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Draco and Hermione apparate into an empty street, everyone is either inside the buildings eating or having drinks, as it is about seven in the evening. They did not have to enter through The Leaky Cauldron anymore since the war, because it is being remodeled after its destruction from the war and they can apparate straight into Diagon Alley.

Draco holds Hermione’s hand tight as they walk toward the very finest hotel in Diagon Alley named The Merchant Inn. This hotel is one that was rarely ever visited by middle-class wizards and witches and is never spoken of unless you are a ‘high-class wizard’ such as the Malfoys.

They enter the building and Hermione gasps at the beauty of the magical hotel. The walls are full of sparkling clear crystals, there are floating lamps everywhere, and the ceilings looks just like the Hogwarts ceiling, imitating the weather. Currently the ceiling shows them a fair sky with fluffy cumulous clouds and swaying palm tree leaves with the sound of waves as though you are laying on a beach.

"This is brilliant," breathes Hermione. “I never knew it existed.”

“One Presidential Suite, please?” Draco asks of the tall female receptionist.

 “Yes Mr. Malfoy, my pleasure,” answers the woman while batting her eyelashes at Draco, someone they recognize from Hogwarts but neither of them knows her name.

Hermione looks at Draco. “Oh Draco, you didn’t have to get a Presidential Suite! How did she know your- oh never mind, of course!”

He just grins proudly in return and says, “Hermione, being a Malfoy has its perks. But erm,” he pauses, looking ashamed. “I’ve slept with her before.”

She rolls her eyes in return to this, well that won't ever change about him... his Malfoy pride. And of course he slept with her and doesn’t remember her name. Hermione hopes he won’t just forget her if he ever sleeps with her.   

About five-hundred galleons later, they head up to their room to drop off their luggage.

Hermione continues to be so in awe by the beauty of the expensive hotel. Of course, being with Ron, she had never been to anything more than a regular old motel with him if they spent the night somewhere new.

Their room happens to be on the very top 100th floor, they enter it and Hermione feels this can’t get any better as she looks out at the beautiful skyline of London from the balcony where she can spot every building.

There is a huge California King sized bed with sky blue Egyptian Cotton sheets and a feathered down white comforter. She glances into the bathing room and there lays a huge Jacuzzi bathtub for two in there with too many different soaps and scents to count.

“Wow,” whispers Hermione, still in shock.

“Father takes us here every once in a while, or used to before he went and got himself locked up in Azkaban,” Draco brags, sitting Hermione’s and his stuff down on one of the black dressers.

“Well you certainly got an impressive room for us to stay in, I was expecting something different,” chuckles Hermione. But she knows well that everyone knows the Malfoys and that’s why they had this amazing setup of a bedroom for the night.

"The Malfoys don't settle for any less than this," Draco boasts to Hermione's annoyance. 

“Ready for dinner?” He then asks her.

“Yes I’m starving!” Hermione exclaims, resting her hand on her growling stomach. 

The two makes their way downstairs and decide on an Italian restaurant called Enzo’s which stands right across from the hotel and then as soon as they sit down, order their drinks.

Hermione asked for a Raspberry Margarita with an extra kick of rum and Draco a Fire Whiskey and both will have at least four servings of alcohol in the whole time they were there.

Hermione notices their waitress was none other than Katie Bell. She looks grown up now and very beautiful. Her long brown hair was past waist-length and she is now taller and much more mature looking. She peers at them with huge brown eyes, not knowing what to think of what she sees in front of her. 

“Hello Hermione! What can I get for your dinner this evening?” Katie asks with a roll of parchment and quill in front of her in her hand, ready to be written on. 

“I would like the Marcy Italian Spaghetti please?” Asks Hermione politely.

“Great, and for you Mr. M-Malfoy?” Katie asks of Draco, she then looks taken aback by him and looks at Hermione in shock with wide eyes as if to ask for an explanation.

Hermione swallows hard when she remembers her sixth year when Draco cursed Katie with the necklace in the toilet room of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. She decided to calm down and remember that this is in the past and Malfoy is nowhere near like that anymore...or he didn't seem like he was. 

