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He knows. 


He always knows. 


I pass him in the stony corridors. And he knows. I can see it. 


He stiffens when he senses my presence. Even when he's not looking, he always knows I'm there. 


When he's laughing with his Slytherin friends. When he's studying in the library. When he's eating in the Great Hall. He always knows I'm there.


It's the same for me. 


I can feel him behind me, watching me, with his eyes boring into the back of my head. 


He makes my head spin. 


When he walks into a room, it's like a cold wind has been let in. 


And I can block out everything else. Just to hear his footsteps. 


When he laughs, I shiver. It's freezing. 


He is the Ice Prince. 


But when he looks at me, oh, when he looks at me, it feels like someone has cut me open with a jagged piece of glass.



Wow, I make him sound like some kind of psychopath. 


But it's true. The affect we have on each other is unmatched.


And I'm even more sensitive to him today. 




I watch him. A lot. 


And I take pleasure in the way it makes him feel. I can tell he knows I'm watching him. But just as looks up to see, I begin to turn away. However, before I can turn completely, our eyes lock. 


And I see that, for a mere moment, the galaxy is in his eyes. 


And much more recently, when our eyes connect like that, just for a second, I can see a devilish glint in his eyes. Like he's got a secret. 

That he wants to share with me. 




"Feeling... nervous?" He whispers into my ear.  I don't respond.

I can't. For once, I'm actually speechless.

He tenderly caresses the sides of my body, and I shiver with his every touch. He presses slow, gentle kisses into my shoulder and begins to start on my neck. I am tingling all over - and I hate it. How could Scorpius Malfoy make me feel like this? He is teasing me with every touch, every kiss makes me want more. And boy, does he know it.


This must have been his "secret". Or rather, his plan. 


He slowly wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer. He continues kissing my neck, but he begins to make his way towards my lips. I accidently let out a groan. The voice in my head tells me I  must make him stop, but hell, I don't want him to. I am his enemy, he has to stop soon. He can't continue for too long. Surely? He is almost at my lips. He presses his body into mine. It seems he isn't going to stop. 


When his lips graze mine for the first time, I feel like I  have been electrocuted and the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. And I know he feels the chemistry. For a moment, I really want him. But I come to my senses. This has to stop. It had been going on for long enough already. 

"Scorpius." I am surprised at my own firmness. He pauses; it seems he is surprised that I have called him by his first name. "Please, stop."

"Why?" He purrs.


Why? Because you're making me feel a way I've never felt before, bastard! 


"Because... because... because I'm late for Herbology." This was true, but it was almost the lamest excuse EVER. 

"But you could learn so much more here with me."

Also true. I want to explore him, and learn about him. Not some stupid plant. 

"But I need to go. And so do you."

"I'm skiving."

"Evidently. But I really have to go. I've got better things to be doing with my time. Spending mere seconds with you is reducing my IQ points. So I really need to go and stock up again." 



Clever comeback Rose Weasley. 


"Like what?"






He looks at me. 


Ah. Did I just voice that out loud? 



"You said you had better things to be doing. Like what?"



Like what?





He waits. 

I pause.


"Exactly. Your life is so predictable, you don't know how to have fun." 


That annoys me. I know how to have fun.


"Listen Malfoy, you're forgetting one crucial detail." I snarl. "We are enemies. You are a Malfoy, I'm a Weasley. We hate each other. So why are you trying to make me stay in the first place? For the past five years, we've been playing the insult game. Why are you suddenly trying to seduce me?" 


And why is it working?


"Why am I trying to seduce you? You're a good looking girl."




"What the fuck is your problem? We're still enemies!"

"Things change."

"But they don't! Not this! You'll always be you, a Malfoy! And I'm still a Weasley!"

"Don't call me a Malfoy. I'm not a Malfoy. At least, not the one you think I am." His voice is strained, almost pleading, which I was not expecting at all.

"Prove it."

He pauses. Then he wraps his arms around me again and pulls me close. He presses his lips into mine and kisses me gently. I'm shocked, but I join in and I can't stop. Neither of us can stop. It's intoxicating. The hatred that has built up over the five years we have known each other had quickly become a burning passion. We kiss with more force, more desperation and I have no idea how long we have been here. I have no idea where I am. I have no idea who I am. I only know I'm not going to stop any time soon.


When we finally break apart, we are both panting heavily. He looks into my eyes. I'm shocked at how soft they seem when they looked at me. I was used to them being narrowed and fuming, but the gentle look I now witnessed suited the stormy grey colour much better. 

Looking into his eyes made me realise what had just happened.


Oh, dear God. Sweet Merlin. Have mercy. Please.




A.N Um, hey guys! So this is my first ever fanfiction and being the adorable, innocent, new writer I am, I would REALLY appreciate some reviews! Love it, hate it, tell me what you think! IT'S ANONYMOUS, I'M NOT GOING TO COME AFTER YOU WITH A CHAINSAW! :) 


Even if you don't like it, tell me why and then I can improve it! :) 


Thankssss guys,


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