I lay in the St. Mungo's bed, my eyes closed and my body heavy. They had to give me anesthesia for the procedure they did. I still didn't know what exactly they did to me, but I knew why. A small chunk of my skull had lodged itself into my brain. Thankfully, it hadn't affected me yet, but Madame Pomfrey hadn't felt confident enough in her abilities to dislodge it and replace it. Her daughter, Poppy, had assured me that the healers at St. Mungo's had dealt with much worse and had performed miracles.

Now, hours after my procedure, I lay in the cool bed, trying to subdue the pounding headache that was the after-effect of so many numbing potions. A hand was slowly rubbing the back of my own but I feigned unconsciousness. No way was I going to talk with this headache. But after a few minutes, I opened my eyes to see who it was. As soon as I saw the long dark hair and light green eyes, I closed my eyes again. Squeezing them shut, I opened them once more, but the young witch holding my hand was still there.

"Hey, sleepyhead," she said in a hushed voice. "How are you?"

I snatched my hand away, cradling it to my chest. "How did you know I was here?"

Her hesitant smile dropped, but she quickly plastered it back on. "You're my baby sister, 'Dria. Professor Dumbledore contacted me as soon as they decided to send you."

"He should've known better," I scowled.

"Well, Professor Dumbledore isn't some angsty teenage girl with a vendetta against the sister that saved her life. He knows what's best for you."

I flinched. That was harsh. Usually Cami wasn't so bitchy, but then again, I hadn't gone to see her for a few months.

"So Aunt Maggie told me you didn't go to Dad's memorial," she said, playing with a small string bracelet around her right wrist.

"Neither did you."

"But I had an excuse 'Dria."

"Yeah. You were locked up in here, raving mad, weren't you?"

She flinched and I realized that I was being the harsh one now. She looked down at the bracelet she was playing with as I looked away, playing with my own fingers as I waited for her to say something.

"I heard that you got your own apartment. You didn't tell me that last time you were here."

"I didn't think it was important," I said, keeping my head down.

"Well, do you have an extra room?"

I looked up in shock. "Why?"

She smiled at me, stopping her antics with the bracelet, grabbing the hand I had initially pulled away. "My healers say I've been doing a lot better. They're willing to let me be discharged as long as I promise to check in every week."

"Discharged? When?"

"Today! But I don't really have a house or an apartment to go to, and I am not going back to Aunt Maggie's!"

I rolled my eyes. "Well, why don't you find an apartment or a house on your own?"

"Well, I'm still unemployed. And it might be a while until I'm able to find a job."

"So, what do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Well, I was wondering if you might need a roommate."

I stared at her, my face completely slack in shock. "I'm sorry?"

"I want to move in with you. You're my sister after all. I'd like to live near you, if not with you."

"Um, no. You can't. I have a roommate of sorts."

She looked at me in shock. "You have a flat share? With who?"

"A girl named Rosmerta. Or, Rosie."

"Rosmerta? The barmaid from the Three Broomsticks?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Rosmerta. But she prefers to be called Rosie."

Cami nodded. "I know. She was barmaid when I was in sixth year. Freaking slag."

Just then, footstep echoed through the room and a voice quickly followed.

"Freaking slag? You talking about me, James?"

I let my eyes close and took my hand from Cami's to cover my face. Groaning, I heard Cami stand at the arrival of the new person. But I knew who it was. Cocky, loud and a total arsehat. Namely…

"Hello, Sirius Black. And who might you be?"

"Oh," Cami giggled. "I'm Camilla. Camilla James. Are you one of 'Dria's friends?"


"'Dria? You mean Lexi?"

I opened my eyes and took my hands of my face. "Hello Black. I see you've met my sister. Cami, I see you've met the pain in my arse. Now, could one of you leave? I don't want to deal with both of you right now."

"Ooh! Pain in her arse. I see you've had some sort of encounter with my sister already," Cami said. "I remember you Mister Black. You are quite the prankster. I can only assume that you've done something to her."

"Well, elder James, I have done nothing to your sister," he said, smiling a charming smile.

"Yet," I hissed and they both looked at me. "Oh don't mind me. Just the girl who just had intense procedures to remove the piece of skull lodged into my brain."

Black looked at me, concern on his face, but Cami just kept on talking, not even turning to look at me.

"Oh shut it you pansy. I talked to your healers. It wasn't even close to a high-risk procedure and it went exceptionally well. You're being discharged in three days and you won't need any rest after that. Anyways, why are you here Mister Black?"

