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“This isn’t happening.”

“Ellie, everything is going to be okay. I promise.”

“No Katie, it’s not. I’ve never skipped before. “

“Ellie, calm down. It’s nothing. You even told me nothing happened that night.”

“I lied.”

Hold up, this isn’t really as bad as it looks. It wasn’t my fault at all. Okay, it’s as bad as it looks, but this isn’t the full story! I was tired of being plain, ordinary, and “a dull gray” as the Oliver Wood calls me. I wanted to be interesting and crazy. It started out fine! Nothing bad was supposed to happen. I guess it goes to show that cruel intentions have cruel results.

But then again, it’s been the craziest year of my life; I wouldn’t take back one minute of it. Except… well…. you know…

I’ll start at the beginning. I’m Brielle Jessica Ramsey, 6th year Gryffindor. I’m chaser on the Quidditch Team and top student in my year. I’ve never lost house points; I’ve only gained them.

I don’t really live up to the Gryffindor reputation, but I do enjoy a party every once in a while. But a party on a school night? No thank you, I like my sleep before potions the next morning.

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of the Gryffindor reputation before. Us Gryffindors, we’re known for our access and our drugs. Whatever you want, we can get. If it’s on the market, we’ve smoked it. If it’s been brewed, we’ve drunk it. Now, not all Gryffindors are like this, me for example. I have never done drugs before. Well, other than that one time in fourth year when Fred and George spiked my fire whiskey because they thought it’d be funny. Honestly. Those two are something.

Anyway, Hufflepuff. These kids seem not so smart and innocent on the outside, but really, they know how to party. Every single Hufflepuff over third year isn’t a virgin. I think it’s a rite of passage or something. They are the sex gods of Hogwarts. Some of them even out do Draco Malfoy, and I’ve heard Malfoy is incredible. Hufflepuffs make for a great party.

Despite popular belief, Ravenclaw parties suck. They don’t participate in illegal activities and believe parties should end at curfew, which is 10. Ummm, that’s when the parties really get going. They are the most innocent and pure of Hogwarts.

Slytherin, oh Slytherin. The Slytherins think that they are so classy. Their parties aren’t much better than Ravenclaw, but when they attend a party, that’s a different story. The Slytherins don’t go crazy, but they enjoy themselves. They don’t really do drugs with us, but they do drink. Their idea of a good party is to sit around with cocktails and discuss finer points of why purebloods are better than muggle borns. Real classy.

Back to my story, it all really started at the Welcome Back feast I guess. We were all talking about our summers and plans for the year.

“George and I spent all summer hauled up with the family, as usual, although I did charm some muggle girls in town. She seemed to think my magic tricks were almost like real magic!” Fred and George smiled at each other.

“You two are going to get in so much trouble one of these days. Your charm won’t get you out of it either.” Katie Bell, my fellow chaser said.

Katie is in the same year as me and obviously the same house. She’s the girl of the group. Her favorite color is pink and she only wears ruffles and flowers. We all know that she has a thing for Roger Davies, but she won’t admit it. Besides, Oliver never lets us date people from other Qudditch teams. It’s “fraternizing with the enemy.”

Our third chaser is Alicia Spinnet, who is again, the same year as us. She has a temper worse than anything. But if you catch her in a good mood, it makes up for it. Alicia doesn’t date, which is a shame because she has all the Gryffindor boys lined up.

Our two beaters are Fred and George. They are one soul sharing two bodies. As the pranksters they are, their favorite pass time is messing with Oliver. We all enjoy it because it makes practice much more enjoyable.

Our seeker is Angelina Johnson; she has the fastest time in the school for catching the snitch. 5 minutes 48 seconds. She’s quiet when you first meet her, but as her friend, I can personally say she never shuts up. She fits the Gryffindor rep, as does the entire team.

Finally, our keeper, and captain, Oliver Wood eats, breathe and lives Quidditch. If he had his way we would be practicing all day and half the night. He’s a looker, but is too involved in Quidditch and so oblivious that he doesn’t date.

“You’re right. It’ll be our good looks that’ll help.” George gave her a wink and dug into his steak and kidney pie.

“It’s a wonder why you two don’t have girlfriends.” Alicia said and rolled her eyes. “My summer was good. Other than the fact that Oliver made me go to Quidditch camp with him. It was the single worst part of my summer.”

“If you didn’t want to go so much then why did you go?” Oliver asked.

“Oliver, it is impossible to say no to you. You would not stop asking.”

“If you don’t want to play this year, I can always bench you.” Oliver threatened. All of us went silent. Next to Oliver, Alicia was the second most Quidditch fazed person in Gryffindor.

