Chapter 7 “Hermione….Hermione. Hermione wake up!!!” yelled Ginny shaking Hermione. “Wake up sleepy head. We get to go to Hogsmead today. Oh come on Hermione!” “Okay…Okay,” grunted Hermione sitting up. “Come on. Get out of bed.” Ginny whined. Hermione stumbled up off her bed. She grabbed her clothes and makeup. Then she and Ginny walked to the Girls bathroom. In the bathroom, Ginny , who was bouncing off the walls with excitement, was being rather annoying . She kept asking Hermione how much longer it was going to take and if she was finished yet. Finally, after sending Ginny out, she was ready to go. She appeared in the common room wearing a red and gold Gryffindor t-shirt with khaki pants. Harry and Ron were waiting with Ginny on the couch. All three rose and met her at the crawl space. “Hullo Hermione,” said Harry. “Hullo,” said Hermione sleepily. “Ello,” said Ron yawning. “I see you have just woken up as well,” Hermione said to Ron. He smiled and nodded. The four of them went through the crawl space and down the stairs through the main entrance. They walked along the path to Hogsmead. It was a warm sunny day with a few clouds in the sky. The tree’s had started turning gold and red. Hermione loved this time of year. She loved Halloween. “So Hermione. What shop do you wanna go to first?” asked Ginny. “I dunno. Ginny we aren’t even there yet.” She replied. “I’m sorry I am just excited. Last time I didn’t get to go because some one put gum in my hair.” she said. “Listen you can pick which store.” she sighed. Hermione really didn’t feel like shopping today. There wasn’t really anything she wanted. Other than every book in Flourish & Blots, but Ginny hated book stores. Hermione would be lucky if she got to set foot in one. They finally reached Hogsmead. Harry and Ron went off with Fred and George , and Hermione and Ginny were left on their own. Which wasn’t a problem. Both girls would rather shop for new robes any day, rather get caught setting off stink bombs in the Gretchen‘s pub. “Lets go into that store over there,” suggested Ginny. The store she had pointed to was purple and red on the out side. In the windows were new witches hats, brooms with pink ribbons, and a display of new lip gloss that keeps your breath fresh as long as you wear it. This was exactly the type of store that Hermione hated going into. Before Hermione could protest, Ginny grabbed her hand and tore off towards the shop. After a few steps Ginny and Hermione heard a familiar voice. “Hey guys,” called Lavender, “Are you headed to Wild Witches?” “Yes, wanna come.” asked Ginny. “Sure,” Lavender beamed. Hermione saw here chance to escape and took it. “Well, since Lavender is going, I guess I can leave you a go to that little book shop for a while,” Hermione said. “Well, alright…um.. Meet you in front of Gretchen’s pub in an hour.” Said Ginny. “Sounds good. See you then,” Hermione said, then turned and walked away. Hermione walked briskly down the main street. When she arrived at the little book store she was a little out of breath. Upon entering the book shop she look around her at what looked very much like Flourish & Blots. Towering book cases. Disoriented stacks of parchment. Heaven, she thought. ~*~*~*~*~*~* In the mean time, a block away was Draco Malfoy. He was suffering from an old disease he had had since his first day at Hogwarts. Pansy Parkinson. The pretty little parasite wouldn’t leave him alone. Draco liked Her because she was easy but right now he would do any thing to get away from her. Where do you wanna go now my honey bunches of oats,” she asked grabbing his arm. He didn’t answer so she just started dragging him along with her. When she finally let go of him to look at some hats, he look off down the street; leaving her to talk to herself. After running about a block, a pressuring pain gripped his chest. This wasn’t a new pain. He had felt it several times before. He is here. He’s on the street. He has to be, Draco thought. In a moment of panic, Draco ducked into a small book shop. His head was pulsing. He jolted behind one of the back book cases. He had to stay away from the windows. “Malfoy?” a voice sounded from behind him. This surprised Draco. He turned quickly with a fist flying. “Ouch!! God Malfoy!!” screamed Hermione grabbing the side of her face. He hadn’t meant to hit her. “Granger don’t sneak up on me like that! What do you want!,” He hissed. Hermione rubbed her swelling cheek. “You bumped into me went you flew around the corner.” she snapped. “I..” Draco was about to protest, but someone had enter the shop. Draco turned to peek around the corner. He saw a man in a black robe. He stood tall and built. Draco new it was one of them. “What are you doing?” Hermione questioned, “Malfoy?” Draco turned quickly noticing a storage door directly behind them. He could her the hooded man start walking in their direction. Malfoy grabbed Hermione and covered her mouth. He kicked open the door, ran in, and dragged the brown haired girl with him. He shut the door quickly and quietly. With his hand still over Hermione’s mouth, he leaned down and whispered, “Shhhh..” She made a small whimper. “Shut up Granger or you’ll get us both killed,” He hissed. He turned and saw a back exit. He released Hermione’s mouth, but grabbed her wrist and went for the back door. Once out side Draco looked around to see if the cost was clear. The ally way was vacant only a few rats ran under boxes that were stacked up. Draco pushed Hermione against the wall and held her there. “Not a word of this to anyone. If any information of this time leaves your mouth you will probably wind up dead within in the hour,” he said strongly but almost silently. He released her from his grip. She said nothing but bounded towards the main street. Draco left shortly there after. He new this wasn’t going to be the hardest of his fathers punishment for him.

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