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A/N: This is my first fanfiction and the first chapter might be a little confusing, but I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, only my own OC's.


My name is Scarlett Winters. I could go on about my hobbies or maybe my sorry excuse for a family, but alas my story just doesn't start out that nice.


"I hate you James Potter!'

"Ooo Winters what's with the proclamation?!" said James Potter II.

"You spilled ink all over my homework and clothes when you were running around like a lunatic!" I say with as much venom as a basilisk.

This is just one of the many examples of why I don’t like James Potter, as the name itself is not as self-explanatory as Cain Dolohov's. I know what you might be thinking, Potter, isn't that the last name of the Boy-Who-Lived-Then-Defeated-Voldemort-Again? The answer is yes. So why wouldn't James S. Potter be good too? In all right to the Potter family all that good skipped James. No, this is not when I say that I don't actually mean it, because I secretly like/love him, because I most serenely do not. James Potter just isn't a good guy and I have so much proof I could write a novel on it. Since you're all very curious about James Potter, let’s take a flashback to first year where I unfortunately first meet him.


"Uncle you are a lifesaver! I could just kiss you!"

"Stop being over dramatic, I knew your mother would forget to take you to the station or be in no right to drive you."

"Yeah, but I was worrying! I thought I would end up missing the train and have to spend another year with her."

"She is not so bad Scarlett..."

"Yes she is! She drinks and smokes all day and then gives readings to unfortunate tourists. At night her group of weirdos shows up and they discuss the signs and stuff! Want to know why I'm so tan? I spend as little time as possible at my house, Uncle I could go on and on about the reasons I should not live there."

That’s when I heard a snicker coming from the passenger seat of the car. That stupid annoying sound could only come from one person, my evil cousin who finds my pain amusing. Like the time I broke my arm falling from a tree, and he laughed until his gut hurt, or the time he hit me in the face with a quaffle and I lost five teeth, and he keep showing me what my face looked like before and after it got smashed.

That’s my cousin, the ever so lovely Nelson Winters, youngest of three siblings. I loathed him from his parted down the middle brown hair, to his soft menacing brown eyes. He had his 5th year Ravenclaw Prefect Badge pinned to his blue sweater vest. How he ever got it? Well that is actually quite simple; He sucks up to his officials especially the new head of Ravenclaw, Prof. Kalechlight, and seems to be, to other people, simply charming. I don't understand how he was never a Slytherin.

Anywho back to the flashback at hand, I simply ignored my cousin until we got to the station. He was bugging me until he saw the girl he liked, I pity her, and darted off.

"I guess it’s just you and me Uncle." I said but was met with no response as he was talking with someone. I had already been through the barrier before when I went with my uncle to pick up my cousins, so I had no problem finding it. What I was not expecting was to bump into someone.

The boy I bumped into had messy black hair that looked to be untamable and a scowl on his face. "Hey watch it!" The boy said without taking his eyes off the barrier.

"I would watch it if you would get out of the way!" I said right back in my sassy 11 year old voice.

He turned his head and looked straight into my eyes, and my icy blue locked with his hazel. He looked frightened. I was confused, was it my eyes, because they were intimidating, or maybe it was my wild red hair, or maybe I’m just being stupid, it could be something else? He looked around and then he looked back at me.

"Um, can you go with me through the barrier..?" He said in a quiet voice that sounded as if he was ashamed. It clicked right then, he was scared to go through the seemingly solid wall. I mean, it is quite understandable, but where was his family?

"Don't you have family who could go with you?" I said.

He then puffed up his chest, "I don't need them to go through with me I’m not scared."

"Who are you telling that to, me or yourself? You're weird; you would rather go through with a stranger, than with someone you actually know? Are you stupid?" I was genuinely curious, and it was quite funny to watch his face turn red.

"Fine don't help me then," he said and turned away. He seemed to be shaking, and I was really hoping he wasn't crying.

"Fine, I'll go with you! I mean soon enough we won't be strangers right?" I said with defeat.

He turned around with no tears in his eyes and a wide grin on his face; I was really starting to hate this kid.

"Okay let’s go!" He then positioned himself beside me and took my hand. This kid is seriously messed up in the head. He looked at me expectantly and I knew he was waiting for me to take the first step. So I did, and soon we were running toward the solid looking wall and I was glad I wasn't taking it alone, because no matter how many times I had run through it there is always a little bit of fear in the back of my mind. He squeezed my hand really hard right before we crossed through, one hand on my cart the other in his hand, and I thought I had found my first friend.

We were met by a ton of people scrambling around giving hugs and kisses and friends squealing, asking how each other’s summers went, and I couldn't keep the grin off my face. The kid let go of my hand suddenly and was ambushed by a kid with red hair.

"James where were you, did you get scared and need to go through with a girl?” he said in a mocking voice,” I saw you were holding hands!" The redhead kept talking and talking and it was making me dizzy, and more people surrounded us.

Then apparently James shouted, "I wasn't the one who was scared! She was and so I helped her out, I mean she almost looked as if she was going to cry or something, so I couldn't leave her!"

The redhead started to laugh as if it was the funniest thing in the world but all I could do was stare at James. He lied to save face, and he had the nerve to laugh with his friend at me. I felt red hot with anger, and my face must have been too, but they took it as embarrassment and laughed harder yet. I shot James a look before I walked away; it was not of hate that was bubbling in me; no it was of betrayal.

I learned fast that rumors spread incredibly fast at Hogwarts, and I became known as the girl who was afraid of the barrier. On the way to Hogwarts I sat with some 3rd years and a couple 1st years, but I didn't make any friends like my cousins said they had. I sat with some other awkward kids when crossing the Black Lake, but could hear James and his friends laughing the whole way.

When the hat was placed on my head, it was stumped as to where to put me saying I could be a Ravenclaw like my mother or a Slytherin like my father, to which I protested profusely. He decided to place me in Gryffindor saying I had something neither of my parents had and me ever curious asked what it was, but the hat being a riddle master said I must find it in my own way and own time, for it is not something that can be told, but something that must be found within. I wanted to hit something for the second time that day when the hat called out "Gryffindor!"

I heard Redhead whisper something to James Potter (who was being whispered about since his name was called. The idiot just had to be the son of the boy-who-lived) and he laughed and looked at me. It had already spread throughout the table by the time I sat down that I was a scaredy cat, and people were smirking and giggling all about me. I couldn't help but wish I had never meet James Bloody Potter!


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