"Well, I sort of landed your sister in the Hospital Wing, and I guess here."

Cami shook her head, tsking. "And you said he hadn't done anything to you," she said to me.

"Well he didn't! Technically." I glared at Black as he shrugged.

"Well, we were playing quidditch. There can be complications," he said, grinning.


"I should've known," Cami said, finally turning towards me. "I've told you countless times that quidditch is a dangerous sport. You shouldn't be playing it. You could die during a quidditch match! It's happened!"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, and taking a knife to your wrists won't," I said in a quiet voice.

Cami's eyes widened and her nostrils flared as Black looked at me incredulously. I shrugged. Cami came closer and I stared at her, my own eyes blazing.

"Don't you ever mention that again," she hissed dangerously.

I stared at her as she left, leaving me alone with Black. He looked at me but I turned away. He walked closer and sat down in the chair Cami had vacated.

"So that's your sister, huh?"

I looked at him and shrugged. "You know better than anyone that you can't choose your family."

He nodded and looked down. I looked away, fiddling with the edge of the sheets that had been draped over my legs and half of my chest. Finally, I grew tired of staring at the wall opposite me. I sat up a little more and tried to adjust the pillows behind me – with less than admirable results. At the sound of my restlessness, Black looked up. As my adjustments of the pillows did not go well, I ended up leaning sideways, staring angrily at Black.

"Shit," I said.

"What the bloody hell were you trying to do?" He asked.

"I'm tired. I wanted to lie down."

"Well, I'm afraid I can't let you do that." A healer walked into my room. "The potions we gave you kept you unconscious during our procedure, but we are going to need you to stay awake as we monitor your recovery. Don't worry though, he said at my stricken expression, "it will only be for 16 hours."

"16 hours? What the hell am I supposed to do for 16 hours?"

The healer looked at me. "I don't know, but nothing strenuous. So if your boyfriend could keep his hands to himself for the next few days, keeping your heart rate down, I believe that would be best."

"He's not my –"

"Will do!" Black interrupted me.

The healer nodded and walked out.

"He's not my boyfriend!" I yelled after him. "He's not my… Oh whatever."

Black grinned at me as I glared at him. Crossing my arms, I turned away and scowled.

"Oh, come on. That was bloody funny," Black said, giggling like a little girl.

"It was not! You're not my boyfriend. You're not even my friend! Now that healer thinks I'm some sort of… Of –"

"Of slag? Well, hun, if you're my girlfriend, you sort of have to be."

I glared at him. "I'm not your girlfriend. I'm not even –"

"My friend. I got it, I got it. It was just a harmless prank, you tosser. Don't be so uptight."

"Get out," I said, looking at the wall across from me.


"That's right. Get out. Now. I didn't ask for you to be here, so if you don't leave, I'll scream and alert the healers, then I'll get them to force you out of here. So just leave, Black."

He got up. "Fine, I'll leave. See you at school then, 'Dria."

I finally turned back to him and he smiled. "Don't call me that!"

"Why not? Your sister calls you that."

"Yeah, but I call my sister Cami when she'd flay anyone else who dared calling her that. So, you are not allowed to call me that. Cami is, but, thankfully, you are not my sister."

Black nodded. "Fine. See you at school, Ace."

"Seriously? How do you get from 'Dria to Ace?"

"Oh, simple. It pisses you off."

"But how do you get from 'Dria to Ace?"

He smiled. "Maybe I'll tell you later."

"No, tell me now! You put me in the hospital! You owe me that much."

"Nope," he said, turning and walking away. "Maybe later."

I rolled my eyes. The tosser had the nerve to visit me after my procedure and then decided to give me a nickname, without clarifying why he gave me that particular nickname. The Ravenclaw in me screamed with frustration. Nicknames always had to have a meaning behind them. I mean, there were no random nicknames, were there? And even if this one was random, meant to piss me off, the symbolism of the name seemed a little too familiar.

When I was younger, Cami had always played cards with me, and one day, we were playing a game, and I had gotten all four aces. I had won the game, though I forget which one it was, but it was the first game I had ever won. I was so ecstatic, Cami had let me keep the aces, telling me that I was going to be a Ravenclaw, like her, because I was so smart. Of course, when I was younger, the only thing that mattered was to be in Ravenclaw, to be like Camilla. I still have the aces, in a hidden compartment in my trunk.

