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A/N: This is my first challenge story, my first one shot, my first marauder story, my first attempt of second person…. So this could fail :/ - Hope you enjoy it. Everything you recognise is the Amazing JK Rowlings and the references are from  It's page 344 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, US hardback edition. This was beta'd by the Tenth Weasley Writer


 - CI by Clara Oswald@TDA -

You stand in front of your child’s crib, muttering words of safety to him. You stare into his almond-shaped eyes, so like yours, yet they’re happy whilst yours are filled with dread. You wonder how he found you, you wonder who betrayed you, but none of that matters now.


"Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off!" your husband screams, desperation in his voice. You shove items in front of the door, anything that can move. How could you be so stupid as to forget your wand? A flash of green light squeezes through the gap at the bottom of the door, surrounding you, suffocating you. Then you realise the love of your life is dead. Never again will his hazel eyes look at you as if you are the only girl in the world, never again will he attempt to make you laugh, his eyes lighting up when he succeeded. He is dead.


A tear escapes your eye, trickling down your face, then falling to the floor. His footsteps are getting louder, he getting nearer. Your attempts to block yourself in are getting frantic, yet in your heart you know it is pointless. The Dark Lord has no mercy; he’ll kill you, and then your only son, the last remaining part of James. In the moment, you know that you’ll do everything to stop him killing your baby boy. You’ll plead with him, and when that doesn’t work, you’ll stand over Harry as he kills you.


This thought gives you comfort, for you’ll be with James again, and it’ll be as if you’re sleeping. You walk up to your son, give him a last kiss, and tell him you love him. Because after a short while, you’ll be back together – with James, with Mum and Dad, and with Mr and Mrs Potter, who were killed being tortured for your whereabouts.



You’re not scared, but don’t want Harry to suffer. You’ve had a good life, but Harry is just a child; he doesn’t know about the real world, he’ll never go to Hogwarts, he’ll never have kids and get married if you don’t protect him now.


The door bursts open. He’s here. A shiver of hatred runs down your spine – this monster has destroyed every part of your life, and your last wish is to make sure that your death is not in vain. He stands a head taller than you. Thin, but at the same time, able to scare people easily. Not you. You’re not scared of him.



He cackles with an evil high pitch. "Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" you find yourself saying, screaming at him, because he can’t hurt your son, your innocent baby, who’s only a year old.


"Stand aside, you silly girl… stand aside now," Voldemort says, yet you can’t do it. You have to fight, even if it means your death. You never expected to die this way, so young, without an opportunity to even live your life, but you wouldn’t have changed it for the world.


You yell, but it’s hopeless. Death is upon you; you can sense it. Voldemort laughs one more time, and an unbelievable pain is filling you up. You’re screaming, but no one can hear you. No one else cares that you’re dying.


Your life flashes before you: the flower in your hand opening and closing its petals; Severus and you lying under the summer sun, you just listening to what he has to say about Hogwarts; you getting sorted into Gryffindor, the whole school clapping; making friends, friends that actually know you, for the first time in your life; James trying to impress you – to be honest, you quite enjoyed the attention. Making Head Girl, outraged when James was Head Boy; your first date with James, and he was a gentleman. Your wedding day, your dad walking you down the aisle; the day your only son was born; your mum, dad, and parents-in-law, killed all in one day. Sirius, Peter, Remus, and the Longbottoms came round for Harry’s first birthday – he was a Quidditch star in the making.

James, Mr and Mrs Potter, Mum and Dad – they all smile at you, their arms open as you walk towards them. You leave your body, leave the pain, and leave this sorrow, into a better place where the sun shines and the grass is green and where there is no pain, just happiness…


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