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Once upon a time... or seconds after I kissed Albus Potter.

This had to be the worst idea I’d ever had, and I’ve had some pretty bad ideas. Honestly, I once accepted a challenge to go streaking in the Great Hall. I didn’t go through with it because I couldn’t have the entire school seeing me naked.


But none of those things compare to kissing Albus Potter to shut him up. I should have known that he would be good at that too. Merlin’s beard I'm stupid, I should have known that this was idiotic. I mean what kind of idiot makes out with their enemy just to shut them up? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Come on Daisy, you know better.


The kiss started out very slow and gentle. Our lips moved together very slowly getting a feel of each other His hands moved to my waist; pulling me closer, and closer and closer still, till there was nothing between us, nothing but layers of clothing between us. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling our heads closer together; pulling our bodies together. It was like I was starving and he was the only thing that could sustain me. I wanted- no, I needed to be closer to him. It was a primal urge. He let a small moan out against my lips. God, what the hell was wrong with me? Only minutes before I’d been shouting at him and now I was kissing him like my life depended on it. Biggest backfire ever.


He pushed away from me, "What are we doing?" he asked breathlessly. Good to know I wasn’t the only one who’d been affected.


"We’re making out," I replied casually like it was something we did all the time. I started moving closer towards till he was backed up against the wall. Then I was pulled his head back down to mine. Our lips met and it was like we never stopped. It became hotter, we became more urgent. Our positions changed, he turned us till I was the one against the wall. My legs started moving at their own accord and wrapped themselves around his waist in an attempt to pull our bodies closer still.


His hands went to my thighs, stroking up and down till they came to rest on my bottom, supporting me, holding me up. I ran my hands through his hair and let them rest at the back of his neck running through the hair that lay there.


The door handle rattled.


We both froze, I attempted to unwrap my legs from his waist, without falling over (which was not easy considering the size of the closet we were in). we locked eyes briefly then jumped apart. I started to fix up my rumple clothing. I assumed Potter was doing the same.


The door slammed open. Remember how I said that there wasn't much space in this closet? Well the door being slammed open sent me tumbling into Potter. Yeah that's right, I fell on him. Technically not on him but against him.


"Ooh lookie here,” James said still wearing his mother’s underwear. Ah so they gave him the delightful job of opening the door. "Al and Daisy are in a very comfortable position."

"Shut up James, you’re the one wearing his mum’s underwear." I said, getting of Potter and pushing past James.

I walked back to the circle and sat down in my spot. Dom and Roxy looked at me expectantly.


"Well?" Roxy asked.


"Well what?" I asked her.


"What happened?" she said in a very exasperated tone. Why was she exasperated? I don't know - she wasn't the one who made out with Potter? Well if she had, that would’ve been incest and not to mention gross.


"Nothing,” I replied.

"What do you mean 'nothing'?" Dom asked.


"Well, nothing happened. What did you expect? That we'd forget all our history and make out? Or that we’d forgive each other for the terrible things we’ve done to one another and decide to be friends?" I replied, giving a shaky laugh.

"If that’s what you thought, you’d be one hundred percent correct. We decided that it would be better for the both of us if we were friends," Potter said sitting down beside me, putting his arm around my shoulder. I stiffened, ready to fight him, and then I remembered that this was a game  we were playing and Potter was just acting his part. It was still weird. Especially after that make out session.


"What?!" Dom shouted.


"Inside voices guys,” The ever calm Scorpius Malfoy said, looking up from his book.


"Well, as we were locked in that closet we had to a choice to make; either make out for seven minutes, or stand there in silence, or talk. Oddly enough we chose to talk. We came to the mutual conclusion that all our efforts would be better put to use if we were to work together; that way we would be an unbeatable force.”


"An unbeatable force against what?" Dom asked.

"Against people that think it’s a good idea to lock us in a closet together," I muttered

"What?!" she exclaimed.