His knowing about Diggory and now about my aces. Did this boy know everything about me? I sighed and heard footsteps in the room. Looking over, I saw three Healers walk in with someone on a gurney. They seemed very preoccupied with the patient, although it didn't seem as if any of their spells or their potions were working.

"Find out what his name is while I go get Healer Terrence!" One of them cried as they ran out of the room.

I had now completely turned towards the commotion until one of the Healers pulled the curtain between my bed and the new patient's, leaving me to stare at the blue plastic. I grumbled but lay back normally nonetheless. As I stared at the ceiling, I heard the frantic calls of Healers directing others to fetch a draft of this-potion or that-potion.

One of them said something about a bee-ze-roar. Soon though, they had all left, insisting they needed to go get something that would help the patient. As I was about to count the ceiling tiles, the blue curtain whipped open and none other than Sirius Black stood to the left of me.

"Hello, Ace. How're you doing?"

I inwardly groaned, and outwardly cursed. "What the hell are you doing here, Black?"

"I got bored."

"You got bored in the span of three minutes."

He pouted and looked at me with what I could only assume was his attempt at a puppy-dog face. I rolled my eyes and he grinned dopily.

"Jamesie says I'm a five year old," he said proudly in a small child's voice.

"Yeah? Well Jamesie is right. Now, would you care to tell me what just happened?"

"Oh, I will," he said mischievously, "but only if you come with me."

With that he grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bed. My sheets billowed out from behind me and I was mortified to see that I was clad in only a hospital gown, the back of which was open. Well, I thought grimly, at least I'm facing him. And, it seemed like someone – my money's on Camilla – had put on my knickers and my bra, so I wasn't completely naked under the gown.

"Are you kidding me?" I hissed dangerously "I'm in a hospital gown, I've just gone through a major procedure, thanks to you I might add, and I'm not supposed to even get up. Now you want me to go gallivanting through St. Mungo's with you?"

He nodded his head, his smile growing by the second. I sighed and pushed my hair behind my ears.

"Alright. But first I need some actual clothes," I said, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Wow. That was surprisingly easy," he said, his grin falling.

I grimaced. "Well, I thought I would get bored counting the ceiling tiles, and Merlin forbid Cami actually came back and wanted to talk. Now, clothing wise, what's our situation?"

Black's grin came back, happier than ever, as he pulled the tiniest pair of trousers I had ever seen out of his back pocket. Reaching for his wand – in the other pocket – he quickly enlarged them and handed them to me. I grabbed them and stared at them.

"These are huge! Could you shrink them a little?"

He sighed, giving me an exasperated look but did what I asked. I put them on and they fit well, but they were still a little baggy. When I asked for a shirt though, he gave me a sheepish smile and shrugged.

"You came prepared with trousers the size of an elephant but not a shirt?" I asked, glaring at him.

"Well, the trouser situation was just because I engorgio'd them a little bit too much. But I may have forgotten about the shirt?"

I threw my hands up in the air and winced as my head started to hurt. He immediately came closer and grabbed my hands while in the air, keeping them above my head. Before I realized it had been with one hand, he slid a hand over the bandages covering my head, a concerned expression over his face. I felt blood rush to my cheeks and I looked down, not wanting him to see.

It wasn't that I fancied Sirius Black or something – because I didn't – but it hadn't been since Amo – Diggory! – that a boy had been this close to me. The hand that was fluttering near my bandages quickly swooped down to cup my chin and bring my head up again. His face was so close I could count the microscopic freckles that dotted the bridge of his nose and my breath hitched. He seemed to be leaning closer to me.

"So the shirt fiasco, how are we going to do that?" I said, interrupting the (blech) moment.

He stared at me, a silent question in his eyes before stepping back. His hand let mine drop and his other left my chin. He smiled sheepishly then began to take off his jumper. Handing it to me, he passed a hand through his hair, mussing it, a habit I had noticed that He and Potter shared. I thanked him, holding the jumper closer but not putting it on.

"You do know I took that off for you, right? Put it on already!" Black whined, crossing his muscular arms.

Damn! Just his arms. Only his arms. Yeah, I mean, there's muscle on there, but he crossed his arms. I didn't notice the muscles. At all. Well, maybe a bit. Nope! Not at all. My cheeks coloured.

"Turn around. I don't want to let you see me change," I said quietly.

He rolled his eyes but did so, letting me slide the gown down my arms and onto the floor, where it pooled into a small puddle of white. I slipped the jumper on over my bra – a blue lace one I had never worn because it itched, thank you very much Cami – and turned around, walking past Black as I made my way over to the door. He took two long strides to catch up with me before pulling me back just as I reached the doorway.

