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Are teenage dreams so hard to beat,
Everytime she walks down the street,
Another girl in the neighbourhood,
Wish she was mine, she looks so good,

Teenage Kicks ~ The Undertones


I wondered why Frankie had gone ape shit over Cole, all I knew was that it involved Ally. I think she said he took advantage of her. No wonder Frankie went nuts, if that was Lily the guy wouldn't be able to walk right now, I'd have given him more than a broken nose.

As me and Scorp pulled Frankie off Cole, all I could think about was that night I spent with Ally, the night we had sex at the party. It was such a stupid thing to do, I mean she's my best friends twin sister. Clearly James got the brains in this family and that's saying something.

But then again, had she had sex with Cole? Or was he being his usual big-headed self and took advantage of her since he believes all girls like him. News flash, they don't.

Not long after the feast was over I saw Ally leave the great hall, probably going to the toilet I thought. We were sat talking and then suddenly Frankie noticed his sisters absence about ten minutes after I had and went over to the Gryffindor table to speak to Dom and Noah.

Gorgeous stunning, Noah Wood. Daughter of Oliver and Katie Wood, although Katie's surname was previously Bell. Both her parents are great quidditch players and even though Noah doesn't play on the Gryffindor team she is one hell of a chaser. That long flowing brown hair, those big brown chocolate eyes, that innocent face, that body which is...

"Ally's gone to the hospital wing, you coming?" He asked as he broke me out of my thoughts of Noah.

I knew I didn't want to be at the table alone, Scorpius had gone off to see if he try and win over Rose, so I agreed. I didn't know why I would want to, but I nodded anyway and followed him as he left the hall.

The castle was quiet as we made our way to the first floor, the odd portrait or two were welcoming us back and telling us the castle had felt empty over the summer. The double doors to the hospital wing were in front of us and we stopped, both looking at the doors and listening to see if we could hear something, or someone.

I looked at Frankie and he looked at me, together we pushed the doors open only to nearly fall into Ally. Frankie hugged her and I got lost in my thoughts as I remembered Ally was friends with Noah. Stupid of me really. I don't know why it hadn't come to me before, I certainly couldn't ask Dom to do it. She was my cousin and that would just be embarrassing if I told her.

I could just get Ally to drop hints around Noah, or find out if she would want to go on a date with me. I smiled to myself as the siblings talked, I'd have to make sure to ask her when Frankie isn't around, he'd probably laugh in my face if I told him I liked Noah. I already had a sneaky suspicion he thought I was gay like James, because I don't date.

Crazy stalker girls, screaming girls, girls who create 'ASP' fan clubs just don't do it for me. They can be as pretty as a picture and I wouldn't bat an eyelid, I prefer girls who like me for me and not because of who my parents are. Just like I like Noah for Noah and not her parents, I mean I already know them thanks to mum and dad. And even though I don't know Noah personally I'd like to.

I caught the end of Ally's last sentence and my eyes grew wide as I spluttered, "B-b-baby?"

Ally looked at me as though I was stupid, "Yes a baby, I'm pregnant."

"Are you finally going to tell me who the father is?" Frankie questioned.

"I would if I knew who it was, there was three guys." She told us and my face dropped, "I've told one and I'm about to tell the second."

I knew what was coming, why oh god why did I have to sleep with my best friends sister. As if to make things more awkward I groaned silently, thankfully neither of them picked up on it as the scenarios went through my head. Frankie was going to kill me for sure.

Frankie furrowed his brows, "Where is he, or should I say they? I'll beat them to a pulp."

I watched as Ally placed a hand on his shoulder, "Frankie calm down, you've already beaten one of them up and I really don't think you're going to want to beat the next one up."

Wait, did she say there was three guys? Mother of Merlin, is this my punishment for sleeping with my best friends sister. A possibility of being a father at sixteen to my best friends sister. Fuck.

"Why?" Frankie questioned as Ally's blue eyes locked onto my own green ones.

"Because I slept with Albus." She blurted out. Frankie looked at her, then at me.