"What?" I asked, innocently.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"Nothing, I didn't say anything. Did you hear me say something Potter?" I asked him.


"No I did not Hunter,” he said and he winked at me.


Woah. I had not signed up for winking.


"What was that?" Dom asked.

"What was what?" Potter replied, then he winked at me again. Urgh gross, I feel dirty. I never want to winked at again, especially not by Potter.

"Stop winking at her!" She screeched.

"Dom, calm down,” James said. "You’re hurting my ears."

"Bu-bu-but Al winked at Daisy." She whimpered. Everyone froze, they looked at her, then they looked at us and then they burst out laughing.


“Al winking at Daisy?” Fred said laughing, “Dom I think you need to lie down, you’re starting to hallucinate."

"I'm not hallucinating!” She exclaimed.

"Yes you are," Fred replied, “like Al would never wink at Daisy."

"But he did,” she whined.

"Please Dom, just shh. Ok shh." Fred said putting his arm around her bring her to his chest and stroking her. “It’s okay Dom, it’s okay, you’re in a safe space. Right guys?”

Everyone murmured in agreement.

We played a couple more rounds of truth or dare; Connor, Declan and Roxy still hadn't had their turns.

It was Declan's turn to choose; he chose dare.

"I dare you to-" I had begun to say, before Potter interrupted me.

"To run outside naked," he finished for me.

"Merlin’s beard Potter; you can't let me have anything!" I shouted at him.

"I do so let you have things,” he replied.

"You do not!"

"I do too!"

"Do not!"

Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"


"Oh will you both shut up!" Declan shouted.

I looked at Potter, "What's crawled up his ass?" I asked him.

"I don't know." He replied.

"Oh bloody hell!" He said exasperated. "We'll I'm going to go run outside naked." He got up and walked outside of the room. Immediately, we all jumped up and ran to the window. After a few minutes the pavement outside was bathed in light and out came a buck naked Declan Finnegan.

"Get back inside you idiot!" shouted the Old Lady from next door.

"WHATEVER!" He yelled back at her; then he made his way inside, but not before Fred and James managed to snag  a few photos.

When the front door slammed shut we all made our way back to the floor. Five minutes later he walked back in. He slowly made his way back to his spot and sat down. He looked around.

"I am never ever, ever doing that again. That was the single most embarrassing thing I have ever done,” Declan said.

"Really, even more embarrassing than what happened at that ice cream parlour?” Connor said smirking.

"You promised you'd never mention that,” Declan said.

"Whatever lil' bro,” Conner said still smirking.

"Hey Al, Why didn't you tell me about the lady next door?" Declan said to Potter, changing the subject.

"Yeah see I didn't know that Mrs Beatrice likes sits by her window every day from nine to ten staring at the stars. My bad,” Potter replied.

"You’re such an ass! Anyways how bad?" he asked no one in particular.

"How bad is what?" James asked him.

"The pictures." he replied.

"Of what?" James asked pretending to be actually confused. Well he could be confused, James isn’t the smartest egg in the basket.

"You know exactly what im talking about James Sirius Potter.” He said.

"Oh those pictures. Yeah we got five really good ones and five not so good ones,” he said, grinning, “ Oh and Fred recorded the whole thing, we're thinking Wiz Tube,” he said the last part in an unnaturally high voice.

"You wouldn't,” he said.

"Actually we would,” Fred said smirking, “it’s like you don’t know us at all.”

"I hate to break this up but it’s 9:30, we have school tomorrow, and we still need to watch some movies. So yeah; can we move on?" Connor said.

"Yeah whatever. I do believe it's your turn Connor my dear brother."

"Go on then; hit me with your best shot."

"I dare you to kiss James." I blurted out before anyone could interrupt me.


"It's not your turn Daisy, it's mine." Declan said. “And I say you have to kiss Mrs Beatrice."

"Eww!" I said. "That's disgusting!" I smirked, “Awesome,”

"Eww! No! I refuse to kiss that hag."