"What?" I asked rather rudely.

He glanced around the deserted hallway. "I need to make sure none of the Healers recognize either you or me."

"That's right! You pretended to be sick! Why aren't they back yet?"

He smirked. "The marauders work as a team, Ace."

I rolled my eyes and he took my hand as he dashed down the hallway. Startled by his pace, I stumbled but quickly fell into line next to him as we rushed down the hallway. It was rather empty which surprised me.

"James, Remus and Peter are up on the next floor, creating havoc," Black explained with an easy smile.

"I should've known you had everything planned out. And why do you need me if the other three idiots are here?

"Well, escapes are always fun, aren't they?"

I sighed. "Not really. I'm disobeying my doctor. I could be putting my health in serious jeopardy right now, for what? Your amusement."

"Please stop being a ruddy-duddy Ravenclaw for one day, will you? I'm trying to add excitement to your life."

"I don't need excitement," I huffed, stopping.

He hadn't expected the suddenness of my stop and had to backtrack to get back to me.

"Oh come on, Ace. Let loose a little. Have some fun!"

I looked at him suspiciously. "What kind of fun?"

"Exploding-snap in a broom cupboard?"

"A broom cupboard. With you?"

"Fine. How about a game of Truth or Dare in an empty ward?"

I gave him a look. "How can you play Truth or Dare with two people?"

"Well, we wouldn't be playing with two people, would we?"

"Oh yes, because that's how I want to spend my day. Playing Truth or Dare with four blithering numpties."

"It won't be four, Ace."

"How many people are here?" I asked him suspiciously.

All together there were nine of us. Dumbledore had allowed Charlie to come and check up on me. While here, she told me, she had also gotten a checkup to monitor her health after the miscarriage. Carter had been allowed because he was the quidditch captain and needed to see my progress to make sure the team didn't have to train a new beater, and Kendra was here because 'we were so close.'

In all actuality, I knew it was because she didn't want to spend any more time with Zoe or Sydney. Lily had come along because Kendra was going and because (apparently) Dumbledore needed a prefect around because Black insisted on going considering he was the one who landed me here. And, as the marauders are a package deal, Pettigrew, Potter and Lupin tagged along.

Although I think Potter's motivation might be a little more oriented towards Lily and not Black. But now we were sitting in a circle, all nine of us. Pettigrew had found an unused hospital room (I'm guessing his rat-like powers helped him because there are no doors in this place that unlock unless they're being used, and there's a small hole in one of the walls) and Potter insisted we use it as Lily had almost given him a black eye when he suggested a broom closet.

Of course, I was the weirdest looking one there in the oversized jeans and jumper Black had given me, and the head wraps, but Charlie was a runner-up. I guess she hadn't had enough warning because she had on pajama bottoms and a small tank top, paired with one of Carter's jumpers. I knew she had on a tank top because she had draped the jumper over her shoulders instead of actually putting it on. Apparently not the best idea because she was shivering.

But, as Charlie is scatterbrained, she hadn't thought of actually putting the jumper on. Carter had noticed this as I saw him roll his eyes as he looked from her to me. He was a few down from me in the circle. I was sitting directly beside Charlie and Kendra. Charlie was to my right and beside her was Lupin.

Of course, between looking bored, staring at Charlie, and making faces at me, Carter was staring daggers at the quiet Gryffindor boy. Lupin didn't seem to notice.

Pettigrew was on Lupin's other side, beside him was Black, Potter next to Black and next to him was Carter. Lily was next to Carter, since she had seen the only other option was next to Potter and quickly pulled Carter down, much to his regret. Lily was the other person beside Kendra to create our little circle. We all had drinks in front of us in small plastic cups that Potter swore were clean. Of course, the marauders had been able to sneak some firewhiskey in (don't ask me how), so they all had their glasses full of that, as well as Carter, but I thought that was just to seem like a manly man. Kendra had watered hers down with some butterbeer, but Charlie, Lily and I had opted for a non-alcoholic drink.

Actually, Black had made sure I had water instead of firewhiskey or butterbeer. I hadn't responded too well to him telling me I had to have water. But I knew that's what I would have chosen. I just didn't want to be told what I had to do. Especially by him. But yes. Drinks. Why drinks you ask? Well, we were playing Truth or Dare, but then Black dared Potter to run around one of the corridors in only his boxers, and some of the Healers tried to stun him. He managed to get away, but Lily insisted that we stop fooling around. So now we were playing 'I've Never.'