“Not play? Not play??” Her voice was slowly rising. “Oliver I am the best chance you have this year at winning the house cup and you want to sit me?”

“Calm down Alicia. I was joking.” Oliver said quickly sensing an explosion coming on. Alicia is the one person Oliver is scared of when angry. Heck, we’re all scarred of her when she’s angry.

“Oh. Okay. Phew. I was worried you had really lost it for a second there.” Alicia sat back down in her seat and went back to her dinner.

“Well, other than the horrors of Qudditch camp, how was your summer?” Katie asked Alicia.

“The same. No snogging, no sneaking out, no drinking. Nothing exciting. My parents are too uptight. What about you Ellie? You’re parents are super chill. Anything exciting happen?” The group turned on me with excitement in their faces. This is ridiculous. Everyone knows I’m innocent and pure. I don’t do anything, hence the prank fourth year.

“My dad and Tiffany, not my parents. That bitch is my dad's girlfriend, she will never be my mother. But you guys are hilarious.” I responded.

“Yeah, I don’t know what we were thinking. Ellie having a good summer? Impossible. She’s too boring.” Angelina said. She laughed and nudged my shoulder.

“I am not boring! I just…don’t enjoy the same activities you guys do. Drugs and alcohol don’t have the same effects for me.”

“How would you know, you’ve never tried them.” Alicia questioned.

“Maybe I have tried them!”

“Ellie, come on. The day you become a color is the day I date someone.” Oliver said.

“A color? What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked. I’m not that boring. I’m a color! I’m just not as flamboyant as everyone else. I’m a nice pink, or maybe a light blue color.

“You’re a gray. Simple, solid, plain. You live inside a bubble of a world Ellie.” Oliver said.

“I do not! I can be wild. I’m a color when I want to be.” Hmph, I’m not boring.

“Hahahaha, sure Ellie. You aren’t a color. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, you make the rest of us colors pop!” Oliver smiled at the thought

“Is that a challenge?” I never ever turn down challenges.

“Oh no, Oliver you know what happens when Ellie is challenged. This never ends well.” Katie put her head in her hands.

“Maybe it is. What are you going to do about it?” Oliver asked.

“I’ll prove to you I can be a color. I am not a gray.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it.”

“Hey wait, George and I want in on this. We don’t think Ellie can be a color by the end of the year.” Fred got excited and his stupid Weasley grin grew on his face.

“You guys give Ellie no credit, she can totally do this.” Angelina said. As much as I liked her taking my side, I was sitting right there!

“Um hello? I’m right here!” I said.

“We know Ellie. So what are the stakes?” Oliver asked. Stakes? This isn’t what I wanted this year at all.

“Better question what’s the time line? Also, what’s described as a color? We need a mediator.” Angelina said, “Katie! Be our mediator?”

“No way am I getting involved in this. This is your battle, not mine.”

“Come on guys. Please, I really don’t want to do this! I’m fine being me! I know I’m not a color and maybe I’m okay with that.” I really didn’t want this to go through.

“See? I told you she’s a gray. But now she has a new status of being a wimpy gray. Is that how you want to be known Ellie? As a wimpy gray? Who never does anything new?” George asked. His eyes bore into mine and he phrased the words so I had to respond.

“I am not wimpy! I just like quiet.”

“Oh that is such a lie! You want to be bad and you know it.” Angelina smirked. Maybe I do want to be bad, but maybe that’s not for me. I’ve never gotten into serious trouble before, and if I have my dad could always pay someone to keep it quiet. My trouble was never bad enough though. Okay, no lies, I want to be bad, I’m just…so…not bad.

“But…” I stammered, not knowing what to say. She got me. She knew it too.

“Moving on, Alicia, you be our mediator.”

“I thought you’d never ask. I decide by the end of the year if she is a color or not.” Alicia said and she sat up a little straighter. Alicia loves to be in charge of things, it makes her feel important.

“More importantly. When we win, you two, have to go streaking AND skinny dipping in the lake, in broad daylight, on the last day of exams.” Fred and George said in unison, with identical grins on their faces.

“Okay, but if we win, you three have to do all our laundry, and we each get to pick one girl, from any house, that you have to go on a date with.”


Before I could recover from my shock, and horror, Angelina shook their hands and said, “Deal.”

What did I get myself into?

A/N: Hey guys thanks so much for reading!!!! Everything you recognize is J.K. Rowlings, everything else is mine :) Please review with comments, things you want in the story, or constructive reviews! I'm hoping to get the next chapter out soon, but I'm currently working on another FanFic as well. :P

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