, he will hate me! Oh Ginny! Bloody hell what am I going to do?”

Ginny just hugs her friend tight and stays silent. Her heart aches for Hermione, and even her poor brother, who she knows still loved Hermione with all his heart. When he finds out she’s pregnant, he will be broken far worse than he is now.

Harry walks into the bathroom and knows exactly what happened when he sees the test in her hand. He stands in the doorway and just says, “Hermione, it will be okay.” His best friend, the brightest witch of her age has made the biggest mistake of her life, sleeping with Draco Malfoy. And although Harry agrees he’s a better person, he still has done bad things in the past. Now he has got his best friend knocked up, something that will be hard to forgive and forget.

Hermione thinks that she needs to tell Draco and get it over with. But how? She definitely doesn’t want to tell him by phone. She really wishes she didn't have to tell him at all, but of course she does because he’s the father. So she asks Ginny if she can use her clumsy but adorable small Owl, Susie. She writes with a shaking hand:

Dear Draco,
I have some stunning news to tell you. I don’t know how you will take it but I need to see you right away. Please meet me at Hogsmeade in the picnic area near Honey Dukes. This is too important for a text, but you text me back that you will meet me.
Love always, -Hermione

She then sends the owl off to Draco and sits on their living room couch, waiting on his response and trying not to cry.

(Draco’s POV)

The owl barely takes any time to get to Malfoy and he is surprised to see it. Who is this from? Apparently it is for him, not his mum as it has his name on the front of the letter. The chestnut brown barn owl lands on his shoulder after Draco extracts the letter from her tiny leg.

He takes out the letter and reads it aloud. Then heart sinks.

“Oh no,” he breathes. She is either going to tell him that they are over, she doesn’t like him anymore and regrets everything or… oh no, he needs to see her now. He takes out his phone and texts that he is on his way to Hogsmeade at once.

When Draco apparates into the little picnic area Hermione has told him to meet her, there isn’t a sign of her yet and this makes Draco quite scared of what is to come. It must be very serious, Hermione is never late for anything, and she is always on time before anyone and always has been.

Then a loud crack sounds and there she is, standing right in front of him, looking downfallen as though the world is falling apart.

He can see that she is shaken up and has been crying, her usually smooth looking brown eyes are swollen and her soft porcelain face is damp with tears.

She sits next to him on the bench and looks to him seriously in the face. “Draco, before I tell you this, I loved the last few weeks we have spent together. I really think I have really started liking you. I hope we can continue seeing where this goes. But this might be something that will really, really shock you…”

”So you aren’t leaving me? That’s what had me terrified!” Draco says like a child, holding onto her hands now in relief but trying to comfort her at the same time.

But he notices there is something in one of them, a stick like object, it is white and has a word on it he can’t read.

He lets go and looks at her in the eyes. Of course he doesn’t know what the object is because it is obviously something a Muggle uses, but the one word on it he will understand and it will change his life forever in just a matter of a few minutes.

“I am not leaving you, no. But we made a mistake and now I have to tell you something,” she says fear in her voice. She then holds up the little stick in front of his eyes so he can see more clearly. “Pregnant."

"Oh bloody hell," breathes Draco, feeling the color run out of his cheeks and soon he is chalk white. Little beads of sweat formed on his forehead, sometimes little mistakes come with big consequences.

Draco Malfoy is going to be a father to Hermione's child. How unexpected. Draco Malfoy, high class pureblood wizard is going to be a father to a half-blood child. Oh what will the family think? Draco dreads telling anyone. His life may just be over. 

A/N: So, it happened. Draco and Hermione are pregnant together, something no one would ever think would happen in a million lifetimes. I am almost halfway done editing the story! Ugh!!! Please re-read the story if you read it before as it is going to be much better! Please leave a review!


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