"It's simple!" Lily cried as Black tried to comprehend the muggle drinking game. "I say 'I've Never' and then something that I've never done. Whoever has done that has to take a drink. It's really simple."

"Fine, fine. Just start the game, Evans," he growled. He seemed surly ever since I cursed at him for commanding me to drink water.

"Fine then. I've never played quidditch," she said, looking around mischievously.

I rolled my eyes. Charlie, Lupin, Pettigrew, Black, Potter, Carter and I all took a drink. I looked over at Kendra quizzically. I seemed to remember she had a particular fondness for quidditch.

She seemed to read my thoughts as she winked. "'Save a broomstick, ride a quidditch player,' isn't that my motto?"

Potter laughed. "I thought it was shag whatever walks by."

Kendra glared at him, her dark eyes blazing. He smirked at her, but Carter quickly smacked him on the head. Ravenclaws stood together after all.

"Oh Merlin!" Lily sighed. "This will take forever. Kendra, why don't you say something? You're next."

"Fine. I've never fallen in love."

Charlie, Lupin, Potter, Carter and I drank.

Next was me: "I've never slept with someone."

I raised my eyebrow at Kendra and she shrugged. Charlie, Lupin, Black, Potter and Kendra drank.

Charlie: "I've never… hum… I've never spent the night in the library."

I rolled my eyes but Lily and I drank.

Lupin: "I've never eaten so much sugar I vomited all through the night.

Charlie, Black, Potter and I drank.

Pettigrew: "I've never had a girlfriend."

Black, Potter, Carter and Lupin drank.

Black: "I've never fancied a man in the room." No one drank. "Oh come on! Meaver, you slept with Remus! You must've fancied him at one point!"

"Yeah, well, you said man."

I laughed. "Ooh, harsh Charlie!"

The girls laughed as the boys started to pout a little.

"Oh hush up, girls," Lily giggled. "Potter, it's your turn."

"Fine," he grumbled. "I've never fancied a boy in this room."

At this, Charlie, Lily and Kendra drank from their glasses. I stayed still as the boys looked at me.

"Trust me, you are all fit, I mean, you play quidditch, but I don't quite see you as fit fit. Do you know what I mean?" I asked, but all of them looked at me, confusion written on their faces. "Whatever. Lily it's your bloody turn."

"I've never fancied a girl in this room."

All the boys drank from their glasses. Black's eyes never left mine as he put the cup up to his lips and tipped it. I looked away and saw Kendra look at him with hope in her eyes. Oh Merlin! Two undeniable flirts flirting with each other. The end is nigh!

Then Kendra: "I've never had a relationship over three weeks."

Charlie, Lupin, Carter, Lily and I drank. Potter looked at Lily, hurt in his eyes.

"Derek Wood, fourth year. You threw him out of your dormitory when you found out so he went down to the common room to sleep. I found him when I came back from the library and brought blankets and pillows down for the both of us. We slept on the couch and when you were the one who found us the next morning, you swore never to throw him out again."

"That lasted three weeks?"

"It lasted three months, you insufferable numpty."

Potter shrugged his shoulders and everyone turned to me expectantly.

"Um, I've never snogged someone in this room."

Charlie, Lupin, Black, Potter, Carter, Lily and Kendra drank. Pettigrew and I just looked at each other and I made a face at him.

Charlie: "I've never cheated on someone."

Black drank.

Lupin: "I've never slept with someone on a bet."

Unsurprisingly, Black and Kendra drank.

Pettigrew: "I've never been drunk."

I rolled my eyes and all of us drank but Pettigrew.

Black: "I've never had my heart broken."

Potter, Carter, Charlie, Remus and I drank.

Potter: "I've never snogged someone in a broom closet."

Carter, Kendra, Charlie, Black and I.

Carter: "I've never been ashamed of one of my long-term relationships, now or then."

Charlie and I.

Lily got quiet then and her cheeks flushed red. "I've never slept with someone in this room."

Charlie and Lupin drank, which was unsurprising, but two other people did. Kendra lifted her glass to her lips, all the while staring at Lily while Potter put his glass to his lips and drank too. Lily just nodded as she looked at the both of them. Kendra made to say something but Lily put up a hand to shush her.

"Don't," she whispered. "Just don't, you fat slag."

Kendra's nostrils flared. "I've never snogged James Potter!" She shrieked.