Draco orders his food and Katie walks away very fast as if she was ready to get away from them. Hermione looks down at her lap and frowns.

“Everyone is shocked to see you with me Hermione, I understand if you are embarrassed. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” says Draco apologetically, embarrassed for her. He puts his hands in a fold and looks at her with his gray eyes in a concerned way, wondering what she will say next.

Hermione smiles, hoping it will reassure him it will be fine and she doesn’t care anymore, although she does just a little bit, but she won't let him know that. “Draco, it doesn’t matter what people think, I am not embarrassed or ashamed."

“Yeah but I hate what I used to be- no one knows me for who I am now,” he trails off with a deep, upset voice.

“Draco, we are going to have a good night, stop it you!” Hermione tells him playfully kicking his foot under the table, making him jump.

Draco couldn’t help but smile back. I mean how could I not smile at that beautiful face?

“Hermione-” Draco starts but he loses confidence in what he is about to say.

She looks him in the eyes, “Yes?” He hesitates nervously as he plays with his fingers.

Come on just spit it out, idiot, he thinks to himself.

“Can you do me the great honor of being my girlfriend?” He finally spits out, his heart racing. 

Hermione blushes a deep red and she thinks for just a moment, actually for a good ten minutes, this was unexpected. “Yes Draco, I would love to be.”

“Then I have this for you,” he continues, pulling out a little box to Hermione’s surprise. Hermione is a little confused. He isn't about to propose…surely not? That would be barbaric. Please don’t, she thinks nervously.

It is a beautiful band with a small silver diamond and he slides it on her right hand with a determined smile.

“This is my promise ring to you that as long as we are in this relationship together I will never cheat on you or hurt you, not now and not ever. I have never given this ring to any other girl, not even Astoria. You are a very special woman, I am lucky to have you be my girlfriend and I wanted to show you we would not end up like you and Ron if we lasted as long.”

“Oh Draco, it’s beautiful!” She exclaims as she leans in to give him a quick peck on the lips. “Thank you!” The only gift Ron has ever bought her is her engagement ring, but she knows Ron is horrible with gifts.

She can’t believe that Draco was sweet enough to get her this beautiful ring just to be his girlfriend, how un-Malfoyish.

Just then Katie arrives with their food and without a word places the plates on their table.

“Nice to see you Hermione and um, Malfoy.” She squeaks before quickly disappearing again with an awkward curtsy.

“I was surprised you agreed to do this tonight, I was afraid you’d think I was moving too f-fast,” says Draco as he hiccups, drinking his firewhiskey at quite a rapid rate, getting a little drunk now. 

“No Draco, I needed to get out anyways. Besides, I really like you despite the person you were in the past. Who cares if this seems fast? We're happy,” gushes Hermione, nodding to him as she feels the alcohol now starting to take advantage of her as well. Her vision is starting to blur and she starts to feel light headed. 

Draco smiles a very happy grin at this, the biggest smile Hermione has ever seen from him. Before, in their school days, Hermione ever only saw smirks on his face.

Such a handsome smile, she thinks, not being able to help but to smile back.

During the rest of dinner they order about two more drinks and end up a little drunker then they planned to be, laughing at each other nonstop at little things.

Katie returns with their bill and gives Hermione a little hug before leaving their table in a hurry once again. “Have good night!” She says again, looking Draco up and down before departing their table, her eyes narrowed.

As Draco watches Katie walk away, he suddenly notices Astoria at the very back of the restaurant with a very buff and an older than himself male who has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Steven Draught, the Keeper for the Chudley Cannons, Draco recognizes the man with a shudder. But he notices that it doesn’t affect him anymore like it first did when Astoria left him, he has Hermione, and he can watch Astoria with another man all day, every day.

