I'll be your clown

Behind the glass,

go 'head and laugh

'cause its funny

I would too, if i saw me

I'll be your clown

                                -Emeli Sande, Clown. 

A/N: i recomend listening to this song for the St mungos part, please do. It will create the right mood.



They took each other's hands and Draco led her into the pale pink room. Hermione looked down at the bed and saw Narcissa lying there: her black and blonde hair neatly in a bun on the back of her head, her face: a simple yet calm expression with her eyes closed. Hermione looked up at Draco, nervous of stepping in any closer.

"Hermione, its fine, c’mon." He pulled her in by the hand and they sat on the seats to the left of Narcissa, Draco taking her hand.

"Draco, how did it Hermione took a deep breath, "why did he do it?" She looked up at Draco and saw anger in his eyes.

"There was another baby. Their baby. He claimed that she cheated on him; that there was no way it could be his. But she didn’t; she showed me the memory of the day he claimed she had cheated on him, and all she did was see her friend Lillian. She even took the memory, bottled it, and told him to look but he refused. She had her first scan, I was there. It was just a little splodge on the screen, but she was so delighted. She made plans for all of us, that we could move, bring the baby up in a nice environment, and maybe it might even get sorted into Gryffindor, like her mother." He looked at Hermione’s surprised face, "Another time. Anyways, she started to make more plans. After her ten week scan, the Healer said that using magic that had been recently discovered, she was able to determine the sex of baby; it was a boy. My brother, I could have had a brother.’’ Draco looked down, and sighed. "She told him, and he flipped again, said there was no way he could have another child. He muttered a spell and she felt so much agony, she fell to the floor. I stupefied him so he couldn’t do anymore. I ran to my crying mother and held her hand; I knew the spell he had muttered. I had read it in a medical text book, it got rid of babies. He killed his own son. My mother didn’t know what he had done, but I couldn’t tell her, I couldn’t face it. Once she saw the pool of blood that started to surround her, she knew what had happened: She was inconsolable. I got rid of the blood, and flooed her here, the healer confirmed our suspicions; he killed the baby. My brother." Draco’s face went cold. "So I went to the Ministry and they said there was nothing to be done as it was still only a foetus. I went back home and hit him. I shouted and screamed at him but he just laughed at me, said I was becoming soft: this only fuelled my anger. My mother walked in and told us to stop it. He saw her and laughed, next thing I knew, he crucified her. It went on for hours on end. I tried to make him stop, I even told him to do it on me but he just made me fly into the wall, breaking my bones, leaving me to watch her get tortured." Draco started to shake. "I couldn’t do anything, so she ended up like this. He then healed my bones, and went into hiding. I guess you can gather what happened after"

Hermione nodded, trying to process all of the information. Draco looked down at her and saw that she was crying.

"Draco, I'm so sorry." She hugged him, not wanting to ever let him go.

Draco breathed in her scent, "Hermione, it wasn’t your fault, there is no need to apologise."

"I know, but it’s an awful thing to go through. And your brother...eurgh. It’s just horrific what he did. I don’t know what to say..." She snuggled into his chest.

"You don’t have to, Hermione, you being here is enough. Apart from Blaise, you are the only one I have told. I know you will never say anything, I thank you for that." He squeezed Hermione.

They sat there for another thirty minutes before they had to get back to Hogwarts.

Landing back in the common room, Hermione made her way to Draco who sat on next to the roaring fire. His hair was ruffled and his legs were resting on the table in the middle of the room.

"Draco, I think we need to tell the Prefects tonight, before the announcement at dinner. It feels right that we tell them about Lucius first, I mean, they should know, don’t you think so?"

"I agree."

"Would…would you like me to tell them?" She plumped herself next to Draco.

"Are you sure?" Draco furrowed his eyebrows.

"Of course, I wouldn’t say otherwise." She gave him a sad smile. "Better get off to Earth Magic."


Hermione looked at the Prefects that surrounded her.  Merlin I'm nervous. What is everyone going to say?

"Right, Prefects, me and Malfoy," she took a quick glance at Draco before she carried on, "we have some news to tell you all." She looked around, and saw excited faces. "It’s not good. Lucius Malfoy has escaped and the Minister thinks he is coming here. So, from now on, there will be extra Aurors around, on top of the ones we already have." She heard gasps.

Dean got up from his seat, "This is your fault mate, isn’t it? What sort of revenge are you and your little friends planning this time?" He made his way over to Draco and pointed in his chest.

Anger flooded through Draco, "This. Is. Not. My. Fault. Thomas. Now, back away before I do something stupid." He puffed out his chest and looked down at Dean.

"Why? What you going to do Malfoy, call your little friends on me?"

Draco sneered. "No, I have nothing to do with them anymore. Get out of my way, you don't know anything. He spoke between his teeth.
"No." Dean smirked, but the smirk was quickly knocked off his face by Draco’s fist.

Hermione watched the whole thing play out, she saw Draco look up at her before he quickly exited the room.

"Dean, are you alright?" She rushed over to him, eyes fixed on the place Draco was last.

"I'm fine. Malfoy you little shit." Dean looked out the door, but Draco was nowhere to be seen.

Hermione went back by the chalkboard in the spare classroom. "Guys, don’t dwell on this news, and forget about what’s just happened, please. Let’s just focus on keeping Hogwarts safe, please?" Her voice broke slightly.