"Well, do you forfeit," I asked.

"No! I'm not stupid," he said' "I'll do it.

"And we'll go with him to make sure he does it." James said.

They got up and left the room. They returned ten minutes later panting and out of breathe. It’s like they’ve been running.

"What happened to you three?” Potter asked

“We had to run from her dog.” James said breathlessly.

“Why?” Potter asked.

“Well this idiot here-“he pointed at Connor who was leaning on the door trying to catch his breath. “Thought it would be fun to poke her dog; the dog obviously didn’t share the same mind set. He then proceeded to chase us around the yard. Finally we managed to get inside.”


“Did he do the dare?” Dom asked them.

“Ooh yeah.” James said. “Oh he did the dare. He opened that door and-”

“-Kissed the hell out of her.” Fred finished.


“We even got it on video.” James said.

“Brill!” I exclaimed. “I wanna see, I wanna see.” He showed me the video of Connor kissing the old lady next door. “Eww that’s rank.” I said.

After that Roxy did her dare and we decided to watch ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ We only came to this conclusion after a very, very heated debate. Roxy and Dom wanted to watch Rom-Com, James and Fred wanted to watch a comedy film, Connor wanted to watch one of the many superhero movies; but Potter and I won with a horror movie. Yeah shocker we have something in common.

During the movie, Roxanne and Dominique went to Lily’s room into sleep. They claimed that they were ‘making a stand’ against the movie, but really they were just scared. Halfway through the movie James disappeared under one of the blankets we’d brought into the den and was never seen again. Scorp, Connor and Declan went into the kitchen to ‘get more popcorn’; they too were never seen again. That’s sounds like a bit from a horror movie. Rose flat out refused to watch the movie. She’s a pacifist (of sorts) and doesn’t approve of any form of violence. And Fred, well Fred disappeared. He does that a lot: he disappears and appears, often in the most unfortunate place, more than The Doctor does. That left Potter and I all alone. After a very long, very heated ‘debate’ we ended up sitting next to each other. Let’s just say I wasn’t actually pleased with that especially since he kept asking me questions during the movie. You don’t talk during a movie, you just don’t.

“Are you scared?” he asked.

“No.” I scoffed, “I wasn’t scared when you asked ten minutes ago and I’m not scared now,” and even if I was scared like I’d have told him.


“The characters are just being stupid,” I said, “one of the first thing you learn as a child is ‘Stranger Danger’. You can’t go around picking up strangers in your cars, especially ones that look like a mess, and you most certainly don’t trust strangers in a deserted town. It’s not rocket science,”


“Really?” he asked and raised an eyebrow, “what is scary then?”

 “You know, The Hack Saw series, Malicious Dead, and I’m a sucker for classic slasher films. Oh and not forgetting Twilight.”

“Twilight?” he repeated, “what?”

“It’s so bad it scares me,” I mock shivered.


He laughed, “You are so weird; most teenage girls love all that ‘Team Edward’ ‘Team Jacob’ crap.”

“I’m not most girls and Edward may have gotten the girl, but Jacob got the last laugh. He got his revenge by getting with Edward’s only daughter. So technically Jacob wins. Anyway, it’s not that bad, it’s actually so bad it’s almost good.”


He laughed again. “Ok ok, if this isn’t scary then tell me your favourite scary moment in a movie.”


“Urm… favourite moment…” I paused taking a moment to think about it. “Ok, have you seen The Glimmering?” I asked him.


“Yeah, I watched bunch of old school horror movies last year. I tried to get Lily and James to watch then to, but they refuse to watch anything not made in this decade and not in XHD.


“I asked if you had seen the movie, I didn’t ask for your life story,” I said.


“Whatever,” he replied.


“Anyway, there’s that scene where Jackson breaks down the bathroom door and says ‘Here’s Jacky’. Well that has to be my favourite moment in a horror movie.”


