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“Children come downstairs. Dinner is about to be served and the guests have arrived!” Ginny yelled from the bottom of the stairs. James darted out his room and headed straight for the front door. He smooth out the wrinkles that were in his flannel shirt and made sure his jeans was in place before he opened the door.

“Hello beautiful…” he said to a tall slender girl that was standing at the front of the door. He bent over slightly to pick up her hand and kiss it. She giggled and smiled back at James.

“Why thank you handsome. I have to say you clean up pretty well yourself.” She replied. She had on a sage sundress with wildflowers tucked neatly behind her ear. Her mane of curly dirty blonde hair was held together in a bun. James pulled her into a tight hug and gave her a small peck on the cheek before he allowed both girls to cross through the threshold of the house. As they entered, Albus and Lily were walking down the stairs chatting happily about their upcoming trip to the Burrow. At the sight of Albus, Annabel squealed.

“Alby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She nearly bulldozed him over as she hugged him.

“Oh….Hi Annabel.” Albus said half-heartedly. Lily chuckled in the background as James and Annalisa shifted their feet awkwardly. Albus managed to break free of Annabel’s death grasp right as his parents walked into the room.

“Hello ladies.” Harry walked and shook both of the guest hands.

“I’m Mr. Potter. However, you can just call me Harry. All the cool kids call me Harry.” Lily scoffed audibly at this statement while James and Albus looked at him with a mixture of awe and embarrassment. Annalisa giggled.

“Thank you Harry. This is a very lovely home that you have here. I am sure that Mrs. Potter’s wonderful taste in interior design was the reason of this.” Ginny blushed fiercely at the compliment.

“Why, thank you sweetheart. And you call me Ginny.” She embraced Annalisa. James stepped next to Annalisa and grabbed her hand.

“Mum, Dad, this lovely and beautiful creature that stands before you is Annalisa McMillian, my girlfriend. Annalisa, well you have already met my parents but don’t buy into the rubbish they will tell about me.”

“Oh, like the time when you were 7 and you tried to flush Albus down the toilet because he didn’t want to share his toy broom stick with?” Ginny piped in. James face turned a brilliant shade of garnet as he mumbled something incoherently. Annalisa laughed at James‘s embarrassment before she spoke. “Don’t worry, we won’t tell her any of those stories.”

“I can’t wait to hear all the hilarious stories that you have to tell about.” She gave James a one arm squeeze. The attention then switched from Annalisa to Annabel and Albus.

“Albus, you aren’t going to introduce your guest to us?” Ginny asked him.

“She wasn’t invited here by me.” Albus mumbled under his voice

“Excuse Me?” Ginny asked

“This is Annabel, An….acquaintance of mine from Hogwarts” Albus said in a monotone voice.

“Albus, why are you being so modest? We are actually friends….great friends.” Annabel spoke up.

“Really, I haven’t heard Albus mention you at home or at school when he talks about his friends and the vivid adventures he, Scorp, Holden, Louis, and Dean often get into.” Lily asked her in the kindest voice that she can muster. Lily love to pick on her older brothers; however she does not like to see other girls make them feel uncomfortable. They are invading her territory; in Lily’s mind.

“Because small child, I am too important to Albus for me to hang out with his rather common friends. But being a second year, I am pretty sure that you can’t grasp that concept. It’s for the older students sweetie” Annabel said slightly nasty to Lily. Lily reached inside the pocket of her dress and pulled out her wand and pointed straight at Annabel’s face

“LILY LUNA POTTER!!!!!!!! PUT YOUR WAND AWAY AT ONCE! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR OUR GUEST.” Ginny screamed at the top of her lungs. Annabel looked terrified. She had heard of that the youngest Potter had inherited her mother’s ability to Bat-Boogey Hex anyone and it terrified her secretly. Lily put her wand away. As she put it away, her stated,

“I am a third year now thank you very much. You might want to choose your words carefully next time McMillian.” And with that she stalked out the living room and into the dining room and took her usual place at the table. James and Annalisa hurried after her; slightly confused about the situation that just occurred before them.

“Sorry about that honey. Lily is very headstrong.” Ginny clasped her hand on Annabel’s shoulder. Albus secretly wished that Lily would have hex her. He made a mental note to get her the biggest box of chocolate frogs next time he went to Diagon Alley. Harry and Ginny led the kids into the dining room to eat dinner. When everyone sat down to dig into the meal, all was quiet for 10 minutes.