"Sure, Hermione." came from Ginny, a few nods and mummers of agreement rippled through the group.

"Thank you. Could you put these posters around the school aswell please?" She smiled and rushed after Draco, not bothering to see the reactions of the Prefect faces and not noticing Ginny’s spying eyes.

Hermione ran back to the common room. Rushing in, she saw that Draco’s bedroom door was closed; your door is never closed. She walked up to it, and gently knocked three times before she heard a faint enter.

She walked in and saw Draco lying on his bed facing the celling. She didn’t say anything, but sat next to him, eventually shuffling her way so she was lying to next to him and he searched for her hand, lacing his fingers through hers.

After a while of lying there, Draco eventually spoke up. "I'm sorry." He turned round on his side, so he was facing Hermione, she did the same.

"It’s fine, he deserved it anyway." She smiled at him, "I'm just worried about you, and dinner in an hour, what everyone’s going to say, and I can’t do anything." She looked down, not wanting him to see the disappointment in her eyes.

"Hermione," he lifted her face up from the chin, "you being in the same room as me is enough. If I can see you, I will be fine. I promise, I will walk out if I get angry, I won’t punch anyone."

"Good." She smiled at him, quickly kissed him on the lips, and went out in the common room, hoping Draco would follow her.

What, Merlin, Hermione, what do you do to me? Rush was coursing through his veins. He got up and followed her into the common room.

"You know, it’s never good to do that sort of thing to a guy, especially me" he winked, indicating to his down below.

Hermione started to blush, "well…sorry…I she looked down, and put her heads in her hands.

Draco started to laugh. "This is all new for you, isn’t it?"

Hermione nodded, head still in her hands.

"Don’t worry; I would never ever push you. When you’re ready." He cupped her face and gently kissed her on the lips. It was so delicate, Hermione was unsure if their lips actually touched.

"Draco?" She looked at his face, which was still so close to her own.


"We need to get to dinner- the announcement." She looked into his grey eyes, to see depression set in. 

"I know. You go first. I’ll be five minutes behind so it doesn’t look suspicious." He put his forehead on hers.

"Okay, see you soon." She took one last look at him, and then set off, Draco watching her go.

Hermione saw her friends at the middle of the Gryffindor table; she waved, and walked over to join them.

"Hey, Hermione, are you okay?" Ginny asked, hoping Hermione would know what she was talking about.

"Err…yes, I'm fine." Hermione smiled at her ginger friend.

"Sure, Hermione? You have been looking a little stressed lately." Harry asked.

"I'm fine. I'm sure." She put on a smile.

"Ahem." Professor McGonagall put her wand to her throat. "I have gathered you here today to tell you something very important." 

Murmurs rippled through the great hall. At this point, Draco walked in and caught Hermione’s eye. 

McGonagall continued. "II wanted to tell you all before, but we thought he would have been caught by now. Lucius Malfoy has escaped Azkaban." Gasps escaped the mouths from different points of the hall. "I know. I was shocked when I found out too. We do not know how he got out, but please, I beg you, do not, and I repeat, do not take it out your fellow classmates, it is no one’s fault."

"When did this happen?" Asked a voice from the Ravenclaw table.

"Well, my dear, just over a month ago- we wanted to tell you earlier, but we thought he would have been caught by now. For extra protection at Hogwarts, there will extra Aurors around the school. At every entrance, and for the young student that holds a certain map, the hidden exits. No one is allowed to go Hogesmeade alone, and you will go through a machine when you enter or leave the building to check for any dark objects. I know is not the time, but I thought I could lighten things up, by saying that the day after your return, the second of January, we are holding a ball to lighten up the year. You can say thank you to Miss Hermione Granger and Mr Draco Malfoy for organising it. I now give you your last feast before you leave for your Christmas holiday. Thank you everyone." She took the wand away from her throat, and flicked it, making the food appear on the four tables.

Hermione looked down, not wanting to eat anything.

"Bloody hell, more death-eater shit." Harry looked at Hermione’s uneasiness, "Hermione?"

"Yes?" She carried on looking down at her plate.

"Hermione, did you know?" Harry looked at her with concern.

"Yes." She whispered. "Are you mad?" She looked back up at Harry.

"No! Of course not! Hermione. I was just concerned about you, because you have been looking pale, and not talking very much lately." His eyes filled with concern as he looked at his best friend. "Hermione, I'm here. We both are," he put his hand around Ginny, "and you can always talk to us. If you have known about this for a month, then that must be horrible for you. We’re always here."

"Thank you, both of you. I love you both."

"We love you too! As we have told you plenty of times." Ginny laughed.

Dinner carried on, talking about the good times they have had, remembering the troll from first year, and Ginny’s reaction to seeing Harry for the first time, and many more memories, ones including Ron.

This is the most fun I’ve had with my friends all year. I'm so glad I'm not pushing them away, I don’t have to push them away. I can't wait to tell them about Draco at the ball, I just hope Harry will take it well. I'm sure he will, Ginny will be ecstatic. I think she was trying to set us up, but, ha-ha, she doesn’t know. But I can’t wait to tell them both. I'm happy, I'm so glad I'm happy. Yes, it sounds selfish, but I was looking out for the whole wizarding world for a year, surely I have a right to be selfish for once? I'm so happy, and I hope nothing ruins it.




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