“Yeah that was pretty awesome.”


“What’s yours?” I asked him.


The thought about it for a minute, “Ok, it’s also an old horror movie. The prom scene in Chrissie where she goes ape shit on everyone.”

“Oh heck yes; that was amazing. I always wanted telekinetic powers after watching that.”

“Ok.” He paused and after a moment said. “What’s your favourite action adventure movie?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“I’m just curious,”


“Well curiosity killed the cat,”

“Well this cat has nine lives,”


We both cracked up laughing.

“That was honestly the stupidest thing I have ever heard,”

“Yeah it was pretty stupid,”


“Just like you,” he scoffed and pushed at my arm. I winced. He had hit the tender part of my arm. I tried to cover up the wince with a sneeze but he had seen it already. He grabbed my arm and rolled the sleeve of my shirt. He looked at the bruise.


“Who did this?” he asked.


“No one.” I replied as I tried to shake my hand free of his grip but he just held on tighter.


“Who did this to you?” he asked again his face completely void of any emotion. I didn’t say anything.


“Who did this?” He said more forcefully.


“No one did anything to me Potter; I slipped at home and banged my arm on a cupboard.” Truthfully this happened. Well sort of.

“I thought you ‘slipped in the bathroom’?” he said.


“There’s a cupboard in my bathroom,” I responded.


“You don’t need to lie, just tell me.” He said. “This looks like somebody punched you.”

“Well that just shows what you know.” I said. “Because nobody punched me.” He looked at me

“If you are not going to tell me then fine.” He let go of my arm.

“Anyway, why do you care?” I asked him.

“I don’t care.” He said.

“Yeah I think you do, I think that you care about me.” I teased.

“No I couldn’t give a rats ass!” he exclaimed.


“I think the lady doth protest too much,” I said


He didn’t respond he just turned away from me and faced the screen. “Let’s just finish watching the movie.”

A few minutes had gone by when he turned around and said “If it was nothing then why did you kiss me?”

Aah that minor detail “forgot” about. “I was trying to distract you from the whole bruise thing; I don’t like answering personal questions.”

“Ummhhm, yeah sure that’s it,” he said

“Yes that was it,” I replied.

“You know what I think?” he asked.

“No I don’t care.” I said

“I think that you wanted to kiss me.” He said leaning getting closer to me.

“Now that’s just stupid. Why would I want to do that?” I asked.

He moved back. “Because you want me.” He said smirking.

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”


“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“You know what this is just stupid. We aren’t agreeing on anything. Let’s finish the movie in total silence and sleep.”

“I win.”

“No you don’t”

“Yes I do.”

“No you don’t”

 “Yes I do.”

“No you don’t”

“Yeah I do.”

“I am not doing this again. Let’s watch the movie”

“We could do that or we could make out?” he phrased it like a question

“What!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah you want me-”

“-I don’t want you.” I interrupted.

“-and I think you’re a pretty good snog, so we should make out.” He continued as if I hadn’t said anything. Classy. A girl loved to be told she’s a ‘good snog’, so much better than a diamond ring.

“I don’t want to. We are watching the movie then going to sleep.”

“You’ll give in Hunter, they always give in.” he said.

“You sound like a date rapist. I do not want you, no means no, Potter,” I said.


“I know,” he said, “but that doesn’t change the fact you want me and you will give in,”

“No I will not.” I said.


“Yes you will.” he replied.


“No I will not.” I repeated.


“Want to bet?” he asked.


“You know what? I do.”


“Ok if I can get you to kiss me before September ends, you have to give me 50 galleons.”


“And if you lose you give me 50.”


“Deal.” he said.


In retrospect I think that that may have beem the moment it all started to go downhill for me. A stupid bet that may have the biggest mistake of my life. You know, so far.





A/N: I am really really really sorry for the wait I have been stumped at school with coursework and exam revision. I will try to get the next chapter out really really soon.

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