“So Annalisa, Are you ready to head back to Hogwarts for your seventh year?” Harry asked her.

“Please call me Lisa for short. Yes Mr… I mean Harry. I am ready to head back to Hogwarts. I have been named Head Girl at Hogwarts this year.”

“Congrats! I am sure Ernie and Romilda are very proud.” Harry said with a mouth full of potatoes. Ginny scowled at him.

“Harry, how many times must I say do not speak with your mouth open. You are setting a bad example for the children.” Ginny glanced around the table to see James doing the exact thing that his father was doing.

“The beef is amazing mum” he said with a mouthful of beef stew. He sprayed Lily with the meat juices and she screamed.

“Eww! Gross!”

“James!” Ginny yelled at her eldest child

“Sorry mum.” James said pleadingly. Annalisa sat laughing at him while Annabel had a look of utter disgust across her face. James had to be the most disgusting person to her. He may be attractive but she never really understood why her big sister fell for him in the first place.

“So Albus how was your meeting at the Ministry this morning? Who are some of your other classmates that will be participating with you this year?” Ginny asked him

“It was extremely long but I can’t wait to begin in October. I got to meet some really amazing students this morning like this girl name Sophia Murphy.” Albus sat in thought for a second and reminisced on lunch hour with her before she Ciel, and Danila had to leave and go get fitted for their Hogwarts robes. The afternoon Albus spent with his new group members quite refreshing to honest.

“Who else from Hogwarts is participating Al? I’m pretty sure that you can’t be the only one Hogwarts have to depend on for the program; in that case we will all be screwed.” Lily said as she passed the mashed parsnips to James. Albus rolled his eyes at his younger sister.

“Scorp, Rosie, and Annabel here are the other delegates this year.” Albus replied as he ignored his sister’s last comment.

“Rose I have high hopes for but the rest of you guys will doom Hogwarts for an eternity. “ Lily responded. The subject was quickly changed before another argument was started.

“I can’t wait to go to the Burrow. I miss Grandmum Weasley’s cooking.” James said

“I miss Roxanne and Molly. We have a lot of stuff that we need to catch up on.” Lily added on

“I miss being able to fly through the countryside at my own free will. Oh, and beating Fred and James in Quidditch matches with Louis” Albus dreamily said

“And while you guys are listing all the things you miss most about the Burrow, I hope you guys complete all your summer homework because your father and I have absolutely no problem with making you guys stay here for the remainder of the summer if not.” Ginny said as she interrupted her children’s daydreams.

“You can’t do that! You will be breaking a Weasley’s tradition. We always go to Grandmum and Granddad house in August the week before school start to be with all our cousins. By us not going, you are making us side with the Dursley side of the family!” James retorted back at his mother. Albus and Lily both shook their head agreeing with their older brother’s statement. Even Harry secretly agreed with him. The Potters have the Dursley family over occasionally now that Dudley’s twin boys, Mark and Josh, attend Hogwarts but, to Harry, being called a Dursley is still the lowest form of insult anyone can have.

“Plus this is the only time everyone gets to meet Annalisa this summer at once. You know how hard it is to get family together outside of Christmas, Easter, and summer.” Everybody went quiet at the table and stared at James as he turned to Annalisa.

“Annalisa, do you mind accompanying me to the Burrow tomorrow to meet the rest of my family?” he asked her.

“Yes! Yes! I would love to James.” She said

“Aww.” Lily squealed “Jamie is in love!’ Lily started singing. James didn’t matter because he knew that part of this was true,

“Under one condition though.” Someone interrupted from the far end of the table. Every head turned to see who had spoken.

“Yes Annabel, what would be that condition?” James asked her. “Seeing that you were not invited to the Burrow, it’s weird that you are making conditions.”

“Well now that is what I am about to address. You must invite me. Lisa and I go everywhere together and I am pretty sure mum and das wouldn’t be happy if I let slip that she will be going to stay with her boyfriend for the reminder of the summer.” Annabel said sweetly. Everyone looked at Annabel as if she was crazy and conniving but to Annabel this move must happen to complete her ultimate goal over the school year ; to finally become Albus S. Potter’s girlfriend.

“Fine, you can come. You will be Albus’s problem not mine anyway.” James answered. Albus put his head down hard on the table. This is surely going to be the longest month of his life at the Burrow.

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