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 A/N: So, as a type of filler chapter until I finish developing the next official chappie in my brain, I decided to do a little collection to help both me and you get to know the characters a bit better. And so, I’ve written the first kisses of all the main characters of The Sidekick. Enjoy!

The First Kiss of Chase Alice Longbottom


            “Chase,” my mother called to me, “Come on, little moonpie, it’s time to get going!”


            I ran down the stairs, to where my parents were about to floo over to the Burrow for one of the many summer barbecues held there every year. I was more excited about this one than I had ever been before, for one reason and one alone: I, at the age of fourteen, had just gotten my first boyfriend. This would be the first time I’d seen Al in a week, though we’d I.L.ed nonstop since he asked me out at Bill and Fleur’s house (I never called them Aunt and Uncle, since Fleur thought it was improper for someone who wasn’t even slightly related to them).


I couldn’t get rid of the butterfly-like sensation in my stomach. Sure, Albus wasn’t perfect; he hated cussing and couldn’t climb trees for crap. But he was cute, nice, and seeker on the quidditch team. What more could a young witch ask for?


I stepped out of the fire place and into the Burrow. Since it’s in the living room, where all the adults hang out, I first have to go through the standard procedure of polite greetings and awkward one-armed hugs that comes with family get-togethers. I know that Al is probably with Rose, so I go upstairs to the old playroom where we usually hang out. I walk in to find Rose sitting on a beanbag, sobbing her eyes out, with Albus, James and Louis awkwardly trying to comfort her.


Sighing, I go to the nearest cupboard where we stash peanut butter and spoons for situations exactly like this.


“Where’s Molly?” I ask them; she was the girl closest to our age and should be here right now.


Fifteen year-old Louis was the first to answer, “At Ollie’s house. The Woods are out on holiday and left him with the house all to himself.”


I make a sound of disgust. Don’t they know that that kind of activity as a teenager can lead to pregnancy? Leave it to overly hormonal kids like Molly and Ollie not to think about something like that. I know that girls like Rose and me are far too smart for things like that.


Handing Rose the peanut butter, I begin trying to calm her down, “It’s okay, honey, it’s okay. That dress is so pretty. What’s wrong?”


“It, it, it’s Scorpius,” she sniffs loudly, “We’ve been snogging for a year now but he still won’t ask me out properly! Why can’t the git take a hint?”


I wave it off, “You probably won’t end up with Scorpius, anyways; he’s kind of weird. Remember last year when we had to face that Boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and his turned into a dust bunny?”


This makes her stream of tears stop as she lets out a giggle, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I mean, what did I expect? We haven’t even started fourth year yet, am I really supposed to have already found the love of my life?”


“That would be so unrealistic,” I nod in agreement, “So, you okay?”


“Yeah, I guess. Do you know where my bird-watching notebook is? I need to write about a Peregrine falcon I saw earlier.”


James and I exchange glances; we knew she’d kill us if she found out we’d given it to Professor Binns again.


“No idea.”


“Not a clue.”


“Hm. How odd. I haven’t seen it since we left school,” she gets up and wanders off to find her odd little notebook.


I finally have time to acknowledge my boyfriend, “Hi,” I give him a sweet smile.


“Hi,” Albus grins back at me.


“Hello,” Louis mutters bitterly, but for once I don’t really hear him. He obviously had no romantic interest in me, why shouldn’t I be with someone who actually does?


“Oi, I think we should go, err, do something else,” James nudges Louis, looking out for his younger brother who obviously wants alone time with his new girlfriend.


Louis gives James an alarmed look, “What? Why do we need to leave? I really think the best idea would be to stay here. Maybe play a nice game of monopoly.”


James’s expression says, I’m not joking, let’s leave NOW. Louis gets the hint, and reluctantly exits the old playroom with his cousin.


“So,” I smile, “I guess we’re alone now.”


“Yeah,” He nervously grins back, adjusting the collar on his tee shirt, “I guess we are.”