"Dude that's my sister." Was all Frankie say in a rather calm way. "Seriously, that's like me going after Lily."

"That's wrong Frankie, Lily's fourteen. At least Ally's the same age as me." I pointed out in a calm voice, considering my brain was whirring away as I tried to process the information. Ally was pregnant, three possible fathers, I was one of them. Ally pregnant, three dads, me. It went round and round, over and over until Ally spoke.

"Frankie," She whispered, "Please, please don't take this out on Albus. It takes two people and I'm not sure if it is his but just think he could be your niece or nephew's daddy."

I swallowed the lump in my throat, I could be a father. Oh crap! Mum and dad. Never mind Frankie, mum's going to kill me. She'll kill me with her bare hands when she finds out.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked down to see Ally, "Albus say something."

I opened my mouth but nothing but nonsense came out, "Me, you, baby. Three dads. Fuck."

"I know it's a lot to take in but here," She handed me a picture, I glanced down at it and saw a baby shape, "There's the head and there's its body." Ally told me, pointing out the different parts as though she did this all the time.

I looked over at Frankie who was still, "I'm sorry mate." I croaked, "I never intended on this I swear. It just sort of happened."

He didn't say anything and walked off down the corridor. I exchanged a glance with Ally who sighed, "He'll be fine Al just let him cool off."

I handed her back the picture just as people started walking past, I pulled Ally into one of the little alcoves whilst she tucked the picture inside her robes, "This is really happening isn't it. I mean I'm not dreaming am I?"

She laughed, "Yes it's real Al and I'm really sorry I mean for not knowing whether it's you or not and for possibly ruining your's and Frankie's friendship."

"Don't worry about it." I told her since I couldn't think of anything else to say, "See you around yeah." Ally nodded and I stepped out into the crowd and made my way to the dungeons without looking back.

I hadn't saw Frankie on my travels and as I walked down the stairs to the entrance hall I realised that I may have jeopardised my friendship with Frankie for ever. I too no notice as I went down to the dungeons and as I stood in front of the brick wall I realised I had no idea what the password was. Jackson and Terry both came around the corner and I was thankful to see my dorm mates even if I wasn't that fond of them.

"Hey, do you guys know the password?" I asked and Terry nodded.

"It's Severus Snape."

"Thanks, you guys have a good summer?" I asked to see if I could stop my mind from replying all that had just happened over and over.

Jackson went through the passage first and as he went he said, "Pretty good I guess, some family moved in next door to me and they have a really fit daughter our age."

"Nice one mate," Terry yelled as he clapped him on the back, "Did you get with her?"

"Lets just say she's an excellent kisser."

I noticed Cole wasn't with them as they went over to see some of the seventh year boys, but I couldn't care less, he had hurt Ally and Frankie had hurt him. Serves him right, I thought. Then it dawned on me, Ally and Cole, Frankie hitting Cole because he took advantage. Fuck, Cole's one of the other dads. Well isn't this just great.

I trudged up the stairs and when I came to the door that said 'sixth year boys' I pushed it open and found Scorpius coming out of the bathroom pulling on his pyjama top. I walked straight past him, my trunk and the cage for my owl: Tawny and flung myself on my bed and yelled into my pillow.

"You ok Al?" Scorp asked as I got back up.

I nodded as I was trying to get my words together before I spoke, "I'm fine. I'm guessing things with Ro didn't go so well. Your face looks red." i pointed out to change the subject.

He shrugged like he didn't care but his voice was a different story, "Your her cousin Al, can't you put in good word for me. Find out why she doesn't like me and then tell her stuff so she'll like me."

"I don't see why you don't give up Scorp, you've been chasing her for nearly a year."

"But I love her Al." He said as he pulled back his green quilt and blanket before getting in his bed, "I've never felt like this about another girl, she's the one for me and I'm not giving up. Night Al."

"Night." I muttered in response as I opened my trunk to get my pyjamas. I got changed in record time and as I crawled into bed I was just glad that Frankie hadn't punched me.

A/N Another one down, just one more to go. What do you think of Albus and his reaction???


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