He doesn’t care that Astoria is piercing him with her dark hazel eyes. Draco knows by the look on her face that she has seen everything taking place. It gives him pleasure to see her evil looking smirk as she watches him with another woman. And he can tell she sees the ring he just placed on Hermione’s finger and got kind of emotional while her boyfriend looked at her like she was mad.

Draco then snogs Hermione in a show-offish kind of way, and Hermione glances and notices Astoria too and as soon as they break apart smiles at Draco shaking her head.

“Oh what fun,” she laughs loudly, rolling her eyes. Usually this sudden move would startle her or hack her off, but she is now past drunk and being under the influence makes her a lot more vulnerable to things.

Hermione feels a little intimidated by Astoria who has beautiful green eyes and long, silky brown hair that looked like it was so easy to tame, unlike Hermione’s bushy hair. Astoria also has long, tan legs and had the body of a supermodel.

She feels plain next to Astoria, the model from Draco’s recent past. But she didn’t agree to come here with Malfoy to feel jealous of Astoria. After all, there was no expectation that they would ever be boyfriend and girlfriend at all. So Hermione just decides mentally to let things play out as they're meant to.

To their dismay, Astoria acts like she is about to come over but her boyfriend stops her. Draco just smirks at her and she doesn’t take her eyes off him still, her pathetic lips pop out in a pouting face, similar to the one Bellatrix Lestrange used to make.

Draco notices this and thought about how evil his aunt was, he chuckles when he thinks of how Astoria would have made a perfect daughter for his evil Aunt Bella.

They decide to leave after paying the bill. Something makes Draco eager to get to their hotel room and it is not Astoria, or maybe part of it was as she would not take her eyes off of them and looked like she wanted to throw something, perhaps a curse, in their direction.
(Astoria’s POV)

Astoria watches Draco and the girl she thinks she might recognize walk across the busy street to the hotel through the window. They are laughing and flirting as they go on their way, faking it to purposely hack Astoria off and she knows it.

Her boyfriend, Steven, sees her gazing after the two of them and calls her out on still caring for Malfoy as she has clearly left Draco for him.

“I don’t care for him, they are just trying to make me jealous,” claims Astoria, and she then continues to eat with her new boyfriend, trying to hide her feelings for Malfoy as her heart hurts watching him with a new girl looking happier than he ever did with her. She thinks how much wealthier she will be for leaving Draco for Steven, as her new boyfriend is a professional Quidditch player while Draco just works part time at the ministry. Big upgrade to her, but her father still wishes her to be with Draco Malfoy, as his father was good friends with her’s. And honestly, part of her wishes she was still with him too as this Steven guy seems to be full of himself at times.  
(Draco and Hermione’s POV)

It seems like forever when Hermione and Draco finally gets to the hotel room and they open the door. As soon as Draco opens the door, he grabs Hermione and puts his lips to her’s like he was planning it all night.

She accepts this even though this surprises her and moves slowly closer to his body as well; being a bit drunk like they were made this a little more even enjoyable, and why not make a rash decision or two?

She feels so happy and so great in this moment that she may even let him go further tonight than she would ever think of letting someone go on a first night together. After all, she did say one bed and not two; she knew this would most likely happen. Plus she remembers she’s wearing cute underwear.

In fact she decides she would let him go as far as he wanted, being drunk helps this decision. Her mind is convinced she needs his loving tonight to relieve the pressures she has been going through with Ron, with everything… and if it was with Draco Malfoy, so be it. 

Draco tests her by feeling up her body and Hermione lets him, when he realizes this, he slowly starts undressing her as they continued to passionately kiss, deeper and deeper every moment.

Hermione lets out a quiet moan as Draco proceeds to kiss her neck. Soon Draco has her down into just her lingerie, and he stops to look at her for a moment and examines her body.

“You’re so beautiful,” he growls seductively as he hungrily kisses her stomach and moves down it to her thighs.

Draco can’t believe he is doing this with Granger, a mudblood. There’s no question that he must have liked her for quite a long time but just never wanted to realize it because he hated her for her blood.