On the inside, I sigh. Was this boy not getting the hint that I wanted to suck face with him??


“Maybe you should… I don’t know, kiss me?” I say bluntly. Bluntness is my thing.


He goes kind of pale and swallows; obviously scared he’ll mess up our first kiss. But he takes a deep breath and gets a look of sheer determination, obviously ready now.


Albus leans in tilting his head a bit to the right, and I do the same. Finally, our lips meet, and it’s just kind of… awkward. His mouth is warm and uncomfortably wet, and I remember that he licks his lips when he gets nervous. Great.


We pull apart, and just kind of look at each other, and though neither of us would admit it for half a year, that kiss could sum up the entire relationship with one word…




The First Kiss of James Sirius Potter


I meandered down the corridor, bored out of my mind. I’d decided to skip Defense Against the Dark Arts that day, it was pointless in second year anyways. After all, I’m twelve years old. I don’t need The Man telling me what to do.


Okay, now I’m starting to sound like Chase’s mom.


Wandering along, I decide to go through the courtyard to go sit under the tree by the lake. It was a lovely autumn day, still warm from the summer. I did see that there was someone already under the tree, but I didn’t take much notice until I got close enough to see that it was a girl.


She was pretty; she had raven black hair and exotic Asian features.


I casually sat down next to her, “Hi, there.”


“Hello,” She replied pleasantly.


“What’s your name?”


“Maylin. Yours?”


“James. Are you supposed to be here?”


“No, I should be in potions. You?”


“I ought to be in D.A.D.A right now.”




“You know, Maylin, I find you quite attractive.”


“You’re not so bad yourself.”


“Would you like to kiss?”


“Have you ever kissed someone?”


“No, have you?”


“Nope. I suppose it’s fair, then, and there’s really no reason we shouldn’t.”


I smiled. I liked this girl; she was casual and laid back. Most girls would make a huge deal out of something like this.


We kissed, and that was that.


“Kissing quite agrees with me,” I nodded to myself.


“Me too. I like it. What’s your last name?”




Maylin turns and looks at me, “As in, James Potter? Son of Harry?”


“The one and only.”


She starts giggling, which confuses me.


Still laughing, she decides to take mercy on me by explaining her amusement, “I was your first kiss, right?”


I nod.


“My mum was your dad’s first kiss.


My jaw drops; I know the story too well, “You’re Cho Chang’s daughter?”


“The one and only.”


“Wow,” I can’t believe the coincidence, “That’s… That’s kind of weird.”


Maylin smiles, “Agreed. This will be our first and last kiss?”


“Definitely. But I do like you,” I flash a crooked smile and hold out my hand, “Friends?”


She takes my hand and shakes it, “Friends.”


The First Kiss of Rose Lavender Weasley


Scorpius Malfoy. That silly, over-competitive, conceited, arrogant, obsessive-compulsive git. The one day my mum lets me go to the bookstore by myself, and I see him here. Second year had just ended, and I’d thought that for the first time since September I would finally be free of him. But here he was. I was so glad I’d be seeing Chase at Shell Cottage the next day, so I could spend the whole time complaining to her about him.


“Weasley? What are you doing here?” he asked, trying to sound meaner than he actually was.


I rolled my eyes at him, “I’m buying a pet elephant, Malfoy. What do you think I’m doing at a bookstore?”


“I only meant—ergh! Why are you so frustrating? You just make me want to… You make me want to…”


“Clean some windows?” I smirked at him. I’d annoyed him enough to know that he cleaned when he got stressed.


“Yes! I mean, no, but, well, yes. What are you looking for, anyways, Weasley?” he frowned and leaned on the bookshelf next to him.


Biting my lip, I tell him, “Achievements in Charming.”


Scorpius snorts.


“What?” I glare at him, not sure why I care so much about what he thinks.


“Nothing. I was just thinking about how fitting it is that you learn a little about charm,” the last word rolled off his tongue tauntingly.