Lily looked at her with disbelief written on her face. "You basically just admitted to shagging him!"

"Oh. Right. Fine. I've never snogged, erm, Remus Lupin."

Charlie drank with a grimace. Kendra turned and looked at me, seemingly pleading with me. I sighed.

"I've never snogged James Potter," I said reluctantly.

To everyone's astonishment, Lily took her glass and downed it. Of course, she had charmed them so it filled up again, but still. Lily Evans had snogged James Potter? Kendra drank too, but Lily?

Charlie, the knowledge-seeking Ravenclaw she is, pursued this matter further. "I've never snogged James Potter more than ten times!"

Lily was the only one who drank. We all stared at her, either surprised, disgusted or confused. Her cheeks turned beet red.

"If he won't tell me something I have to kiss him to get the answer," she muttered under her breath. "It's worked loads of times. How else would I know how to get to the kitchens" – at this Potter looked down sheepishly – "or that some of the professors don't even know about that one hidden passageway that leads directly to Honeydukes" – Black was giving him a murderous glare – "or that the marauders place bets every year and this year –"

"HEY LOOK EVERYONE, EVANS IS KISSING ME!" Potter screamed right before lunging across the circle and placing his lips on hers.

Lily shrieked and pulled away, but since Potter had placed his hands on her upper arms, they both fell over, Lily underneath the – mighty fit, but it's not as if I had checked him out, right? – obnoxious, Gryffindor quidditch captain. Of course, at this she began to shriek even more, resulting in a sharp pain in my temple. I put my hand up to my head and winced. Charlie immediately turned to me.

"You ok?" She asked quietly.

I nodded but immediately felt woozy. "I think their potions might be losing their effect," I said, laughing half-heartedly.

She nodded, her face showing her concern. I gave her a small smile and she gave me one back, but I knew that both were a lie. As I looked around, I saw Lily trying to punch Potter in the face for 'falling on her even though he knew not to,' Pettigrew, Lupin, Carter and Kendra laughing at the two struggling on the floor as Lily tried to escape and Potter 'tried' to get off her. Black, however, was not. He was looking right at me.

"I think the patient should get back to the ward," he said in a quiet voice that carried to the ears of those arguing.

They all turned to look at me and I smiled sheepishly. Potter slowly got off of Lily (who didn't seem all that relieved to get him off) while the four laughing slowly became serious. Well, not Sirius as in Sirius Black, because he was getting up and walking over to me and they weren't. They were being serious. As in, not happy. Not joking. Yeah, that kind of serious. Because the Sirius kind was now giving me his hand. And I was taking it. He pulled me up and placed a hand on my back. I wiggled around a little until he let it drop but the absence didn't make me feel better.

"Um, yeah. Nice seeing you all. Carter, I should be aces" – I heard Black snort at my word usage – "by next match; Charlie, Kendra, I should be back in the dormitories tomorrow at the latest; Lily, thanks for coming, sorry for… well, sorry; Potter, Pettigrew, Lupin, don't know why you are here; Black, if you ever hit me with a bludger in the face again I will castrate you."

I saw Charlie crack a smile and Carter nodded. The others just looked at me. I turned to leave, but Black was right in front of me. I glared at him and he shrugged.

"You have my trousers and jumper. Unless you want to strip right here, maybe I should accompany you back to your hospital room."

I glowered but nodded as he turned around to face the door with me and placed his hand on the small of my back. I glared up at him, but he just stared ahead as he opened the door for me, smirking all the while. I wanted to slap him. As we walked through the corridors of St. Mungo's, we were silent. In fact, everything seemed too quiet. I knew Black had realized as well because a confused look passed over his face. He opened his mouth to say something, but a loud voice interrupted him.


The loud voice of who I could only assume to be a female healer, echoed through the corridors. Healers looked up, panicked, and then ran off. Black grabbed me by the sleeve of his jumper and pulled me into a room with an open door. It was occupied by one person in the far cot, so he slammed the door behind him, letting it shimmer with a charm placed on the door beforehand, to lock it. He ushered me towards the nearest cot, silently telling me to sit on the edge of it, near the headboard. I did so and he made me pull my knees towards my chest.

As soon as I did so, he sat down right next to me and put his arms around me, holding me close. I began to protest but he put a hand over my mouth as I heard the sharp sound of heels against linoleum floors. Then, out of nowhere, a high-pitched cackle, and a woman's voice shrieking a curse I had never heard before, but had read about many a time.


I looked at Black in alarm.

"Death eaters."

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