He continues to snog her, the alcohol clouding his brain of all fully conscious thoughts and Hermione now takes her turn to start undressing Draco, and soon he is only in his boxers. Draco then holds onto Hermione’s waist and guides her to their bed for the night. He hoists her half naked body on top of him as they continue kissing.

Hermione starts to get nervous, she is about to have sex with Draco, whom she just started courting with, on their first date. But with the alcohol taking effect on her body and the pain in her heart, she doesn’t quite second guess it as Draco starts to pull down her lacy black thong. And she can’t refuse him, it feels too nice, he is too tempting and doing too many pleasurable things to her and before she knows it he has her bra off too and she is starting to pull off his boxers.

Draco then picks Hermione up a second time and puts her head on the pillows where she will be most comfortable. He slowly moves closer and closer to her body until she can feel his full bare skin on her’s.

They slowly and passionately start to have intercourse in their drunken state. Hermione is in a daze and feels like this was her first time because it feels so good.

Already, Draco makes Ron look like an unexperienced adolescent with his bed skills. Hermione wonders whether if this was because Draco probably has a lot of experience with other women. Whatever the case, the past doesn’t matter to her as long as he is with her right now.

Draco thinks about how amazing this is. How beautiful Hermione is, and how much he just doesn’t want this to ever end tonight. He loves the way Hermione’s body feels against his. She is so gorgeous and he just can’t take his eyes off her. He looks at her breasts, her stomach and the rest of her body, naked beneath him now as they change positions and she sighs in satisfaction.  He wishes now that he realized how amazing Hermione is years ago.

As they continue, Hermione examines his muscular body, and thinks about their past as she moans loudly in pleasure. They hated each other and now here they are having intercourse and are a brand new couple. This all happened so fast but it just feels right.

They enjoy their selves so much as they both lay with each other, breathing heavily now from all the action they endured the last forty five minutes.

Draco doesn’t want to give up this moment and Hermione feels the same way, she smells his hair and his skin, and they smell of wonderful cologne.

They continue to hold onto each other for another ten minutes, and Draco silently grabs the blankets and lays on his side of the bed looking up at the ceiling in shock.

Hermione lays on the opposite side of Draco now and is still in a daze from what just happened, still trying to gather every memory she just had and felt the alcohol make her thoughts blurry. She leans into Malfoy again and lays her head on his chest, listening to his heart that is beating intensely.

He wraps his arms around her and wants say he loves her, but he doesn’t want to say it too soon. Because he doesn’t know for sure if he loves her yet anyway.

Instead of him saying words he doesn’t want to regret, they started snogging again, which lasts about another hour.

Hermione then snuggles into his body tiredly as he takes in her flowery scent and the warmth of her naked body next to him.

All he wants to do is just be with her right now. He can never see them apart anymore. Astoria is like a history book to him now in the Restricted Section of Hogwarts, that year with her meant nothing anymore. Not with his beautiful new girlfriend lying sleepily beside him.

“I am so sorry for who I was in the past Hermione and I hope for now on everything will be so much better for us both. I hope you are happy even though Weasley cheated and broke your heart,” whispers Draco to her, playing with her hair and shaking his head in disgust at the thought of Ron.

“I am happy,” she quietly whispers back with a huge yawn, she hasn’t felt so relaxed in what seemed like weeks.

Hermione finally gives out and falls asleep with a smile on her face. Draco silently watches her sleep for half an hour and rubs her bear back as he thinks everything through and tries to remember every feature of her when they made love.

He feels like he is falling for Hermione Granger, the muggle born girl he used to hate. He then starts to fall asleep… his memories of the night still replaying in his mind but then his eyes shoot wide open again as he realizes neither of them thought to use protection.

But surely, he thinks, Hermione being the bright witch that she is had thought of that long before they even got close to sleeping together and used a contraception charm. Or he hopes she did... he prays she did.


A/N: Well, they did it. They slept together. Did you all expect that to happen?
I know they are moving fast, but they are happy anyway. I hope you like the new revised version of this story so far. It needs alot of editing. Now onto the next 22 chapters D:


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