I scoff at him, “You’re one to talk! Even the Monster Book of Monsters could teach YOU something about charm!”


This makes him mad, and he resorts to name calling, “Ginger!”








“I heard Professor Binns has seen more birds than you!”


“I heard you cry when you get dirt on your pants!”


“I secretly think you’re actually really pretty and nice!”


“I really kind of want to kiss you right now!”


Next thing I know, Scorpius’s arms are around me, his lips pressed to mine. And let me tell you, he’s much better at kissing than he is at arguing.


Also, Professor Binns has not seen more birds than me.


The First Kiss of Louis Dauphin Weasley


“Tag!” Twelve year-old Chase tapped me on the shoulder when I wasn’t looking and then ran away. Laughing, I ran after her, sand kicking up behind me.


I was thirteen, and Uncle Ron and Neville decided to come over to Shell Cottage to watch the footie game with my dad. They brought the kids along so that Mom, Aunt Hermione, and Hannah could have a girl’s day over at Rose’s house. Now me, Rose, Hugo, and, of course, Chase were having fun playing tag on the beach while Victoire and Dom sat in their rooms listening to music or looking through magazines or whatever girls do.


Just before I caught her, Chase whipped around, a pretty yet smug smile on her face, “No tag-backs.”


Sighing, I instead run after Rose, who I catch quickly. She’d had her mind elsewhere lately.


“This is boring,” I groan, “C’mon, Chase, let’s go swimming.”


They’d all grown accustomed to wearing their swimsuits under their clothes when they came here, just as I’d grown accustomed to putting mine on before they came.


“Alright,” she grins, and we both strip down to our bathing suits and run into the ocean, yelling like savages. It wasn’t weird; we’d been doing this forever.


Behind us, Rose runs over to where she left her book and plops down to read it for the tenth time. Hugo, the easily distracted kid he is, falls over and starts rolling around in the sand for no apparent reason.


After we get tired of just running around in the waves, Chase and I start splashing each other, until finally she tackles me and it turns into a full-on wrestling match. Eventually I let her pin me, since I know she won’t give up until I do. Looking up at her, her hair a wild mess and a crazy grin across her face, I just can’t help but notice how… pretty she is. I’ve kind of known I like her like that for a while now, but it’s times like this that I’m sure I do.


Still looking down at me, her smile turns to a look of wonder, and I know that she’s thinking like she always does. If I don’t say anything, she would stay there for hours, just thinking and not even realizing it.


I’m suddenly aware of how this would look if anyone were to see us, and I decide it’s best if I interrupt her thinking session, “Chase?”


“Oh,” she seems to just notice that she’s been on top of me this whole time, and she quickly rolls off, lying on her back next to me, “Sorry.”


I chuckle, “It’s okay, I don’t mind.”


We lay there for a while, the sun warming our entire bodies, “Chase?”


“Yeah?” she replies sleepily, yawning.


“Never mind,” I chicken out, like I always do when I want to give her a complement that might be taken romantically.


“O… K…” she replies, still sleepy.


But why do I always chicken out? We have fun together, for all I know she could like me back that way. Before I know it, I’m leaning over her, lightly pressing my lips to hers, both of which are still slightly salty from the seawater. It’s nice and sweet, and it feels right somehow.


I pull away, and her eyes are fluttering closed. She was falling asleep, and probably wouldn’t remember it. I decide it’s probably for the best; maybe her not remembering our first kiss was a sign that I shouldn’t like-like her. Looking at her, though, I shake my head and realize that’s not possible.


Lying back down, I close my eyes and also doze off. After a nap of maybe five minutes, I’m awoken by a rough tap on my shoulder.


“Tag,” Chase laughs at me, “You’re it,” she runs off back into the waves.


 Smiling, I do what I always do. I chase after her.


A/N: So sorry for another short one, but I hope you liked it! Please review, with things like your favorite first kiss story, your favorite character, favorite lines, quotes, all of that type of thing. Thanks SO much, keep reading and reviewing! x

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